Sunnydale After Dark
Long Day's Journey Transcript
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Written By: Mere Smith
Directed By: Terrence O’Hara

This episode aired on January 22, 2003



Previously on Angel:

1 INT. UPSCALE BAR - NIGHT Gwen Raiden, a young woman, walks in wearing red leather pants, black boots, a tight, skimpy, sleeveless, low-cut red leather top that shows her midriff, long, black satin gloves, and bright red lipstick. She has long brown wavy hair, streaked with red and white, and she's got an attitude.

Cut to:

2 INT. VAULT IN CHANDLER'S AUCTION HOUSE - NIGHT Angel is standing on the outside of the vault, separated from Gwen by the gate.

ANGEL What are you?

GWEN I'm a freak.

Cut to:

3 INT. BUILDING LOBBY - NIGHT She kicks Angel, and they begin to fight. He pushes her back against the wall. She kicks him, knocks him down, and takes off her gloves. They continue to trade punches and kicks until finally they're in the elevator, and she's sitting on top of him. She rips open his shirt, and presses both her bare hands to his chest, shocking him with electricity.

GWEN Warm enough?

When Angel felt his heart beat, he sits up with a start and kisses Gwen passionately.

Cut to:

4 EXT. ALLEY SOMEWHERE IN LOS ANGELES - NIGHT Connor and Cordelia are walking beside each other.

CORDELIA Connor, this is where you were born.

Something bursts up from the ground in front of them, surrounded in red light. It's got two enormous horns on top of its head, and it's a hulking beast—the one Cordelia saw in her visions.

Cut to:

5 INT. HOTEL / ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS - NIGHT Zoom out to show that, when arranged properly, the papers form a symbol that looks like a square with diagonal lines connecting opposite corners (forming an "X" pattern within the square). Wes, Angel and Gunn stand and stare at it.

GUNN So what the hell is it?

WESLEY Ancient alchemical symbol for fire.

ANGEL And destruction.

Cut to:

6 EXT. SKY TEMPLE CLUB ON KIMBALL BUILDING ROOF - NIGHT The beast kneels on one knee, punching the floor at the center of his human square, sending a trail of fire out along the floor in the shape of the Eye of Fire symbol. A shock wave emanates from the area, knocking everyone back a few feet. The fire is tall now, taller than the beast. The Beast leaps straight up into the sky, riding the fire that he created.

Cut to:

7 INT. CONNOR'S PLACE - NIGHT Connor and Cordelia are standing next to each other, looking out the window at a shaft of fire that's shooting straight up into a red circular cloud in the sky right over downtown. The column of fire is sucked up into the cloud where it disappears and the clouds close. Still glowing, the clouds now rain tiny fireballs all over the city. They stare in disbelief.

CORDELIA Connor, this isn't your fault.

CONNOR What if it is?

CORDELIA You never had a childhood, or anything that's real, and if this is the end, I want you to have something that is.

Cut to:

8 INT. CONNOR'S PLACE - NIGHT Connor and Cordelia are in bed together, making love. Lying on top of Cordelia, Connor kisses her tenderly amid gentle undulations under the sheets.

Cut to:

9 EXT. CONNOR'S PLACE - NIGHT Zoom outside through the window. Fire rain is falling down all around, and Angel's there, on the roof of a nearby building, looking into the attic, where he can see Connor and Cordelia in bed together making love.

Cut to:

10 INT. WESLEY'S APARTMENT - DAY Lilah and Wesley are talking in his apartment.

WESLEY It's over, Lilah.

LILAH (blinks, steps back) You're serious.

WESLEY (turns, walks away) I believe a day of reckoning has arrived.

Cut to:

11 INT. WHITE ROOM - NIGHT The gang finds themselves in a huge empty white space. They look around, trying to orient themselves, and Fred spots the Beast kneeling over a girl who's lying on the floor on her back. The little girl is wearing a knee-length red dress with a white lace collar, white stockings, and black patent leather shoes.

ANGEL The girl—whatever she is—it came for her.

LITTLE GIRL (turns and points at Angel's gang) The answer is among you.

Cut to:

12 INT. HOTEL/ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS - NIGHT When the gang reappears, they find themselves in the middle of the hotel lobby. Angel turns around to see Cordelia's talking to Connor, hugging him. Angel turns and goes into his office.

