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Is it posible to create a marked as not interested button/list/warning/filter? For when we like the summary of a fic, but try to read it and it's not for us. And two months later we forgot we tried that fic already and read it again... and again and again, always forgetting we already tried it. I try to make do with the read/bookmark/favorite categories but nothing really fits for this.
--Ubikoctober @ 9/13/23 6:43pm
That's a great idea - one I've felt the need for for a while too! We're looking to do some overhauling of the bookshelf/favorite functions, and I think your suggestion is one that could be rolled in with that, so we'll definitely make a note! In the meantime, I've utilized the 'Marked as Read' function for this. Not sure if you use that for something else, but fics I don't want to see again I click 'Mark as Read'. Then when I'm searching for fics I choose 'Search Only... Stories Not Marked as Read'. That keeps the others off my list!
--SAD Admin Team @ 9/13/23 10:51pm
I absolutely LOVE the searchable transcripts you've added! I was gutted when the Buffyverse DB creator decided to take their site down. I can still find it on some other platform, but it's not searchable, which cuts down on the usefulness. To my suggestion -- one thing that is on that Buffyverse DB is a list of AKAs -- things that people have been called by other people. I find this very helpful, especially when trying to remember things that Spike called everyone. Is there any way you could add such a list on with the searchable transcripts? Here is the site I'm talking about. Click on the AKA link at the top to see the lists of AKAs. Thanks for all you do!
--Passion4Spike @ 9/6/23 1:01pm
The AKA list is a very helpful tool! We do have it linked on our Fandom Links page under Resources. We will likely not be adding our own version of it to SAD as we're not sure we have a unique contribution to make there, and it functions well on that site. Thanks so much for the suggestion though! It's always appreciated.
--SAD Admin Team @ 9/9/23 12:06pm
Hi! I think the fact that the trigger warnings are hidden is great and really useful for a lot of people, but I actually prefer to always see all warnings and going story by story when finding what to read is kind of repetitive, is there a way to set in our account preferences the warnings on always visible?
--Ubikoctober @ 8/28/23 7:56pm
We love this idea! For every reader to customize their experience to what they want would be ideal. We'll pass this onto our tech admin, as it's really a matter of how difficult/time-consuming it would be to implement. Thank you very much for the great suggestion!
--SAD Admin Team @ 8/29/23 9:38am
Would you mind updating the FAQ with info about the Discord server? Particularly with regards to the 'other ways to interact with SAD' or 'I can't remember the title of a specific story' sections (love the find-a-fic channel!). I noticed the Discord's still pretty new, but I wasn't actually sure if it was official at first since it wasn't mentioned in the FAQ. Thanks so much! :D
--temporarytitle @ 7/20/23 4:46pm
Thank you for this suggestion! This is a great idea!
--SAD Admin Team @ 8/29/23 9:37am
If you already have one I apologise because I couldn't find it. But can you add a page that describes the warnings, genres, and categories? It will help new members know what category their fic falls under. Thanks!
--Jws1993 @ 5/29/23 3:40pm
Hi, Jws1993, thank you so much for your suggestion! We discussed and decided that for now, we want to leave the definitions of the warnings and genres to the best judgment of the authors/artists. We hope this will allow for flexibility for creators. We also thought that defining terms might also inevitably leave out things or create added confusion. If you have any questions about anything specific, you can always reach out.
--SAD Admin Team @ 5/29/23 7:52pm
Hi, I'm still very new on the registered members, but I wish there would be a "Love" category to browse into.
--Spuffysoul @ 5/17/23 5:33am
We'd love to hear more about what you're looking for! We'll contact you privately so we can discuss!
--SAD Admin Team @ 5/17/23 9:36am
Hey, so: since most of the artists on this site also write fic, can we get a generic White Elephant banner to use? (The naughtier the better, obv)
--Girlytek @ 12/3/22 6:33pm
Hellllls yeah. We are on it! Thanks for the suggestion!
--SAD Admin Team @ 12/3/22 11:27pm
Hi! Since Graphic Arts and Videos have been added as new permanent categories and since so many stunning pieces of art have been published for everyone's delight, I was wondering about the possibility of adding an "Artist of the month" nomination to complete the SotM awards? I don't know if it's doable, maybe there aren't enough artworks/artists yet... it's just an idea. Thank you for your amazing work!
--VeroNyxK84 @ 11/16/22 12:14pm
We really appreciate this suggestion! This is something we've definitely discussed and would like to implement in some way. As you pointed out, there is a worry that we would run out of artists fairly quickly since there aren't nearly as many, but we definitely want to find a way to recognize their contributions to the community as well. Bottom line, this is on our to-do list for sure!
--SAD Admin Team @ 11/16/22 3:22pm
Hello! Requesting/suggesting an option for setting parameters when searching fics: under “Category to Exclude” to have the option to select the “Claim” genre - it currently doesn’t appear in the drop down menu. :) x
--Darla @ 9/16/22 5:10am
Currently, there's no way to exclude genres. You can exclude a category in your search, but not genres. So thank you for this suggestion! We'll add it to the list of improvements we could make to this site.
--SAD Admin Team @ 9/16/22 1:53pm
SAD annual fumigation party: Some sort of non-judgey/guilt-free WIP event—upload your WIPs! Just because it’s not finished doesn’t mean it doesn’t belong in the archive. Add a new chapter! Get a new banner! Etc
--Girlytek @ 9/14/22 12:53pm
We will definitely keep this suggestion in mind as we consider possible future events for SAD! We 100% agree that WIP words are just as valuable as completed fic words!
--SAD Admin Team @ 9/16/22 1:52pm
Since we now have categories for art and videos I wonder if there could also be a meta category? flow
--flow @ 9/5/22 7:24am
We have discussed this in the past in our big dreams for the site, and will definitely be looking to include meta as a category in the near future! Hang tight!
--SAD Admin Team @ 9/5/22 1:14pm
Do you guys think it would make sense to have a category either for crossposts or for new stories (i.e. ones not previously posted elsewhere)? It would make it so much easier to filter for stuff written for this site / new stories posted for the first time, so that they don't get lost in the crossposting. Maybe if not a category, some other way to mark new stories for ease of noticing?
--thenewbuzwuzz @ 7/2/22 2:01am
We've added a category called "Sunnydale After Dark Debut" for fics that debut or update on Sunnydale After Dark before anywhere else. Thank you so much for the suggestion!
--SAD Admin Team @ 7/2/22 10:13am