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Ratings I'll beta: •G  •PG  •PG-13  •R  •NC-17  •Adult Only
I can help with: •American English 
Turnaround for an average length chapter: 1-3 days
Beta experience: I haven't betad any fanfic but I have done some professional editing and writing, and I taught writing for adults at one time.  I love some angst, and building tension - not so good with the fluff.  My favorite seasons are the late one, and my sweet spot is post NFA.
Story types/topics I will not beta: No mpreg, all human, or major character bashing.
Additional Comments: I love research.
Ratings I'll beta: •G  •PG  •PG-13  •R  •NC-17 
I can help with: •American English  •British English  •Canon Elements  •Grammar  •Plot Suggestions  •Punctuation 
Turnaround for an average length chapter: 4-7 days
Beta experience: Over the years, I've beta'd (several book length) stories for a number of authors, mostly those who've written in the Buffyverse. I've also worked with other universes as well, most recently, Shadow and Bone (grishaverse).
Recent authors include Annabellee, lafillesauvage and Brooke724

Story types/topics I will not beta:
  • Please attempt to paragraph your work.  If you send me pages of work that is all one paragraph, I will not read it. 
  • The same is true if you don't even attempt to spell check.
  • NO ALL HUMAN. Mostly they read like self inserts.  They tend rarely to be about Buffy and Spike (or any of the other characters).  That said, I have read a few good ones, but I don't seek them out, and as a rule, I won't want to beta them.  If an author I already work with asks, I will consider it on a case by case basis.  If this is your bread and butter; I'm NOT your girl.
  • NO BLOODPLAY CENTRIC fic.  (If Buffy gives Spike blood to save him or heal him, this is fine. If they're stuck on a desert island or another dimension and she has to feed him, that's fine too.  If Buffy is his suck buddy and the sex is all about the blood drinking then she's a snack, not a girlfriend or a partner) 
Also, bites to the carotid or femoral arteries are likely to be fatal and/or to cause strokes even if they are not intended to kill.  I'm not into auto erotic asphyxiation as I think it is a stupid way to die.  I see blood 'play' as much the same stupidity. It may feel good (no idea, haven't tried it!!) BUT: it's not romantic, it's idiotic.  Even the series showed Riley being fed from on the arm.
I have seen the results of a clot from a (closed) carotid injury (stroke).  It's not romantic.
voluntary exanguination is a stupid way to die.
 If vampire spit had enough clotting factor to stop a carotid bleed, it would also have enough clotting factor to throw a clot to the brain.
  • Rape 'sex': I will edit stories that include a rape, but I do not beta or read rape lovingly described.  I ALWAYS TAKE THE VICTIM'S SIDE (male, female, adult or child) AND THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS FOR THIS.  If you celebrate rape sex, I'm not your girl.  I consider sexual coercion and sexual violation to be worse than murder.  There are valid reasons why someone might kill (including killing of their own or their child's rapist, war or self-defense).  There is NO reason for anyone EVER to rape anyone.  Rape is murder where the victim has to get up and walk around for the rest of their lives blaming themselves for what happened, no matter how it occurred.
(I think I've been clear enough.  If you aren't sure, please ask).
There are circumstances where one may need to describe some aspects of a rape.  Just remember that rape is NOT sex. It is always violation and destruction of the victim, even if it is 'loving'... maybe especially if it is 'loving'.
Rape is about power and control and about making war on the body and mind of the victim.
Vigorous, consensual sex is NOT rape.
  • I will not edit explicit sex involving partners below the age of 17.
Sex between minors and adults is ALWAYS rape of the most despicable kind. If an adult 'falls for' a minor, it's that adult's job to get as far from that minor as he/she can.
  • I do not enjoy bashfic.  If you hate a character or a pairing, don't write them.  Don't spend a fic tearing them down.  Note: this is not the same as building a reasonable VILLAIN.  ANY of our buffyverse characters could be drawn as a villain.  Just don't do it out of hate and spite of the character. We all have favorites, but if your way of building up your favorite is to demonize some or all of the rest of the characters, leave me out of your process.
