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I've been thinking about the end of the series, in particular the beautiful speech Spike delivers to Buffy during Touched, when she's feeling low about the scooby gang throwing her out of her home. And about her profession of love to him during Chosen and how things could've gone differently for them if they'd just had this conversation earlier. 

Hence the banner and this challenge prompt. 

Title: Author's choice (Selflessly Yours is the working title for the art but it can be changed)
Characters: Buffy, Spike, any of the scoobies or other characters (at author discretion)
Rating: Author's choice
Category: Season 7, Alternate Reality

Scenario: Give Spike and Buffy a happily ever after that doesn't end in a flamey death. 

Must have: 
-Buffy getting Spike out of the High School basement. 
-Them resuming their relationship, healthily this time, and not hidden from the Scoobies.
-Spuffy romance.
Can have: 
-Buffy/the gang discovering Spike's trigger prior to his murder spree in Sleeper.
-Kennedy being put in her place (or better yet, not even being a potential). 
-The First being dealt with prior to Chosen and the Turok Han being released from the Hellmouth. 
Can't have: 
-Giles, Xander, or Robin attempting to murder Spike.
-Buffy being thrown out of her own house.

Basically, give me happy!Spuffy in Season 7. That's about it. 

PM me when you're ready to post for banner personalisation. :)


Challenge response. 
Prompt: How would things go for Buffy and Spike if their conversation / Spike’s speech in "Touched" + Buffy’s profession of love in "Chosen" had happened earlier? Give Spike and Buffy a happily ever after that doesn’t end in a flamey death. 

Set in early S7 and canon through episode 7x05 "Selfless," which is where this story picks up. It then steers into a different direction, turning into a complete rewrite of S7, though some lines and plot elements will be borrowed from random canon S7 episodes and thrown into the mix. 
🎨 Check the Artwork Companion Story with visual edits for scenes starting from Chapter 10—["Artwork: Perfect Clarity"] 

[A/N—Next Update: approx July 28, 2024] 

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