Sunnydale After Dark
Summary: The butterfly effect. A concept often talked about in philosophy. In a world where Buffy had a different costume, what would've been different?
Categories: Season 2, Alternate Universe, Crossover , Drabbles, Episode Rewrite, POV, Sunnydale After Dark Debut
Characters: Buffy, Spike
Genres: Alternate Reality, Holiday Fic, POV
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Completed: No Chapters: 3
Word count: 300 Hit Count: 275 ePub Downloads: 3
Published: 09/27/23 Updated: 09/27/23

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Story Notes: I'm completely unsure of this. I originally wasn't going to post it, but I feel like I have to for the SAD family. I even busted out the old laptop for copy-and-pasting purposes
This is a series of drabbles with one running theme: Buffy wore a different costume on Halloween.
The prompt list was created by Grief Counseling. These are completely un-betaed

1. Skeleton by ClowniestLivEver - Likes: 6 Comments: 3 Word Count: 100 Hit Count: 114 Published: 09/27/23

Prompt: Rattling Bones

2. Michael Myers by ClowniestLivEver - Likes: 5 Comments: 3 Word Count: 100 Hit Count: 82 Published: 09/27/23

Prompt: Creak

3. Fairy by ClowniestLivEver - Likes: 7 Comments: 4 Word Count: 100 Hit Count: 79 Published: 09/27/23

Prompt: Shadows in the Daylight