Sunnydale After Dark
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Written by: Douglas Petrie
Directed by: Michael Gershman

This episode was originally broadcast on February 22, 2000


Faith beating up a vampire.

Faith: I'm Faith.

Giles (VO): Previously on Buffy The Vampire Slayer...

Mayor's Office.

Mayor: Open your present.

Faith: (Opens it, takes out knife) This is a thing of beauty, boss.

Mayor: That look on your face is my reward.

Giles: (VO)We have a rogue Slayer on our hands. I can't think of anything more dangerous.

Buffy fighting Faith on a rooftop. Buffy punches her then plunges a knife into her gut. shot of truck below. Faith falls onto it.

Cut to: Hospital. Faith in a bed looking ill. Mayor next to her bed.

Doctor: It's a wonder she's alive at all with the blood loss. There's virtually no chance that she'll ever regain consciousness.

Buffy fighting in a room.

Riley: You're really strong. I like it.

Walsh standing next to Adam on a bed.

Walsh: I've worked too long... too long to let some little bitch threaten this project.

Giles' apartment. Giles talking to Buffy.

Giles: Maggie Walsh...set you up?

Cut to Buffy in a dark room.

Buffy (VO): Maggie wanted me dead didn't she?

Buffy tries blaster. Doesn't work.

Door slams behind her.

Cut to Adam's room. Walsh being skewered from behind by Adam.

Walsh: Adam...

Walsh slumps to ground.

Adam: Mommy.

Initiative. Riley to Forrest.

Riley: Why does it bug you so much that I'm hanging with her?

Forrest: It bugs me that she's using you to infiltrate our operation.

Riley: You saying she's a spy?

Cut to Riley, shaking and looking ill.

Riley: I don't know what's going on...who the bad guys are...

Cut to Riley and Buffy fighting Adam.

Riley is injured by it. Forrest picks him up.

Forrest: Escort them out.

Carries Riley off.

Riley: Buffy...

Buffy watches him being taken away. Screen fades to white.

Faith and Buffy making a bed. Folding clean sheet.

Buffy: They smell good don't they?

Faith: What?

Buffy: Clean sheets. Like summer.

Faith: I wouldn't know.

Buffy: Right. I forgot.

Faith: I noticed.

Buffy: I wish I could stay, but...

Faith: Oh, you have to go.

Buffy: That's just what...

Faith: Little sis coming. I know.

Buffy: So much to do before she gets here.

They walk around to end of bed.

Buffy: Now I really have to...

Faith: So go. Don't let me keep.

Blood drips from Faith onto bed.

Faith: Damn. Just when we'd made it so nice. (They look at knife in Faith's gut) Are you ever gonna take this thing out?

Lingering shot of knife. Buffy rips it out. Faith flinches.

Cut to hospital monitors showing heart beat etc.

Across to Faith lying in a bed. Still asleep. Lighting strikes.

Credits begins.

Xander's basement. Xander looking at blaster.

Xander: So, here it is. The latest in state-of-the-art combat technology. I gotta say, it doesn't look that complicated.

Buffy: So can you repair it?

Xander: Sure. As soon as I get my master's degree in advanced starship technology. (Slams down blaster.)

Willow: Well, why don't we experiment? Press some buttons, see what happens.

Giles: I'd like to veto that.

Xander: Second. It's called a blaster, Will, a word that tends to discourage experimentation. Now, if it were called the Orgazmater, I'd be the first to try your basic button press approach.

Buffy: Just tell me. Can you repair it or not?

Xander: I'm working on it, I'm working on it. (Continues to work on it) I blow a whole in my mom's exterior patch then the neighbours will not be pleased.

Buffy sits down with face in her hand.

Giles: Are you alright? (Goes to sit next to her) You've been patrolling round the clock for three days straight now. I thought you could use some...

Buffy: What? Some rest? There's a demonoid killing machine out there, Giles, it doesn't only work the night shift.

Giles: I was going to say perhaps you could use some backup, but you mention it, building up your strength may not be a bad idea.