  • If you're writing 'angry fic' please see a therapist.  Seriously.  I think writing can be cathartic, but if you're writing your RAW pain or misery into fic as therapy, you're not going to be 'using' your anger or angst, it is using you.  PROCESSED pain makes for exceptional story.  Unprocessed pain does not.  The best place for unprocessed pain in written form is a journal. These can be very helpful.
Often, but not always, 'angry fic' comes out as hatred of one character, frequently an authority figure or a parent.
  • I don't like misogyny or misandry If you don't like men or you don't like women... I don't want to read your work. If your character doesn't like men or doesn't like women, that's a different matter entirely.
NOTE: We writers often create difficult, sometimes HORRIBLE characters.  As long as you've put effort into building a cogent character, I don't care if that character is a bad person.  As long as the core message of your story is NOT promoting misogyny or misandry I am happy to help you explore your character/world building.
  • I don't do bigotry or racism.  If you (not a character) don't like certain sexual orientations, sexual identities, religion/lack of religion, races, classes, categories or particular types of people because of some characteristic or belief etc., I'm not your editor.  Again, I distinguish between character attitudes and story (writer) attitudes.
  • I am a radical egalitarian.  I don't segregate or grade people according to inherent characteristics or beliefs. (I will admit I have no use for bigots or sexual predators)
Additional Comments: I've written over 1 million words of well received fan fiction.  Most of it is on Twisting the Hellmouth. Google/Bing me if you're interested.
I've lived in both the UK (a while ago) and the US (currently) and have extensive exposure to both types of English and both cultures.  I will expect your British characters to sound British and your Americans to sound American. 
As I am primarily a crossover author, I am familiar with several other universes (mostly television). 
Selected ones are: Stargate, CSI, House, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Supernatural, Star Trek (Deep Space 9, primarily), MASH, ER and Rivers of London, Harry Potter.  I'm fond of medico-legal dramas. Note: presence on this list is not a guarantee I know the series the way I know Buffy.
Knowledge of medical terminology.  Familiarity with (and interest in) medical and first responder procedure (EMS focused).  Emphasis on emergency medicine.  I do NOT claim to know it all.  I probably can direct you to the right place for your research.
  • What I expect of the writer. PLEASE READ!
  • That you have at least a basic grasp of **English grammar and punctuation and that you'll at least try to present me with a final draft of each chapter of your work. 
  • I will NOT rewrite your work. 
  • I do not expect blind obedience to every editing suggestion. I do expect you to pay attention, particularly if I flag the same error repeatedly.
**NOTE: Please let me know if English is NOT your first language and what your first language is. I will work with you if English is not your first language.
I don't expect perfection. I expect an honest try.  Yes, you CAN improve your fundamentals. I did.
  • Use the spell check.  It will not catch sound alike words or wrong words that are spelled correctly, so you should also attempt an edit as well.  Nevertheless, most of us don't 'see' what we wrote.  We see what we THINK we wrote.  That's part of why editors exist.
As I said before: I will NOT rewrite bad work.  I'm here to help YOU be the best you.  There's already one of me.  I have plenty of work to do without rewriting a great idea poorly executed, or worse, a poor idea, awfully executed. 
NOTE: I will probably refuse if you ask me to beta you. I already have 4 people I work with and my own work.  So please don't take it personally.  I will read a SAMPLE of your work and decide on a case by case basis.
  • I will expect you to submit (to me) at least ONE final draft chapter or a short story before considering working with you. 
I will give you honest comments on what you send me. If you don't want honest comments, please do NOT send me your work. I will not be mean, but I will tell you EXPLICITLY AND HONESTLY what I think.
  • SEX: Yes, I will edit explicit sex writing.  I'm not interested in editing pure porn that has no connection with the characters in question, however.  If you can make me believe it's Spike and Buffy or Joyce and Giles, or even (gasp) Joyce and Spike!! - I don't care how raunchy it gets.