Cut to:

13 INT. ANGEL'S OFFICE AT HOTEL/ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS - NIGHT Angel's standing behind his paper-covered desk, sorting through documents. Cordelia comes into his office and walks up to his desk.

CORDELIA I'm just glad that everyone's safe and together again.

ANGEL (looks her in the eyes) Me too. (she smiles sweetly, but he does not, he leans forward) Now, take your new boyfriend, and get the hell out of here.

Fade to black.

The Start Of Episode


14 INT. ANGEL'S ROOM AT THE HOTEL/ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS - NIGHT Angel's sitting in his chair, sketching the Beast. Someone knocks on his door, but Angel doesn't answer. Lorne opens the door and walks in, carrying a tray with a mug on it.

LORNE Room service. Hey. I brought you some nice O-positive here, freshly nuked for that right out of the jugular taste.

ANGEL (without looking up) Just put it on the table.

LORNE (puts tray down, looks at Angel's drawing) Mmm. Good likeness. You wouldn't mind if I ran screaming from the room, would ya? (nervous laugh)

ANGEL (without looking up) Shut the door on your way out.

LORNE Oh, all right. You want to play it this way, we'll play it this way.

ANGEL (looks at Lorne) Play what?

LORNE Angel, sweetie. Why so down? (with a deep voice) Don't interrupt me, I'm brooding.

ANGEL (puts down his sketch) I'm not brooding, (leans forward) I'm researching.

LORNE The apocalyptic Beast who's turned our city into his personal abattoir? Yeah, so's everybody else. Wesley included. Downstairs. Together.

ANGEL I work better alone.

LORNE Oh-ho-ho. That's it. I see. It's all about you. Silly old Lorne, thinking it was about saving the world from ending. (crosses his arms) Welcome to the big leagues, Angel. You're a champion. You don't get personal days.

ANGEL There's nothing on this Beast, Lorne. (leans back) I fought it once, it nearly decapitated me with my own stake. It's killed hundreds of people that I couldn't save. And it keeps showing up around my kid, my kid who's—

LORNE Not entirely unmaking with the moves on the girl who might have been?

ANGEL (stands up, gets in Lorne's face) You want to shove that into English for me?

LORNE I know about Connor and Cordelia. It's a—it's a vibe, it's a thing. I know. What can I say?

ANGEL (inhales sharply) You can say goodbye. Take a hike. (walks away to a table covered with papers)

LORNE Connor's still gonna be your son, you know, when it's all said and done. (turns to the door) And you may not find perfect happiness with Cordelia, but Angel food, you gotta remember, there's other fish in the sea. (walks out)

Angel sits down and stares reflectively.

Cut to:

15 EXT. OIL FIELD - NIGHT A girl walks by the field of oil pumps, looking around. It's Gwen Raiden (first seen in Angel 4x02 "Ground State").

STRANGER (O.S.) Miss Raiden.

GWEN (turns, startled, to face him) Mr. Ashet. It's an honor to finally meet you.

Mr. Ashet is a deep-voiced man, wearing African style clothing and talking with an African accent. He walks toward Gwen. He's wearing sunglasses in the middle of night.

MR. ASHET Yes, I suppose it would be.

GWEN I apologize for your long journey when I can't offer better news.

MR. ASHET You haven't changed your mind.

GWEN (they walk together) Mr. Ashet, I understand the amulets you want acquired are very valuable.

MR. ASHET Yes, that's because they are extremely rare and powerful protective amulets.

GWEN (they stop walking) Yeah, and considering the holy roller Revelations party that seems to be going on lately, I can see why you might want them. But, as juicy as the commission is, I've got this problem wherein— (Mr. Ashet takes off his sunglasses, revealing very unusual eyes; when Gwen sees them, she looks away and stammers) I'm... very respectfully... going on vacation to Tahiti, sir.

MR. ASHET You have no idea who I am, do you, Miss Raiden. Or of the dire importance of recent events.

GWEN I know enough to go to Tahiti.

MR. ASHET Well said. Perhaps, then, I won't kill you for your—

Mr. Ashet's sentence is cut off by the Beast's hand going through his body. The Beast throws Gwen a hundred yards away from them. When she lands, she looks up to see the Beast ripping a hole in Mr. Ashet's body, and there's a ray of light coming from the hole. The Beast pushes the body to the ground and digs around in Mr. Ashet's chest, looking for something as light still shoots forth from his chest. Gwen witnesses the Beast pull out a metal wing from the man's chest. The Beast looks straight at her and grunts. Gwen panics, stands, and removes her glove, revealing her charged hand as a weapon, if need be. She looks around, but has lost sight of the Beast.