Buffy: Just get the blaster working. That's all the strength I need.

Willow: Are you sure?

Buffy: Why? Because ray guns aren't in the Slayer handbook? Well, you haven't seen this Adam thing. He's the Terminator without the bashful charm. He's deadly, and the last time we met, he kicked my ass.

Willow: Oh no, blast away, by all means. I only word about Riley?

Comes and sits with Buffy.

Buffy: They keep telling me that he's fine. That's all they'll say.

Willow: Maybe they're telling the truth.

Buffy: Maybe. I don't even know what the Initiative's version of "fine" is. I mean, they could be forcing him back onto medication or torturing him for all I know.

Giles: From what we've seen, I doubt they'll be trying to hurt him.

Buffy: The only thing I know for certain is that my boyfriend is locked away and I'm not helping.

Lots of sparks come out of blaster. Xander recoils.

Willow: Maybe Giles has a point. I mean, Riley is their top gun guy. Doesn't make sense that they'd hurt him.

Buffy: All I know is that the Initiative has all those brain-washy, behavior modification guys.

Willow: So?

Buffy: So what happens when they start not liking his behavior?

Cut to Initiative infirmary. Riley's hand reaches for piece of Buffy's bandana. Gets out of bed, grunts in pain. Pulls a shirt on. Starts to walk out of the room. Guard comes towards him.

Riley: Stand down, soldier. (No response) Stand down before I put you down.

Forrest comes over.

Forrest: (To guard) You heard the man. At ease.

Looks at Riley. Riley returns the look, then starts to walk away.

Forrest: The shish kebab that walks like a man. Looks like you're feeling better. Walking around, threatening people and all that.

Riley: He was in my way. I got places to be.

Forrest: Really. And where were you thinking of going?

Riley: You know where I'm going.

Forrest: (Sighs) Don't even tell me you're headed to that girlfriend of yours. (Gets in Riley's way) Look at you. One good injury and you're back in intensive care to stay.

Riley: You wouldn't understand.

Forrest: How about you explain it to me then?

Guard comes up behind them.

Guard: We all friends here fellows?

Forrest: Absolutely. Riley here was about to explain why he's leaving us so very quickly.

Riley: I don't explain. Because I don't have to. I'm the one in charge.

Forrest: Things change.

Riley: Do they?

Forrest: Hey! In case you failed to notice, we're in a world of hurt around here. Now's the time for us to band together, not go flying off our separate ways.

Guard: Forrest has a point, Riley.

Forrest: We have a problem, we deal with that problem. You know, the most important part of the equation now is that we keep said problem within the family.

Riley: Family? Is that what we are? Step aside.

Forrest stares him down.

Cut to Faith's hospital bed. Slowly moving towards her from high above.

Quick flash of sun above trees.

Back to bed. Continue to move towards her. Then longer shot of trees, moving camera down the ground. Cut back to bed, now quite close to her. Further shot of trees, then goes black. Close up of her face in the bed.

Faith (VO): Think it's gonna rain?

Cut to Faith and Mayor having a picnic in the park.

Mayor: Nonsense. It's a beautiful day. Now eat your sandwich.

Faith: I dunno. It just always seems like it starts raining about now.

Mayor: You're too young and too pretty a girl to start wearing worry lines on your face. (Picks worm off blanket) Hey there, little fella. I dunno where you belong, but it's not here with us. (Chuckles) There you go. (Puts the worm back in the soil. Talks to Faith again) Y'see, there's nothing gonna spoil our time together. Who wants cheese cake? (Chuckles)

Faith looks down and smiles, then suddenly looks up behind the Mayor.

Faith: NO!

Buffy comes up behind the Mayor. Runs him through with Faith's knife.

Buffy: (To Faith) I told you I had things to do.

Faith looks terrified and crawls away.

Cut to her lying in bed again. Zoom in further.

Cut to Scooby gang looking for Adam at night.

Willow: Spread out.

Buffy: Not too far.

Xander: So not a problem.

