Sunnydale After Dark
Magic Bullet Transcript
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Written By: Jeffrey Bell
Directed By: Jeffrey Bell

This episode originally aired on April 16, 2003


ANGEL (V.O.) Previously on Angel:

1 INT. LOBBY AT HOTEL / ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS - NIGHT Cordelia has just revealed her pregnancy to Angel, Fred, Wesley, and Gunn, who stare at her, stunned. Connor walks up to her side. Cordelia's rubbing her belly.

LORNE (walks in from outside, sees Cordy) A mystical pregnancy right under my beak?

Cut to:

2 INT. CORDELIA'S ROOM AT HOTEL / ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS - NIGHT The gang is gathered in Cordelia's room where Cordelia is now laid out on her bed. Gunn and Fred are lighting candles. The group is arranged in a loose circle as they all stare at the woman, smiling.

GUNN You're a power that... was?

Cut to:

3 INT. LOBBY AT HOTEL / ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS - NIGHT Fred and Lorne are in the lobby when Angel and Connor come back. Wesley and Gunn run into the lobby and join the others.

ANGEL We've all been saved. (kneels)

CONNOR (O.S.) She's amazing.

LORNE (O.S.) Eternal bliss.

WESLEY (O.S.) Tell us what to do.

Cut to:

4 INT. BOWLING ALLEY - NIGHT While the woman and Fred chat, a vampire attacks the woman, slicing her arm with his fingernails. Angel grabs the vampire and pulls him off of the woman. Fred gasps at the atrocity.

FRED You're hurt.

Cut to:

5 INT. BATHROOM AT HOTEL / ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS - NIGHT Fred diligently washes the woman's shirt in the sink, scrubbing hard, making a froth with the soap. Her hands are getting raw.

Cut to:

6 INT. ROOM AT HOTEL / ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS - NIGHT In a huge suite that's been decorated and prepared for the woman, Fred walks in carrying the woman's shirt.

FRED (walks into the room holding the shirt up and scrutinizing it) I scrubbed 'til my fingers bled, but I couldn't get out the— (looks up at the woman and sees a horrifying vision of maggot-infested decaying bloody flesh where the woman's face should be)


Cut to:

7 INT. LOBBY AT HOTEL / ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS - NIGHT The AI gang discusses Fred's behavior.

WESLEY I can't believe Fred's evil.

WOMAN We'll find Fred, but not tonight. Tomorrow will be easier than today.

Cut to:

8 INT. DINER - DAY The television is playing in the background. The TV host just introduced the woman Cordy gave birth to as "Jasmine."

WOMAN / JASMINE Good morning, Los Angeles. (Fred looks up at the TV when she hears the woman's voice; the woman, Jasmine, is wearing a sprig of jasmine flowers in her hair) Thank you for inviting me.

Fred stares at the diner's corner television in shock. People are coming in off the streets to watch Jasmine on the TV. The people kneel, mesmerized by Jasmine's voice. Fred turns and stare at them in disbelief.

Cut to:

9 INT. LOBBY AT HOTEL / ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS - NIGHT The AI gang discusses Fred's behavior.

WESLEY As long as she's out there, she's a threat.

ANGEL We have to kill her.

Fade to black.

The Start Of Episode


10 EXT. VARIOUS - DAY It's a beautiful day, and everyone in town seems to be happy and cheerful.

BEACH BOYS (V.O.) Scenes around Los Angeles are shown.

Wouldn't it be nice if we were older, then we wouldn't have to wait so long.

And wouldn't it be nice to live together in the kind of world where we belong. Palm tree lined avenue.

City aerial shot.

Two people driving down the street in a classic convertible.

An ice cream truck vendor handing out free ice cream to kids in the park.

A girl riding her bicycle.

Cut to:

11 EXT. INTERSECTION IN LOS ANGELES - DAY Two girls who've just been shopping walking out to an intersection, waiting, and the car driver at that intersection waves them to cross the street, smiling. The girls giggle and wave back sweetly. The man watches them cross the street.

BEACH BOYS (V.O.) Know what's gonna make it that much better—when we can say "good night" and stay together. Oh, wouldn't it be nice...

Fred runs into the driver's side door of the car in the intersection, startling the driver.


Fred looks harried, pauses to look behind her, then runs away. Wesley and Gunn are following her.

Cut to:

12 EXT. SHOPPING CENTER - DAY Wesley and Gunn stop running and look around.

GUNN All right, now I'm getting mad.

WESLEY We'll find her.

GUNN Do a whole lot worse than just find her.

WESLEY (spots a woman in the shopping center patio) There.

Wesley and Gunn run after her.

WESLEY (pushes past a girl) Sorry.

Gunn grabs the woman's arm, but when she turns to face them, it's not Fred.

WESLEY Your jacket?

SHOPPING WOMAN A woman just gave it to me. She said Jasmine wanted me to have it. (smiling) Isn't that sweet? Isn't Jasmine the best?

GUNN (simultaneously with Wesley) Best of the best.

WESLEY (simultaneously with Gunn) She's so wonderful.

GUNN We should split up. She can't be far.

Wesley and Gunn run off trying to find Fred.