Fade to black.

Opening credits.


16 INT. CONNOR'S PLACE - DAY A siren can be heard outside. Connor's sitting in the open window. Cordelia's sleeping on the floor.

CORDELIA (sits up in her sleeping bag) Close one?

CONNOR Four blocks over.

CORDELIA They're getting more frequent. (rubs her neck) Couple times last night I even dreamt I heard—

CONNOR Screaming. It wasn't a dream. Things are falling apart out there.

CORDELIA It's not your fault, you know.

CONNOR (leans forward toward Cordelia) We should go over to the hotel today, talk to my dad. See if they found out anything new about the Beast.

CORDELIA They would've told us if they had. Probably just safer if we stay put. Wish I'd known you weren't gonna take your turn on the bed. Maybe I wouldn't have this achy floor-neck.

CONNOR Well, I didn't want to sleep there without you.

CORDELIA (smirks) Oh, boy.

CONNOR I heard that.

CORDELIA (stands) I'm sure you did.

CONNOR It's the super hearing.

CORDELIA (walks to the shelf) Whatever you say.

CONNOR Kinda makes you wonder where I got it from.

CORDELIA I'm gonna go wash up. (sighs) Have you seen my— (suddenly, Connor is standing in front of her with a folded bath towel in his hand) towel.

CONNOR Super-speed and super-strength, too.

CORDELIA Connor, we've been cooped up here together for two days straight—

CONNOR Because you won't take me back to the hotel. They don't want me there, do they. Angel doesn't want me there. It's because they think I'm connected to the Beast. That's why you don't want me either.

CORDELIA Angel knows we slept together. That's why you can't go back to the hotel.


CORDELIA He knows, Connor. All right? (Connor sits) With his super-smelling and super-Tom-peeping and—I don't even know what else, but... he knows. And he's extremely upset with both of us right now.

CONNOR We didn't do anything wrong.

CORDELIA We hurt him. That's enough.

Cordelia gets a vision of the Beast standing near trees in the dark. A woman screams.

CONNOR (stands, goes to Cordy, concerned) What is it? A vision? What do you see?

CORDELIA Nothing. I—I have to see Angel. (goes to put on her shoes)

CONNOR How do you know I'll be here when you get back? Aren't you afraid I'm gonna run off and join the demon?

CORDELIA (grabs her purse and walks out) I trust you, Connor.

Cut to:

17 INT. LOBBY OF THE HOTEL/ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS - DAY Gunn's in the lobby, talking to Fred, who's sitting on the edge of the desk, reading a large book on her lap.

GUNN I don't trust him.

FRED (looks up from her book) You can't say that. Connor hasn't done anything wrong.

GUNN Lately. You forgetting Angel's voyage to the bottom of the sea?

FRED Charles, the little girl in that white room is evil. I felt it. When she said—

GUNN (paces) "The answer is among you." Come on, who else could creepy locks have been talking about?

FRED It was probably just some last-ditch mind game to get the Beast to come after us instead of her.

GUNN (leans up to her face) Baby, that's another thing. Connor's gone toe-to-toe with this guy twice and barely needed a boo-boo kiss afterward. You telling me that's not suspicious?

WESLEY (walking in from another room) Most of us have encountered the demon twice, and we're still here.

GUNN (turns to face Wesley) Yeah, but we weren't conveniently born in the exact spot that thing hatched.

FRED "The answer is among you." Have I mentioned I hate cryptic messages?

WESLEY Well, there's one thing I can decrypt. (walks up to Fred and Gunn with a book in hand) My sources have already confirmed that, without the little girl, the earthly contingent at Wolfram and Hart is cut off from the senior partners, effectively neutralized. However, it appears that was not her only function. (shows Fred and Gunn the book) I've just found an entry in Rhinehardt's Compendium for that same little girl—or, rather, the entity presenting itself as one. Her name is Mesektet.

FRED Hmm. I figured Tiffany or Brandy.

GUNN So you mean Wolfram and Hart was just the day job.

WESLEY Sort of. You see, Mesektet was one of five enormously powerful beings which are linked to an embodiment of the ancient god Ra.

FRED (hands book to Gunn and walks up to Wesley) Which makes them totems, right? Symbolic manifestations.

