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Greetings, Spuffy lovers!

June approaches! Can you believe it? We cannot. Because June means one whole year of Sunnydale After Dark!! We are so thrilled to celebrate our one year anniversary with you all, but to do it properly, we are going to need your help!

See, this community was founded with the goal of being inclusive. Every reader, writer, and artist matters. Everyone gets to share their voice and every voice is important. It’s what makes this place so great. It truly feels community-led, community-inspired, community-grown.

Which is why we hope you'll love our next event sunglasses

In honor of collaboration, our next event will be a round robin style writing event. There will be multiple stories written a chapter at a time by different teams of writers.

Here’s the plan! 

Fill out this form where you will indicate what genre of story you are most interested in writing. The SADmins will do our best to put everyone on the right team to have the most fun and tell the best stories possible! 

After we’ve got our teams in place, the SADmins will share contact information and preferences amongst team members. You and your team members can use the communication method of your choice, and if you like, we can create a private Discord channel for your team to use to collaborate.

As a team you can decide how and to what extent you'd like to collaborate on planning your story. Your team may choose not to plan at all and surprise even each other or you may choose to have a rough outline! It’s completely up to you. 

An important note: each writer will maintain creative control over the chapter they're writing. 

Remember the goal is to have fun and celebrate the community! Nobody should ever dictate what other people do with their own contribution. Please contact an admin if there are any issues with the group dynamic. We’re always here to help!

Each team member will have one week to write and to post their chapter. Writing order will be decided upon by the teams themselves. 

Here’s the timeline:

Submit Interest Form by June 1.
Teams will be announced June 5.
Teams post their first chapter on June 23 (Sunnydale After Dark’s official anniversary!).

All dates are according to site time, which can be found beneath the chat box.

Naturally, when this event ends will depend upon how many people sign up! The story should be completed after each team member has contributed one chapter. Teams who may want to continue their story are welcome to do so with a sequel fic, but for this event we’d like only one chapter per author.

Artists, please note that there is a section in the Interest Form for you to indicate interest in contributing banners and/or illustrative artwork for these collaborative fics. You can sign up to write, to make art, or both! How artists contribute to the story will be left up to each team and artist to decide.

Commenters, anyone who comments on all SAD-iversary fics at least once with a comment of fifteen words or more will receive an award.

Betas, anyone who betas a SAD-iversary chapter will receive a beta award. Writers will need to credit their betas in their chapter notes in order for us to give this award.

We know you’ll have questions and we look forward to answering them, so bring 'em on! Here’s to an exciting summer of reading and writing! flirty

PS, join us on Facebook to vote for the official event title!

--Dusty, sandy_s, GetItDone, and Chelle on 05/20/23 08:20 am 4 Comments


I will be glad to beta a SADiversary chapter. 

-- marinaeulalia on 05/20/23 09:26 am

I signed up! yay 

I absolutely recommend Marina Eulalia as beta, my writing has improved a lot since she's started working with my WIP ❤

-- VeroNyxK84 on 05/20/23 10:42 am

Im so excited! This will be sooo much fun!

-- Tessa on 05/20/23 11:35 am

What a fun idea! I'm too busy to participate, unfortunately, but look forward to seeing how these collaborative stories turn out. :)

-- bruskiboo on 05/20/23 06:25 pm