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 The guiding principle of this archive is this: We expect all our members to be polite and respectful of and to each other.

Please do not use our site/FB group to cast slurs on any other group or site. This is not a competition - we all want to share our love of writing and reading about our pair and their world in our own ways.   We may advise a time out if you can't respect this request.

  • To sign up for an account on Sunnydale After Dark, you must be at least 15 years of age. To read, write, or comment on material rated NC-17 or Adult Only, you must be at least eighteen years of age.  By signing up for an account and reading stories on the archive, you verify that you are the required age and assume responsibility for any content you might read.

  • Do not sign up for multiple accounts on Sunnydale After Dark unless you have cleared it with an admin first. If you create multiple accounts to review your own stories, we reserve the right to delete all the accounts you hold on Sunnydale After Dark.

     If you have a problem accessing your account, please contact one of the admins; we will work with you to sort out the issue or help to give you a new account and delete the old one.

  •  Please be thoughtful and careful when making any negative comments. Helpful criticism is welcome, but if a comment on a story or in the Scooby chat is found to contain insults and personal statements about the author, it will be removed, and we may take further action. Constructive criticism helps authors grow, but disrespecting another author's work is counterproductive and upsetting - we will not stand for it.

  • Respectful and civil behavior is required of all members. You may not use Sunnydale After Dark to distribute any abusive, obscene, or threatening material. 

  • You may not to use Sunnydale After Dark to send unsolicited communication to our members.

  • Please do not bring disputes from another archive or website over to Sunnydale After Dark. If you have issues with another member from another site, please do not post about it on the archive. If you believe an issue is too important to be covered by this rule, please contact the Admins first.
  • Cyberbullying, harassment, flaming, and trolling are toxic activities and never help to resolve anything. We do not allow them in the Scooby Chat, FB group, PMs, or comments, or anywhere else associated with this community. 

    We will investigate reports of any such activity. If a member is found to be violating this rule we will issue a warning and ask the member to remove the language. If we have to make three warnings within a calendar year we reserve the right to ban the member temporarily or permanently from the site.

    You may email admins at for definitions of these terms and to report a violation.  To report a violation, use the "report this" button found on the profile of the person you want to be investigated for the violation.

  • The content posted on Sunnydale After Dark does not necessarily represent the views of the administration and other members of Sunnydale After Dark and is only representative of the member who posted them.

  • Fanworks posted on Sunnydale After Dark are available for personal download and personal reading distribution. Members are never allowed to re-post an author's works to other sites without the expressed consent of the author.

  • Plagiarism is theft, and we do not allow it on Sunnydale After Dark. This includes: posting somebody else’s work under your penname, posting somebody else's work under their penname without their permission, or using cited material without reference and/or permission. An investigation will be carried out if we are alerted to plagiarized content on Sunnydale After Dark.

  • You may not link to a patron-type site (e.g., Patreon) in your profile if you have one. This applies to official patron sites or any other request for financial compensation for your fan-based artistic output. You may link to any website that you personally control (e.g., original fiction sites) as long as it does not involve financial compensation for fan-based works.

  • Content posted on Sunnydale After Dark is not to be reproduced or reposted on another site or archive without the consent of the author. 

  • Content added to Sunnydale After Dark must comply with our submission rules.

  • When browsing Sunnydale After Dark, you may be exposed to offensive, indecent, or questionable/objectionable material. Although we try, we cannot moderate all the content that goes through, including but not limited to member profiles and stories. In addition, we cannot be responsible for readers' interpretations of certain issues. If you feel a story has incorrect warnings or an incorrect rating, please contact the administrators.

  • Sunnydale After Dark is not liable to anyone for modification, suspension, or stoppage of service.

  • You are responsible for the backup of your content (stories, favorites, private messages, etc.) on Sunnydale After Dark.  In the event of material disappearing without our involvement, we will do our best to help retrieve it but offer no guarantee that any such efforts will be successful.

  • We reserve the right to change these Terms of Service at any time and will publish a revised version on the site. Changes to the Terms of Service will be announced in the "Sunnydale Press" section of the index page. You are responsible for regularly reviewing these Terms of Service. Continued access and use of Sunnydale After Dark means that you accept and will abide by the changes.

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