WESLEY Yes, totems which together form an order called the "Ra-tet."

GUNN (stands) Must be big. (hands the book back to Wesley, hitting him in the stomach with it) Never heard of them.

WESLEY That's because their origins have been shrouded in mystery since the dawn of time. Only the totems themselves know their true purpose.

FRED (frolics back to her computer at the front desk) So, maybe he killed this Mesektet for another reason. I'll hit the net. Charles, you wanna update Angel?

GUNN Mr. Do-Not-Disturb? Doubt it. Don't know why we're bothering with the Ra-Ra's anyway. "The answer is among you," remember?

LORNE (walks in the front door) Bad news, munchkins. Rumor mill has Dr. Feel-Bad attached to another slice-and-dice yesterday.

FRED Who was it?

LORNE Lovely woman. High and mighty white-magic shaman type, and that didn't even faze the Beast. Tore her poor heart right out of her chest.

WESLEY The M.O. doesn't match. Mesektet had some sort of energy sucked from her. He didn't touch her heart.

FRED Lorne, you didn't happen to catch the name, did you? Like, Ma'at?

LORNE Yeah, th-that's the lady.

FRED Another member of the Ra-tet.

GUNN He's taking them out, one by one.

WESLEY Well we can't assume that yet. This Beast has killed hundreds of people with his bare hands. You throw in the storms and earthquakes that accompanied the rain of fire, you could put the death toll in the thousands.

FRED Wes is right. Statistically, it's still a coincidence. Two points—

WESLEY (looks at Fred) Make a line, not a pattern. (Fred looks back at Wesley, Gunn eyes their connection)

CORDELIA (walks in from the garden entrance) Hi, guys.

LORNE Oh, hey, Cordy.

GUNN 'Sup, Cordy?

CORDELIA (tense, she stares at them) OK, uh, I gotta go see Angel. (hastily walks out of the lobby toward his room)

GUNN See, I told you Connor can't be trusted. Look how weird he's made her.

Cut to:

18 INT. ANGEL'S ROOM AT THE HOTEL/ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS - NIGHT Angel's floor is littered with dozens of sketches of the Beast. He's sitting in his chair, researching through several books. There's a knock on the door.

ANGEL What is it?

CORDELIA (O.S.) (talking through the door) It's me. I know I don't have to be invited in, but it is polite.

ANGEL (softly) Go away, Cordelia.

CORDELIA (opens door, enters room) Well, you know that never works. (walks up to Angel, clears books off the chair next to his, sits. Angel faces away from her) I don't know where to start.

ANGEL (shuts the book he's reading, stands, walks away) Skip to the end where you leave, and we don't talk about it.

CORDELIA Aren't you going to ask how Connor's doing?

ANGEL Yeah, like I really want a progress report. (goes to his table that's covered in papers)

CORDELIA That's not what I meant. He's scared to death, Angel. Scared that you think he's connected to the Beast.

ANGEL (rifles through papers, picks some up to review them) Well, you know, it does tend to show up whenever he's around.

CORDELIA I swear. Like father, like son. The two of you have cornered the market on teenage snits. How 'bout you stop being angry at me—

ANGEL (grits his teeth then bangs his hands on the table; turns to face Cordy) How about you stop pretending to give a damn about my feelings.

CORDELIA I do give a damn. (stands, walks toward him)In fact, I give a whole lot of damn. That's why I came over here. To tell you, "Get over it."

ANGEL (incredulous) What?

CORDELIA I had a vision this morning—

ANGEL (paces, muses mockingly) "Get over it."

CORDELIA —of the Beast.

ANGEL (still pacing, musing, mocking) Hm. You know, I never really thought about that. "Get over it." Why didn't I think about that? Hm? (stops pacing, angrily) It's so simple.

CORDELIA (softly) Angel, (reaches to touch his face, but he grabs her wrist, stopping her from) I'm sorry I hurt you. It was the last thing in the world I wanted to do, but you have to get past it. And you have to get past it now because there are bigger things at stake. I know it's not fair, but it's the way it is. People need you. Your son needs you.

ANGEL (lets go of her wrist, crosses his arms) Tell me about your vision.

CORDELIA It was...different from any other— I felt like I was inside somebody else listening to the demon talk, but I couldn't tell if it was in the past or in the future or even where we were exactly.

ANGEL Who was inside you— (chuckles, rolls his eyes) I mean, who was it you were inside?

