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Scoobies of the Month Interviews!

Hi, y'all! Here are the Scoobies of the Month interviews for March 2023! Hope you enjoy reading them...

Commenter of the Month for March 2023, Dusty:

How did you come to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

Through a podcast I listened to a long time ago! The podcasters were actually studying and dissecting Outlander, which I loved fervently. They were starting a new podcast about Buffy and I had enjoyed their analysis and trusted their judgment on what was good so much that I hopped over and started watching the show and listening to their episodes. Very quickly I couldn’t wait a whole week to watch along with them and blasted through Buffy. This was around 2015, so I was pretty late to the Buffy party.

When and why did you decide to read fanfiction for the show?

At some point, I discovered that there were canonical comics continuing the series! Hallelujah! I borrowed those from my library and diligently read them up til season 11, which was current at the time. S11 had so much Spuffy and I just adored the thought of them holed up in that camp together, going through something dark trying but being a solid COUPLE. I used to write fanfiction for another show (The Pretender) and so I knew what it was and thought “oh I bet people have written all sorts of stories in this fun setting! I mean, he’s BITING her!! How thrilling!” It brought me into the world, but it turned out, I couldn’t find the story I was looking for! So I worked up my nerve and began writing what I envisioned myself. So really, I started reading and writing almost simultaneously because of that. 

Why do you love Spike and Buffy?

Oh boy. Well. Because they are formidable. I am a big believer that the most satisfying relationships are ones in which people really contend with each other and challenge each other to be better. It’s that old saying about throwing two rocks in a bag and they will scrape and knock against each other until they both come out polished and shining. Is that a saying? Pressure turns coal into diamonds? Something like that! Metaphorically! I just love how they challenge each other and they’re so honest and they don’t hold back because they’re strong enough to do that. They’re hilarious but also passionate. And something about them not getting a real coupley run on the show makes it all the more satisfying to read it in fic.

What words of advice would you give other fans who comment or are considering maybe commenting on fanfiction?

Just do it! You may feel your six words of encouragement are nothing or not good enough to bother sharing, but those six words actually mean a lot. As an author, I sometimes get comments apologizing for the “ramble” but that’s silly, too! Every word from 1-100 (or 1000, ahem GetItDone) means a ton to authors and comments are like little thank yous for writing. Sometimes just leaving a hilarious GIF will brighten someone’s day. It really doesn’t take much. And if a line or a word they used really stood out to you, share that! Authors love knowing what resonated. 

From honeygirl51885:

Did you start commenting on stories as soon as you entered the world of fanfic, or were you a lurker to start?  If a lurker, what made you write your first comment?

I did lurk a little at first! But not for very long because I have THOUGHTS to share! So I can’t remember exactly what drove me to make those first few comments, but I remember they were on Sigyn’s stories, so it was probably that I felt some sort of visceral feeling (since she’s so good at that!) from whatever she was writing at the time. It’s usually a powerful emotion or beautiful writing that inspires me to really ramble at an author and share my thoughts!

As someone who gives and gets comments, what is your favorite type of comment to write (i.e. general praise for the story, listing favorite lines, starting up conversations with the author, etc.)?

I feel like I try to do a little bit of both! If a line jumps out at me as being particularly amazing, I do tend to quote that and tell the author how much I loved it. I started doing that when I realized how much I enjoyed seeing what lines my own readers were responding to. It is fun to ask the author questions, but also I don’t want the story spoiled so I feel like I don’t do that as much. I just try to share my enthusiasm for whatever comes next, whatever that may be. And I try not to comment with or impose my vision of what I THINK should come next so that the author doesn’t feel pressure or guilt when they know it’s not gonna go that way.

Has a comment ever made you make changes to your story?

Ha. Ohhhh, you asked the wrong author this question… or maybe just the right one! ;)

In minor ways, yes! For example, in The Fairytale I had Dawn playing the role of Rapunzel (long, silly explanation goes here) and a brilliant commenter called her Radawnzel and I thought that was hilarious and had the characters do that from then on out. Other commenters joked so much about wanting a Spuffel threesome fic that I eventually just wrote Embers because of it! So I do listen and get infected by commenter ideas.

It’s when the comments are negative that it gets tricky. Only you as the author know where the story is truly going, so you have to consider that when comments are inadvertently (or not inadvertently) pressuring you down another path. Be strong! I know personally I get a really defiant “dig my heels in” kind of feeling when my choices are being questioned. I get the urge to prove myself and that’s not always good because I know I’ve overcorrected, too. Sometimes I’ll want the readers to have a certain reaction like “be mad at Spike! He’s doing something wrong here!” and when it feels like everyone’s okay with it or forgiving him too easily because we love him so much, I will just want to push things further until they’re in the emotional place I want them to be. Which is maybe not always pure to the story or what should happen! But it’s hard not to do.

So while I don’t think I’ve ever made major changes because of comments on my stories, I have felt the pressure of them and their expectations. I have worried that I’ll disappoint people. And I think the worst thing that ever comes of that is it makes me sometimes rush through what I know I want to do (which then doesn’t do the moment justice) because I’m just tired of fielding backlash and am ready to move onto something else that’s more fun. Luckily, these instances are definitely the exception and this community is so supportive overall. I cannot complain. I only share the negative experience to illustrate how powerful a comment can be and how those little criticisms can slither into authors’ brains and grow big trees of doubt. Um. Just go with the mixed metaphor there and remember to be kind with your comments. That’s all I’m trying to say!

Author of the Month for March 2023, honeygirl51885:

How did you come to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

I discovered Buffy while the end of season five was airing. They were showing reruns on another station and my mom and I binged seasons 1-5 that summer. I then tuned in for seasons six and seven as they aired. I became obsessed that summer in between seasons five and six. I read episode recaps and info. on BuffyGuide so I’d be completely prepared for anything that could possibly happen when season six aired. That’s also when I discovered the world of fanfiction. 

When and why did you decide to write fanfiction for the show?

I started writing general fiction when I was in fourth grade and really got into writing when I was in seventh grade. Buffy was the first show that I read and wrote fanfiction for.

I started writing during season seven because I was so desperate for some Spuffy togetherness that just wasn’t happening on air. I was a senior in high school at that time and very much an introvert (haha, I still am). I never posted any of my work, but I still have the two stories that I started writing back then. They are actually handwritten on notebook paper. I reread them when I came back into the fandom during the pandemic and boy oh boy were they some schmoopy, sweep you off your feet romances. I’m still very much into the romance, but I like to think that I’ve come a long way from those super sappy days.

When the closures happened, I revisited the fandom like so many people did and I fell in love with BtVS and Spuffy all over again. I did most of my reading on and then I discovered Elysian Fields and joined Sunnydale After Dark when it kicked off. I was always a lurker, even back in the day. Then finally on March 9, 2021, I left my first comment. I started coming out of my shell and soon the writing muse was pounding on my door.

I hadn’t written any fiction or poetry since I was an undergrad in college, so it was very daunting to come back to this style. I had tons of ideas rattling around in my head and that’s where they stayed for months because I was positively terrified that I wouldn’t be able to write fiction again. When I just couldn’t contain my ideas any longer, I sat down one day in May 2021, and started writing. It was literally like opening the flood gates. The words just poured out of me and it was such an incredible high. I haven’t stopped writing since.

Why do you love Spike and Buffy?

Watching the first five seasons on fast-forward and with the added insight of knowing Angel left and Spike was there to stay, I saw the Bangel relationship develop and it just didn’t do anything for me. Plus, Evil!Angelus and Poor-Me!Angel were total turn offs.

When Spike came to town and stayed permanently, I fell in love. His character was just so original, witty, and…COOL! I was 16 at the time and totally down with the bad boy persona. Who am I kidding, I still am, but only if he has bleached blond hair and happens to be a vampire.

Spike is my favorite character, apart from Buffy, and I love his development throughout the series. I was on the edge of my seat when the season six finale aired and he got his soul, and I love the fact that he got it for Buffy of his own volition. That being said, I don’t believe Spike needed his soul to love Buffy. He is truly a unique vampire in this verse and that makes him such an interesting character to read and write stories for.

I truly love the character of Buffy. She is strong and compassionate and works her ass off for absolutely no reward other than knowing that she saved the world…a lot. She is the very definition of selfless and I think that is an amazing character trait to have. I also love that she does not wallow or complain—ever. She’s had more than her fair share of hardships in her life, but she takes them all in stride and keeps fighting the good fight.

In the end, I truly believe Spike and Buffy are a perfect match and they belong together. 

Which three fanfics that you’ve written are your favorite? Why are they your favorite?

Oh boy. This is so hard because I love all of my stories. I know that sounds conceited, but I think all writers love their work, otherwise we wouldn’t spend the time on it. But since I have to choose three, here goes.

  • Come Back to Me – This was the very first thing I started writing on that day back in May 2021, although I didn’t really get into it and start posting it until October of that year. When I originally outlined it, I was trying for a story with about twenty chapters and hoping to hit 75,000 words. This ended up being an epic with 175,000 words. It’s the longest thing that I’ve ever written and I posted it weekly without interruption until it was complete at thirty-two chapters. I was so proud of myself when I finished this piece and it holds tremendous sentimental value for me.
  • From Here to Eternity – This was a birthday gift fic for the lovely violettathepiratequeen. It’s an angsty AU fic that I find myself revisiting anytime I need to get into that mindset. It stemmed from the idea of Spike and Buffy living hundreds of years alone in the world and then finding each other. I fell into such a trance when writing this piece and I slip back into it anytime I reread it.
  • Ties to the World – This is another angsty story and one that I actually didn’t like at first. I came up with this idea that I liked well enough for a Road Trip Challenge. When I started writing this story though, it felt like a very sluggish process (I think because there isn’t a lot of dialogue in it until the end) and I just wanted it to be done. It came together, but I didn’t feel a real connection to it like I normally do when I’m writing my stories. In fact, when I sent it to my beta, I told her, “Here it is. I like it, but I don’t love it.” She came back telling me how much she enjoyed it and I thought, “Ok, I’m glad it’s working.” When I posted it, I got so many comments from people telling me they loved the piece and wanted a sequel for it. I actually had to step back and say, “Really?” I went back and read it again, this time with the comments fresh in my mind, and I fell in love with it too. 

What words of advice would you give other fans who write or want to write fanfiction?

I know it’s been said before, but that’s because it’s true. Just do it!

I know firsthand how terrifying it can be to start writing, but if you take the step, you unlock all these doors to so many wonderful worlds. I write because I constantly have ideas buzzing around in my brain, but the benefits I get from writing are tenfold. I find it to be a form of stress release and that’s so important to have in your life. It also provides me with an emotional release that at times I really need. We all go through reading phases where we’re craving something light and fluffy, or dramatic and angsty. Writing is the same way. I find my stories develop based on my current mindset and that can be very cathartic. And finally, it allows me to connect with others who share my interests and passions. Yep, I’m talking about all you Spuffy shippers!

Questions from Dusty:

Which character is the hardest for you to write? Which one is the easiest?

When I read this question Xander and Willow were the first to pop into my head as the hardest to write. Then I thought about it some more and, yeah, I think I’m sticking with them. I find that all of the characters have their easy moments to write and their difficult moments, it just depends on what you’re having them do. But, I think Xander and Willow are the most difficult for me because I don’t include them a lot in my stories, so their voices are harder to find.

I find Spike to be the easiest to write and I often write from his POV. I think it’s because of the accent. I love a good accent and I love hearing his voice in my head. I also really like to swear and Spike is more likely to do that than Buffy, haha! I write a lot of sex scenes as well, and Spike is definitely the easier POV to write because he’s more comfortable with the sex talk.

What would you say to other authors when they're feeling discouraged from lack of feedback or interaction with their story?

I write first and foremost for me. I either have an idea bubbling inside my brain that I need to get out, or some challenge was issued and I HAVE to complete it. Obviously, we all post our stories because we want people to read and enjoy them, and the best way to know that that is happening is through likes and comments. But, at the end of the day if I’m happy with what I wrote and I want to read it, then that is all that matters to me. I have stories that I really love that haven’t gotten much attention. It is a bit sad, because you want all your stories to get the love, but it’s going to happen. You can’t get bogged down by that aspect of writing and posting, because it will most definitely affect your desire to write.

I know that’s easier said than done, but you can’t control how people will respond to your work. You can control how you feel about it though. And if you love it, then nothing else matters and you’ll keep wanting to write more.

Do you plan your stories out in detail, just wing it, or something in between?

