Sunnydale After Dark

Art by Grief Counseling

What to your wondering eyes should appear, but a new SAD event full of good cheer!

‘Tis the season for giving! Here are the deets on this year’s two part holiday event.

We really want all our members to feel like they can be a part of the event this year because this community isn’t a community without celebrating and supporting each other. So the first part of this event will be a commenting challenge. 

We will unveil the “12 Days of Commenting” challenge on December 1. Think of it as a fic scavenger hunt where you will comment along the way on all the treasures you’ve found! All 12 days will be revealed at once so that everyone can fit the fun into their holiday schedule on their terms. We will have a chart for participants to share and record their progress as they explore the challenge. Members who complete all the challenges will receive a special award! More details to come on December 1.

Writers and artists, we know you also want to create. So, in the spirit of giving, we ask that you create something new for a special someone of your choosing. Maybe that person is a commenter who always inspires you and makes you smile. Maybe it’s a beloved beta who doesn’t get nearly enough credit for their hard work. Maybe it’s another writer who talked you through your writer’s block this summer. Whoever it is, make it meaningful to the two of you! 

Your creations do not need to be holiday themed, but if you need inspiration, Grief Counseling has put together a fresh seasonal prompt list to stoke the fires of your imagination:

1. Unwrapped
2. Festival of Lights
3. Down My Chimney
4. Stockings
5. Under the Mistletoe
6. Last-Minute Shopping
7. Mittens, Mittens, Mittens
8. Red-Nosed
9. Holiday Hell
10. Nine Candles
11. Blanket of Snow
12. Crackling Fireplace
13. Winter SOULstice
14. Spike the Eggnog
15. Ugly Sweater
16. I Saw Buffy Kissing Santa Claus
17. Sleigh Ride
18. The Gift that Keeps on Giving
19. Bah Humbug
20. Baby It’s Cold Outside

D’Hoffryn has been hard at work developing a new site gifting functionality. Now, when you create a new story, you have the option to gift it to a fellow member of Sunnydale After Dark! You’ll find this new feature in the Add New Story page. Recipients will automatically receive an email alert notifying them that they’ve received a gift when your new story is posted. (You can also edit past stories to name a gift recipient, but they will not receive an email notification for this.)

Your giftee will appear along with all your other story’s info:

Anyone who gifts a fic during December should check the ‘Tis the Season event box in order to receive an award and be listed on the event page. Credited betas and artists will also receive an award.

Lastly but not leastly (yes, this post is A LOT!), we are excited to announce the return of the holiday party on Discord! We will post in the 'Tis The Season event channel a few proposed times for our winter bash and let the community vote on their preferred time. Expect a lot of chatting, a return of last year’s delightful (and optional) Spuffy themed drink menu, and perhaps a few surprises!

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to one of the admins!


--Dusty, GetItDone, Chelle, and Grief Counseling on 11/07/23 03:20 pm 12 Comments


Special thank you to Grief Counseling for the precious holiday Spuffy art!

-- Dusty on 11/07/23 03:30 pm


D’Hoffryn is the best.

-- Girlytek on 11/07/23 03:33 pm

D'Hoffryn truly spoils us!

-- Dusty on 11/07/23 03:39 pm

I am glad I posted a fic today so that I pressured you for these details sooner rather than later! Wheeee. I love everything about this and am excited!!

-- scratchmeout on 11/07/23 04:09 pm

I love this! ❤️  

-- all choseny on 11/07/23 04:19 pm

Sounds exciting! Although gift giving of any kind usually makes me anxious. 😅

I guess I won't have to worry about that for a while though. 😝✌🏻

-- VeroNyxK84 on 11/07/23 05:13 pm

D'Hoffryn is the gift that keeps on giving. Seriously. He's taken a pretty old and buggy platform and rebuilt it almost from the ground up. He's prettied it up, made it more user-friendly, and he repairs any issues that come up so fast I can't even wrap my head around it. I love our email system most of all because having presents in my inbox makes me incredibly happy when I don't have time to log on and just want to read from my phone.

Grief, your art is always so beautiful and inspiring and all of the prompts have me grinning and brainstorming!

Beyond happy to be a part of this team and community. You all amaze me. 

-- Chelle on 11/07/23 07:12 pm

Ohh, I like this idea and I love that we have an advanced start on it!!  So much fun!

-- honeygirl51885 on 11/07/23 09:27 pm

I am so excited! You all are the best. I just love this community. 

-- Tessa on 11/08/23 01:59 am

It will be interesting to see how the gift giving works out as part of the December event, but I think that in general, the "gift" option is a really good addition to the site that will be useful all year long. Love the banner!

-- Double Dutchess on 11/08/23 07:50 am

OMG So many cool ideas and ways to participate!  Kudos to all the admins (and worshipful bows to D'Hoffryn) for making this such a special and fun place.

-- Slaymesoftly on 11/08/23 01:38 pm

Oh that’s a good idea ! I need to hurry up because I’m still reading the great Spooky september fics !! 
I hope I’ll be able to attend the holliday party  !!! 
The new gift option sounds really cool and I love this adorable Christmas Spuffy art !

-- MoiraBarrie on 11/08/23 09:01 pm