Sunnydale After Dark

Hey, all!

Just a quick update to let you know that all Top Commenters for January (writing 15 comments containing 15 or more words) will be eligible to submit a prompt for the Short & Spuffy drabble event in March. Yes, drabbles are returning for our next event! And so is the infamous Wheel. So

And get commenting!

Much love!  

--Dusty, GetItDone, Chelle, and Grief Counseling on 01/08/24 02:18 pm 13 Comments


THE WHEEEEEL! Yay! And drabbles! 

-- scratchmeout on 01/08/24 02:23 pm


Yay! What a great Monday announcement! 🎉🎉

-- VioletMoon on 01/08/24 02:28 pm


Is there the chance that this is going to be like... an annual event? 😍 Returning every March? It'd be so cool.

-- VeroNyxK84 on 01/08/24 02:28 pm

Oohh I love this!! You guys. Always finding ways to encourage commenting. SMORT.

-- MaggieLaFey on 01/08/24 02:31 pm

@Vero As long as people are enjoying it, we want to do it! In our member survey, this event got the best ratings so of course we had to bring it back!! 

-- Dusty on 01/08/24 02:32 pm

Yaaay I can send in a prompt!

The last event nearly burned me out 😂 but it was also the start of my writing journey so of course I’ll join this year! Only 100 words a day and the wheeeellll looking forward to many mornings of coffee and new prompts to check out. 

-- Tessa on 01/08/24 02:50 pm

Yay my first official drabble event! 

-- all choseny on 01/08/24 02:57 pm

Do not burn yourself out, Tessa! No shame in just doing the drabbles that sing to you!

-- Dusty on 01/08/24 03:45 pm

Will there be more NEKKID Spike?

-- Tessa on 01/08/24 03:51 pm

Nekkid Spike is a tradition that would be shameful to lose!

-- Dusty on 01/08/24 04:17 pm

I blame nekkid Spike for getting me addicted to drabbling. Without that probably I would've passed without even trying. 😂

So happy that the 2023 Short & Spuffy was a SAD favorite. 😍 

-- VeroNyxK84 on 01/09/24 07:44 am

Why are tou tempting me with drabblemania again??? I really don't have the time but I don't think I'll be able to resist... you fiends...

-- Pet35 on 01/10/24 06:48 pm

Hi. What's the procedure for submitting a prompt?

-- marinaeulalia on 02/05/24 02:28 am