Cut to:

13 INT. SEWER - DAY Pan down to show Fred hiding in the sewer under the shopping center. Fred turns and walks away down the sewer pipe.

Fade to black.

Opening credits.


14 INT. LOBBY AT HOTEL / ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS - DAY A girl walks into the crowded lobby and looks around. Lorne is manning the reservation's desk where people are standing in line between velvet-ropes.

LORNE (to customer) I'm awfully sorry. I wish there was something I could do, really. Next?

MAN IN LOBBY (walks up to the desk) I'm too late, aren't I? For a room?

LORNE Yeah, 'fraid so, Buckaroo. Singles, suites, even the mouse holes are triple-booked. I got pilgrims pitching pup-tents in the parking lot. Try saying that three times fast and you'll get a sense of the day I'm having.

MAN IN LOBBY (takes keys out of his pocket) I'll give you my house if I can stay. It's nice. There's a pool.

LORNE Sorry, it doesn't work that way around here, partner. (pushes keys back) Jasmine doesn't want your things, and neither do I.

MAN IN LOBBY I just want to be near her, you know. Saw her on the news last night. And I wanted to say thanks for making me feel— (breaks down into tears)

LORNE Hey, preaching to the choir. I thought Our Lady of the Perpetual Sea Breeze was the real deal until the Divine Miss J walked right through that door and right into my ass—which is where my heart is...physiologically. I could show you an x-ray.

The crowd oohs and ahs as Jasmine enters the room. Angel and Connor are with her.

LORNE (to the man at the desk) Hey, don't be shy, Slim Jim. Go get some of that gorgeous goodness.

JASMINE Hello, and thank you all for coming.

Jasmine walks up to a pregnant oriental woman in the lobby and speaks to her.

JASMINE (speaking Mandarin Chinese) SUBTITLE: Your child will lead a healthy and loving life.

CHINESE WOMAN Ohhh... (pleased, she bows respectfully repeatedly)

ANGEL How do you do that?

JASMINE Mandarin's not so tough when you've been around a zillion years.

ANGEL No, I mean, how is it that you always know exactly what each person needs to hear.

JASMINE Just look into their hearts. And sometimes, it's right on their face. (walks up to a mustached man in the lobby) Señor...


JASMINE (speaking Spanish) Tu bigote te da fuerca y dignida. SUBTITLE: Your moustache provides you great strength and dignity.

MEXICAN MAN (smiles broadly) Gracias. Muchas gracias.

CONNOR I wish I could see what you see.

JASMINE (to Connor) You will. (to others in the lobby) Hello. My love is all around you.

ANGEL (sees Wes and Gunn return, to Jasmine) Will you excuse us for a moment? (he and Connor walk back toward the office)

Cut to:

15 INT. OFFICE AT HOTEL / ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS - DAY Angel and Connor join Wes and Gunn in the office.

GUNN This close, then she pulled a Houdini.

CONNOR What's a Houdini?

WESLEY She escaped.

ANGEL Fred's obviously learned a trick or two here at Angel, Inc. But we'll catch her.

CONNOR I'll find her. Bring back her scalp.

WESLEY No. Jasmine wants her alive.

ANGEL Wes is right. Fred gets to live until we understand why she rejected Jasmine's love.

CONNOR Why would anybody reject love?

GUNN Maybe 'cause she has a history of doing that.

ANGEL Whatever the reason is, we have to find her so Jasmine can straighten her out.

Cut to:

16 INT. LOBBY AT HOTEL / ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS - DAY Jasmine is surveying the crowd when she sees Angel, Connor, Wesley, and Gunn walk back out into the lobby disappointed. Jasmine frowns for a moment, but then smiles again as she selects people from the crowd.

JASMINE (to a girl) Would you like to come with me? (to the man who offered his house to Lorne) And you, my friend, will you join us?

MAN IN LOBBY Yes. Thank you.

JASMINE Bless you all for coming. (leaves, followed by the two she picked from the crowd)

GUNN (watching Jasmine go) You think she'll ever pick us?

WESLEY If we're lucky. But not before we find Fred.

Cut to:

17 INT. MAGIC BULLET BOOKS - DAY Fred walks into the "Magic Bullet Books" store. Its front door is painted with mystical symbols and the phrase "Everything THEY don't want you to know."

FRED (walks up to the store clerk) Um, hi. You probably don't remember me—

SHOPKEEPER Three days ago. Mass hypnosis. You wondered if it was possible.

The shopkeeper is in his late 20's and wears a black T-shirt with gray aliens printed on it. Although he's not rude, the shopkeeper seems gruff and his remarks are pointed—sharply contrasted with the "happy" people elsewhere.

FRED I read those books. Some wacko theories, by the way. All of the mass hypnosis theories seem highly flawed to me. I'm looking for a type of mind control that could affect everyone across the board.

SHOPKEEPER (beat) I might have a book on that.

FRED (reading book titles) Astral Projections. Satan's Dictionary? (to the clerk) You must get some pretty colorful customers in here.

SHOPKEEPER Used to. You're the only customer I had since last time you were here.


SHOPKEEPER (holds up a book picturing a crime scene) Not a huge demand for photo books of serial killer autopsies when you're living in a utopian wonderland. (clears throat) You know what I mean?

FRED I hadn't really though it— Must be hard.