I read and write straight and gay/lesbian/bi stories will happily edit sex between various permutations of adults, regardless of gender or sexual preference.
If you sound like a porno flick and when I take the names off and it is generic sex talk; then it's not writing, it's 'merely' porn.  That has its place, but I'm more interested in writing than in porn.  That said; I LOVE great sex writing and I have strong opinions on the matter: Blue's Rules for Writing Sex There are several decent guides on the web that will help you write believable and stirring sex scenes.  If you don't read mine, please read someone else's.
  •  Yes, I can help with fights and battles.
  • My job is to help you POLISH your work for posting.  I look forward to seeing how I can help.
Ratings I'll beta: •G  •PG  •PG-13  •R  •Adult Only
I can help with: •Plot Suggestions 
Turnaround for an average length chapter: 4-7 days
Beta experience: English is my second language and I am Indian so I enjoy being a sensitivity reader.
I've Beta Night shift by Harlow Turner and A family room at heart break hotel by Julikobold hotel.  
I've sensitivity read Use It or Lose It by Dynamite
I'm helpful with word flow, what might break the reader out of the story. I'll point out passive voice and offer suggestions. I also enjoy pointing out was is lovely. 
Story types/topics I will not beta: I like a heads up on SA and kinks, I'm usually open to still betaing for them
Additional Comments:
Ratings I'll beta: •G  •PG  •PG-13  •R  •NC-17 
I can help with: •American English  •Grammar  •Punctuation 
Turnaround for an average length chapter: 1-3 days
Beta experience: I have very little experience betaing in fandom, but I'm willing to be super involved (send as many drafts as you want!) and I have experience critiquing writing from an "academic" standpoint (creative writing minor)
Story types/topics I will not beta: Angel bashing is a hard no, and baby/pregnancy fics and all human aus are a soft no
Additional Comments:
Ratings I'll beta: •G  •PG  •PG-13  •R 
I can help with: •American English  •Canon Elements  •Grammar  •Plot Suggestions  •Punctuation 
Turnaround for an average length chapter: 4-7 days
Beta experience: I betaed a chapter of "A Slayers Fortune" by VeronaFiernan. I aslo betead "Inner Demon=Literal Cat" by Desicat (on EF). I have participated in several workshop based creative writing classes where I read other students' work and offered my thoughts and suggestions. See my "works betaed" tab on my profile for the complete list of stories that I have beta read. 
Story types/topics I will not beta: I will not beta stories with the following:
  • Smut. Nope. I generally won't beta smutfics unless I know the author and have worked with them before. Fade-to-black is fine. This is why it says I won't beta NC-17 or Adult Only stories. If your story is rated for violence and not sex then I WILL beta it. 
  • Incest. Sire/child could be considered pseudo-Incest but I am fine with it. True incest, however, nope, not gonna happen. Basically, I'd be fine with Angel(us)/Drusilla but not Joyce/Dawn.
  • Stories with temp Spike/other or Buffy/other, especially temp Spike/Dru or Spike/Angel, or Buffy/Angel or Buffy/Riley. This isn't because I hate those pairings, quite the opposite. It's because I like them too much and get sad reading about breakups. If it goes polyship-y that's fine, I love polyships. 
  • Anything with character/ship bashing. I like most of the characters. Don't want to read about how awful they are. 
Additional Comments: My knowledge of BtVS canon is great. My knowledge of AtS canon is a lil shaky for the later seasons. My knowledge of the comics is very broad ideas of a few storylines. 
Weird, niche knowledge about: Biology (cellular/molecular/biochemistry, anatomy and physiology, evolution etc), the Sims, folklore, cheerleading.
Will talk your ear about any of the above things. Loves to debate vampire biology.
If I think you're character bashing I will tell you. (Personally I don't care for it, but it has it's place. If it's intentional let me know.)
I love violent stuff please send me all the horrible torture. 
