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June 12, 2024 09:55pm

Happy birthday 🎂 RavenLove12!
June 12, 2024 01:55pm

Grief Counseling
Happy Birthday, RavenLove12! birthday dance airkiss
June 12, 2024 12:56pm

Happy birthday, RavenLove!! yay
June 12, 2024 12:09pm

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my amazing friend and beta RavenLove12! Can't wait to post your presents for all the encouragement, all the pep talks, all yes ands. You're the best!
June 12, 2024 04:02am

Thank you so much Chelle!!
June 12, 2024 04:02am

We are so happy to have you, Geliot99! Please don't hesitate to share it allllll here! We're so blessed to have you.
June 11, 2024 03:19pm

you're all too too kind :D
June 09, 2024 04:46pm

Knowing that @Geliot99 has decided to move her finished stories here from EF is the best news of the day. My mouth is watering in anticipation smile
June 09, 2024 02:43am

Zero annoyance, Geliot! Can't wait to see them!
June 08, 2024 01:30am

Grief Counseling
@Geliot99 YAAAAY dance
June 07, 2024 07:49pm

Hey S.A.D! I thought I'd give you all a heads up that I'm gonna start moving some of my other finished pieces across to here from EF so there may be some minor bombardment of me in the most recents! No annoyance intended <3
June 07, 2024 03:39pm

Emails are back online!
June 06, 2024 07:35pm

Happy birthday 🎂 Fireflitty!
June 06, 2024 04:55pm

Grief Counseling
Happy Birthday, Fireflitty! birthday dance spuffy
June 06, 2024 11:37am

Yes, hulettwyo! There is an issue with our web host, so we've temporarily paused emails until it's resolved.
June 06, 2024 09:57am

Is anyone else not getting comment and like emails?
June 06, 2024 08:58am

Congratulations all choseny!! clap
June 05, 2024 06:29pm

Congrats! 🎉
June 05, 2024 11:50am

all choseny
After seven long months, Early One Morning is complete! I'm so happy!
June 05, 2024 10:13am

Happiest of birthday ever to Juggler and Acb6293! Have a great one, y'all!
June 02, 2024 05:32pm

Grief Counseling
Happy Birthday to Juggler and Acb6293! birthday spuffy airkiss
June 02, 2024 01:25pm

Happy birthday Juggler! and happy birthday Acb6293! I hope you both have a great birthday 🎂
June 02, 2024 11:06am

Thank you so much you guys!!
June 01, 2024 02:34pm

Congrats Geliot99 and Desicat!!! clap
June 01, 2024 02:25pm

Congratulations to Geliot99 and Desicat!!! yay
June 01, 2024 10:09am

all choseny
Congrats to the new Scoobies of the month! Well deserved!
June 01, 2024 09:59am

lol! Either one is good!
May 31, 2024 08:14pm

all choseny
Also I meant Honeygirl earlier and just noticed autocorrect changed it to homegirl. I guess it wanted me to get my Faith on lol.
May 30, 2024 10:28pm

all choseny
Thank you Grief and Spike's girl!
May 30, 2024 10:27pm