SHOPKEEPER Hard? Are you kidding? It's great.

FRED Great? Really?

SHOPKEEPER (shrugs, without smiling) Yeah. Look at me. I've never been happier.

FRED Uh, sure. I see it now. You're practically glowy.

SHOPKEEPER I was flicking through the radio the other night—there's nothing really good on since Art Bell retired. But, uh, ended up listening to this woman talk.

FRED Jasmine.

SHOPKEEPER Yeah. You too, huh? (shakes head) What a breath of fresh air she is. I listened for almost an hour. I'm a new man. I-I used to be obsessed with mind control. I read everything I could get my hands on.

FRED And you don't believe in it anymore?

SHOPKEEPER I believe. (shrugs) I just don't worry about it anymore. (walks behind the counter)

FRED (walks up to the counter, leans forward, talks fast, a little agitated) So, you don't worry that it's possible for someone to send out a biological or electronic trigger that effectively overrides your own sense of ideals and values, and replaces them with an alternative coercive agenda that reduces you to little more than a mindless meat puppet?

SHOPKEEPER Wow. People used to think that I was paranoid. (Fred sighs) I mean, don't get me wrong. I still got the implants in my head. C.I.A. is still listening in. It just doesn't bother me anymore. Instead, I—I beam Jasmine's love up to their satellite, you know? Share the love with those M.K.-Ultra bastards.

FRED (grins sarcastically) That'll teach 'em.

SHOPKEEPER Hey. Now I get it.

FRED You do?

SHOPKEEPER Yeah. I know what you're doing.

The shopkeeper reaches into the desk drawer and pulls out a pistol. Fred's eyes widen. Then he pulls out a yo-yo and then a book entitled "Making Mind Control Work for You." He holds the book up for Fred to see.

SHOPKEEPER You want to fight fire with fire. Make sure the government and the other savages learn about Jasmine's love.

FRED Exact— (plays along) that's exactly right. Why should we be the only shiny, happy people?

SHOPKEEPER We don't need to use the evil tools of (with air quotes) "the man" when we have (with air quotes) "the wo-man". We need to trust that Jasmine's love will reach the rest of the world just like it reached us.

FRED (shakes head, grins through gritted teeth) Oh, happy day.

Cut to:

18 INT. SEWER - DAY Connor and Angel are walking through the sewers under Los Angeles.

CONNOR She's been down here.

ANGEL How old were you when you realized you could track like this?

CONNOR I don't know. Five, six. We didn't exactly celebrate birthdays in Quor-Toth. Holtz made up a game so I could practice.

ANGEL What do you mean he'd hide things for you to find?

CONNOR Kind of. He'd tie me to a tree and then run away.

ANGEL (shocked, stops walking) What?

CONNOR (shrugs) You know, so I'd have to escape and then find him. One time it only took me five days.

ANGEL Five days. He abandoned you... Connor, that's terrible. That's—

CONNOR (unfazed) Why I'm so good at tracking. Fred rested here for a while.

ANGEL & CONNOR (they stop walking, close their eyes, and simultaneously) Jasmine wants us back at the hotel.

Cut to:

19 INT. JASMINE'S ROOM AT HOTEL / ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS - DAY A clip from Jasmine's "Good Morning LA" appearance plays back on a laptop computer.

JASMINE (recorded) Before the time of man, great beings walked the Earth. Untold power emanated from all quarters—

JASMINE (stops the playback and laughs) I sound like the prologue to one of those movies about magical dwarves.

GUNN Hobbits. And you watch movies?

JASMINE I love movies.

LORNE Well, then you should know this is the greatest story ever told.

JASMINE (touches Lorne's arm and smiles) Sweet.

WESLEY The design team will have your site ready to go in a couple of days. Just let me know when you want it to go online.

JASMINE Soon. (stands)

GUNN I still don't understand why you don't just sashay into a TV studio, say, "scoot over Regis" and sweet-talk your love to the whole wide world.

JASMINE (smiles) It's not the world's time yet. There's still a lot I have to learn. (there's a knock at the door) Come in.

ANGEL You called us.

CONNOR How did you do that?

ANGEL We felt it.

JASMINE We're all becoming connected—all of us. And, now that you're all here, I want to test that connection. We're going to find Fred.

CONNOR Isn't that what we've been trying to do?

JASMINE This is different. No more running around town. Everybody, join hands. I can't do this alone. Not yet. I want y'all to close your eyes. Now, picture Fred. Picture what she looks like: her face, her big brown eyes, the way she styles her hair, the clothes she likes the wear, the sound of her voice, what she looks like when she smiles. Now concentrate. Where are you, Fred? I'm looking for you.

The AI gang is in a circle, holding hands while Jasmine talks.

Cut to:

20 EXT. MOTEL - DAY Fred walks up to the motel desk to ask for her room key.

FRED 219.

DESK CLERK Sure. Here you go. (hands her the key)

FRED Thanks. (walks away)

Fred walks past an old woman smoking a cigarette, leaning against the wall outside the motel desk. The woman snaps her head to Fred as she walks by.

Cut to:

20a INT. JASMINE'S ROOM AT HOTEL / ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS - DAY Jasmine's still in the circle, with her eyes closed.