CORDELIA I couldn't tell, but I did feel like there was more I wasn't getting. Like I was just scratching at the surface of something. (sighs) Maybe it'll come to me.

ANGEL So what did the demon say?

CORDELIA Don't know. All I got was a visual.

ANGEL (walks away, angrily) Not much to go on, Cordy. (goes through the papers on the table)

CORDELIA (follows him) But it's something. And a vision means the phone lines between us and the Powers That Be are still open. Maybe they'll send us a clue.

ANGEL (looks skyward, sarcastically) As if there's somebody up there watching.

CORDELIA I was, (Angel looks at her) but I'm back now. So you're going to have to suck it up and deal because things are going to hell, and—and you're the leader. So lead.

Cut to:

19 INT. LOBBY OF THE HOTEL/ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS - DAY Angel's pacing in front of the team like a general to his troops.

ANGEL The Powers are sending us a wake-up call, people. Sure, we've been—I don't want to say demolished—beaten. And sure, it's slightly...demoralizing. But from here on out, we're on the offensive. We're gonna find out this thing's weaknesses, we're gonna go in prepared, and we're gonna fight smart. It's time to take down the Beast.

FRED Uh, we're all behind you, Angel, a hundred percent, but how can we be prepared when there's nothing on this thing.

LORNE And weaknesses? It's not a sure bet El Destructo has any.

ANGEL Everyone has an Achilles' heel.

GUNN Yeah, but until we find his, we're gonna be coolin' ours, 'cause we got nothing without a new lead.

Everyone stops and looks at the front door where Gwen Raiden has just entered.

ANGEL (glances at Cordelia) Gwen.

GWEN Hi there. Long time, no hand-to-hand. (walks into the lobby, to Gunn) I remember you.

FRED (steps in front of him protectively) That guy you killed? Yeah, that's him.

GWEN Kicked you in the face, too, didn't I, cherry? Sorry 'bout that. I really do try to avoid contact. (glances at Angel) Mostly.

ANGEL (grinning now, walks up to Cordelia) Cordelia, this is—

CORDELIA I know who she is. (to Gwen) Caught your little show on the omniscient higher plane channel. Thanks.

GWEN (to Cordy) So, you're the girl who makes his heart go pitter-pat. (grins) Figuratively, at least. (to Angel) You must be so happy.

ANGEL I am. Not having the best week, to be honest.

GWEN Tell me about it. I mean, really, tell me. Freak to freak. Is the world about to end, or what?

ANGEL (walks up to her, concerned) Something happen to you?

GWEN Met with a client last night in the oil fields, which is odd, 'cause I bagged for this guy six years—big money—and he never wanted to meet before.

CORDELIA Fascinating as these details must seem to you, we're dealing with much more important stuff right now. Apocalypse. End of the world.

GWEN Also, while we were talking, he, um, got his chest punched out a big demon with a head made of rock. (Wes overhears, stands, walks up to them) Demon, OK? (Lorne walks out into the lobby) The whole nine—cloven feet and horns and teeth— (sees Lorne) He wasn't wearing lame though.

LORNE Yeah, the evil ones can't pull it off. It gets camp.

WESLEY This client of yours, was anything removed from the body?

GWEN (faces Wes) Didn't see. (to Angel) But you are, hands down, the weirdest person I know, so I figured I'd ask you what's going on.

FRED (holing a book) Um, excuse me—not that I don't still bear a grudge against you, because I do—but your client didn't happen to be a skinless saber-tooth tiger or composed entirely of light, maybe?

GWEN Light came out of his chest. How did you know?

GUNN You wanted a pattern. That makes three.

FRED He's killing the Ra-tet.

GWEN What's a Ra-tet?

WESLEY A mystical order. Each totem representing a stage in Ra's journey across the sky. (points to diagram in the book) Here's your client. Two others—these—are dead.

CORDELIA That means there's two totems left: Manjet and Semkhet.

FRED The last sighting of Majet was rumored two years ago in Belize, and Semkhet is said to live in a cave in Death Valley.

ANGEL Then that's easy. All we have to do is find Semkhet and... protect him.

LORNE (browsing through the book) Yeah, well, won't that be a hoot. Looks like Semkhet is puddy-tat to the world's scariest six-year-old. (shows a drawing of Mesektet with her arm around a huge cat)

CORDELIA It could be dangerous.

ANGEL (eagerly) I'll take Gwen.