I’ve done both, but I pretty much fall right in the middle. Got Your Six had an incredibly detailed outline, complete with some dialogue and pre-written scenes. It’s one that got tabled until later, and then when I decided I was finally going to write it, it was really hard to get into a groove. My plan was so detailed that I felt like I knew everything that happened and there were no surprises left to write. It took a while to get into the writing process with that one, but once I did the detailed plan was nice because I knew exactly what I had to write for each chapter and used it like a checklist.

I’ve also just sat down and written a story that popped into my head with absolutely no plan whatsoever; Off the Page and One Good Day are examples of that. For the most part, when I get an idea, I create a new Word doc and jot down some notes. I’ll add ideas and dialogue to it when inspiration strikes and then just let my muse take me wherever it decides to go for that story.

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Short and Spuffy Prompts!

Happy (almost) March, Sunnydale After Darkers!

Drabble season is finally upon us as we begin our Short and Spuffy event! Throughout this month, this post will be updated with our daily drabble prompts.

A detailed explanation of the event and its guidelines can be found here.

Quick reminders:

  • You do not have to do every prompt.
  • You do not have to do the prompts in order.
  • Only the drabbles and comments posted between March 1-31 will count toward event awarding.

Without further ado, here are the prompts!

1. Should we break up?
2. Attainathon 
3. Hurt and Comfort
4. The French Quarter
5. A Little Clue
6. Pretty Chains
7. Side By Side 
8. Message to the Moon
9. Making Up
10. Joy
11. The Clock Stops
12. Blue and Green
13. Too Much Damn Drama!
14. Drowning
15. Pain
16. The Lies You Told
17. Tempt Me
18. Sacrifice
19. Too Quiet
20. Kitten
21. I Think I Love You
22. Loving You is Easy
23. Make a Choice
24. Scent
25. Crashing
26. Indirect Sunlight 

We've decided to add an award for all banner artists. Please note your banner artist (if you have one) in your story notes so that artists can get their reward. And please note that art will not qualify as drabbles for this event. We considered allowing art submissions, but since a picture is worth a thousand words, that didn't seem fair when our writers are limited to 100 wink

We’d like to thank everyone for your continuous event enthusiasm. It should be a very fun and drabble-y month and that is all thanks to you! We’d also like to thank Grief Counseling in particular for creating this incredible event banner. As always, she is too good to us.

Now, commence with your word counting! To the drabble-mobile! Away!

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The 'Short and Spuffy' Event Guidelines

We are so excited to share the challenge for our March 2023 drabble event: Short and Spuffy! Big thanks to Grief Counseling for coining the event name voted upon by our Facebook community. Another thank you to VioletMoon for inspiring the idea of an all drabble event!

So, without further ado, the guidelines:

For the first 30 days of March, a new prompt will be posted every morning (by 9am site time) in a centralized Sunnydale Press news post. These prompts will be short, sweet, and open-ended.

For example: “Rolling pins.” writing

You'll write a drabble inspired by the prompt. Feel free to take it in any direction you want. You do not have to use the words from the prompt in the drabble.

Maybe you’ll write a sexy snippet with Spike and Buffy baking things with chocolate, or maybe you’ll write a tidbit about Buffy whacking Spike over the head with Willow’s rolling pin after Something Blue, or maybe rolling pins will be a metaphor for Buffy’s regret about making such a bad baking metaphor as she misses Spike.

The word goal for each drabble is exactly 100 words. This is inspired by the long-running Live Journal community, open_on_sunday, which for many years featured a weekly challenge to write 100-word Jossverse drabbles.

You can choose to post the drabble at any point during the month of March, so it does not have to be the day of the prompt. We are all busy! March 31 will serve as a catch-up day with no new prompt.

Now for the awards! clap

You can earn awards in two ways: by writing and commenting. You will accumulate more awards the more drabbles and comments you write.

For comments:
15-39 Comments = The Comment Hero Award
40-69 Comments = The Comment Champion Award
70-99 Comments = The Comment Slayer Award

If you write 100+ comments, you earn the ultimate grand prize! The Naked Buffy Award. flirty

For writers:
1-9 Drabbles = The Drabble Hero Award
10-19 Drabbles = The Drabble Champion Award
20-29 Drabbles = The Drabble Slayer Award

For completing all drabble prompts, you will earn the highly coveted Naked Spike Award! sunglasses

So, in total, there are 8 shiny awards up for grabs for this event!

Here’s a sneak peek of just one:

Your drabbles do not need to connect narratively (unless you want them to!), but please organize your drabbles for the event into one story and post each drabble as a new chapter. This will just make it easier for us to find them all when we are doling out awards at the end.

Feel free to post on Discord in the event channel if you're in need of a banner for this event.

And lastly, as always, don’t forget to check the event box when you post!

We look forward to coming together to make March less dreary. Happy drabbling, everybody!! heart

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Scoobies of the Month Interviews

Hi, y'all! Here are the Scoobies of the Month interviews! Hope you enjoy reading them. :o) 

Commenter of the Month for February 2023, bruskiboo: 

How did you come to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

I watched Buffy for the first time in 2019, when my friend extended her Hulu account to me, and I saw it listed and thought “why not finally see what all the fuss is about.”

When and why did you decide to read fanfiction for the show?

I wasn’t super interested in reading gen fic for the show. But then someone in a FB group told me there was an entire website just for Spuffy fic. And when I checked it out and started reading the stories, I couldn’t believe my luck – that this specific ship of a niche show from years ago had such a huge collection of stories and a still-active community. I came for the Spuffy goodness and haven’t had my fill yet. (Doubt I ever will.)

Why do you love Spike and Buffy?

Oh man, I could write a novel. Let’s go with bullets to rein it in somewhat and call this more of the *top* reasons, and not in any particular order.

They both are inspirational in their efforts to do and be good, but are also flawed and not always good.They are funny and goofy and unique and have their own quirks. They are smart and passionate but also stupid and stubborn.They’re so INTERESTING! They both have depth to their characters and incredible arcs through the series.Spuffy together has *undeniable* chemistry and sexiness.Spike and Buffy seem meant for each other. They have so much in common, their differences complement each other, they get on each other’s nerves, but they also can’t seem to let each other go.Spuffy is a beautiful ship because they have a deep and lasting bond, formed from many years of going through just about everything imaginable together. Even as enemies, they started with a mutual respect for each other and recognized the strengths of the other. And then they traversed a very long and winding journey, through good and bad and the worst times experienced together, where in the end they probably know each other better than they know themselves and are at their very best when there for each other. It feels like a real, adult, weathered, inevitable yet chosen relationship – the kind of relationship I can’t help but believe in and root for.

What words of advice would you give other fans who comment or are considering maybe commenting on fanfiction?

Do it! I mean, I totally get the hesitation. In all honesty, I’m still working my way through commenting on the fics I favorited when I first came to Spuffy fanfic and was lurking a bunch without commenting. But all it takes is a few obviously humbled and heart-felt responses from authors to realize what an impact even a small or simple comment can make.

My personal opinion is that the only wrong way to comment is to be negative. The most “negative” I probably get in a comment is to note a choice or character action that I think differently about, but even then I always make it into a positive - like maybe the author did a good job of making it realistic or their take brought up an interesting point or made me think differently about something. Our authors give so generously of their time and talent for absolutely no money, that it really doesn’t feel like the space to be critical. “If you can’t find anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” is probably a fitting philosophy for fanfic commenting.

Beyond that, I would say try not to feel self-conscious or pressured to comment like other people. And just comment however you feel! A few words or lots of words; epic sharing of emotions or vague summary of thoughts; commenting while being posted or waiting until all done to comment; listing things you liked, picking out quotes, or using our fantastic set of emojis – WHATEVER! Comment in whatever style you want and change it up whenever you want. Just remember how meaningful it can be to an author to write anything.

Another thing I suggest is to be open to reading and commenting on stories that don’t have as much attention. There could be a variety of reasons why a story hasn’t collected many comments, especially on SAD, since it’s a new archive. And I’ve read so many great fics that made me wonder “why doesn’t this have more comments?” So be bold, be the first one!

And lastly, I would encourage commenting on fics even if you know the author is inactive and unlikely to read your comment, because comments can also be helpful to readers. Not only can they bring attention to stories others may enjoy reading, but some readers find it helpful to reference the comments before reading a story, especially if they’re unsure whether they will like a story based on the description or warnings.

From violettathepiratequeen:

What are some tropes you’re always really excited to see in a Spuffy fanfic?

All of them! Tropes are the best and I will read just about any of them over and over again. As far as a fave trope, I do really enjoy hurt/comfort, especially with Spuffy. Cuz there’s something about either of them being forced to let down their guard and be a bit more vulnerable, and the other person wanting to be there for them through it. Also, I don’t know if I’d call it a trope, but I have a major yen for TALKING, for Spuffy finally having CONVERSATIONS with each other. There is so much in canon that is frustratingly NOT discussed that it’s super cathartic when stories fill in those gaps and give us that delicious exchange of actual words and understandings.

Is there any kind of Spuffy fic you WON'T read? Is there an author who you'll read anything from even if you're skeptical?

Yes. I will read *almost* anything, but I do have a handful of story types and warnings I won’t read. BUT, I’m not going to list them here because I don’t want to discourage anyone from reading or writing what they like. Something I love about our rich and diverse community is that it includes all kinds of readers and writers, so we can all find something we enjoy. And just because we don’t like something doesn’t mean someone else won’t.

As for authors, I’ll happily give the shout-out to Grief Counseling. She is the one who originally talked me into trying all human fics, and then basically spoiled me with her amazing examples of AH, lol! And her writing is so consistently strong and often hits that lovely balance of sweet and funny, that besides my no-read list, I will gladly try out anything she posts.

Are there any fics you've read that have changed the way you view a character or episode?

Yes! Too many to name them all. But… *goes to reference my Excel of favorited stories, cuz I’m a total nerd who made one of those*… Can I name 4? I’m gonna name 4, that are here on SAD:

Tempting Fate, by sabershadowkat: This is an interesting AU series envisioning Spuffy coming together in a totally different way, starting in s3. Not only did it open my eyes to what fic could be as an early reader, it also cemented the idea for me that Spuffy would eventually get together no matter what that journey looks like.

Sandcastles, by MissLuci: This one’s actually a featured story right now, so go read it! This sweet little fic made me think about ‘As You Were’ differently, it made me reflect on the amount of rage and depression that Buffy is dealing with in s6, and it made me wish Buffy had way more revelatory dreams about Spike in canon!

The Wind Beneath My Wings, by slaymesoftly: I don’t want to give too much away, but slaymesoftly makes an interesting choice in this fic about Angel and the Shanshu that I never would have thought of. The story also highlights the differences between Spike and Angel and provides a unique take on a post-NFA story.

Undeniable, by Chelle: I personally don’t headcanon that Spuffy slept together during the last night before the Chosen battle. BUT Chelle did a version that made it so realistic and delightful, that I had to concede it as a possibility for that fade-to-black moment.

Author of the Month for February 2023, violettathepiratequeen: 

How did you come to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

I started watching in February 2020, because I had some friends at the time who just kept constantly pointing to it as their favorite show, even though I’d never heard of it before! I went into it knowing nothing except for a handful of random things, including that Buffy’s primary love interests were named Buffy and Spike. What’s so funny to me now is how sure I was that between Angel and Spike, one had to be a vampire, and one had to be a werewolf. I never got into Twilight but surely that was the formula, right? Once Angel was revealed to be a vampire, I was all set for Spike to be a werewolf, and it took me a minute to grapple with the fact that they were both vampires, lol! 

Anyway, I was hooked on the show, and Buffy herself, from episode one, though I actually didn’t like Spike at ALL until “Becoming Part 2”, I wasn’t receptive to the idea of them as a couple until “Who Are You?” and I finally PROPERLY started shipping them to the ends of the earth during “Fool for Love.” But I binged both shows in the span of four months (which ended up being the lockdown months, not that I could have known that when I started!), and obviously I’m now part of the fandom and it’s become a whole lifestyle for me at this point.

When and why did you decide to write fanfiction for the show?

So I’m fairly new to the fanfiction game just in general; I avoided it for so long because of the stereotypes and bad rap that it often gets… until I realized that I’d been writing fanfiction in my head for the things I’ve watched since I was a child. The “Violetta” in my username is an OC I created to enter every fiction world I’ve ever loved, and to become part of the universe and interact with the characters and create new stories with them, and she’s been with me since I was eleven (but if inquiring minds want to know, the “pirate queen” part is just because that was the first thing I thought of when I made my A03 account a few years ago). So once I had THAT epiphany, in 2017, it was like a bottle uncorking and I couldn’t get stories written and posted fast enough.