JASMINE I see her. (smiles) I see Fred.

Cut to:

Fred walks up the stairs toward her room. As she walks past a window, a man looks out and watches her intently. As Fred approaches her room, a man and a hooker come out of their room, giggling and cuddling until suddenly they snap their heads toward Fred. They start walking toward Fred, and she backs away. The man who watched her from the window comes out of his door and starts following Fred, who's running away now. As she runs back down the stairs, the old woman smoking the cigarette grabs Fred's arm. Fred pulls away from her, and runs away past a car with a man sitting in the front seat. The man watches Fred and pulls out of the parking lot to follow Fred.

Cut to:

20a INT. JASMINE'S ROOM AT HOTEL / ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS - DAY Jasmine's still in the circle, with her eyes closed.

JASMINE There's nowhere to run, dear.

Cut to:

JASMINE (V.O.) My love is all around you.

Fred runs away as fast as she can. Now other drivers are noticing her and following her. Fred runs across the street past a man who's pouring gasoline into the tank of his blue car. The man in the white car runs into the blue car, igniting the gasoline in a fiery explosion. The driver steps out of the white car, catching fire, and walks toward Fred.

BURNING MAN Fred, don't be afraid. Don't be afraid, Fred.

Fade to black.


21 INT. JASMINE'S ROOM AT HOTEL / ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS - DAY As the AI gang stands in a circle holding hands and searching for Fred telepathically, the hand Jasmine's holding Connor's with turns red and emanates smoke.


Jasmine's knees buckle, but Angel and Connor are there beside her to hold her up.

ANGEL Easy! Lorne, a chair!

Lorne pulls up a chair, and Connor and Angel place Jasmine in it. Gunn and Wesley come to her side as well.

WESLEY What happened?

CONNOR Her hand got hot.

WESLEY (inspecting Jasmine's hand) She's badly burned.

LORNE Call a doctor

JASMINE No, no, I'll be fine. I just need to rest.

ANGEL We should get you a doctor.

JASMINE I'm fine. I saw Fred, clear as I'm seeing you. (stands) Obviously, there're some painful kinks to work out, but it's a start.

CONNOR She got away, didn't she?

JASMINE Yes. But don't worry. Everybody who loves me now knows what she looks like, knows to catch her, knows to call us. There's no place Fred can hide.

WESLEY What do you want us to do?

JASMINE You already know.

ANGEL She's right. There's work to do here. We have a hotel full of people, people who have needs.

LORNE You know what they say about people who need people...

CONNOR They're the luckiest people in the world.

LORNE (everyone looks at Connor) You been sneaking peeks at my Streisand collection again, kiddo?

CONNOR Just kinda popped out.

JASMINE This is what I'm talking about. Everything is becoming connected—the same way I saw Fred.

ANGEL Are you saying that we're becoming psychic?

JASMINE No, what I'm saying is—

GUNN Hot water just went out down on the third floor—

WESLEY And there's a plumber in the lobby who can (astonished) help us.

JASMINE That's what I'm saying. Now, I need to rest, focus on healing my hand. (turns to walk away, then stops) Oh, there're a pair of sisters in the lobby.

ANGEL Blondes.

LORNE The Bailey twins.

GUNN I'll ask them if they'd like to come up and visit you.

JASMINE (smiles, faces the gang again) Exactly what I was thinking. This is only the beginning. No one will ever have to feel lonely again.

Cut to:

22 EXT. HIGHYWAY OUTSIDE LOS ANGELES - DAY Fred is walking along the side of a highway in the hills outside L.A. There aren't many cars, but an SUV passes her by. A couple of seconds later, the SUV slams on the brakes and accelerates in reverse toward Fred. Fred backs up, frightened, and stumbles off the road, falling down the steep hillside.

Cut to:

23 INT. CAVE - DAY Fred falls down into a cave and lands on a greenish creature that's living there.

FRED Ohh! Get off!

Fred and the creature wrestle until Fred sees an axe nearby and grabs it. Sitting on top of the creature, she rears back with the axe—just then, the creature throws up his hands in surrender.

CREATURE (panicked) I'm vegetarian!

Now is the first time we can see the creature well. He's about 3 feet tall, green skin, sharp pointed fingers, two antennae coming off of his noseless face like a moustache, and numerous small pointed teeth. He's also kind of plump.

FRED Really? With those choppers?

CREATURE (rolls eyes, sighs) OK. I eat fish and occasionally vermin, but that's it, I swear! You believe me, don't you?

FRED You're still breathing, aren't you?

CREATURE More like hyperventilating. You scared the cream cheese outta me. What're you doing?

Fred gets up off of the creature, who then retreats back to his own corner of the cave. Fred stands and inspects her shoulder wounded from the fall. She starts taking off her jacket.

CREATURE Don't—don't do that. (Fred ignores him, and looks under her shirt at her wound) Go on. Get a room.

FRED Sit down! Any monkey business, and I'll chop you down like a cherry tree.

The creature sits. Weakly, Fred sits across the cave from it.

CREATURE So, we just gonna sit here like this?

FRED Maybe.

CREATURE Can you give me a time frame? Because I got a bladder the size a jujube.

FRED Shut up! I'm trying to figure some stuff out.