Buffy walks around a tree. Shines torch upwards and sees horribly mutilated body in the tree. Rest of group see it. Cut to basement.

Buffy: I've never seen anything like that.

Xander: And I can go a long healthy stretch without seeing anything like that again.

Willow: It had to be Adam who killed it, but why?

Buffy: He's studying biology. Human, demon, whoever he can get his hands on and take apart.

Willow: He's finding out what makes things work.

Xander: I really don't want to be around for the final exam.

Buffy: It's not coming to that. The Initiative created this thing and they can't stop it. But we will.

Xander: Question: Will hiding in a cavern with stockpiled chocolate goods be any part of this plan?

Buffy: No.

Xander sits next to Willow.

Xander: (To Willow) Told you.

Willow: What's first?

Buffy: Riley. I'm not leaving him down there with the people that created this thing. I don't care how many guns they have, I'm going in. Okay. Will, I need you to hack into their security mainframe and buy me a ten minute shut down of operation systems.

Willow: That could be...

Buffy: Tricky. Not impossible. If you can't do it online, then use magic. Xander, any gear you've been saving for a rainy day, I want you to give to me.

Xander: You want stealth stuff?

Buffy: No, we tried sneaking in. This time, we're gonna use force. I figure I'll go in through the elevator shaft, use the cable as towlines. Then blast open the facility doors and find the infirmary.

Riley: Am I really worth all that?

Buffy: (Spins around) Riley! (Hugs him. He flinches) Oh God, I'm sorry! Did I hurt you?

Riley: No, a giant skewer through the rib cage hurt me. That was just a reminder.

Buffy: How did you get out?

Riley: I walked.

Willow: They didn't try to stop you?

Riley: Oh, they did. Repeatedly. But then I told them they couldn't keep me without a major ass-kicking, one way or another. So here I am.

Xander: That's...great...Riley, and y'know...there's no polite way to ask you this, but...uh...did they put a chip in your brain? (Looks at his head)

Riley: Beg your pardon?

Buffy: Forget it. We're just happy to have you back.

Willow: Yeah, we were pretty worried about you for a while, mister.

Riley: Me too. Hey, I know my behavior was pretty out there...

Willow: Forget it. Tell you what, you two crazy kids take down a killer cyber demon hybrid thingy and we'll call it all even.

Riley: Taking down Adam's gonna be tough. There's no way to predict what he'll throw at us.

Buffy: You're here. Whatever comes, we can handle.

Cut to dark street.

Faith running down it looking very afraid. Buffy walking after her.

Faith runs through a graveyard.

Cut back to Faith asleep in hospital.

Cut to graveyard. Noises all around Faith. Buffy getting closer wielding Faith's knife.

Cut to Faith asleep, zoom closer to her face.

Cut to Buffy still walking after Faith, then to her asleep, then to

Faith running through the graveyard and falling into an open grave. Buffy comes up to it and looks down at her. Buffy falls away and the screen fades the black. shot of the ground near the grave, then Faith claws her way out of the hole and looks up into the stormy sky.

Cut back to hospital bed. Faith's eyes snap open.

Fade to Commercial Break.

Faith lying awake listening to hospital noises. Looks at monitors, then at tube in her hand. Lifts hand up and clenches it into a fight fist.

Far shot of bed. Faith throws the covers aside, rips out the monitor cable and leaves. She is pulled back by tube in her hand.

Faith: (Yanks it out) Owch.

Faith walks down the corridor. Woman comes up to her.

Woman: Excuse me. You know how to get to third floor west?

Faith: What?

Woman: I need some help or something?

Faith: Graduation.

Woman: What?

Faith: Graduation. I gotta get to Sunnydale High School graduation NOW.

Woman: Well, you can't. I mean, Sunnydale High School isn't even there anymore.

Faith: What day is it?

Woman: Friday.

Faith: What date? The date.

Woman: February 25th.

Faith: What year?

Woman: Maybe I should get you a nurse...

Faith: What happened to the school?

Woman: Don't you just wanna...

Faith: Just tell me.