GWEN (grimaces) Gee, I feel all warm inside.

CORDELIA Well, shouldn't we all go? It might—

ANGEL We can handle it. Super powers. I'll catch her up on the drive. (puts his arm around Gwen's waist and escorts her toward the door)

CORDELIA It's a four hour trip, both ways.

ANGEL (turns toward Cordelia) I'm sure we'll find... (gives an exaggerated shrug) something to talk about. (Gwen and Angel walk out the door)

Cut to:

20 EXT. DEATH VALLEY - NIGHT Angel and Gwen are climbing down a rocky cliff. Angel's foot slips a bit, causing sand and pebbles to fall noisily.

GWEN (above him, bends to whisper) Geez. Where were you when they taught stealth in super powers?

Angel makes it to the bottom of the cliff. Gwen slips and loses her grip, falling into Angel's arms.

GWEN I did that on purpose.

ANGEL That's pretty pathetic.

GWEN If it's a lie, or if it's the truth.

He puts her down, and they continue toward their destination.

Cut to:

21 INT. CAVE IN DEATH VALLEY - NIGHT Candles are lit inside the cave. Angel draws his sword and leads Gwen into the cave.

GWEN (sees the sword) I thought we were here to protect this thing.

ANGEL We are, unless it's evil. Which, if it is, we prevent the Beast from killing it by killing it ourselves.

On the cave floor, there's the bloody remains of what once was Semkhet.

GWEN So much for protecting it.

ANGEL Looks like it was ripped apart. Charring around the edges. This is definitely our guy. The Beast is systematically executing these totems. I just don't know why.

A man comes around the corner. He's got a gravelly Brooklyn accent. He's wearing a Hawaiian print shirt, khaki shorts and a straw hat.

MAN I do. It's gonna turn out the sun.

Fade to black.


22 INT. CAVE IN DEATH VALLEY - NIGHT Resume. Angel and Gwen are talking to a stranger in the cave over the body of Semkhet.

ANGEL What're you doing here?

MAN (walks up to Angel) Uh, standing in the remains of my fallen brethren, trying not to have an anxiety attack. Who are you two?

ANGEL I'm Angel. That's Gwen. Got a name?

MAN I am Manjet, sacred guardian of the Shen, keeper of the Orb of Ma'at, and devotee of light. Off hours, I like Manny.

ANGEL You're Manjet?


ANGEL The last totem of the Ra-tet?

MANNY Right.

GWEN I thought you were in Belize.

MANNY Was 'til I heard Mesektet got whacked. Never liked that chick—evil, right down to her Mary Janes. But family, what're you gonna do?

ANGEL What did you mean before? The Beast is gonna turn out the sun. Is that some kind of metaphor?

MANNY Sorry, I don't speak college-boy. I said what I meant. This Beast you're talking about—he's looking to put an end to daylight. Wants to blot out the sun permanently.

ANGEL You're saying that once the totems are dead, the sun disappears.

MANNY Uh, not disappears, exactly. And it's not just killing us, either. Uh, there's props and a ritual and a chant and a thing and a—suffice it to say, it ain't east. And folks in the Ra-tet, they got some serious juice which is why I never felt worried before.

ANGEL But you're worried now.

MANNY Well, there's four out of five down. Let's just say, I'm not looking forward to my retirement in Boca.

GWEN So, the lights go out. Then what?

MANNY The city sinks into never-ending darkness, that's what. Vamps, creepies, crawlies, things that go bump in the night are suddenly bumping 24/7. The whole of Los Angeles turns into a, uh—

ANGEL A demon playground.

MANNY Bingo. And that's before it starts to spread. California, North America...eventually, hello, global blackout. The world is the Devil's oyster.

ANGEL We gotta stop him.

MANNY You sure do and good luck with that. (turns to walk out of the cave)

ANGEL (runs after Manny) Where do you think you're going?

MANNY Look, it's probably just a few hours 'til this guy catches up with me. I want to spend my last moments with my oldest, dearest friends down at the, uh, Pink Pony Lounge. (to Gwen) I'll buy ya a lap dance if I can watch.

ANGEL Forget that. We can take you somewhere safe, Manny. We can protect you.

MANNY Right, Super Hunk and Spandexia. This thing takes out Mesektet, and you two are gonna protect me? (chuckles)

ANGEL I don't see anybody else lined up for the job.