All of that was way off topic, so back to the question. I wasn’t sure if Buffy would be a fandom I wanted to write for… until I watched “Fool For Love.” That porch scene changed everything for me, and I knew it’d only be a matter of time before Spuffy fanfic consumed my every waking thought, and oh my gosh I have never been more right about anything in my life. I resisted it until I’d finished both that show and AtS, but then churned out my first Spuffy story, When Buffy Knew, which was a small series of missing scenes from S7 of the moments I am SURE Buffy knew she loved Spike. And my next completed fic was When Spike Knew, which was, unsurprisingly, a series of missing moments from S4 and S5 during which I know he must have fallen in love with her. And now I don’t even write for any other fandoms anymore. This is it for me, until the well runs dry, which I hope will be a long time from now!

Why do you love Spike and Buffy?

I have sort of an answer to this in my current bio, and so without completely blathering any more about my life story than I have already by naming all the ways they’ve meshed into my psyche so comfortably and effortlessly, let me just make this simple and copy and paste some of that here. Buffy and Spike mean the world to me, and that's all there is to it. I love them to bits, every part of them, and I dimly remember having other characters who were contenders as my favorites, but now it's clearly these two. She keeps me strong, and he keeps me sane. There's a lot of media out there that represents poor mental health, and I used to cling to them and feel seen by them... but I think this show is special in the way that it shows it, but doesn't wallow in it. It doesn't embrace the darkness, and it doesn't coddle the weakness, but gives room to feel it and work through it, and then rise above and overcome it, and I never knew how much I was missing that in shows until this one! 

I love Spike and Buffy because they try. I love them because they’re both light and darkness, and live in both. I love them for having so much of the same pain and problems, a century and a half apart and opposite sides of the coin, but with so much connection underneath. I love that they’re so strong and tough and brave, but still soft and sensitive when they’re permitted to be. I love that they strive for goodness… Buffy especially, she never compromises her values, and her ideals may be reshaped but they are never sacrificed, and Spike works against his very nature to become someone worthy of being close to her.

And it’s been a long time since I’ve seen two characters who care, so much… Buffy for her friends and family and all the people of the world she tries to save; Spike for his mother and Dru and Dawn and Joyce, and then both for each other. That kind of unbreakable love, that isn’t just passionate and romantic (though with a very healthy helping of that too) is just so rare to see, and probably so difficult to portray in the media, and that, like everything else about them, is just so unbelievably inspiring.

Which three fanfics that you’ve written are your favorite? Why are they your favorite?

Train to Nowhere. This wasn’t even a contest… I had to really think about my other two choices for this list, but this one is so very special to me. It wasn’t prompted by anything other than an image that randomly popped into my head of Spike and Buffy just lazily riding a train similar to the Hogwarts Express, and I was obsessed with figuring out how they could get in such a situation, while staying within sight of canon, as I like to do! I cranked the whole thing out that weekend, which is unheard of for me— to have an idea pop into my brain and immediately execute it. I should maybe do that more often, because this is still my best received one-shot to date, and I adore it and its dreamlike feeling so much, and I haven’t written anything since that I love quite as much. 

Unconditional. THE most self-indulgent piece I have ever written, and if you’ve read it and know what my absolute favorite things in a fic are (canon fix-its, angst, sleepy cuddles, Buffy caring for Spike, and a happy/hopeful ending) then you will understand why. I was only following a loose prompt for this, which was “walk through the fire,” but otherwise I just wrote exactly what I wanted to write without setting any rules for myself. I called this “Cuddling w/o Plot,” and I got comments calling it things like “cuddle or die” and “loving him back to life” (actually I’m pretty sure that one was Dusty!) and, yeah, I didn’t think I’d ever write something that I would consider a comfort fic for myself, but this one definitely is!

Restful Souls. This one came about because I got a comment on a different story saying they wanted to see Spike really read the riot act to the Scoobies when he came back in “Touched,” and I took that as a challenge, especially because I don’t like character bashing, and wanted to see if I could point out everyone’s faults without it becoming that! But then, of course, we were too close to some of my FAVORITE scenes in the show, in my FAVORITE season, and I ended up just writing the remainder of those episodes in a sweeter and more fleshed-out way, while staying somewhat in the realm of canon. And I actually took the time to try and make it good, and there is not enough of a perfectionist in me to do that to every story, but for this one I really did, and was happy with the results!

What words of advice would you give other fans who write or want to write fanfiction?  

Find your happy place, and don’t ever leave! Okay, that’s bad advice, of course you can leave if you want to, and you should try new things, as with anything in life! But with fanfiction there is VERY little pressure to do anything you don’t feel like doing, and it’s such a wide and diverse world that you can literally do anything and there will be an audience for it, so stay with the things you love to write anyway! On the technical side, my pet peeve is always if a character's voice sounds off, because I think that more than anything can make or break a fanfic, so, keep those voices fresh in your head; keep the show on repeat in the background if you have to!

And I feel slightly hypocritical saying this when I only send about half of my stuff to a beta, but a beta is really invaluable. They’re another pair of eyes to catch stupid mistakes, they’re an outside perspective to tell you what isn’t coming across as clearly as it did in your head, and really they’re your first mark of approval on a story. I know I stress way less about how my stuff is received if I’ve already had a beta give it a thumbs up!

From bruskiboo:

Is there anything you would want commenters to know from an author's perspective? Are there any types of comments that especially make your day?

Well, mostly commenters should know that UGH you guys are everything, you mean so much to writers, and no matter how humble we try to be, we ARE writing to make a connection with those who are reading, so thank you for being there to confirm that the connection was made! Please know that we adore EVERY single comment, no matter the length, and your reactions to our stories mean so much to us. On the flip side of that, know that your words have an impact on us. Remember that authors have written stories that they love, so, just being careful and respectful of the work that goes into them, and staying aware of the vulnerability authors exhibit through these characters we all love (not just Spuffy!) goes a very long way!

But for the record, on this site I’ve been properly spoiled by you guys in the comments, so thank you so much for that! Also, any comment that mentions an emotion I evoked in them (smiles, tears, laughs, melty puddles that need caution signs) makes my day. Every. Single. Time.

I always love to hear about different authors' writing processes. What's usually the start to your stories, and then how do you typically build from there? Do you ever get any curveballs from your muse or the characters along the way?

I really like having something to launch off of, so challenges, events, prompts, tropes… that’s my favorite way to start a story, because it’s like, okay, I’m given a couple pieces of the puzzle, now let’s find all the rest of them! (It’s what makes fanfiction such a comfortable place to live in, too, and why OF sounds so daunting to me, much as I want to write it.) But when I’m NOT starting off with any of those things, my stories are born when a single snapshot appears in my head, and I just have to find out how they got there, and what happens next. If I was an artist of any kind I would totally draw that one snapshot and showcase it as the thing the rest of the story was born from, and I think that would be really cool, but alas, all I have to offer are words. I already said what my Train to Nowhere image was, but as another example, Unconditional came from the image of a desperate and exhausted Spike collapsing onto Buffy’s bed, and I had to craft a reasonable scenario for why he needed her bed specifically, and why Buffy let him have it.

My characters I’d say are fairly obedient; they go where they need to and they sit when I tell them to and they don’t wreck my outline too badly. But sometimes they’re having a heated, or deep, conversation, and they start branching off into topics all by themselves and I frantically check my notes like, what the hell guys, don’t go off book on me now! But I love them, so I usually let them have whatever they want, even if they’re completely rewriting scenes, or just bypassing them completely. 

However if my muse throws curveballs at me I just start a new story like a responsible adult.

Are there any tropes that you haven't written yet and would love to try sometime?

I submitted “fake dating” as a prompt for the White Elephant event, because I love reading that but thought I would never write it, and then as soon as I submitted it I was like, who am I kidding, of course I’m going to try my hand at that some day! I’ve also made some notes for a Randy and Joan fic, and I have a challenge saved that calls for an amnesiac S2 Buffy, so the memory loss trope will be well explored by me, eventually. 

Some more Spuffy specific tropes on my to-do list include Feral Spike, Buffy falling in love first, Dawn jumping off Glory’s tower instead, and William, of course! (My ideas doc is absolutely staggering under the weight of all my notes and snippets and plans. My brain runs faster than my fingers, as it turns out.)

Whoever nominated me for author of the month, thank you so much, it made me very happy! I'd also like to thank my dearest honeygirl51885 for handling my anxiety like a champ when I asked her to read over these answers before I submitted them, lol!

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Fandom Links

Hello, lovely Spuffy lovelies!

We wanted to shine a light on a new page we've added to the site. You'll find it under Browse. It's called "Fandom Links." sandy_s worked hard to compile this list of Buffy and predominantly Spuffy-related links and resources.

This is the internet, of course, so the list is always growing! If you have any suggestions, please shoot us an email or share it with us on Discord, so we can add it to the list. As always, we want this site to feel community-cultivated. We want your ideas, your suggestions, and your input on how the archive can grow and serve us all.

With this new links page, our hope is that this site connects everyone with this shared niche interest. We want to support the varying websites, archives, and ways in which we fans all engage with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and, of course, Spike and Buffy in particular.

So happy new year! And thank you for being a part of Sunnydale After Dark!

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Scoobies of the Month Interviews

Time for the first Scoobies of the Month for 2023! Hope y'all enjoy them. :o) We decided to make the interviewing each other thing permanent but also voluntary (because pressure is of the bad). This month, both Scoobies chose to send each other questions! 

Commenter of the Month for January 2023, VeroNyxK84:

How did you come to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer? 

First of all, I must clarify that I’m from Italy and in my country BtVS first aired in 2000… don’t even get me started on the delay and the extremely poor dialogue translation/adaptation—that’s a very sore spot to this day. I could rant for hours, so I’ll drop it. 

Back to the show: I kinda had a rocky start with it. At first it had been recommended by a classmate in high school, so I remember tuning in one night and they were airing “The Pack” (1x06). The whole thing with the hyena-guys eating the principal upset me so much that I had trouble sleeping and I vowed never to watch that thing again. I stayed true to my decision and I almost forgot that the show ever existed for a while. 

Cut to… spring of 2004. I happened to stumble a few times on TV ads announcing a marathon rerun of BtVS S1-S5 to be aired in the afternoon with daily episodes. This marathon was supposed to introduce the release of the final season.

I don’t remember exactly what pushed me to give it another try… but I did and I was a goner almost instantly. I was quite late to the party, but I joined a couple of fanforums and avidly read news and info about the show and episodes as soon as they aired (my go-to site at the time for everything BtVS was an Italian website called “Buffymaniac”). I watched the whole marathon which left me heartbroken (the last episode they aired in September was “The Gift”) and craving for more. During the summer I had started buying the S1-S5 DVDs to rewatch (meanwhile discovering about the poor dialogue adaptation and the unjustified heavy TV censorship) and eventually I also bought S6 because the channel decided not to air a rerun for this season. Since they’d announced S7 for December and the DVDs went on sale in October, I bought S7 too and finally caught up with the show. I also rewatched when they aired it in December even though they basically aired it at night (11:30pm wtf?). Italian TV butchered this show in every possible way, but the fact that many people grew to love it so much despite their poor treatment speaks volumes about this TV masterpiece.

When and why did you decide to read fanfiction for the show?

I don’t know if I can call it a decision… it sort of happened by chance last summer. I’d started following a couple of BtVS/Spuffy accounts on IG because of some incredible art that popped up in suggestions and some day one of those accounts published a story with a link to SAD saying it was a new Spuffy archive. I clicked on it mostly out of curiosity, did a quick tour of the site and scrolled through some stories. I bookmarked it, then in the evening I started reading a couple of stories and I just kept coming back every day for more. It was a trying moment in my work and personal life and I truly needed to take a break from problems and worries… so that’s when I found my happy place in fic reading and after a couple of weeks as a guest reader I decided to register because I didn’t want to lose track of some great stories. Then I admit it took me a while to muster the courage to start leaving comments—I’m a very shy and reserved person and apparently the whole “hiding behind a screen” deal does not take that away, at least for me—but now I enjoy writing them as much as I enjoy reading the stories. 

Reading fanfiction is still my happy place, and I never miss my daily appointment with SAD: it’s a part of my morning routine before I start working… and whenever I manage to squeeze in some more reading!

Why do you love Spike and Buffy?