Woman: Well, it was a tragedy really. Lots of students died. The Principal, the Mayor. I really think maybe I should get you some help.

Closeup of Faith's face.

Cut to Faith walking outside the hospital wearing the woman's clothes.

Buffy (VO): Y'know, I never stopped thinking about you.

Cut to Buffy and Riley.

Riley: Me neither. All I had in there was this one little part of you. (Gives her bandana piece)

Buffy: It's just the scarf part of me really.

Riley: Sure it is. Just knowing you were out there...that you cared...I think we're being watched.

Buffy: I dunno. Does the Initiative do that?

Riley: Maybe.

Buffy: You seem a little...somewhere else. Is there anything I can do?

Riley: Give me an order. That's what I do isn't it? Follow orders.

Buffy: You don't have to.

Riley: Don't I? All my life that's what I've been groomed to do. They say jump, I ask "How high?", I get the job done. Just don't know if it's the right job anymore.

Buffy: I know how you feel. Giles used to be part of this Council. And for years all they ever did was give me orders.

Riley: Ever obey them?

Buffy: Sure. The ones I was going to do anyway. The point is, I quit the Council. And I was scared. But it's okay now.

Riley: Now, see, that's where you and I are different. I just suck at the whole gray area thing.

Buffy: It's a choice. Go back in there and make some changes from the inside. Or you can quit the team, fight demons in your own way.

Riley: You make it sound so simple. I don't even know what my way is.

Buffy: Well, it's time to find out.

Riley: I'm a soldier. I got a way, which one of them?

Buffy: Good man. (They kiss. She sits in his lap, kisses him again.)

Riley: What're you doing?

Buffy: I am looking for brain washy chips in your head.

Riley: Heh...finding any?

Buffy: Not sure. But I should probably keep looking just in case. You've been strong long enough, Riley Finn. I'm here for you. And we're gonna find this demon, and we're gonna kill it together. And in the mean time, you are gonna stop torturing yourself.

Riley: Sure about that?

Buffy: It's an order. (They kiss again)

Cut to hospital. Doctor talking to nurse. Police officer watching.

Doctor: What do you mean she just wasn't there?

Nurse: I don't know. I came to check the monitors like I always do at eight o'clock. Eight o'clock is my shift, I got here on time.

Officer: You found the bed in this condition?

Nurse: Haven't touched a thing.

Doctor: Get the duty rosters and check the log. I wanna know exactly what happened. Coma patients do not just get up and walk away.

Nurse: We are checking every room on every floor.

Officer: Walk me through this one more time. You knew this woman was wanted for questioning on a series of murders and there's no security on this wing?

Doctor: You don't understand. There's no way that girl was gonna wake up.

Officer: Doctor...

Doctor: This can't be happening...

Nurse2 comes in.

Nurse: Did you find her?

Nurse: Another woman, unconscious and badly beaten. And she's been stripped.

Officer, Doctor and Nurse2 leave in a hurry. Nurse goes to phone, dials a number.

Nurse: (Into phone) It's happened. Send the team.

Cut to Faith walking through streets, gets to window of Giles' apartment.

Giles: (From inside) The problem for me seems to be why Adam ahs stayed dormant as long as he has.

Willow: When he's not making performance art out of other demons, that is.

Riley: He's probably working off an autonomic power source. And because he's straight out of the box, he needs to charge up a while.

shot of Faith at window.

Buffy: Okay, what's he charging up for?

Xander: Based on the clues, I'll go with killing spree.

Riley: And that's a best case scenario. I suppose a little fire power would be a good idea right now. (Activates blaster Xander had been messing with, much to Xander's amazement)

Xander: Hey! How'd you do that? Is there like an On/Off button somewhere here?

Riley: Blasters are easy. Adam won't be.

Willow: Since Professor Walsh designed it, any chance she left instructions lying around somewhere? (As she says this, Buffy kisses Riley and Faith reacts)

Buffy: Well, if she did, they're gonna be in the Initiative. (Faith continues to stare at Buffy and Riley)

Giles: Which we can't get into without mounting a major offensive.

Riley: Speak for yourself. (All look at him.) I'm just saying.

Giles: I must admit, a man on the inside would be...

Buffy: A really good idea. Are you sure you wanna be double agent guy.

Riley: I'm not exactly sure what you'd call me, but I will share information. (Faith is still looking at Riley.) It's the least I can do.

Xander: Riley's right. It is the least we can do.

Phone rings. Giles answers it.

Giles: Hello. What? Yes, she is. (Motions to Buffy)'s for you.

Buffy: (Looking surprised) Hello? (Faith watches her expectantly) What sort of emergency? (Looks unhappy) No, I haven't. (Faith leaves) Thank you, I'll let you know. (Puts phone down)

Giles: What is it?

Buffy: It's Faith. She's awake. (All look surprised) She beat someone up, took her clothing and disappeared out of the hospital. No-one knows where she is.

Xander: I'd say this qualifies for a "Worst Timing Ever" award.

Willow: What do we do?

Giles: Well, we have to find her.

Willow: What about Adam?

Xander: I'd hate to see the pursuit of a homicidal lunatic get in the way of persuing a homicidal lunatic.

Buffy: Well, Faith's not exactly low-profile girl. I'll patrol and wait for her to make a move.

Giles: But then what?

Willow: Oooh! I have an idea! Beat the crap out of her!

Xander: Good plan.

Buffy: Good on paper. But we still have a decision to make. Do we hand her over to the cops? They wouldn't know what to do with a Slayer even if they knew we existed.

Willow: What about the Council?

Xander: Been there. Tried that. Not unlike smothering a forest fire with napalm as I recall.

Giles: Well, the Initiative, they do have containment facilities.

Xander: One word: Evil.

Buffy: There's no way around it. Faith is back, and whether I like it or not, she's my responsibility.

Willow: Yeah, too bad. That was out first coma ever.

Buffy: We have no idea where she is. We don't know what she's thinking, what she's feeling...

Xander: Who she's doing.

Buffy: She could be terrified. Maybe she doesn't even remember. Or maybe she does and she's sorry and she's alone hiding somewhere.

Giles: Well, perhaps there's some form of rehabiliatation we just haven't thought about.

Willow: And if not, ass-kicking makes a solid plan B.

Buffy: I'm not going to rule it out. First thing, we need to find her. Then we can take it from there.

Riley: Who's Faith?

Cut to University campus the next day. Buffy and Willow walking along.

Willow: What did you tell him?

Buffy: The truth? That she's my wacky identical cousin from England, and whenever she visits hi-jinks ensue?

Willow: It's good you guys have such an honest relationship.

Buffy: No, I told him the story. I vagued up a few bits, but no flat-out lies.

Willow: That's fair. How'd you handle the Angel-y parts?

Buffy: I did some editing. It's not that I'm trying to hide anything from Riley, it's just that's a longer conversation, and I had a

Faith-hunt to do.

Willow: Any luck?

Buffy: Couldn't find her. Don't know exactly where to place that little up-continuum.

Willow: At least you're not alone on this. I bet every cop in

Sunnydale is out there looking for her right now.

Buffy: Pressure's definitely on. I'm telling you, if I were her, I'd get outta Dodge post hasty.

Faith turns from looking at the noticeboard.

Faith: But you're not me.

Fade to Break.

Faith: So, check you out B. Nice, the big girl on campus thing's really working for you.

Buffy: I've been looking for you.

Faith: I've been standing still for eight months, B. How hard did you look?

Buffy: Are you alright?

Faith: Five-by-five. It's that thing about a coma. Wake up all rested and rejuvinated. And ready for payback.

Buffy: So much for pleasantries, huh?

Faith: What did you think, I'd wake up and we'd go for tea? You tried to gut me, bonny.

Buffy; You'd have done the same to me if you'd had the chance.

Faith: Lets have another go at it. See who ends on top.

Buffy: It doesn't have to be like this, y'know.

Faith: Actually, I think it has to be exactly like this.

Buffy: Faith, these are innocent people.

Faith: No such animal.

Buffy: I guess it was too much to hope that you'd use your downtime to reflect and grow.

Faith: I could say the same about you. I mean, you're still the same better-than-thou Buffy. I mean, I knew it somehow. I kept having this dream, I'm not sure what it means, but in the dream the self-righteous blond chick stabbed me, and you wanna know why?

shot of Willow taking her backpack off her shoulders.

Buffy: You had it coming.

Faith: That's one interpretation, but in my dream, she does it for a guy.

Willow comes towards Faith from behind her, wielding the bag.

Faith: (To Willow) Try it red, and you'll lose an arm. (Back to Buffy) I wake up to find the blond chick isn't even dating the guy she was so nuts about before. I mean, she's moved on to the first college beefstick she meets. Not only has she forgotten about the love of her life, but she's forgotten about the chick she nearly killed for him. So that's my dream. That and some stuff about cigars and a tunnel. But tell me, college girl, what does it mean?

Buffy: To me? Mostly, that you still mouth off about things you don't understand. (Sirens) Uh-oh. I guess somebody knows you're here.

Faith punches Buffy around the face. They fight as the Police approach. Willow attacks Faith from behind, she turns and is grabbed by Buffy. She breaks free.

Faith: You took my life, B. Payback's a bitch.

Willow: Look who's talking.

Faith: See you around.

Faith runs off, throws a police officer aside, runs over their car and runs over a field pushing people aside with Buffy in pursuit. Faith leaps over a wall. Buffy looks over it to find Faith has disappeared.

Cut to a staircase at University. Willow and Tara going down them.

Willow: Thanks for coming with. Hunting for a psychopathic superbitch is definitely in the above and beyond category.

Tara: It's okay, really. So, what do we do if we find her?

Willow: Run, flee, maybe skedadlle. We're not here to engage. This is strictly recon.

Tara smiles.

Willow: What?

Tara: You said "recon". You're like "Cool Monster Fighter"!

Willow: Well, technically, Faith isn't a monster. And as far as fighting, I'd be lucky to bruise her fist with my face.

Tara: Oh.

Willow: What?

Tara: Face-punching, I'm not so good with the whole..(Imitates throwing punches rather badly)

Willow: Swimming?

Tara: Violence.

Willow: Don't worry, we're sure to spot Faith first. She's liek this cleavagy slut-bomb walking around "Ooh, check me out, I'm wicked-cool, I'm five-by-five."

Tara: Five-by-five? Five what by five what?

Willow: See, that's the thing. No-one knows. Buffy can handle Faith and you're plenty safe with me.

Tara: So, um...we recon till nightfall?

Willow: Then the ritual hiding begins.

Cut to Xander and Giles in the streets looking for Faith.

Xander: The point being I could be the target here. Faith finds

Mr. Xander Harri still in town, she goes tighter than cat gut. Got a lotta pent up feelings there. I'm only saying.

Giles: (Wearily) Yes, I'm sure.

Xander: See, I can't be held responsible for the effect I have on women.

Giles: No...

Xander: See, Faith and I have this little thing between us called history...

Rattling. They look around. Xander charges the blaster. They go towards the sound. Spike comes out of the darkness.

Xander: Spike?

Giles: What are you doing here?

Spike: Me? Hey, I'm not the one out of place here.

Xander: For your information, smarty, we've got a rogue Slayer on our hands. Real psycho-killer too.

Spike: Sounds serious.

Giles: It is. What do you know?

Spike: What do you need?

Xander: Her. Dark hair. Yay (Indicates) tall, name of Faith, criminally insane.

Giles: Have you seen her?

Spike: Is this bird after you?

Xander: In a bad way, yeah.

Spike: Tell you what I'll do then. I'll head out, find this girl, tell her exactly where you are and then watch as she kills you. (Sees their looks of surprise and irritation.) Can't any one of your damn little Scooby club at least try to remember that I hate you all? Just because I can't do the damage myself doesn't stop me from aiming a loose cannon your way. And here I thought the evening would be dull.

