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Gabby (6/19 04:55pm) : I see your wordplay and appreciate it, DHoffryn haha
Spikesgirl (6/19 04:10pm) : Happy birthday πŸŽ‚ disco-tea!
Slaymesoftly (6/19 03:01pm) : Late (hey, I've been away!) congrats to Geliot99 and Desicat for being Scoobies of the month.
Grief Counseling (6/19 02:38pm) : Happy Birthday, disco-tea!! birthday airkiss spuffy
DHoffryn (6/18 07:31pm) : You are all most welcome. I am happy to make you SAD. #JustVengeanceThings
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Dusty (6/12 12:09pm) : Happy birthday, RavenLove!! yay
Geliot99 (6/12 04:02am) : HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my amazing friend and beta RavenLove12! Can't wait to post your presents for all the encouragement, all the pep talks, all yes ands. You're the best!
Geliot99 (6/12 04:02am) : Thank you so much Chelle!!
Chelle (6/11 03:19pm) : We are so happy to have you, Geliot99! Please don't hesitate to share it allllll here! We're so blessed to have you.
Geliot99 (6/9 04:46pm) : you're all too too kind :D

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Site Time: 6/22 09:09am (-04:00 GMT)

It's officially summer! I always hated this time of year when Buffy was airing because it meant the season was over and I'd be waiting way too long for new episodes. I miss looking forward to weekly television like Buffy! Streaming is great, but I do miss it. :)

Anyway! We're so stoked to bring you our June Scooby Interviews! First up we have our Author of the Month: Geliot99

Tell us how you got into Buffy the show and Buffy fanfic.

I watched it when it first aired on the BBC when I was 8, so I'm one of the old school fans who couldn’t take a toilet break without missing something. I only got into fanfic a couple of years ago, and weirdly...

--Chelle on 06/06/24 02:00 am 7 Comments

You guys! How is it already May!? We are so excited to share the Scoobies of the Month Interviews with you but we can't even believe it's already MAY! Anyone looking forward to summer?

By the way, you guys are already killing Pen & Paint! Way to go! 

And here we go! 

First up, our Author of the Month: Gabby

Tell us how you got into Buffy the show and Buffy fanfic.

I was lucky enough to be a Scooby of the Month in June of last year so I don't want to bore you all with the details again, haha! To make a long story short: I started watching the show when I was about 12 or 13. Reruns would be on in...

--Chelle on 05/06/24 02:00 am 7 Comments