Sunnydale After Dark

We are so excited to share the challenge for our March 2023 drabble event: Short and Spuffy! Big thanks to Grief Counseling for coining the event name voted upon by our Facebook community. Another thank you to VioletMoon for inspiring the idea of an all drabble event!

So, without further ado, the guidelines:

For the first 30 days of March, a new prompt will be posted every morning (by 9am site time) in a centralized Sunnydale Press news post. These prompts will be short, sweet, and open-ended.

For example: “Rolling pins.” writing

You'll write a drabble inspired by the prompt. Feel free to take it in any direction you want. You do not have to use the words from the prompt in the drabble.

Maybe you’ll write a sexy snippet with Spike and Buffy baking things with chocolate, or maybe you’ll write a tidbit about Buffy whacking Spike over the head with Willow’s rolling pin after Something Blue, or maybe rolling pins will be a metaphor for Buffy’s regret about making such a bad baking metaphor as she misses Spike.

The word goal for each drabble is exactly 100 words. This is inspired by the long-running Live Journal community, open_on_sunday, which for many years featured a weekly challenge to write 100-word Jossverse drabbles.

You can choose to post the drabble at any point during the month of March, so it does not have to be the day of the prompt. We are all busy! March 31 will serve as a catch-up day with no new prompt.

Now for the awards! clap

You can earn awards in two ways: by writing and commenting. You will accumulate more awards the more drabbles and comments you write.

For comments:
15-39 Comments = The Comment Hero Award
40-69 Comments = The Comment Champion Award
70-99 Comments = The Comment Slayer Award

If you write 100+ comments, you earn the ultimate grand prize! The Naked Buffy Award. flirty

For writers:
1-9 Drabbles = The Drabble Hero Award
10-19 Drabbles = The Drabble Champion Award
20-29 Drabbles = The Drabble Slayer Award

For completing all drabble prompts, you will earn the highly coveted Naked Spike Award! sunglasses

So, in total, there are 8 shiny awards up for grabs for this event!

Here’s a sneak peek of just one:

Your drabbles do not need to connect narratively (unless you want them to!), but please organize your drabbles for the event into one story and post each drabble as a new chapter. This will just make it easier for us to find them all when we are doling out awards at the end.

Feel free to post on Discord in the event channel if you're in need of a banner for this event.

And lastly, as always, don’t forget to check the event box when you post!

We look forward to coming together to make March less dreary. Happy drabbling, everybody!! heart

--Sandy_S, Chelle, and Dusty on 02/17/23 07:40 am 24 Comments


Oh, I'm so excited about this! I love true drabbles! Not sure I remember how to do one, but I'm sure going to try!


-- Slaymesoftly on 02/17/23 07:50 am

I cannot wait to get my drabble on. I don't think I've ever written Spuffy drabbles. I've dabbled in other fandoms, but this will be a first for me here. I've got so many ideas and goals and ... I want some grand prizes! Naked ones!

-- Chelle on 02/17/23 07:56 am

Yay, Slayme! I can't wait to read them!

I've never done drabbles before but I'm so excited to try!

-- Dusty on 02/17/23 07:57 am

Yay, I’m so excited for this! And I love the name!

I’ve written drabbles for other fandoms but never Spuffy. I can’t wait to write, and also read all the prompt responses. ❤️


-- VioletMoon on 02/17/23 08:01 am

I’ve also never drabbled before, but this seems like a good time to start. Might be more of a Drabble Dribble, but these awards are all very inspiring. 

-- bookishy on 02/17/23 08:43 am

As someone who has been fortunate enough to see the awards ... trust me when I say y'all want these. They are SO PRETTY. And HAWT. And sexy. And scrumptious. And just BEYOND. You SO want these. You doooo.

-- Chelle on 02/17/23 09:01 am

OH MAN, I am the WORDIEST bitca. haha But I'm looking forward to this! It's always nice to have a fun challenge.

And I LOVE the name :)

-- scratchmeout on 02/17/23 10:11 am

The name works so well!


100+ comments? And I thought I was doing really well this month! But I have to say, I am very inspired by those awards...

-- Rea on 02/17/23 11:08 am

 Haha, Rea, you always slay at commenting! But if your comments out-word-count the drabbles, 100 would be very tough!

-- Dusty on 02/17/23 11:10 am

The name works so well!


100+ comments? And I thought I was doing really well this month! But I have to say, I am very inspired by those awards...

-- Rea on 02/17/23 11:21 am

Oops, sorry for repeat comment! My laptop has a mind of its own! I knew there was a reason why I usually use my phone. :)


I was already thinking that my comments on 100 word drabbles would have to be much shorter! And I certainly won't make 100 if I keep them as long as they've been this month. ;)

-- Rea on 02/17/23 11:25 am

Oh, so excited about this and it’s like violettathepiratequeen and I have been training for this with our recent alphabet drabble series.  haha  All the drabbles in our last two stories were 100 words!

-- honeygirl51885 on 02/17/23 12:20 pm

@honey, I thought of you two and wondered if you'd have it in you to do more. I was crossing my fingers!

-- Dusty on 02/17/23 12:32 pm

@honeygirl oh we're PROS at this by now!! 

-- violettathepiratequeen on 02/17/23 01:21 pm

@Dusty - Oh, we got more!  *rubs hands together*

-- honeygirl51885 on 02/17/23 05:08 pm

This is such a lovely idea clap I don't think I've written a drabble in, oof, almost a decade haha and I don't know that real life will allow me to participate much, but I love the concept! I hope I'll be able to write a few comments if not a few drabbles. ❤️

-- MaggieLaFey on 02/17/23 11:46 pm

@Maggie, the last time I wrote a 100-word one was for open_on_sunday a long long long long time ago, so I understand. *hugs* Hope you get inspired with our prompts!

-- sandy_s on 02/18/23 05:35 am

I have a feeling I'm gonna be like, 'nah I'm too busy' and then see a prompt, immediately have an idea, and just have to write something. Never done a drabble either, just 100 words, so also an enticing challenge. Great idea, VioletMoon and mods!

-- bruskiboo on 02/18/23 12:42 pm

Hey, just one drabble wins you an award so it's kind of hard to resist! 

-- Dusty on 02/18/23 07:37 pm

Ugh... Exactly 100 words definitely sounds like the ULTIMATE challenge for me and my pathological wordiness. But man, do I want that Naked Spike Award! 😭 I'd better start practicing. 😱

-- VeroNyxK84 on 02/19/23 01:20 am

Can't wait!!!!! Drabbles are my favorite thing to write!

-- DragonsInAmberfly on 02/25/23 10:02 am

Yay, Dragons! Can't wait to read them!

-- Dusty on 02/26/23 11:40 am

Is there going to be an artist’s option for this event? 

-- Girlytek on 02/27/23 12:52 pm

So late with this, Girlytek, but no we are not doing art submissions since that feels like a whole different storytelling device than drabbles. We will have an award for banner artists, though!

-- Dusty on 03/07/23 03:29 pm