Let me start with a confession: I had a short-lived Bangel phase. Said phase started to waver during S2 (keep in mind that I watched S1 and S2 in the span of a month and a half, so the ‘short-lived’ is quite literal here) mostly because I found Spike and Dru to be vastly more interesting (I also had a deep fascination with Dru) and Angelus was so wickedly good that after him the mere idea of Angel just flat out bored me. Sorry. But the final nail in that B/A coffin was hammered in the day I was researching Spike and I accidentally stumbled upon some pics from “Something Blue”. My reaction was something along the lines of: Wait… WHAT? When? How? OMG who cares, I’m sold—GIMME! And that’s the short story of how I abandoned the Bangel ship and never looked back—and suffered throughout S3 hoping for Spike to return soon-ish after 3x08. Ah, I was young and naïve! 🤣

I love Spike and Buffy because they’re deep, complex and layered both as individuals and as a couple. Their journey from enemies to unexpected allies, to somewhat enemies again, to reluctant partners, to friends, to lovers… it was bumpy and tumultuous, at times unbearably painful but also undoubtedly fun, and it touched so many aspects in their relationship which I believe is part of what makes them so special. There are so many “versions” of Spuffy and just as many reasons to love them, although their snarky and banter-y ‘I love to hate you’ trait is still my biggest weakness and something I’ll never get tired of reading. 
They’re both very passionate and stubborn, which shows when they clash—or engage in bedroom activities while inevitably missing the bed—but they can also be soft and tender, and those are probably the moments I cherish the most because they’re so rare and precious and it’s a side of them they don’t show very often. 

I love them because through their many hardships they reached a level of mutual understanding and growth that was truly beautiful and touching to witness. They inevitably drifted apart but found their way back into each other’s life, cementing the bond they'd built and almost destroyed with the strongest adhesives: trust and acceptance

After quite literally seeing the best and worst of each other (shamelessly quoting Spike here) they became each other’s rock, sticking together through thick and thin and defying everyone’s judgment. I love when Buffy is fiercely and openly protective of him in the face of Giles’ betrayal; I love when Spike is fiercely and openly protective of her in the face of everyone’s betrayal. They're an unshakable team and they're fearless in their alliance. 

I love that they’re so in sync that sometimes they don’t even need to speak because a glance between them tells a whole story. 

They made me laugh and cry, feel sad and happy and furious, they broke me and then healed me. It was one hell of a ride, but darn it was ‘bloody well’ worth it in the end.
Last but not least, I think we hit the jackpot with the actors who portrayed them: their undeniable talent and on-screen chemistry made Spike and Buffy the iconic characters and couple that we’re still celebrating to this day with their perfect imperfections.

What words of advice would you give other fans who comment or are considering maybe commenting on fanfiction?

When writing a comment I think it’s important to tell the author what you liked most about their story and how it made you feel. 

I found it might be useful to jot down lines or scenes that struck you in a special way and mention them in the comments. Did something make you laugh, or maybe even cry—either happy or sad tears? Let the author know! Maybe it was their intention to convey specific feelings and they’ll be happy to know that they succeeded. Did you connect with the story or a character because of some personal experience? If you feel comfortable talking about it, share your experience and how it affected your feelings when reading the story. Did you appreciate some details, like a small gesture, a smile, etc… even if it seems small or ‘unimportant’ to you, don't ignore it: I believe that if it caught your attention and/or stirred up your emotions it’s always important and the author will surely be pleased to know.

Bonus Tip: I found it useful to enable email notifications when my comments get a reply: it’s easier to keep track of author’s responses and keep the conversation going if needed.

Last but not least—Remember to always be honest but also thoughtful and respectful—there’s constructive criticism, which aims to encourage improvement, and there’s something entirely different (and hurtful and useless) which is bashing. Personally to this day I’ve only had positive experiences with commenters on SAD, who have always been super kind, supportive and welcoming, but I know that sadly it happens pretty much everywhere on the internet. 

Remember that behind every story there’s always a real person with feelings, most likely a job, a family… and that they took hours from their free time writing that story for you and everyone else to enjoy—so if that story brought you happiness in any way, consider letting the author know, even if it’s a very short comment telling them just that: knowing that their story made you smile might put a smile on their face as well. 😉

Questions from bookishy:

What BTVS episode do you feel is an underutilized starting point for fic?

Before answering I feel the need to point out that I’ve been reading fanfic only since July 2022… so please keep in mind that my knowledge of the incredibly vast FF library for this show / pairing is quite limited. So if my answer leaves you with a “Gurl, I’ve read no less than 50 fics with that starting point” feeling… please bear with me, to this day I’ve only read one (1).

The episode in question is “Dead Things” and more specifically the infamous scene with the brutal beating that gets sweeped under the rug and treated as if it never happened, even with Spike showing up at Buffy’s BDay party the following episode all battered and bruised. I’m still baffled to this day by how they failed to properly address this scene, which has so much potential, imo. 

This particular thought has been inspired by “Undertow” written by Niamh. If you missed it, look it up, you won’t regret it. 😉

What are your go-to comfort fics in the Spuffy fandom?

I confess I don’t usually do the “re-read” thing… I’m more likely to have go-to comfort episodes, and I do have quite a lot of those, for a bunch of shows. 

Anyway, if I had to name a few fics that could work as comfort fics for me… just off the top of my head I’d say “Last Christmas” and “Ties to the World” by honeygirl51885, “What Willow Saw” by violettathepiratequeen, “Hands” by Chelle, “Christmas Without You” by Dusty and "Seeing You" by Grief Counseling—they’re not mentioned in a specific order. 

Most of them are recent readings tbh but there are at least three in this list that I read twice. So the concept applies. 😉

What non-Spuffy characters do you feel could use a little more fic love?

That’s a tough one. Once again, my answer might be affected by the fact that I don’t have an extensive knowledge of the gazillion fics that have been out there for decades… but out of my recent experience with writing her character for the first time, I’d say Tara. There was so much emotion and potential in her scene with Buffy at the end of “Dead Things”. I think she could’ve played a pivotal role as Buffy’s non-judgmental confidante with everyone else being so estranged from her. Hey, looks like I've found another underutilized starting point! Maybe?

Outside of the Scoobies I guess I’d enjoy seeing more stuff with Clem, he seems to be a nice demon-guy and he probably would make a good friend for Buffy and Dawn too, other than for Spike. 😊

Thank you everyone for making me feel at home here from the get-go.

Author of the Month for January 2023, bookishy:

How did you come to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

I’m old enough that I watched the first two seasons when it originally aired on the WB. I was immediately drawn in by the humor and the pop paranormal-ness of it all, and then became really impressed with the larger high-drama plotting, especially the “Angel turns evil” twist and Spike’s truce with Buffy.

Tragically, however, the next year I had something to do on Tuesday nights and couldn’t watch live anymore. Since these were the dark times before streaming, when I had to fight both my basketball-game-loving father and also the capricious nature of the VCR itself when it came to record things, I didn’t watch seasons three and four at all. (A decision that baffles me looking back, as it feels very well-adjusted of me to just delay media gratification like this!)

I didn’t start watching the show again until halfway through Season 5, when I was babysitting a kid who went to bed at eight, and caught “Crush” on TV, where Spike was of course not only no longer with Drusilla, he was chaining Buffy up and professing his love, which lit up the lobe of my brain I keep reserved for enemies-to-lovers media.

From that point I never missed another episode; I even got my first credit card the second I turned eighteen so I could order bootleg VHS tapes to catch up on the whole series off eBay.  

When and why did you decide to write fanfiction for the show?

The first time I watched the show, I stuck to lurking on message and spoiler boards, then drifted away from fandom after it ended in 2003. In 2016, I watched the show again in full as part of a project I was working on, and was surprised when the Spuffy bug re-bit hard. At this point, I had dipped my toe into writing for and engaging in discourse for other fandoms that had waxed and waned, so when I saw that this community was still thriving, I went for it—and remain very glad I did!

Not only have I made great, talented friends, the BTVS world remains the best sandbox to play in, as pretty much anything you want to do? There’s a way to make it work, and readers who will try it.

Also, at some point I had inhaled practically all Spuffy content on the internet, including that only accessible via Wayback Machine, and ended up in a "If you want more content, lady, you have to make it" situation.

Why do you love Spike and Buffy?

 Spike and Buffy are essentially all the romantic tropes I love combined into one package. There’s enemies-to-lovers, but also a few personal ones I like to call leading lady + hot, semi-reformed lieutenant and oh no, he/she’s an idiot and I love them and the couple who banters together, stays together.

 But even beyond that, their dynamic has so many interesting edges to explore, and I love the quicksilver shifts that can occur in even a single scene because they both are such bundles of complementary contradictions. There are no two characters that are more fun to write together in a room, which is why I think we all conspire to trap them together in rooms so often.

Which three fanfics that you’ve written are your favorite? Why are they your favorite?

Welll, Shot Through the Heart because it’s a multi-chapter fic that’s, uh, finished.

*coughs politely, avoids locking gazes with the elephant in the corner*

Unfavorable Odds because it began with such a wild premise and seemed counterintuitive to a lot of things that make readers excited about Spuffy fanfic in general. (“So, it’s extremely slow burn and also multiple Spikes and Buffies die, and I’m working in some stuff that traumatized me in the Buffy game for Xbox, circa 2001.”) The idea started with Elysian Fields’ “Big Bad” challenge—which made me start thinking about remodeling an unexpected character as a villain—but back then I was very good about not starting anything new when I had existing WIP. But the idea wouldn’t leave me alone for a whole year, and when EF’s next challenge was about Spuffy being “Trapped,” I decided that was the permission I needed.

My goal this year is to hit the completion mark on this, as it remains the most ambitious thing I’ve tackled, and I’m really excited about where it’s going.

Ex Magic, because it is a more serious premise for me and it’s always a challenge for me to settle into serious, angsty mode, especially when the subject of wanting to save a loved one from serious health threats often hits close to home. But this is another fic I am dedicated to finishing, and excited to see pay off.

What words of advice would you give other fans who write or want to write fanfic?

For me, the pleasure from writing fanfic is that it’s designed to be resistant to the pressures that can come from other types of writing. It’s really about enjoying the creative process and the engagement of other readers who already love these characters right along with you. Concepts that would be hard to do anywhere else are absolutely doable in fic.

With any writing endeavor, there’s always going to be a temptation to bring Old Writing Friends like self-doubt or imposter syndrome or perfectionism or competitiveness or regret to the table, but don’t let them crash the party.

Questions from VeroNyxK84:

As a writer, what was most challenging for you when you started and what is most challenging now?

When I started out, it was just working up the gumption to post and join the “official” fandom conversation via sharing fanworks. (There is a GIF out there of a businessman standing by a watercooler laughing by himself as he listens to a conversation happening between his coworkers eight-feet away, and this remains my biography in GIF form).


Now, it’s pushing on through the middle parts of fics, which is always the time when I regret all the fictional choices I’ve ever made and all the pins I set up so Future Bookishy could knock them down.

Have you ever struggled with “writer’s block” and what have you done to overcome it?

Hmm. Yes and no. I’ve never faced a blank page and not known what to write—part of my problem is that stories tend to unfurl in whole the second I start putting them together—but my brain will sometimes seize up in editor mode and it will be hard for me to do anything other than perseverate over a single sentence or a stretch of paragraphs for an hour. It can sometimes last days or even weeks, and the best solution I’ve found is just to delete whatever it is I’m getting stuck on and start fresh as it’ll kick me back into “writing” mode.

Do you have one or more favorite settings for the setting of your stories?

Looking at the work I’ve posted, it popped out at me that I really love trapping them in places after-hours! Malls, bars, carbon-copies of Sunnydale that have been turned into a death arena, etc. etc.

It’s fun to let them explore new worlds together.

--sandy_s, Dusty, Chelle on 01/08/23 12:52 pm 12 Comments
Scoobies of the Month Interviews

Better late than never! Here are the Scoobies of the Month interviews for December 2022. 

Commenter of the Month for December 2022, scratchmeout:

When and why did you start reading fanfiction for the show?

I started reading fanfic during season 7, working off of recommendations on an old Spuffy site/message board, Crumbling Walls, and then moving to LJ and following favorite writers and recs. 

I believe my first fics were by Herself, Eurydice, and Mary and I was hooked. "Journeys" (by Mary) is still season 6 canon for me and I won't hear differently! I wasn't entirely unhappy with what was happening on the show, but I wanted more and certainly needed more Spuffy goodness. In fic, they could be happy, angsty, fluffy, sexy...all of it and everything and being able to read these characters that I loved being written by people who also loved them, who wanted to care for them, wanted to explore the complications and intricacies of Buffy and Spike as people and as a couple, was amazing. They were treated with respect and love in fanfiction and that made me want to dive into it.

What words of advice would you give other fans who comment or are considering maybe commenting on fanfiction?

Don't feel like you have to leave a hundred word comment. I put this pressure on myself, as well, but as a person who also receives comments, even a simple "Loved it!" or even just an emoji makes me whole day. You're commenting to encourage them, let them know their on the right path, that you're enjoying it. 

Once you start commenting, you'll feel more comfortable the more you read and before you know it, you'll be writing in caps lock and swearing (nicely, of course) at the authors! I try to remember the feeling I have while I'm reading it and try to convey that when I leave a note.

Questions for scratchmeout from the lovely Chelle:

What is your Spuffy weakness that you will read every time and love? (for me, I have a little bit of a Spike takes care of Buffy kink)

It doesn't happen often, but when it does, I devour it: Buffy and Spike communicating and being open about their feelings, thoughts, etc. Even if it could be angsty, it ultimately leads to a better place and happiness. I just want to surround them in joy because it didn't happen so I tend to read a fic that will give that to me.

What is your favorite fanfic you've ever read in any fandom? One that you've read multiple times?

My favorite has always been "Journeys" by Mary. It was a perfect retelling of season 6, for me.
My go-to rereads: Fangs Out by Dynamite, The Time We Had by Dusty, Teach Me How by Grief Counseling, The Tutorverse by Holly, Swipe Right to Connect by ashedcrashed, The Lawyer and Cop Series by MaggieLeFay, Crave by Nautibitz, and last but NOT least, Aeternum in Anno by Chelle. Currently reading Aloof Rocker Kryptonite by JustTiff and unless it suddenly goes off the rails, it will be added to this go-to list. OH, and I don't read a lot of not R/NC-17, but I have to mention violettathepirateaqueen and especially Inhuman Behavior.

Is there a Spuffy trope that you're tired of?

PAIN. Allllll the pain. Let's take our collective trauma, grief, and pain out on each other. I get it, I can appreciate the need for it, and I get why people want it, but I can't do it. Ultimately, it's why fic is so great - there's something for everyone. 


Author of the Month for December, Chelle:

When and why did you decide to write fanfiction for the show?

I started writing fanfic in the first season. OMG, I can't believe I'm admitting this. I wrote a TON of Buffy/Angel. A TON. Novel length tonnage. I can't escape it. It's out there and it lives. But the second Spike showed up ... I was all in. ALL in. The minute he watched her dance in his first episode ... I wanted THAT. Before Buffy, I was writing My So Called Life and Santa Barbara and movie fanfic like crazy. It's just something I've literally done since the 80s. God, I'm old.

Which three fanfics that you’ve written are your favorite? Why are they your favorite?

First, my all time favorite isn't in the Spuffy fandom. It's in the Grey's Anatomy fandom. It's called One Heart Too Many and it's the first time that I've written something that truly resonated with thousands of people *and* me. I was asked to do radio shows because of it and a newspaper article was written about it. It just truly blew me away to be accepted and told I contributed something to people that really made them FEEL things. I was asked to officiate weddings and use my words from that fanfic in the ceremonies so that was beyond touching. It was so well received but more important than that ... the story itself was my way of saying goodbye to my nephew who died at age 21. The character he's based on survives in my fanfic and it let me write my own memories growing up with him to share with the reader. It allowed my nephew to come back to life on the page and in my heart that I will never experience again in life. He was my first best friend and that came through so loud and clear in the story. And it was my first real foray into writing a bisexual character who is stuck between a man and a woman and a homophobic family and following her heart. It just meant so much to me. I truly learned who I am as a writer from that story.

My favorite Buffy fic I've written has to be Waiting on My Spaceship. It's not finished yet, but I do know the ending and I'm beyond proud of the fact that I didn't let my fear of how it would be received stop me from going full steam ahead with taking Buffy into darkness. I wanted to see how low I could believably make her go and I think I really pulled off what I was aiming for. I think the story, to this point, has remained true to where I wanted it to go and I'm excited to see if I can maintain the enthusiasm I feel and passion I have for keeping Buffy's struggles as real and HUMAN as possible in a vampire story. Surrounded by the supernatural, Buffy's human issues are even bigger than the real demons she's facing. And that's been incredible to dive into and has my complete interest.

My third ... I think it's probably going to be Walking After Midnight even though I think Aeternum in Anno is written better. Walking was written while the show was airing in Season 4 and I created this entire backstory about how/why Spike was turned into a vampire and what The Initiative was actually up to. I remember some readers falling apart and having issues with who Spike used to be but the majority of people loved my idea of who he was as a human. It was so much fun to write and share in between episodes, too. I remember people had a tally on what I'd get right/wrong with The Initiative storyline. I truly miss those days when the show was airing and people were so excited but knowing how it all ends? Wouldn't trade it for the world. :)

What words of advice would you give other fans who write or want to write fanfiction?

Spellcheck is your friend. I edit my stuff in Google docs because I really like the editor there. Then I paste it into email and check it AGAIN and then I paste it into SunnydaleAfterDark and reread it AGAIN because the SAD editor usually finds anything I've missed. Don't ignore those blue underlines the editor displays ... scroll down and check it out. And don't be afraid to ask for a Beta to help. We're all in this together and we all do it because we love the show so much. I feel like putting your very best out there is the key to engaging a reader and finding your voice. And if you write because the story inside you is demanding to be told ... if you open a vein and bleed with it ... it deserves those little touches that make it as perfect as you can get it for publishing. :)

Questions for Chelle from the lovely scratchmeout:

What’s your process for how you begin a story? 

Oh, it's usually a LOT of sitting and staring at Google Docs trying to figure out the opening words. Honestly, there's also the building of a playlist to put me in the right frame of mind for whatever tone I'm going for. I usually write in complete silence, but sometimes I need the background noise so I build a fic specific playlist to keep me in that zone. That helps me more than anything because I never outline and never will because I like to see what happens with the reader ... I almost always know a few things that MUST happen, but the rest will surprise even me. Then there is a TON of backspacing and deleting and questioning and doubting and almost tossing my laptop out the window before I get through the first full paragraph. But then the joy comes when I get to the end of the first chapter and send my baby out into the world to be read. It's so worth it.

Top 5 Buffy episodes? Bottom 5?

My Top Five:
Once More With Feeling (I'm a music whore!)
Fool For Love (Spike's past!!)
Hush (So damn creepy!)
Touched (Spike's speech!)
Something Blue (OMG, they were so happy!)

My Bottom 5:
Incan Mummy Girl (Xander bores me!)
I Robot, You Jane (Even thought I do still whine about Moloch being in my computer.)
Superstar (I just didn't love Jonathon doing that spell. Or Briley.)
Where The Wild Things Are (Briley sex. And more Briley sex. MY EYES!)
As You Were (I hated Riley showing up with his perfect wife and seeing Buffy working fast food.)

Besides naked Spuffy, what do you find to be essential to tell a good story?

I love snark and banter so much. Buffy/Spike work best when they're bantering and poking at each other ... even when they're totally in love. Reading them finding new and exciting ways to push each other's buttons is always a pleasure for me. Angst is also my oxygen so I love a bit of that in a good story. I also love it when writers pay attention to detail. This might sound strange but sometimes writers will jar you out of a story and make you have to scroll back up to reread because you suddenly went from riding in the car to everyone being naked on the roof without understanding how/why. So, I think attention to detail is important for a story to keep flowing and keep you immersed in it. 

I also think that spellcheck is a writer's best friend. Seriously. It is. I've misspelled my fair share of stuff and never see it even on a third or fourth edit (because our brains tend to read it how we intended it and not how it actually is) so I absolutely love and rely on spellcheck since my fingers fly faster than my brain. And getting a beta reader, especially when you're a new author just starting, will teach you more than you'll know what to do with. I learned so much when I was just starting out by having a beta who would put [all my many mistakes between brackets with an explanation] so I'd have to manually go back in and read that and apply the changes. When I beta for someone, that's how I send their story back to them, too. Because it's the best teacher in the world.

A huge and heartfelt THANK YOU to the people who voted for me to win Author of the Month. I can't overstate how amazing it feels to share my fanfic hobby here and for it to resonate with anyone. I've gotten some of the most beautiful feedback and profound private messages since I started to write Spaceship. You guys are incredible and your support and comments mean the world to me. Coming back and playing in the Spuffy fandom after literally years away has been the best part of 2022 for me. And being a part of SAD is beyond anything I've experienced in other fandoms. It's a truly supportive community here. So, thank you. Thank you thank you thank you! You are all wonderful and I'm so happy to be here. (And let's just never talk about my drunken antics during White Elephant, okay?)

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White Elephant Exchange!


Hey all!  

Quick post to announce the time for our white elephant gift exchange! The most popular time voted on was.... *drumroll* 

Sunday, November 20, 3:00 PM EST

This event will take place on Discord in a new channel that will open on Sunday.  

If you signed up but are unable to attend the Discord exchange at that time, we will still email you your randomly selected prompt as your gift. Expect to receive that email by the end of the following day (Nov 21)! If you don't receive your prompt, please contact one of the admins.   

We are looking forward to spending the afternoon with you and enjoying all the stories and artwork that are created as a result!  

Oh, and did we mention that the incomparable Bookishy has authored a festive Spuffy drink menu especially for the occasion?! Yeah, we're excited for that, too. We're thinking the entire community might want to partake in one of those yummies this holiday season. Or two. Or three. Or, heck, try them all. Maybe not all at one time. But don't worry. Whatever you choose, nobody judges you here.

See ya Sunday! clap

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Admin Team Update

In the spirit of transparency, we need to share with you that a situation arose behind the scenes with someone entrusted to work as an admin. While in her official capacity, this admin used what was once our official Twitter account to maliciously attack fellow Spuffy fans and make political posts that are not representative of us as a whole. She attacked fellow admins when asked to refrain from misusing Twitter and to apologize to the fellow Twitter users she mistreated.

After many weeks of trying to resolve the ongoing issues (which caused another admin to step down due to the persistent turmoil), she was removed as an admin. However, she still refused to relinquish control of our official Twitter, separate the account from this archive's name, or to delete it entirely. We would have been satisfied with any of these outcomes.

Due to the level of animosity, the many ignored warnings and hostile communication, and our worry for the safety of this community and its members, we felt we had no choice but to follow our own community guidelines and remove her from the site entirely. Any member who engages in harassment, impersonation, and open aggression will always be removed (after the appropriate warnings and attempts at communication) for the sake of a healthy environment. 

This is not a decision we made lightly. It came about after more than two months of internal struggle. The wellbeing of this community is and must remain our top priority. We harbor no ill will toward the ex-admin and wish her all the best. We also do not diminish or dismiss her contribution to this site, which was profound. None of us are happy with the way this entire situation has worked out.

Our only official Twitter account is @SunnyDAfterDark.

With any new creation, growing pains are inevitable. We sincerely apologize for the flames and the egregious misuse of our official Twitter. We'd like to officially extend an olive branch to anyone who was flamed on Twitter and assure you that you will always be welcome (and safe) to post here. We remain committed to making this archive a welcoming and encouraging environment.

Thank you for joining us and for your understanding as we navigate this difficult situation.

--Chelle, Dusty, and sandy_s on 11/16/22 10:42 am 7 Comments
2022 Winter White Elephant Exchange


Happy November, fellow After Dark-ers!

The holidays approach! And as such, it’s time to reveal our next event. We’re very excited for this one. To celebrate the season we will be hosting a white elephant fic and art exchange!

What does this mean? How does this work?

Much like any white elephant gift exchange! (You can read a generic explanation of the tradition here)

Essentially, everyone who wants to create will submit a prompt as their “gift.” 

At our live gift-opening event on Discord, we'll all arrive for a fun time with our favorite party drink in hand (Buffy themed cocktails anyone? Tea for the Ruperts?). 

We will have all the gifts (prompts!) numbered and use a randomizer to select the gift-opening order. The first person will “open” their gift by choosing a number, and everyone will get to see the prompt. The second person can then choose to steal that gift or open a new one to reveal a new prompt. The third person can then choose to steal any of the revealed prompts or open a new one. Any time a gift is stolen from you, you get to open a new one! This continues until everyone has a prompt as their gift. 

Anyone who is unable to attend the live gift-opening session can absolutely still participate and receive a prompt, they simply won’t have the option to steal. The admins will email you your prompt after the exchange is complete.

Since we’d like all our creators to be able to participate, in either fic or art form, we ask that you keep your prompts fairly open-ended so that it’s translatable to word or art. Try to also keep in mind that we all have varying comfort levels of what we’re willing to create. 

Example prompt ideas:

  • Buffy and Spike’s first Christmas spent together.
  • Season 4 with a sassy Spuffy!
  • Uh oh. There’s only one bed…

It will also be important to remember that when someone receives your gift, they won’t know it was your prompt and won’t be tailoring it to your specific tastes. When the story or artwork is posted, you’re welcome to reveal that the prompt was yours, but during the creation process, please preserve the surprise! And, of course, please always be supportive to all of our generous creators, whether the creation turns out how you anticipated or not.

The date and time of the prompt gift exchange will be announced after everyone signs up and submits their preferences for when the exchange should take place. There will be four options to vote on.

To sign up, please submit this form by November 15.

After the gift exchange, stories and artwork will be posted any time throughout the month of December. Commenters, betas, and banner artists will be eligible for their own holiday awards throughout this month. Betas and banner artists must contribute to one of the white elephant prompt creations. Commenters must comment 15x on any fics or art throughout the month of December. Awards will be distributed in January.

We cannot wait to host this event! It should be a really fun time for the whole community to connect and get creative! 


--Dusty, sandy_s, and Chelle on 11/06/22 02:41 pm 13 Comments
November Scoobies of the Month Interviews

Congrats to both Chelle and scratchmeout for being our Scoobies of the Month for November 2022! Hope you enjoy their interviews below!


November 2022 Commenter of the Month, Chelle:

How did you come to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

I was absolutely gutted when My So Called Life was canceled in 1995. I was starving for another 'teen' type show to lose myself in. I saw a little article in TV Guide about Buffy the Vampire Slayer airing as a replacement series in 1997 and fell in absolute love with the photo that accompanied the article. It was Sarah Michelle Gellar standing in the foreground in a red/burgundy dress and Xander, Willow, Giles in the background. It had a gothic vibe and I just knew I was going to love it. And I did. Vampires have always appealed to me. I canceled plans to tune in to the first episode and I think I watched it three times in one night. It felt so different than anything I'd EVER seen at that point. It was funny and their language was quick witted and full of puns. It became a weekly appointment for me and I couldn't get enough. I did worry nonstop that it would be canceled like My So Called Life but I hung in and I'm still hanging in to this day.

When and why did you decide to read fanfiction for the show?

I actually started writing fanfic when I was a teenager in the 80s (for a soap called Santa Barbara and for movies) and would swap stories with friends at school and then in a group at the local library. It was all typewritten or handwritten. But feedback was important and we'd type out reviews to give back with the stories. LOL!! Once the internet arrived, I got into all kinds of fanfic. I stumbled on Laure Alexander's fanfic for Buffy and just lost myself in it. I can remember reading at a place called UnConventional Shippers and finding all these unique pairings. Then I found Saber Shadowcat and Lynx and so many others. It was so amazing to write and read as the show was airing. It went from being a sorta hobby to an almost full time job I spent so many hours reading and writing. And I'm obviously back in that place. I can't get enough. SAD's creation has really inspired me to read and write again.

Why do you love Spike and Buffy?

I think I wrote my first Spuffy fic after School Hard. There was just something about the way Spike watched Buffy dancing at The Bronze that woke me up in all the ways. I was all in. ALL IN. I think for me, their banter and wit and unreal sexual chemistry just bounces off the screen and the page. It's breath taking and interesting to an extent that keeps me riveted. I love the way he sees her and knows what she's thinking before she even does. And I love the way she supported him and believed in him, even before he went and got a soul. I adore that SHE was his soul for a really long time and made him go completely outside of himself and his instincts to be someone she could lean on and trust. And I wouldn't be me if I didn't mention how dang smutty sexy they are together. I love love love all the ways that writers get them into bed or out of bed doing dirty stuff in many many many ways. It's hot. They're scorching hot. :)

What words of advice would you give other fans who comment or are considering maybe commenting on fanfiction?

Please please please leave feedback if you like a story. Even if you don't like a story but you took the time to read it ... kind constructive criticism is usually welcomed because it helps a writer improve. Feedback is the only payment a fanfic writer gets. That's all. And it truly means the world to hear what resonated, what didn't, and how the reader was affected by it. I tend to leave long rambly three hundred word comments because I feel like a writer puts so much blood, sweat, and tears into their work and I want them to know that I noticed and spend time thanking them with my own words. But even if you only leave a sentence ... it matters. SO much. It's important to feel seen and that people recognize what you're contributing to the fandom. So please PLEASE leave feedback. That's a paycheck for a writer and even if it's five words ... it's the best feeling in the world to be noticed.

Thank you so much! Everyone who is part of SAD is amazing and I'm honored to be a part of it.


November 2022 Author of the Month, scratchmeout:

How did you come to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

The first episode I watched was "Witch" and I thought it was fine. I loved the movie, so I was a bit on the fence about it being a TV show. I saw IKWYDLS and really enjoyed Sarah (I had also watched her in "Swan's Crossing after school sometimes). Then, there was an ad for "Halloween" in TV Guide and thought I love Halloween episodes, I'm going to check it out. And that was it. Completely hooked from then on!

When and why did you decide to write fanfiction for the show?

The very first fic I wrote was immediately after "Innocence" aired and it was so long. I never posted it anywhere, I don't even think there's a copy that exists sadly because I'd be very curious how that would look ;) I started writing again towards the end of Season 7. I joined Crumbling Walls and was introduced to so many good stories and All Human fics which was a revelation. I decided to start with that kind of a story, it felt safer than writing in canon! So I started Marriage, Sunnydale-Style about two weeks before "Chosen" aired because I knew, without a doubt, that I was about to get my heart torn out and I wanted something fluffy and happy. It remained a WIP until about a month ago when I edited, added to it, and completed it! As I grew more confident, I started writing in canon. I took a break from all fandoms around 2010 and then came back after the 25th, started reading fic again and felt the need to finish a story idea I had started back then (Finding Her). I write them because I want them to be happy because I'm a big, sappy softie. 

Why do you love Spike and Buffy?

When I started shipping them (during their truce), it was probably more the simple fact that I wanted their faces on each other's faces ;) But then they had to go and give them depth (and pretend like they didn't). I really fell in love with Spike loving Buffy and exploring what that looked like without his soul. I loved them in early season 6, loved them less post-Wrecked, and felt that they earned back the OTP title in season 7. The way that they evolve and learn with one another, how they come to trust each other again, to have each other's backs, to accept their good and bad traits, and that deep understanding they have for one's so beautiful to watch. And the bonus being that the groundwork is there for all of us to write them in any season, really, because each variation of Spuffy is intriguing.

Which three fanfics that you’ve written are your favorite? Why are they your favorite?

This question is a hard one! So I think, as of today because this is constantly changing the more I write (which is a good thing, I think!), my 3 favorites would be:

As I'm Leaving - this was my second non-AH fic and I decided to do it in Spike POV and I loved the challenge of it. Time travel is always fun and I was heavily inspired by The Time Traveler's Wife, which is a favorite.

Finding Her - I love a story with B/S/D family unit and I wanted to dive into what would have happened if Dawn had jumped and Buffy quit slaying and came to Spike to help her, as well as explore what was happening in Sunnydale without them there.

No Remedy for Memory - I loved the way this turned out and I really wasn't sure what the hell I was doing when I started, which is not like me. It definitely ended up someplace different than my initial outline, but once I knew and understood the story and what I wanted to explore, it came together nicely. I really loved AlternaBuffy and wanted to protect her at all costs.

What words of advice would you give other fans who write or want to write fanfiction?

This isn't anything groundbreaking, but write what YOU want to write. I can easily get Imposter Syndrome and can get really down on myself, especially if comments are questioning the choices I've made.  But if I'm telling the story I want, I know I'm more likely to be successful at both writing it and finishing it. So, really figure out what you're comfy with. If you love AH and that's where you want to be, do it! Everything isn't for everyone. You'll find your audience by writing things that you're excited to explore. 

I'd also recommend finding a beta you trust, that you can have open, sometimes difficult (because we're writers and we're all sensitive about our work) conversations about the story/the writing. I've known mine since Crumbling Walls and LJ and when I decided to try writing again, I reached out to her and it's been an amazing relationship. She makes me a better writer because I swear everything would be Boston double negatives, no commas, and would look like a screenplay!

--sandy_s, Dusty, Chelle on 11/03/22 10:09 pm 3 Comments
2022 September Scooby Celebration

A slightly-delayed wrap-up post, on account of some of your Admin team having holidays/vacations. (I know – how dare they?) But the last few days have allowed the full glory (not Glory) of our first site-wide event to sink in.

Guys, you were amazing!


Over the month 24 individuals created fics, works of art and other wonderful things. And that’s not counting the banners, which I haven’t actually done yet, but will very soon. Of those creations, 22 were stories, some of them one-shots, some seven whole wonderful chapters long, and some in-between. There were ten stand-alone works of art in addition to these.

And you loved them! Between them they garnered 684 “Likes” and 863 Comments! And we cannot thank you enough for going to the trouble of leaving those comments – each one of them is treasured by the people who put time and imagination into creating all these amazing goodies in order to share them here. They are appreciated possibly more than some of you can imagine.

Thank you, everyone, for reading, writing, arting (what? It so is a word.), looking and just plain being with us here in our shiny new fandom corner.

You can find them all here. Or click on "Browse+", then "Events" to get to exactly the same place. So that's three links above.


As for the month of September itself, including our Celebration?

Wow! You guys did us proud! In September as a whole lots of you read, looked, commented and liked – an astounding 2252 comments all told, from 121 individual commenters.

--GillO, sandy_s, Dusty, Megan and Chelle on 10/08/22 12:54 pm 9 Comments
Scoobies of the Month Interviews

Happy October! For this month, Dusty and Getitdone are our Scoobies of the Month, and here are their interviews! Hope you enjoy them...


October 2022 Commenter of the Month, Getitdone:

How did you come to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

A good friend of mine in high school was Buffy-obsessed. (This was late 90's, when the show first aired.) She talked about the characters and plot points incessantly, and it always seemed like a show I could get into, but I never committed. (For all of you folks running around wrinkle-free right now, TV watching required much more discipline before the days of DVR and streaming!) 

I noticed it was available on Hulu a few years ago (2018, maybe?) and decided it would make a good summer binge show. I mostly watched it in the background while I was doing other things, but somewhere around mid-S4 (think, like, 'Something Blue' era) it caught my attention and wouldn't let go of me. By the start of S6 I was a total Spuffy goner!

The unfortunate part about this is many of the major plot points were spoiled for me. I knew about Dawn when she showed up. I knew she was gonna kill Angel. I knew Buffy was gonna die in The Gift. I don't remember my friend mentioning much about Spuffy, and to this day I'm terrified to bring it up to her because what if I find out she's actually a Bangel fan? Then we can't be friends!! getout

When and why did you decide to read fanfiction for the show?

I've always been one to poke around in fandoms after I consume any piece of media I really enjoy, and that usually involves some casual fanfic exploration. After a couple of obsessive rewatches, I started perusing AO3 and for Spuffy stories. The 2020 COVID lockdown combined with grieving the loss of my dad sent me deep down this particular rabbit hole, though, and I stumbled upon Dusty's first fic, Safe. 

Holy. Crap. blink That fic grabbed me and has never let go! 

That discovery led me to a treasure trove of Spuffy fanfiction. I've never experienced such high quality and quantity in any other fandom before! Being part of a community like this one that encourages me to embrace my obsessive shippy-thoughts has been an amazing experience for me... I'm pretty sure you'll never be rid of me. (More than two years later, and I'm still here telling Dusty all my thoughts about all the things!)

Why do you love Spike and Buffy?

I think what I love most is the wide spectrum of dynamics their relationship covers. I think this is why people are still writing about them to this day - whatever mood you're in, you can find a Spuffy-era to match. And of course, I think we all love the idea of someone like Spike who is just wholly dedicated to loving Buffy for exactly who or what she is (and the chiseled cheekbones, British accent, and bad-boy persona are just icing on the cake!) I also love Buffy for all her strength and all her flaws, and I think she's just so deserving of Spike's worship. 

What words of advice would you give other fans who comment or are considering maybe commenting on fanfiction?

This first piece of advice is one I'm still working on... I've always felt like if I'm going to comment I have to say something meaningful. So I've read a lot of things without commenting - not because I didn't enjoy them, but just because I didn't feel like I had anything worthwhile to say about what I read. As I've become more entrenched in this community, though, I'm slowly learning that not every comment has to be a complex literary analysis. I'm trying to do a better job of just thanking and appreciating those of you who are pouring these stories out for me to read through my comments. (And for those of you who are subjected to my dissertation-style comments, well... sorry about that. Sometimes I have things to say.) 

Secondly... the best comments are the ones that roll in around 3 am. flirty 

(I also want to suggest you try swearing in all caps when you're very excited about something, but I'm not sure all authors actually appreciate that, so take that wisdom with a grain of salt.)


October 2022 Author of the Month, Dusty:

How did you come to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

In 2015, I was really into an Outlander story analysis podcast and I loved the thoughtful discussion and emphasis on story craft so much that I had to check out the hosts' other podcast show which was about Buffy. It's no longer available to listen to or else I'd recommend it, but that's the reason I decided to give Buffy a shot. I had judged it by its title for many years and never tried it. Then to my surprise, my husband noticed me watching it and was excited to join in, so it became a thing to do together! Soon enough we were naming our daughter Willow! 

When and why did you decide to write fanfiction for the show?

After finishing the show I found out about the comics and read those (just the Buffy ones) and I loved all the Spuffy! I remember reading S11 thinking that this storyline would be really fascinating if it was fleshed out a little more (comics only have but so much time/space). I was curious about what Spike and Buffy's life living in a prison trailer together with him feeding from her would BE like. It sounded stressful! And kinda sexy... rebel So I thought surely there's tons of fic out there about this (I had written fic for another fandom a long time ago so I knew of fanfiction in general). Sadly, I didn't find anything in that setting/scenario at all! So I thought hrmm if I want to see that, I guess I'll have to write it. So that's how I essentially began writing fic before I even started reading it. I've been playing catch-up ever since.

Why do you love Spike and Buffy?

Because they are the whole package. They inspire greatness in each other. Everything they share, they well and truly earned it. They're hilarious together. They're viciously honest with one another. They're full of passion and fireworks and that BIGNESS about them only makes their soft moments all the sweeter. They're an endlessly fun pairing to write because there are so many versions of their relationship and their individual levels of growth to play with. Each season gives you wildly different potentials and outcomes. 

Which three fanfics that you’ve written are your favorite? Why are they your favorite?

Oh my. Okay. That's hard. I really love them all. I'm always most over the top in love with whatever I'm working on currently. I can't help it. So I'm unabashedly obsessed with The Time We Had right now. I love the sweeping epic romance of that one. The unpredictability and how I can throw them into any situation at any time and it works because TIME TRAVEL is endlessly fun. I love The Fairytale because I think it is so funny and absurd and it was such a wild idea that I was laughing my way through as I wrote it because who would give Angel an actual Pinnochio nose?! That's so stupid, but whatever! We're going for it! And that was so different for me to just play and have fun with a story and take things a little less seriously. Then I'd have to say Gray because that story felt like all of my favorite things tumbled into one story. It had chapters of fun and lightness. It had the angstiest angst I could imagine. It had my favorite Spuffy to write which is established Spuffy, but with heaps of conflict to keep it interesting. And at the same time, they never lost faith in each other, which was so beautiful and, to me, what real love's about. And OH it had Angelus and Drusilla and a sassy adult Dawn! I just had all my cakes with that fic and they were delicious. birthday

And I'm realizing now that I just picked my fics in reverse order of writing them, so make of that what you will...

What words of advice would you give other fans who write or want to write fanfiction?

Have fun and don't agonize over it. I think some people get really twisted up in the perfection of their stories, to the point where it's daunting to start, daunting to keep going or to finish. To the point where you invest so much time into something that when it's criticized or doesn't get the enthusiastic response you were hoping for, it can be really crushing. I know it's hard not to sweat the details because sometimes you have to sweat the details for a story to work! But generally, readers will happily go where you take them. If you're having FUN telling the story, I think readers really feel that! It's also important to note that what works for someone else might not be what works for you and that's a-okay. No one is doing anything the right way in fanfiction. Just their own way. So try not to compare or doubt yourself. If you're here and you're making something you love, then you're doing everything right.

--Sandy_s, Chelle, Dusty, GillO, Megan on 10/02/22 06:43 pm 8 Comments
Scoobies of the Month Interviews

Huge congrats to Grief Counseling and Rea for being our Scoobies of the Month! Please see below for their fandom history and answers to our monthly questions. We really enjoyed reading them!

September 2022 Commenter of the Month, Rea:

How did you come to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

I don't really remember how I came to watch Buffy. It started airing in the UK in 1998, when I was 10. I know I would watch it, Wednesdays at 6pm on BBC2, but I only actually remember watching the episode Scared by Death - because I was indeed scared by Death. Then I moved to France and it aired much later there - 11pm or midnight. I didn't really like watching series I was already familiar with on TV in France as everything is dubbed and the voices are all wrong. So I stopped watching for a couple of years. Once the DVD boxsets were released, I got into the Buffy again and watched series 1-6 multiple times over. Since then, I've watched sporadically, using starting again at S1 and making my way through to S4 or 5 once every few years. My attention span can be pretty bad, which is why I don't often make it past S5. 

When and why did you decide to read fanfiction for the show?

Late last year, I started another rewatch of Buffy. By the time the DVDs of S7 were available in France there had been ample time for me to read spoilers on how the series ends. And so I never got to the end of the Buffy as I knew S7 wasn't rated very highly and, more importantly, that Spike dies in the final showdown. Teen-me wasn't particularly interested in watching that and adult-me never got over teen-me's gut feeling. This time, however, I was going to get to the end of it all. So I grabbed a couple of yarn cakes, got crafting, and had the whole of Buffy play through in the background. 

When it ended, I wasn't ready to let go. I was... bereft? I felt incomplete, hollow, and wanted more.

I tried Angel but I couldn't get into it. I tried looking into the comics but they're crazy expensive. I tried scrolling through the Buffy subreddit and figured out pretty quickly that it's not a very nice place. The subreddit did, however, set me on the path of fanfiction. So I set off down that path and haven't looked back since. 

I've been reading fanfic for around six months now, and have read more in those six months than in the past couple of years combined.

Why do you love Spike and Buffy?

From the moment he arrives on the scene in S2, Spike dominates every scene he's in. He exudes raw sex appeal and hormonal teen-me never stood a chance; I was a goner. It helps that Spike has the most interesting and complicated story arc over the whole series. He is a fascinating character and that draws me to him. Also, I love his dark humour.

Buffy is a fabulous main character for the series. She's wicked sharp beneath her ditzy exterior. She's driven, determined to do what she thinks is best, but she's also compassionate and always trying to help. No matter what life is throwing at her, she's always doing her best and if she goes down, she goes down fighting. For teen girls, Buffy is a fabulous role model. 

And together? They are magnetic. Their chemistry is visceral, it's through the roof, and it makes for very compelling watching.

What words of advice would you give other fans who comment or are considering maybe commenting on fanfiction?

Writing is time-consuming and hard work, and writing fanfic for a series that ended more than twenty years ago is a passion project. We're lucky that so many talented authors are writing so many fabulous stories and then making them free for us to read. They deserve recognition. 

When you're reading an older story that's already complete, it's fun for the author to rediscover the story through your reactions to the chapters. When you're reading a WIP, your reactions help the authors stay motivated to keep writing.

Even if you don't have much to say, try to say something. Let the authors know that you're there, that you're reading, and that you're enjoying their work.

Share the love. <3

September 2022 Author of the Month, Grief Counseling

How did you come to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

My sister! She was well-known back in the day on LJ for her LDS Sparkledammerung Twilight parody under the name Stoney321. She wrote tons of fanfic and would talk to me about writing and this show “Buffy”. I missed it while it was airing because I was the same age as the characters on the show and partied every night, so I had no desire to watch TV in my late teens. She literally sat me down on her sofa in my mid-20s and said, “Beth. BETH. There’s this guy named Spike. Just… just wait.” And I did, and was immediately hooked, only to find out my then-boyfriend/now-husband used to adore that show, too! So, we binged that and Angel at the same time—her insisting that I watch everything in the correct airing order.

When and why did you decide to write fanfiction for the show?

I used to write NKOTB fanfic when I was a child, so it’s only natural that this was in my future, haha! I’ve also always written stories. Writing is a huge part of my life. When the BtVS show-binge was almost over, so mid-season 7, I had all these feelings. And, again, my sister was like “Have you heard of Poshcat? What about NautiBitz? Read their stuff.” And holy crap, that was it for me. I busted out my word doc and wrote the dumbest thing on earth and I was so nervous. But it was the community that pulled me in and encouraged me to keep going, so I put most of the influence on the awesome power of fandom.

Why do you love Spike and Buffy?

I think a lot of us can relate to their dynamics. I certainly did. Strip away the supernatural elements, and it really mimicked what was going on with my relationship at the time. My husband had his own “redemption arc” where he completely changed his lifestyle FOR ME, which still blows me away, and he’s my little punk sexpot muscled man. I also killed a lot of vampires. :D

But Buffy and Spike are the perfect story. I love anything that makes you go back and forth on whether you support them or get angry by choices they make, when things are dark and ugly and someone still loves you through it. They’re layered. They’re funny. They aren’t cookie-cutter characters with bland personalities. They’re little onions with pain and challenges to overcome and so, so passionate, and no one roots for them, no one believes in them, but finally they have their Han Solo/Leia “I love you” moment that is so perfect, not sappy, not pandering, just perfect.

Which three fanfics that you’ve written are your favorite? Why are they your favorite?

I cannot answer this question without banging my head against a wall in frustration. I have so many different genres of fiction that it’s hard for me to pick three. My opinion changes weekly! I’m very hard on myself and often have days where I think all of it is trash. I will say that I’m very proud of my one-shot The Longest Journey because it gives me all the post-series feels and is my personal Ode to the Spuffy OTP. I adored writing Milkshakes and Motorcycles, but I don’t think it’s my best... And I have more stories that I haven’t uploaded that I adore, too. I love comedy, I love angst, I love romance, smutty-smut-smut, and horror. I try to challenge myself to try new styles, genres and themes. I love that anyone wants to read them at all. If someone wants to know specific genres, I could probably choose them better.

What words of advice would you give other fans who write or want to write fanfiction?

Don’t write for anyone other than yourself. Don’t write for reviews. Don’t write for stats. Write because it’s something you need to get out of you, no matter how sloppy it might come out. And if you’re new to writing, get a beta. Don’t ask your best friend to read something. They will never be honest with you; they will never push you to be better. If cheerleading is what you need, then ask the BFF. But if you want to improve, get someone that will not only fix grammar but will tell you how to be a better writer. Ask another author you respect to give honest crit. That was crucial for me in my early days. I was doing so many things that make me cringe now (which is why my old stories are getting such heavy edits) but I had someone tell me very honestly where I was failing and though it stung to hear, in the end, it made me try harder. Take criticism with grace. Everyone has an opinion. Some are right, some are very wrong. But always consider that they’re telling you something that might push you to be a better writer. And most importantly, AUTO-SAVE YOUR STORIES. OMG, please, please do that. I have lost so many chapters because I lost power, or my computer shut down, and I didn’t save. Save, save, save. And if comments are what you’re after, then you better be leaving some for your fellow authors. 😊 Karma is real!

--sandy_s, Dusty, Megan, GillO, Chelle on 09/03/22 11:03 am 11 Comments
September Scooby Celebration!

We’re so excited to host our first month-long event! hug

Fics, art, and video edits will all qualify, so long as the submission is new and ties into the theme “Sunnydale After Dark.” The theme is intentionally open-ended and we are eager to see how it inspires everyone differently!

Awards will be given for writers, artists, and commenters. 

To participate and earn your sparkly award graphics you must:

  • Post between Sep 1-30. (Multi-chapter submissions do not need to be finished within that time frame.) 
  • Click the “Scooby Celebration” checkbox when you post.
  • Label any banners with “Sunnydale After Dark - Scooby Celebration 2022.”

Writers, your fic must not be any longer than seven chapters (for seven seasons of Buffy!). The goal here is to create lots of finished works!

Graphic artists and video editors, we’ve created two new site categories called “Graphic Arts” and “Video Arts.” Graphic artists can use the image embedder. Video artists will need to use the “source code” button to embed videos hosted elsewhere. In Youtube, for example, click “share” and then use the “embed” code.

There will be a new checkbox that can be marked for art submissions. This will allow you to bypass the minimum word count requirement typically associated with stories.

We are eager to turn this into an archive that supports and showcases all types of Spuffy creators. Obviously, this platform was designed for fanfiction. So if you’re an artist and encounter any snags as you attempt to post your artwork, please reach out so we can troubleshoot together to make this a seamless process in the future! We’re hoping to refine the site and make it even more art-friendly in the future.

We’re looking forward to seeing how the theme inspires everyone this September. Thank you for helping this archive flourish with your enthusiasm and participation! We’re so very grateful!


Your friendly neighborhood SADmins. thanks


Don't forget to look out for the brand new event skin co-designed by Grief Counseling and Dusty because they just do everything together now it seems. It will be called "Sunnydale After Dark" and it is a VIBE. Also, please show Grief Counseling your appreciation for the hilarious graphic up above.

--Dusty, sandy_s, GillO, Chelle, Megan on 08/29/22 09:36 pm 8 Comments
Announcing Sunnydale After Dark's first site event...

The September Scooby Celebration!


We want to celebrate our members and community. To do that, we'd like to celebrate as many Spuffy creations as possible! So for this event, we are inviting all authors, artists, creators and editors to participate.  

The theme will be "Sunnydale After Dark."  

We want fics! We want illustrations! We want poetry! We want video edits, photo stories, banners, manips, even comics! And we, of course, want to also celebrate our incredible betas and commenters as well. As long as they're new creations and inspired by the "Sunnydale After Dark" theme, in whatever way you decide, we want to showcase it!

More details to come, especially for you artists who are probably thinking "wha? huh? how?!" confused  

But for now...   

Writers, there will be a cap of 7 chapters. Any new fic 1-7 chapters long will qualify.

Artists, we are working on creating an entirely new category on the site and will explain in the weeks to come how you can post your artwork just like writers post their fics here on the archive. 

There will be unique awards for all types of participants. You are welcome to go for gold and win multiple awards by submitting creations in various categories.   

So get those wheels a-turning! The event will begin on September 1! Stay tuned for more! thanks

--sandy_s, GillO, Megan, Chelle, Dusty on 08/14/22 08:15 pm 18 Comments
Scoobies of the Month Interviews!

We decided we wanted to do something extra special with Scoobies of the Month! One of the things we loved that is somewhat lost about fandom are the stories that members tell about how they came to love BtVS and in our case, Spike and Buffy. So, we thought that one way to add to the history of fandom is to have our Scoobies of the Month do an interview about their history in fandom! Eventually, these will be archived here like the stories and art and comments from our community, but for now, until we have the space figured out, they will be in the Sunnydale Press! 

So, without further ado, here are some words from teragramm and Slaymesoftly, Sunnydale After Dark's first Scoobies of the Month! 

August 2022 Commenter of the Month, teragramm:

How did you come to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

It was after 9/11 in 2001.  Everyone was watching "comfort TV" (Friends).  I wanted to watch a girl kick the bad guy's butt.  So between the first run shows on UPN and reruns on FX, I caught up pretty quickly.  

When and why did you decide to read fanfiction for the show?

I'm not sure it was a conscious decision. I think I found fanfiction looking for show spoilers and just fell down the fandom rabbit hole. I remember somehow finding Livejournal and all the authors on LJ and the rest is history.

Why do you love Spike and Buffy?

First of all, I don't think I have ever seen a couple on TV with more raw sex appeal.  Aside from that, it's the little thing that always got to me.  How they fought side by side like a well-choreographed dance, how he would throw her a stake (or her throw one to him). How he never spoke to her like she was a child and the unspoken language between them, how one glance said so much.

What words of advice would you give other fans who comment or are considering maybe commenting on fanfiction?

Your comments don't have to be long or even profound. Just speak from your heart, and maybe mention a part of the story that touched you or tickled you. Try to say something besides "more please".   Remember all positive comments are welcome.

August 2022 Author of the Month, Slaymesoftly:

How did you come to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

I've always loved vampires and always gave any new show involving them a try. Didn't see the movie, but after I read some glowing reviews about the show (witty, fun, etc), I wanted to see it. First few years I had to catch it if and when I could as we didn't have much in the way of TV and I was dependent upon being somewhere I could see it. But I saw enough to know I wanted to watch more of it. As soon as we got satellite TV reception, I began watching in real-time as well as playing catch-up for the first few seasons to fill in the gaps. Because, obviously, I was hooked immediately. Not, of course, because of the vampires, but because of the wonderful writing and acting. Spike's arrival in season II was the icing on the cake.

When and why did you decide to write fanfiction for the show?

Oh wow... I discovered fanfic about the show (something I had no idea even existed until I went searching for info about Spike and the actor who played him) pretty early on and began reading everything I could. And read and read and read. By the time season six rolled around, I'd read mind-bogglingly good fan fic (basically lived at All About Spike for a very long time.) as well as some mind-bogglingly bad other places. I felt a crying need to "fix" season VI, and scribbled out a short fic in which Spike tried to leave Buffy. Turned out he wasn't very good at it, and she didn't want him to go, so....   It was pretty awful, and I had to work at it for a long time in order to make it actually work as a story (at first it read more like a screenplay for an episode than a story meant to be read). I also learned that, as much as I thought I was going to be writing about Spike, I spent more time in Buffy's pov. It was interesting, and I've no idea now how long I fiddled with it until it felt remotely like something I might have read on a fanfic site.  I'd been reading at Innamorti - a very small archive with a mix of very, very good (Lizerrbeathan, for instance) and some more pedestrian stories. I thought I'd send it to the owner and ask her if it seemed like an actual fic that someone might read. She was very sweet and said if I got a beta, she'd be happy to archive it. By that time, I'd actually written quite a few more short fics set in season VI (determined to "fix" it!), so after I got a quick reminder of the importance of proofreading, and some reminders of punctuation and grammar rules that I should have remembered from 8th grade English, I resubmitted it.  I really had only started out writing for myself to make things work out better for Buffy and Spike, but finding out others would actually read what I wrote, I ventured to post a few more on there, and suddenly, presto! I was a fanfiction author! Once I'd begun, the ideas just flowed and instead of spending my down time at work reading, I was spending it scribbling in a school spiral notebook. It's been downhill from there!

Why do you love Spike and Buffy?

Well, Spike.... he just intrigued and attracted me.  Vampire freak, remember?  That attraction is what brought me in to begin with, and it just grew as his character added layers and changed.  And Buffy was just so awesome. Quippy, perky, and capable of kicking butt. My kind of girl. LOL  TBH, as far as her romantic life goes in canon, I was on her side wherever she was in it on the screen. If she loved Angel, I wanted her to have Angel, if Riley seemed like a good fit, I wanted her to have Riley.  But, at the same time, I was still loving Spike, and reading so much fic about the two of them... Yeah. They were perfect together. By the time Spike fell in love with Buffy in the show, I was already there from having read so much fanfic and having settled on that pairing being my primary reason for reading.

Which three fanfics that you’ve written are your favorite? Why are they your favorite?

My personal favorites? TBH, it changes all the time. LOL  Some of my favs were because they were fun to write, some because I set myself a challenge to write a particular theme or style and feel like I managed it, and some just because I like what I did with the two characters, or with all the characters. Um, if I have to pick three.... Sunshine and Shadows, What if I Loved You?, and To Save a Lady.  Ask me tomorrow, and it could be three totally different ones. LOL  Or, ask me specifically which are my favorite sexy stories, or my favorite relationship stories, or my favorite angsty stories, or..... Yeah. They're all flawed and they're all my babies. Some are just babier than others. :)

What words of advice would you give other fans who write or want to write fanfiction?

LOL Have a beta. And be realistic about your own skills. If you think you need a reminder about the rules of English grammar, look for someone who knows them (who may not be your best friend, just FYI). If you aren't sure about your plot idea, run it by a couple of people and see what they think (friends are fine there).  But, mostly? Just start writing. It might take a while to find your comfort zone, but it can't happen unless you just do it. If you've got an idea you like, start putting it onto paper. The more you write, the more you will find yourself enjoying it, and the easier it will become.

--sandy_s, Chelle, Dusty, GillO, Megan on 08/03/22 10:31 pm 13 Comments
Even more with the new

Hello, gentle readers! This is just to let you know that in addition to our presence on multifarious social media platforms, we now have a Twitter account of our very own, so we can tell even more people about our (and your) loveliness.

here vampires, vampires — Rupert Giles vs his greatest nemesis: The Computer

What's that, you say? Twitter is a dark and evil place, akin to the lowest depths of evil? Well, only if you want it to be.

If you're already a force for good (or trivia) there, why not give us a follow? We promise not to troll you.


Love from us all

--GillO, sandy_s, Dusty, Megan and Chelle on 08/02/22 06:30 pm 5 Comments
New Site Functions!

Hello dear members!  

Based on everyone's extremely helpful feedback, our friendly neighborhood vengeance demon, D'Hoffryn, has been hard at work behind the scenes to make this archive better and better on the daily.  

Here are some things he's been up to in July:

  • Every story now has a button to share it to Tumblr or Twitter
  • Co-authors can now be selected from mobile devices
  • Co-authors also appear together in the Top Lists
  • The Donation page is now functioning

And the biggest addition is that the commenting feature has received a major upgrade! The previous commenting system was clunky and it was easy to lose entire comment threads but difficult to respond to responses. Even typing such a sentence makes me feel icky and gross.

The new commenting system is a more modern thread-like system. Authors and commenters can now reply to ANY comment. All of your own comments can be edited and deleted as necessary. If you do delete a comment that has responses, though, keep in mind that all those responses will be deleted as well.

We are hoping this new comment functionality helps facilitate conversation and grow community connection. Now, if someone comments on a chapter with something brilliant that you hadn't thought of, you can join in and discuss!  

Authors, the "unresponded comments" in the Manage Comments section of your profile will only keep track of the initial comment made on the story itself, not all replies. The main story comment count, though, will count and track every comment, including the replies.

If you have any questions or encounter any errors or difficulties with the new commenting feature, please let us know! You will get the quickest response by going directly to the D'Hoffryn Support channel on Discord, but please feel free to comment on this post or use the contact us page.

Please remember as always, to be kind and courteous with your commenting. Let us all lift each other up and have fun doing it!

Happy commenting! clap

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New Category

Hello, lovely members!

We would like to alert everyone to a new category just added to the site. It's called Sunnydale After Dark Debut, meant for fics that debut or update on Sunnydale After Dark before anywhere else.

We know a lot of members are posting their entire library of work on the site right now, which is awesome and just what we were hoping for! The more fics the better! But we also know that a lot of SAD-exclusive content is falling through the cracks. We're hoping this new category allows readers to find stories that they might not find anywhere else.

This doesn't mean the fics with this label will never be anywhere else, only that they're debuting here first. We encourage authors to post their fics anywhere and everywhere. We just want to highlight the SAD-unique content.

Special thanks to thenewbuzwuzz for making this suggestion! We appreciate everyone who takes the time to leave us feedback on ways to make this site even better.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled reading and writing! writing

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One Down, A Zillion To Go!

Week 1 is in the books!

Sunnydale After Dark officially has:

  • 231 Members
  • 393 Stories
  • 7,013,051 Words

It's only been a week, y'all! This is pretty amazing! shocked

We want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to the site so far. Thank you to our beta users who leaned in with testing out the site AND our new members who are using it regularly. We really appreciate everyone who has alerted us to issues, errors, and problems with the site so we can continue to make this place flourish.

Our techromancer, the great and almighty D'Hoffryn, is still tweaking and adjusting the site based on everyone's feedback. You can always get in touch with him via the "D'Hoffryn support" channel of our Discord! Feel free to contact any of the admin team with concerns as well. We may not be as helpful with the tech thingies, but we do at least know a guy. And knowing a guy is half the battle. 90% even!

Thank you again, so much, for helping us make Sunnydale After Dark the best experience possible! It's been a thrill for us all to watch this place grow and develop its own wacky and wonderful personality thanks to all of you. Cheers and here's to many more weeks of fun! hug

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Welcome to Sunnydale After Dark

Slayer, I'm home!!!

Welcome to Sunnydale After Dark where our motto is fun, freedom, friendship, and Spuffy. 

Our hope is to make Sunnydale After Dark a welcoming, respectful environment that supports its community and encourages creativity. We will be learning as we go as some of us are new to running an archive, and we hope to learn from our mistakes. To us, relationships in fandom are key above all else. 

As such, we welcome readers, writers, artists, and betas - everyone who enjoys the Buffy and Spike pairing and playing with them. Feel free to share creativity in any form that works for you. We ask you to avoid harsh criticism of other creators, fans, and sites. We believe that the world is a better place with more Spuffy love and more creativity in it.

We have a special event planned for the Grand Opening of the site! Please see this post for more information.

Please let us know if you need any help or run into any issues! You can contact us through the Contact page or the site Discord.

We are very grateful to D'Hoffryn for all the help on the technical side of things to make the site what it is so far and to Susan for getting us started. Thank you to Grief Counseling for the amazing BtVS-themed emojis and to the site beta testers for their diligent exploration of the site and for their suggestions that helped make the site sparkle and shine.

Thank you for joining us,

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The Grand Opening Event!


We want to especially thank every new community member of Sunnydale After Dark who helps us grow this site from the very beginning! That’s why we’re hosting The Grand Opening event. Everyone who participates in this event will earn a sparkly, shiny, sexy new Founding Member award in their profile. How do you get one of your very own you say?! Two ways:

 Post a fic! Make sure you check the box during Add Story that says “The Grand Opening.” If you post more than one fic this month, please only mark one for the event.

 Make 15 comments of 10 words or more between now and the end of the event on July 24.

Thank you for helping us build this archive. Your stories and your comments are what will make this fresh community the hopping, fabulous place we know it will be!

Much love,


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