Sunnydale After Dark
Hello? by Dusty [PG-13]
Past Featured StorySummary: He doesn't wait, and he definitely doesn't sleep with Harmony. This time, he calls.
Banner Art By: Claire
Categories: Episode Rewrite, Post-Series, Crossover (AtS), Sunnydale After Dark Exclusive, One-Shot
Characters: Buffy, Spike
Genres: Drama, Dramedy, HEA/HFN, Reunion, Romance
Warnings: (Click Here To Reveal) Adult Language
Completed: Yes Chapters: 1
Word count: 1,990 Hit Count: 445 ePub Downloads: 11
Published: 01/19/24 Updated: 01/19/24

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Story Notes: So, this story was kind of a personal challenge to myself. I love dialogue. It’s my favorite thing. But I wondered if I could make the dialogue strong enough to create something very emotional with only that. No tags, no descriptions, no nothing! This turned out to be very challenging! Dialogue is very affected by even the slightest of explanations like “Laughing, he said,” and “Through tears, she said.” This sounds so obvious, but it was a fun discovery and reminder for me how much those little things matter.
After finishing the pure dialogue scene, I felt like I wanted something more… so I flipped my goal upside down and decided to write a scene with no dialogue at all (I cheated a tiny bit because I HAD TO. You’ll see, and you'll agree with this choice.). Thematically it felt right. They talked. So now they can just… act.
Anyway, that’s the explanation for this unusual format. I hope you enjoy it, and that you still get all those Spuffy feels that we love so much!
Big thanks to Claire for the gorgeous, most perfect banner!

1. Chapter 1 by Dusty - Likes: 44 Comments: 47 Word Count: 1,990 Hit Count: 445 Published: 01/19/24