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Surprise Story
A Night In The DeSoto by Grief Counseling NC-17
A sexy interlude, somewhere between the episodes Gone and Dead Things.
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ashcrashed (10/2 12:59am) : Congrats to the new SotM!
Chelle (10/2 12:13am) : Big congrats to Ginger and All4Spike! SotM! YOU GUYS!! WELL DONE!
Ginger (10/1 05:41pm) : Wait, what?!?! Thank yโ€™all so much! ๐Ÿ˜˜
Slaymesoftly (10/1 05:41pm) : I like this - makes it very easy to find the spooky stories!
VeroNyxK84 (10/1 05:18pm) : Woo! That's a great idea! ๐Ÿฆ‡๐Ÿ‘ป
Dusty (10/1 02:31pm) : This month, no stories that slay, just spooky stories to enjoy from now until Halloween!
Dynamite (10/1 01:18pm) : Congratulations SotM! Ginger and All4Spike..
Slaymesoftly (10/1 01:06pm) : Congrats to the new SotM- especially commenter All4Spike! Yeah for giving her some recognition! And to Ginger, who's contributed a lot in just a short time!
Dusty (10/1 11:04am) : Those last minute ghosties last night had me thrilled and overwhelmed with goodness to read!
Double Dutchess (10/1 09:50am) : Oh and thank you @VeroNyxK84!
Double Dutchess (10/1 09:49am) : Congrats to our new Scoobies of the Month! And to everyone who managed to get their little ghostie just before the deadline!
honeygirl51885 (10/1 06:06am) : Yay!!! Congratulations Ginger and All4Spike! Both very well deserved!!! clap
VeroNyxK84 (10/1 03:07am) : Aww! Congrats to the new SotM, Ginger and All4Spike! ๐ŸŽ‰
VeroNyxK84 (10/1 03:06am) : I absolutely agree with @honeygirl51885! ๐Ÿ˜ I loved your video @Double Dutchess! ๐Ÿ’ž
Double Dutchess (9/30 08:47pm) : Aww thank you heart
honeygirl51885 (9/30 08:26pm) : You all seriously need to go check out Video: Scooby September by Double Dutchess right now! It is sooooooo good!
Double Dutchess (9/30 08:24am) : Thanks Vero! And yes, very good question....
VeroNyxK84 (9/30 04:42am) : @Double Dutchess You can make it! stake Also... where has September gone? shocked
Double Dutchess (9/30 03:58am) : Welcome Bleedingquill , and Theo! And good luck to everyone (like me) who is scrambling to get their Spooky September contribution in on the last day!
all_choseny (9/29 05:59pm) : Yes, I'm so happy to have someone to talk about this stuff with!
Dusty (9/29 04:41pm) : That's so fun, all_choseny, way to grow the cult haha Welcome, Bleedingquill!!
Chelle (9/29 03:07pm) : Happy birthday to you, VoronaFiernan!
honeygirl51885 (9/29 02:02pm) : Yay for more Spuffy lovers! Welcome @Bleedingquill!!!
flow (9/29 11:08am) : heart

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Greetings, After Dark-ers! Can you believe it’s October already?!?

There’s a lot happening here at Sunnydale After Dark! First, we wrapped up our Spooky September event this weekend. You all have graced us with 30 new works for our site, including a mix of one shots, chaptered fics, art work, videos and drabbles. Awards have been distributed to 18 artists, 25 authors, 13 betas and 23 commenters. A huge thank you to Double...

--GetItDone, Dusty & Chelle on 10/02/23 12:15 am 3 Comments

We have new Scoobies of the Month Interviews! :o) Hope you enjoy them! 

Commenter of the Month for September 2023, honeygirl51885

How did you come to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

I discovered Buffy while the end of season five was airing. They were showing reruns on another station and my mom and I binged seasons 1-5 that summer. I became obsessed! I read episode recaps and info. on BuffyGuide, so I’d be completely prepared for anything that could possibly happen when season six aired, but of course I wasn’t...

--Dusty, Chelle, Getitdone on 09/13/23 05:56 am 8 Comments