Stares at the small campfire in the middle of the cave.

Cut to:

24 INT. LOBBY AT HOTEL / ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS - DAY Wesley is standing at a podium set up in the lobby, addressing a crowd of people gathered there. Gunn and Lorne are flanking Wesley.

WESLEY Consider her armed, dangerous, and quite possibly insane. Don't let her grace or gentle beauty fool you. Winifred Burkle (points to a huge poster of Fred) is a monster, a siren hoping to lure you away from Jasmine and onto the rocks of heresy and destruction.

GUNN Amen to that.

WESLEY Now, uh, Lorne has a few important announcements and, as I understand, a very special surprise. (steps away from the podium, takes away the poster of Fred)

LORNE Blessings and moon-pies, brethren and sistren. I'll cut right to the chase and start with the hourly Jasmine report. Her royal yumminess is currently resting after a particularly exhausting day. No word yet whether she'll make a drive-by this evening or not. (crowd seems disappointed) Good news for you third floor faithful: the hot water's back on. (crowd seems happy) OK, and now—and now it's time for that big surprise we've been talking about. Tonight we're gonna try kicking it a little different at fellowship hall because tonight—tonight is open mic night. (crowd cheers) That's right, that's right, love bugs. So anyone who wants to get up here and share their personal joy about good queen Jasmine is more than welcome. So, who wants to get the ball rolling?

YOUNG BOY (standing at the podium) "Why I Love Jasmine" by Lenford Detweiler. I love Jasmine because she makes food taste good.

A woman wearing a pink prom dress stands at the podium sobbing.

ROCK DUDE (standing at the podium, a long-haired blond guy pumps up the crowd) Jasmine rocks. Jasmine rocks.

DEAF WOMAN (standing at the podium, signing) SUBTITLE: I wish I could be in Fred's I could explode her brain and kill her for rejecting Jasmine.

LORNE (singing, accompanied by an electric guitarist) Freddie's dead...Oh, that's what I said.

VERY OLD WOMAN (standing at the podium) I have 37 cats, and I've just changed all their names to Jasmine.

A woman wearing a pink prom dress stands at the podium sobbing.

ANGEL & CONNOR (singing at the podium, accompanied by an acoustic guitarist) Now we realize how happy you've made us, oh, Jasmine. You came and you gave without taking...

GUNN We should be doing this every night.

ANGEL & CONNOR (singing) And we'll keep you forever, oh, Jasmine. You came and you gave without taking... And we'll keep you forever, oh, Jasmine.

Cut to:

25 INT. CAVE - NIGHT Fred's still staring at the ground, sitting across from the creature.

CREATURE Kinda drafty in here, what with that hole you smashed in the roof. You mind if I quest for fire? (stands, Fred stands and rears back the axe threateningly, the creature sits back down, pouting) Forget it. I'll just freeze to death. Not like I care anymore. On the run like an animal.

FRED You don't live here?

CREATURE Do you live in a dirt hole?


CREATURE Do you want to live in a dirt hole?


CREATURE (angrily) Then why the hell do you think that I live in a dirt hole?

FRED You're a demon.

CREATURE (stands, indignant) I'm an executive demon, thank you very much. I had an office and an assistant and a beautiful porcelain cup for my tea. Now I live in a dirt hole because of those freakin' Jasmaniacs and their demon jihad!

FRED Wait. You're here because of Jasmine? Me too. I'm a fugitive too.

CREATURE Wow. Amazing. Two beings dissimilar as you and me discovering a shared link against a common foe. Huh. The irony. My feelings for you are changing. (shrugs) I feel warmth. (sighs) Wait. No, I don't. (holds up hands) That's just me wetting myself because you wouldn't let me pee! Thanks for nothing.

FRED Hey, I'm as new to this fugitive thing as you are. That's what I've been trying to suss out all night—how Jasmine controls people. We have to stop her!

CREATURE OK, fine, we'll stop her, but not tonight. (walks back to his corner of the cave) Not 'til I've had a little shuteye. (pulls up his blanket from a pile on the floor) I'm beat. (Fred sees a pile of severed human hands under the blanket) Huh. Hey, these yours? 'Cause I've never seen 'em before. Why would anyone keep a stash (picks up a hand) of these tasty little—uh, disgusting meaty things like this laying around? (shrugs) OK, so, not a vegetarian. (breaks a finger off the hand, takes a bite of it, offers the hand to Fred) Finger food? (lunges at Fred, growling) I got your demon jihad right here! (attacks Fred on the floor)

Fred reaches for the axe nearby on the floor, and swings it at the creature, landing it in its head. The creature stops moving. Fred stands, panting. She looks at her wounded shoulder—now bleeding even more and has an epiphany.

Cut to:

26 EXT. MAGIC BULLET BOOKS - NIGHT A small crowd of people are gathered around the door of the bookstore, staring at Fred whom they've cornered.

FRED (staring straight ahead) Here I am. Come and get me.

Cut to:



Cut to:

28 INT. MAGIC BULLET BOOKS - NIGHT Fred walks inside the book store, where the shop keeper waits for her.

SHOPKEEPER (waves) Hey, Fred.

FRED You know my name.

SHOPKEEPER You're famous.