I love to work with authors and help them talk through what they're trying to accomplish! I also try to give more neutral feedback and less value judgements, but willing to offer opinions. Basically I will adapt to what you're looking for.
Ratings I'll beta: •G  •PG  •PG-13  •R  •NC-17  •Adult Only
I can help with: •American English  •British English  •Canon Elements  •Grammar  •Plot Suggestions  •Punctuation 
Turnaround for an average length chapter: 4-7 days
Beta experience: I've better for several authors, tho I'm not sure their fics are still in print.
Story types/topics I will not beta:
Additional Comments:
Ratings I'll beta: •G  •PG  •PG-13  •R  •NC-17 
I can help with: •American English  •British English  •Canon Elements  •Grammar  •Plot Suggestions  •Punctuation 
Turnaround for an average length chapter: 1-2 weeks
Beta experience: I was a translator and a copy editor for most of my professional life (many, many years), and English is my strongest suit. I am quite finicky about basic style rules, but will always respect the author's style. I'm madly in love with Spuffy and so grateful that the authors here keep them alive. I am also primarily an avid reader who needs to be captured by a story and the words used to bring it to life. I  shudder when I read grammar mistakes because they interrupt my reading enjoyment. I  could be described as a canon-nut, but enjoy moderate-to-wild fantasy as long as it has some canon in it, especially if the goal is HEA, but not necessarily. I like time travel, but as a reader I can find it confusing, which can be useful to point out (?). Those are the aspects I look out for, and would expect any work submitted for beta-ing to have aspired to fulfill them to the best of the author's abilities.
I've been copy-editing--I guess you would say beta reading?--the last few chapters of Perfect Clarity, which is something of a jewel. And I've been working with a few other authors, loving it.
I've also worked on a couple of the latest chapters of Encased in Sunshine, and had the honor of working on flow's contribution to the Spiral Spuffy event.
Story types/topics I will not beta: Not really interested in AH. Would not be comfortable with horror or excessive violence. Smut is fine, except when it seems to reflect the author's personal fantasies more than anything inherent to the original characters (e.g. gigantic dick, over-the-top SM) and I'm not fond of threesomes, not even to check for typos. So I would not be the beta to go to for those.
Not interested in writing that feels like a first draft that the author has not even re-read.
Additional Comments: I currently (May-July 2023) have some health issues and am undergoing tests, so it's best to first make sure I'm available to revise your work.
I'd also like to qualify my turnaround time. I checked 1-2 weeks but this a conservative estimate, because you never know what life will be throwing in your face that will need immediate, time-consuming attention. So far, I've been sending work back far within a week, and 1-3 days can be totally possible.
Ratings I'll beta: •G  •PG  •PG-13  •R  •NC-17  •Adult Only
I can help with: •American English  •British English  •Canon Elements  •Grammar  •Plot Suggestions  •Punctuation 
Turnaround for an average length chapter: 1-3 days
Beta experience: Currently active for Holly, occasional beta for Cosmic Tuesdays. Am willing to tackle anything. 
Story types/topics I will not beta:
Additional Comments: Am a good witch like Tara, not a bad witch like Willow. Love writing Drusilla, Illyria, and Faith. And Spike. Knowledgeable about IS law, mythology, and geography. Can also choreograph fight scenes and sex scenes. 
Ratings I'll beta: •G  •PG  •PG-13  •R  •NC-17  •Adult Only
I can help with: •American English  •Plot Suggestions 
Turnaround for an average length chapter: 4-7 days
Beta experience: Ive never actually beta for any one before :)
Story types/topics I will not beta: Incest
Additional Comments: Im a huge history nerd and have a lot of years knowledge of European and American history if you need any help with getting historical elements arcuate please check me out.  
Ratings I'll beta: •R  •NC-17  •Adult Only
I can help with: •American English  •Plot Suggestions 
Turnaround for an average length chapter: 4-7 days
Beta experience: No experience just yet.
Story types/topics I will not beta:
Additional Comments: