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All Roads Lead to Rome by spikes_heart PG-13
We all know Andrew will keep Spike's resurrection a secret from Buffy upon his...
Ashes to Ashes by HappyWhenItRains R
Buffy’s just sent Angel to hell. Spike’s about to find out Dru can’t...
Unfavorable Odds by bookishy R
One night. That was all Buffy thought she'd be spending with Spike. He'd tell...
I Violently Dislike You by scratchmeout NC-17
All Buffy wants is to go to the job she loves without having to deal with the...
Postcards and Snapshots by TheSunnySlayer PG-13
After the events of Not Fade Away, Spike and Buffy reunite and go on a...
Twice Broken, Thrice Burnt by ClowniestLivEver NC-17
Buffy didn't get a normal life. She was the Slayer, the Chosen One, she who...
A Family Room at the Heartbreak Hotel by Julikobold PG-13
What if Spike left after Get it Done? How would Buffy react?And what would happen...
Float by Grief Counseling NC-17
Now that William and Buffy are in a healthier place, can they be casual...
Dawn the Vampire Slayer by LJ94 R
After Willow flays Warren, D’Hoffryn makes her an offer she can’t...
Encased in Sunshine by Acb6293 NC-17
Faith and the Mayor managed to succeed in taking Angel's soul away. With...
Ben is Glory...?
What the Bloody Hell?!? by sandy_s PG-13
What if Spike got halfway out of Sunnydale and realized that Buffy could be...
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Grief Counseling (6/2 04:02pm): Happy Birthday, Juggler! birthday
Slaymesoftly (6/2 10:28am): Because I didn't realize the prequel to my current wip (TSBG) was buried in a group of short fics, I'm moving it to its own page for easier access for anyone who wants to see it. So, old fic, already here, but now easier to find. Carry on, nothing to see here, just housekeeping.
gmgutier (6/2 09:47am): Well um that works out nicely, @GetItDone, because your comments speak to MY soul too!! You're a comment queen - nay, legend! I bow to your greatness heart
GetItDone (6/1 11:42pm): Big congrats to LJ94 too! Thanks for making this community such a great place!
GetItDone (6/1 11:41pm): @gmgutier, your comments speak to my soul... and I don't even write anything! Congratulations!
ashcrashed (6/1 02:38pm): Congrats to the new Scoobies of the month!
honeygirl51885 (6/1 02:05pm): Congratulations LJ94 and gmgutier!!! 🥳
Grief Counseling (6/1 11:58am): Happy Birthday Brittekit! birthday
Slaymesoftly (6/1 11:26am): Congrats to the new Scoobies of the month! LJ94 and gmgutier
Dusty (6/1 09:59am): Well earned on both fronts! Congrats to you both!! yay
violettathepiratequeen (6/1 09:19am): Congratulations LJ94 and Gabby!!! I'm sooo happy for both of you (and your interviews, my gosh, those are gonna be awesome)
gmgutier (6/1 07:11am): Eeeep! I wasn't expecting to win commenter of the month but now that I have I'm all YAY and COOL so thank you thank thank you!!! Also feel free to just call me Gabby smile
LJ94 (6/1 06:58am): Aaaahhhh thank you all for the Scoobie award! What an exciting thing to wake up to
Marina Eulalia (6/1 02:04am): I put my wish in to be a beta for the June event in a comment because there didn't seem to be a form for that. Was there?
Teuntje (6/1 01:41am): Congrats Scoobies of the Month, well deserved! 🎉
Grief Counseling (6/1 12:57am): Congratulations to the Scoobies of June!! dance
Dusty (5/31 08:45pm): Ah, Grief, you know you inspired me with your manic posting schedule! wink
GetItDone (5/31 07:25pm): We'll be putting together teams for the June event soon! Last chance to sign up if you haven't yet!
Marina Eulalia (5/31 01:36pm): I'm looking forward to the June anniversary event. Has the name been selected? Will on of you brilliant authors write the How What Why SAD story? Does it make anyone sad that SAD spells "sad"?
Grief Counseling (5/31 12:12pm): @Dusty you are updating Time so fast!!! 😮😮😮
VeroNyxK84 (5/29 03:44pm): heart
Dusty (5/29 10:46am): yay Vero! What a feel!
Teuntje (5/29 02:22am): Congrats Vero!
honeygirl51885 (5/28 10:51pm): Way to go Vero!! clap
sandy_s (5/28 10:45pm): Congrats to Vero! And happy birthday, Dirtyaim!

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The SAD-iversary Round Robin Event!

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Greetings, Spuffy lovers!

June approaches! Can you believe it? We cannot. Because June means one whole year of Sunnydale After Dark!! We are so thrilled to celebrate our one year anniversary with you all, but to do it properly...

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Scoobies of the Month Interviews!

Whoohoo! We have new Scoobies of the Month Interviews! I hope y'all enjoy them. 

Commenter of the Month for May 2023, Magnus374

How did you come to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

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Welcome to the team, GetItDone!

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Hello, After Dark-ers!

We wanted to share with everyone that we’ve officially added a new member to the SADmin team. Everyone say hi, hello, and welcome to GetItDone!

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