FRED (still holding the axe) I'll chop out your implants, you come any closer.

SHOPKEEPER No need to worry. We're under strict orders not to hurt you.

FRED (backs toward the front desk) So, Jasmine's coming for me?

SHOPKEEPER Yeah. Could I get your autograph?

FRED (walks behind the front desk) Anything for a fan. Who should I sign it to? (reaches inside the desk drawer)

JASMINE (walks into the shop, followed by Angel and Connor) To me, of course. (to the shopkeeper) And to reward you for your faithfulness: Dallas, November 22, 1963—there was no second gunman. Oswald acted alone.

SHOPKEEPER (on his knees) Oh, my God!

JASMINE (walks back to stand in front of Fred) You know that I love you, don't you, Fred? And there's nothing that you can do or say to make me stop loving you.

FRED (staring straight ahead) I'm so sorry.

JASMINE It's OK. I forgive you.

FRED No, I'm talking to Angel. I hope he can forgive me.

Fred raises a gun, points it at Jasmine, and shoots. The bullet goes through Jasmine, and, covered in her blood, pierces the shoulder of Angel, who's standing right behind her. Angel vamps out in a rage and charges Fred, violently pulling her out from behind the front desk. He pushes her back against the desk, takes the gun from her hand, and points it at her jaw. Fred winces in panic.

Fade to black.


29 INT. MAGIC BULLET BOOKS - NIGHT Resume. Angel has a gun pointed at Fred's head as he holds her down on the front desk.

ANGEL Dumb idea for such a smarty. You know bullets don't kill me. (cocks the gun) Want to see how they work on you?

FRED (crying) Look at her.

Angel looks at Jasmine and sees the same horrifying face that Fred saw before—rotting, maggoty, bloody flesh. Angel's vamp face recedes as shock overtakes him. He shakes his head in disbelief and backs away from Fred. He drops the gun.



FRED (to Angel) I'm sorry. (stands) I had to show you. I'm so sorry.

CONNOR Show you what?

ANGEL No. It can't be. No.

JASMINE (touches her wounded shoulder, looks at her hand covered in her own blood) My blood...

CONNOR (walks up to Angel) Dad, what's going on?

Fred eyes the gun on the floor.

JASMINE Don't. He's been infected. I'm sorry, Connor. He's as dead to us as Fred.

FRED (picks up the gun, points it at Jasmine) I loved you so much.

Fred shoots the gun at Jasmine's body three more times before Connor charges at Fred, knocking her down behind the front desk.

CONNOR (to Jasmine) We need to get you out of here.

Angel walks past Connor toward Fred, but Connor grabs Angel and throws him against a bookshelf.

CONNOR (walks up to Angel, picks him up) You ruined everything. (throws Angel behind the front desk, then to Jasmine) I don't understand. How'd it happen?

Angel picks up Fred in his arms and carries her out of the store. Connor goes to follow, but Jasmine stops him.

JASMINE Let them go.

CONNOR They need to be stopped.

JASMINE (through gritted teeth) I need your help.

SHOPKEEPER (stands) Wow. So much blood.

JASMINE Stay away from it—both of you. We need to clean this up.

CONNOR I'll do it.

JASMINE (frowns) No. Burn it to the ground.

SHOPKEEPER (too quickly) OK. (lights a book with his lighter; Jasmine and Connor leave the shop; he calls after them) You want me to stay here?

Cut to:

30 INT. LOBBY AT HOTEL / ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS - NIGHT The lobby is still crowded with people, but it's set up like a cafeteria now. Lorne, Gunn, and Wesley are sitting at a table together eating desserts and drinking fruit punch.

LORNE As scrump-dilly-icious as these hot dishes are, they'd be a whole lot tastier if our cocoa-colored queen were here. (takes a bite)

GUNN I heard that. I keep shoveling pie into my hole and steel feel empty. (stares at a bite of pie) Anybody else picking up on some weird hurdy-gurdy feelings?

WESLEY Something's definitely off, but without Jasmine around, I can't sense it specifically. You getting anything?

LORNE Oh, just a visual on our lovely leader. (takes a bite)

GUNN A visual? Really. Some gift you've got there, Kreskin. Where is she?

LORNE (points behind Wesley and Gunn with his spoon) Over yonder.

Wesley and Gunn turn to look behind them. They see Jasmine walk in, wrapped in a blanket. Connor is with her. Jasmine gives them a meaningful glance.

WESLEY Shouldn't Angel be with them?

Wesley, Gunn, and Lorne stand and follow Jasmine and Connor into the office.

Cut to:

31 INT. OFFICE AT HOTEL / ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS - NIGHT Jasmine's staring at the wall, unhappily, as the others walk in.

JASMINE I'll make this brief. Fred infected Angel. He's gone. Lost to us.

GUNN What?

JASMINE Don't worry. I'm not so easily undone as that.

WESLEY Any idea how she did it, how Fred turned him?

JASMINE Yes. My kindness turned him. By being loving to Fred, I opened the door to her hate. By trying to save Fred, I lost Angel. It won't happen again. We must eradicate their hate.

Cut to:

32 INT. LOBBY AT HOTEL / ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS - NIGHT Jasmine walks out to a lobby full of people. She's still wrapped in a blanket.