Xander: Go ahead. You wouldn't even recognize her.

Spike: Dark hair, this tall (Indicates), name of Faith, criminally insane. Like this girl already.

Xander and Giles watch him leave.

Xander: We're dumb.

Cut to another new woman watching Police helicopters flying around. Pan around. Faith is walking around the streets. About to go into a shop selling blades. See a police car coming around the corner. She ducks into a corner. Some kind of monster comes up to her.

Monster: Faith! Your friend sent me. I got a little remembrance from him.

She beats the monster up and takes the case from him. Then another police car comes around the corner. She goes quickly up a ladder, dodging his searchlight. Once up the ladder she opens the case.

Mayor: Hello Faith. If you're watching this tape, it can only mean one thing. I'm dead. And our noble campaign to bring order to the town of Sunnydale has failed. Utterly and completely. But on the other hand, heck, maybe we won. And right now, I'm on some jumbo monitor in the Richard Wilkins surrounded by a bunch of kids sitting Indian style and looking up at my face filled with fear and wonder. (Laughs) "Hi kids!"(Faith smiles) But the realist in me tends to doubt it. Now, Faith, as I record this message you're sleeping. And the doctors tell me you might never wake up. I don't believe that. Sooner or later you will wake up, and when you do, you'll find the world has gone and changed on you. I wish I could make the world a better place for you to wake up in. But, tough as it is to accept, we both have to understand that even my power to protect and watch over you has it's limits. See, the hard pill to swallow is that once I'm gone, your days are just plain numbered. Now, I know, you're a smart and capable young woman in charge of her own life, but the problem, Faith, is that there won't be a place in the world for you anymore. By now I bet you're feeling very much alone. But you're never alone. You'll always have me. (Picks up box) And you'll always have this. Go ahead. Open the box. (Faith takes box from the case and looks at it.) Don't worry. It's not gonna bite. That's my job. (Laughs) Go ahead. Open it. (She does so) Surprise! You won't find these in any gumball machine! See, when you've been around as long as I have, you amke friends. And some of them forge neat little gizmos. Just like the one you're holding right now. (She looks at it) And here's the good news. Just because it's over for my Faith, doesn't mean she can't go out with a bang. (He looks down and laughs sadly. Faith looks sadly at the device.)

Buffy (VO): She's a very dangerous woman.

Cut to Buffy's dorm. Buffy and Riley talking.

Riley: Okay, I get it. Faith bad. Do I look like I'm arguing?

Buffy: Not yet. But you always make that innocent face right before you start.

Riley: Figured it out, huh? Damn. It took my mom twelve years to catch that one. All I'm saying is, if you're in trouble, I wanna help.

Buffy: You can't.

Riley: Give me one reason why.

She throws him a ball. He barely catches it and flinches in pain.

Buffy: That's one.

Riley: Alright, I'm not exactly action guy, but there's gotta be something I can do other than sit around waiting for you to pummel this gal.

Buffy: Riley, the fact that you just called Faith a "gal" only proves that you don't know her.

Riley: Never seen anyone get under your skin this way before. What exactly did she do to you?

Buffy: It's a long story.

Riley: I'm from Iowa. We drive four hours for our High School football game. Try me.

Buffy: I told you, okay? She hurt me and people I care about. And did I mention the psycho killer part?

Riley: There's something you're not telling me.

Buffy: Riley, I have to go. She's out there.

Riley: Alright. I'm just saying. I think you're holding out on me.

Buffy: Riley, this isn't a joke. There's a criminally insane woman out there with super-powers who thinks I'm responsible for ruining her life. I know Faith. She'll come after me and she'll come after the people I love.

Cut to Joyce Summers' house. Knock on the door. Joyce goes to answer it. It's Faith.

Faith: Hi Joyce.

She pushes Joyce down, comes in and shuts the door.

Faith: Mind if I come in.

Fade to Commercial Break.

Faith going through Joyce's makeup drawer.

