Sunnydale After Dark

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Hello, After Dark-ers!

We wanted to share with everyone that we’ve officially added a new member to the SADmin team. Everyone say hi, hello, and welcome to GetItDone!

You may recognize GetItDone from her delightful fic comments! But GetItDone has also been working quietly in the background of SAD for a long time now. She was one of the beta testers who helped us work out problem spots before the site even launched. She has helped many authors on this site with the labor of uploading their fic libraries to the archive. She's helped D'Hoffryn troubleshoot tech issues. She even coordinated the White Elephant prompt exchange for us and introduced us to the beloved Wheel on Discord! For this we will always be grateful wink

Needless to say, we know she’ll be a wonderful asset to the site and the community because she already has been! Big thanks to her for joining the team and helping us get all the things done. And big thanks as always to everyone here for being so immensely supportive. Lots and lots of love to you all!

--Dusty, sandy_s, and Chelle on 05/07/23 12:26 pm 15 Comments


Gah!! blush I love you guys, and I love this place!! Can’t wait to support it in an official capacity!!

My talents are strictly of the boring variety… I’ll leave all the pretty words and artwork to my fellow mods. But I’m happy to help with anything and everything that will make this place thrive!

I’ll mention this in a more ‘official’ way later I’m sure, but if anyone needs help crossposting their fics, I’d be happy to help with that! Tedium is my specialty. 

So thrilled to be joining team SADmin!! yay

-- GetItDone on 05/07/23 12:44 pm

I had already noticed the blue color of the username on Discord and then came over here to check the admins members list, so I already knew but was of course was waiting for the official announcement. πŸ˜„

Best SADmin squad! 

-- VeroNyxK84 on 05/07/23 12:58 pm

Yaaaaaay this is EXCELLENT news!!! And ever since the White Elephant exchange (where she was so organized and efficient, two things which speak to my heart) I was hoping she would be a SADmin one day!! 

@GetItDone, you're always so kind and generous and have SO much passion for this site and its members, and we're so very lucky to have you around, even without this new role of yours! clap

-- violettathepiratequeen on 05/07/23 12:59 pm

Congrats, GetItDone!! And yay for even more awesome folks running this thing!! clap

-- Grief Counseling on 05/07/23 01:10 pm

Congrats, GetItDone! And welcome to being one of our overlords! :)

-- Slaymesoftly on 05/07/23 01:25 pm

Aah amazing!! Congrats, GetItDone, this team just keeps getting better! clap

-- MaggieLaFey on 05/07/23 01:43 pm

Yay to GetItDone! You’re such a supportive, helpful and bright light in the community. Super happy to hear the news. It’s much deserved πŸŽ‰

-- VioletMoon on 05/07/23 02:02 pm

Big congratz, GetItDone! Good luck in your new role. I look forward to seeing what adventure this new, expanded SADmin team will be sending us on next!!

(Oh, and boring talents are just as important as flashy talents! πŸ˜‰)

-- Rea on 05/07/23 02:25 pm

Gongratulations and the "boring " talents are the most needed onesπŸ™‚

-- Magnus374 on 05/07/23 02:28 pm

Congrats GetItDone!

-- Tessa on 05/07/23 02:44 pm

Congrats, GetItDone!! And yay for even more awesome folks running this thing!! clap

-- Grief Counseling on 05/07/23 02:46 pm

Congrats, GetItDone! Well deserved addition to the SADmins :)

-- scratchmeout on 05/07/23 06:27 pm

@Violetta, your love of organized efficiency and secret dreams of me joining team-SADmin make my heart sooo happy!! heart


And to everyone, thank you so much for the support and warm welcome! (I mean, I was already here... but you know what I mean!!)



-- GetItDone on 05/07/23 07:40 pm

I'm impressed! A woman of so many talents!

-- marinaeulalia on 05/08/23 06:20 am

Congratulations, I'm so excited for you!

-- ClowniestLivEver on 05/14/23 10:28 am