JASMINE (to a biker dude) You. (to a young woman) You. (to an old man) And you. Come with me. Connor. (Jasmine walks upstairs, Connor follows)

LORNE I can't believe little old Fred managed to sway Angel back to the dark side.

GUNN Evil. Not evil. Evil again. Wish he'd make up his mind.

WESLEY I guess the good news is it doesn't matter anymore. Jasmine says Angel has to die, he dies.

Cut to:

33 INT. ALLEY - NIGHT Fred is lying on the street, unconscious, while Angel leans against a wall. Fred wakens and sits up, weakly.


ANGEL Bullet feels like a bee sting.

FRED That's not what I meant—

ANGEL I know what you meant. I don't want to talk about it.

FRED (stands) I think you do.

ANGEL I miss her so much. I never...

FRED I know. It's been over a week, and I still cry. Part of me wishes I still believed the lie.

ANGEL Well, why don't we? I mean, I'm not exactly clear on—

FRED Jasmine's blood. It was on the bullet that hit you. Somehow it breaks her spell when it mingles with ours. I think it must've got in my system when I was trying to get the blood off her blouse.

ANGEL You did the right thing, Fred. It took a lot of courage. (Fred turns away and cries) It must've been hard for you. (stands)

FRED (crying) I'm sorry. I've been so alone and scared. (shakes her head) I'm not like you, not a champion.

ANGEL (walks up to Fred) Everything I see says different.

FRED (turns to face Angel) We need more of Jasmine's blood. We have to help the others.

ANGEL We'll never get close to her, not now.

FRED Then we need another way. (Angel gets an idea) What?

ANGEL It's pretty horrible, but ma—

People walk by them, talking and laughing. Fred reaches up to Angel and kisses him. Angel puts his arm around her. A few moments later, they stop kissing.

FRED (whispering) You think they bought it?

ANGEL (whispering) I did. I—I mean, I didn't hear anything.


JASMANIAC MAN You're dead, Fred.

Angel and Fred turn to see that small group of people staring at them menacingly.

ANGEL I'm thinking they didn't buy it.

The group charges toward Angel and Fred.

Cut to:

34 INT. HALLWAY AT HOTEL / ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS - NIGHT Jasmine leads the three people from the lobby to her room. She stops Connor from going in with her.

JASMINE Stand guard. No one comes into the hallway. (goes into her room and shuts the door)

Cut to:

35 INT. JASMINE'S ROOM AT HOTEL / ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS - NIGHT The three people wait patiently, staring at Jasmine.

JASMINE (points to an empty corner of her room) Over there. (the people walk over to the corner) Take off your clothes.

The people take off their clothes, following Jasmine's orders without question. Jasmine walks up to a mirror and unwraps the blanket from her body. She stares at her wounded shoulder, then closes her eyes. The wound heals itself.

Cut to:

36 INT. CORDELIA'S ROOM AT HOTEL / ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS - NIGHT Cordelia is lying on her bed, still unconscious. Her room is filled with lit candles. A small group of people are standing in her room, staring at her. They leave. Angel opens the window from the outside, blowing out some of the candles with the motion. He starts to sneak into the room, but falls off of the window ledge, tumbling into the room instead. He stands up. Fred comes in the window as well, and closes the window behind her. They stare at Cordelia.

FRED I can't even count all the ways this is wrong.

ANGEL It's not like she'll feel it. Right? I mean, she's—

FRED Brain dead? The expression doesn't leave a lot to the imagination, does it?

ANGEL Just makes what I have to do a little easier.

Angel takes a knife out of his back pocket. Angel and Fred kneel down beside Cordelia. Angel kisses Cordelia's head.

ANGEL (whispers) I'm so sorry.

Angel holds out the knife, and suddenly Cordelia's hand reaches up and grabs his wrist.

Fade to black.


37 INT. CORDELIA'S ROOM AT HOTEL / ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS - NIGHT Resume. Cordelia's hand has just grabbed Angel's wrist as he went to cut her.

ANGEL Oh, my God. She's awake. Cordy? Cordelia? (holds her hand) Can you hear me? We're right here. (excited, to Fred) Did you see that? She grabbed my hand.

FRED Angel, people in comas—sometimes their bodies just do things— Mumble words, maybe even open their eyes. Doesn't necessarily mean they're waking up.

ANGEL But it could, right? I mean, stranger things have happened.

FRED Like Cordelia giving birth to a beautiful ebony goddess?

ANGEL (sad) Not the example I was looking for, but yeah.

FRED I know. Sorry. Maybe we should get this over with.

Fred reaches toward Cordelia's hand with the knife. Angel's hands are wrapped around Cordelia's.

Cut to:

38 INT. HALLWAY AT HOTEL / ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS - NIGHT As Connor stands guard outside Jasmine's room, he closes his eyes and basks in the green glow emanating from her room.

Cut to:

39 INT. CORDELIA'S ROOM AT HOTEL / ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS - NIGHT Fred holds a small bowl under Cordelia's hand to catch the blood as it drips from her.

FRED Is that enough?

LORNE (walks into the room) Any more room at the inn?

Angel and Fred quickly kneel at the bedside, facing away from the door. Lorne closes the door behind him, then looks around the room at all the knocked-over candles.