Faith: Ruby sunset...burgendy skyline...harlot. Mmmmmmm, way to go

Joyce. Now, normally I wouldn't be going for something this dark. But I read in some magazine that eight months in a coma will damage a girl's natural skin tone. (Puts on lipstick) Good thing pale is in this year.n Or was it last year? (Finishes, kisses mirror.) Anyway, for real now. I wanna ask you something, and I want you to promise to be honest, and to not spare my feelings just because I could kill you. You promise?

Joyce: I promise.

Faith: OK. (Finishes with hair) How do I look? (Poses)

Joyce: Psychotic.

Faith: Mmmmmmm. I was shooting for sultry, but hey. Bet I know what you're thinking.

Joyce: Really.

Faith: You're thinking "You'll never get away with this!" Moi?

Joyce: Actually I was thinking "My daughter is going to kill you soon."

Faith: That a fact?

Joyce: More like a bet.

Faith: Whoa. You got a pair on you, Joyce, I like seeing that in a woman your age. Guess you can afford to talk that way. I mean, in the world according to Joyce, Buffy is gonna come crashing through that door any minute. But, look what I found. (Goes over and picks up some letters, comes over to Joyce. Reads adresses.) Buffy Summers, Buffy Summers, Buffy Summers, Buffy, Buffy, Buffy. Lotta letters. She hasn't been by in a while, huh? And you'd think, with a crazy chick like me on the loose, crazy chick with a wicked grudge against her no less, she'd call, give you a heads up. But Buffy's too into her own deal to remember dear old mom.

Joyce: You don't know the first thing about Buffy. Or me.

Faith: Don't I? I know what it's like. You think you matter, you think you're a part of something and you get dumped. It's like the whole world is moving and you're stuck. It's like those animals in the tar pits. It's like you just keep sinking a little deeper everyday and no-one even sees.

Joyce: Were you planning to slit my throat any time soon?

Faith: Don't tell me you don't see it Joyce. You've served you purpose, squirted out the kids, raised her up, and now you might as well be dead. Nobody cares, nobody remembers, especially not Buffy fabulous superhero. Sooner or later you're going to have to face it. She was over us a long time ago Joyce. Too busy climbing onto her new boytoy to give a single though to the people that matter. I mean, you're her mother, and she just leaves you hear to die. (Grabs knife)

Buffy crashes in through the window and punches Faith.

Buffy: Hi mom.

Joyce: Hi honey.

The fight continues. As the Slayers fall downstairs, Joyce calls 911.

They roll down the stairs and clamber to their feet.

Faith: Thought I'd go after the queen marine didn't ya? He's a cutie. Looks like he could use a good roll in the sack.

Buffy attacks Faith and knocks her down.

Buffy: You're not his type. He's not big on sleaze.

They fight and Faith gets Buffy against a wall by the neck.

Faith: He's probably just never tried it.

Buffy: Going for the boyfriend again? That's tired.

Faith: Just something to remember me by once I've moved on.

They fight and Faith is thrown across the table.

Buffy: Ever occur to you, Faith, that the reason we forgot you is because we wanted to?

Faith smashes stuff and throws it at her.

Cut to Giles entering his apartment. Finds some guy waiting for him.

Guy: Hello Rupert.

Giles looks shocked. Guy looks calm.

Cut back to fight. Faith attacks Buffy, then hears the Police and tries to run.

Buffy blocks her and punches her around. Faith opens the Mayor's device and blocks one of her punches with it. Small energy discharge. When it stops, both Buffy and Faith look shocked. Then Buffy punches Faith out. Joyce comes to her.

Joyce: You okay?

Buffy: All things considered.

Joyce: (Sees Mayor's device) What is that?

Buffy: weapon of some kind. (Crushes it underfoot) Didn't work, whatever it was.

Police come.

Joyce: Oh, the Police.

Buffy looks at Faith.

Buffy: She's their problem now.

Joyce: You sure you're okay?

Buffy: Five-by-five.

Lingering shot of Buffy's face.


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