Sunnydale After Dark

Hello, lovelies!

We wanted to draw your attention to a few new features we've rolled out recently thanks to the great and mighty D'Hoffryn who continues to make all our archive dreams come true!

As we mentioned in our 'Tis The Season event post, everyone now has the ability to "gift" a fic to any member of Sunnydale After Dark. The giftee will receive an email notification when a new story is gifted to them. Previously published stories can be updated to include a named giftee, but no email will be sent in this instance.

We've also created a way to officially credit betas (multiple if you have 'em!) and a banner artist in your Add/Edit Story page. This will officially link them to the story!

Plans for these stories to then be visible and linked in the beta or banner artist's user profile are definitely in the works, but we haven't quite gotten to that stage yet. Stay tuned!

Ginormous splendiferic thank you to D'Hoffryn for pulling all this together for us. We hope this is another step in making every member and every role feel valued!

--Dusty, GetItDone, Chelle, and Grief Counseling on 11/09/23 07:41 pm 10 Comments


This. Is. Everything. 

I'm firmly of the belief that D'Hoffryn actually is some type of Moloch demon and is in ALL the tech and can like ... rule the world if he wanted to, but he only uses his powers for good.

I always wanted something like this and now everyone can be tagged and celebrated and searchable. <3 I love it.

Thank you, D'Hoffryn!!

-- Chelle on 11/09/23 07:44 pm

This is the GREATEST THING! Thank you D'Hoffryn!

-- violettathepiratequeen on 11/09/23 07:50 pm

I love it!  Such a great idea!!

-- honeygirl51885 on 11/09/23 08:01 pm

This is phenomenal! 

-- scratchmeout on 11/09/23 08:28 pm

This is amazing!!!! I love it. 

-- all_choseny on 11/09/23 10:50 pm

This is amazing!! I am so happy to have this great tech demon working for SAD, making our member experience better everyday.

-- Tessa on 11/10/23 12:51 am

Wow, thank you! ❤️ 

This is wonderful, what a lovely way to give more love to the people who invest their time and passion to help us with our stories.

I'll try it right away. 🎉

-- VeroNyxK84 on 11/10/23 01:03 am

This is great, thank you so much for adding this feature!

-- Double Dutchess on 11/10/23 07:59 am

This is wonderful! I love it!

-- Slaymesoftly on 11/10/23 10:40 am

What a thoughtful thing to do! Not expected but really appreciated!

-- marinaeulalia on 11/22/23 02:18 am