LORNE Look at this. Pigs in paradise. Mind if I pay my respects to the woman who made peace on Earth a possible possibility? (prays) Thank you, Cordelia, for your sacrifice, for bringing our Jasmine into the world— (notices blood trickling from Cordy's hand down the blanket) Hey. (Angel turns around; Lorne sees him) Hey! What're you doing to the h— (Angel puts his hand over Lorne's mouth; Lorne mumbles) Unclean! Unclean!

Cut to:

40 INT. HALLWAY AT HOTEL / ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS - NIGHT As Connor stands guard outside Jasmine's room, he closes his eyes and basks in the green glow emanating from her room. Jasmine opens the door, glowing with green light herself, and walks up to Connor smiling.

CONNOR You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

JASMINE My sweet boy.

CONNOR (looks inside the room) Where are those people?

JASMINE (matter-of-factly) I ate them. (walks down the hall)

CONNOR (nods, smiles) Cool.

Cut to:

41 INT. HALLWAY AT HOTEL / ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS - NIGHT Angel and Fred sneak out into the hallway. They find Lorne sitting on the floor against the wall looking extremely depressed.

ANGEL You sure you can do this?

LORNE (nods, sips from a flask) Hallelujah.(frowns)

Cut to:

42 INT. LOBBY AT HOTEL / ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS - NIGHT Lorne walks into the lobby, feigning happiness.

LORNE (to a couple walking out the front door) Hey, I'm praisin' Jasmine. How 'bout you?


LORNE Ha ha. OK. (claps, looks around, whispers to himself) Tonight, the role of Judas Iscariot will be played by Krevlorneswath of the Deathwok Clan. (to people) Hey, feeling the love, huh? Thank you, Jasmine. Feeling the love. (to Wesley and Gunn, who are stacking chairs) Hey, good news, my devoted darlings. Jasmine's pulling you out of stacking duty and wants to see us ASAP for a little TLC.

WESLEY Really? I haven't sensed anything. Have you?

GUNN No. And everything else has been feeling pretty clear.

LORNE Tout de suite, mes amis. (grabs a chair, revealing a band-aid on his wrist)

WESLEY What happened to you?

LORNE (stuttering) What do you mean?

WESLEY Your wrist. You've cut it.

LORNE Oh, that's is— (chuckles) That's a long, boring story. (waves) Come on.

Lorne walks out of the room, Gunn and Wesley follow.

Cut to:

43 INT. HALLWAY AT HOTEL / ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS - NIGHT Gunn and Wesley are following Lorne down the hallway. Lorne holds open the door for them. After they go in, Lorne grabs a baseball bat from behind some boxes and follows Gunn and Wes into the room, wielding the bat. Lorne shuts the door. Sounds of people being knocked out come from the room.

Cut to:

44 INT. ROOM AT HOTEL / ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS - NIGHT Gunn and Wesley stare forlornly at the ground.

WESLEY How did you figure it out?

FRED It was Angel. He figured since Cordy gave birth to Jasmine, they might share a blood link as well as a mystical one.

ANGEL We hoped Cordy's blood would have the same effect when we exposed you to it.

GUNN Thanks for nothing.

LORNE Yeah, you slashed this wrist, and I'm ready to do the other one myself.

WESLEY Everything we believed...deception.

ANGEL And how do we convince several million other people that Jasmine's message is false?

FRED It's impossible. Even if we're able to develop a synthetic analog to the blood, there's—I mean, how do we fight something this huge and powerful?

ANGEL I don't know yet, but what I do know is I'm not leaving this hotel without my son.

WESLEY (stands) I'll get him. I've kidnapped him before.

Cut to:

45 INT. HALLWAY AT HOTEL / ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS - NIGHT Wesley walks down the hall, frowning. Connor follows him, smiling. Wesley opens the door, Connor walks inside. Wesley follows him.

Cut to:

46 INT. ROOM AT HOTEL / ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS - NIGHT Connor walks into the room, smiling.

CONNOR (chuckles) What? (sees Fred) Hey! (Angel grabs Connor's arms) No!

ANGEL It's gonna be OK.

FRED You've been lied to. We all have.

ANGEL Don't make this any harder.

CONNOR Let go.

Gunn approaches Connor, ripping his shirt, but Connor kicks Gunn, sending him back.



Wesley picks up Gunn's knife from the ground and holds it to Connor's throat. Wesley dips his fingers in the bowl of Cordelia's blood and slices Connor's chest shallowly. Wesley rubs Cordelia's blood into the cut.

CONNOR (winces) Aah! (growls at Angel) I'll kill you.

ANGEL It'll pass.

LORNE Right, 'cause Lord knows he's never tried that before.

GUNN You're back with us now, Connor.

Connor stops fighting back. Angel lets him go. Wesley touches Connor's face. Connor looks around at the others in the room.

ANGEL Sorry. The only way to make you see.

FRED What you're feeling is normal. We're all feeling it. The sadness—it gets better after a while.

CONNOR (softy) Jasmine.

ANGEL You understand why we're here?

CONNOR (nods, shakes his head, walks toward the door, opens it, yells out the door) They're here! Come quick! They're here.

Cut to:

Closing credits.

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