MANNY (leans in, whispers to Angel) You think she'd give me a lap dance?

Cut to:

23 INT. LOBBY OF THE HOTEL/ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS - NIGHT Angel enters the lobby, followed by Gwen and Manny.

ANGEL Any movement from the Beast while we were gone?

GUNN Not a peep. Just wasting time trying to find ways to kill him, which, by the way, there aren't any.

FRED Uh, that doesn't look like Semkhet.

MANNY Semkhet's not available, sweetheart. Slight case of being ripped open to death in a cave. (takes off his hat) I don't suppose I could interest you in short, stocky orb keeper?

ANGEL Guys, I'd like you to meet Manny, the last totem of the Ra-tet.

WESLEY a being of supreme power?

MANNY You ought to see me in my Armani.

LORNE What happened to the second-to-last one?

GWEN Somebody already ripped out the toy surprise.

ANGEL Good news is, we discovered the Beast's plan.

GUNN Which is...?

MANNY To blot out the sun for all eternity. You guys got john?

ANGEL Right back there.

MANNY Thanks, pal. (walks out of the room, grabbing newspapers off the desk on the way)

CORDELIA Why did the small yucky man say that? He's joking, right?

ANGEL No. Apparently there's a ritual using members of the Ra-tet to change day into night. Forever.

WESLEY (sits down near Fred) As far as evil plans go, it doesn't suck.

ANGEL He's killed four of the five so far. I figure, we keep Manny safe, the lights stay on long enough, and we find a way to defeat this thing.

FRED But where are we going to hide him? We need a small, controlled space.

ANGEL Secure the perimeter. Guards on duty at all times.

GUNN Kitchen's got a meat locker.

WESLEY Brilliant. Let's store the one thing that'll stave off perpetual darkness in the home of the only people we're sure the demon knows.

GUNN You know what? You got a better idea, Einstein?

WESLEY Gimme time.

GWEN I know a place.

CORDELIA (sarcastically) Great, as long as it's not some non-descript tenement downtown...

Cut to:

24 INT. STAIRWELL IN TENEMENT - NIGHT Gwen is leading Angel, Cordelia, Manny, and Gunn up the stairs in a dingy walk-up apartment building.

CORDELIA ...with discarded boxes in the stairwells and peeling plaster and the faint odor of dead people.

ANGEL You know, you didn't have to come, Cordelia, if you didn't want to.

CORDELIA Well, what if I have another vision. Better to be here with you, right?

GUNN I'd rather be here than back at the hotel, plowing through them annoying books with the symbolic manifestos and the "brilliant."

MANNY Never trust the book or the bookies, kid. Real juju takes place on the QT. That's why you can't find this Beast, he's too powerful. I mean, taking out the Ra-tet—

GUNN Speaking of, ain't you Tet folks supposed to be all mighty and colossal?

MANNY The mid-day totem is man. The neutral totem, the potential of every human soul.

CORDELIA So, you're just a guy, then?

MANNY There's more to me than meets the eye. For example, I'm immortal. Unless I'm ritually murdered, of course.

Gwen uses shocks from her bare hand to unlock the electric lock on her door.

CORDELIA Oh, well it's too bad you came here, then. 'Cause if you're gonna be ritually murdered, it's probably gonna be in a hell-hole—

Cut to:

25 INT. GWEN'S APARTMENT - NIGHT Gwen enters the apartment and turns on the lights. In stark contrast to the stairwell they walked up, the apartment is high-class all the way. Walls paneled in wood, expensive rugs, luxurious decor all around.

CORDELIA (shocked) Like this.

GWEN Come on in. (the others enter) My butler's already in Tahiti, so we're on our own here. (closes door) I'll hit the kitchen for supplies later if I can just, well, find the kitchen. (walks across the room)

ANGEL (whispers to Cordelia) The Axis of Pythia—that thing I used to find you on the higher plane—it's worth 33 million dollars. I gave it back to Gwen when I was done.

GWEN Let's get you set up in the study.

Gwen opens the double doors to the study, and Manny, Gunn, Angel and Cordelia follow.

Cut to:

26 INT. STUDY AT GWEN'S APARTMENT - NIGHT Gwen walks over to the bookcase and tilts a book on the shelf, opening a secret panel, revealing a steel door.

GWEN You never pass up a good cliché. (uses shocks from her hand to unlock the steel door) It's equipped as a panic-room, too. 12 inches of solid steel, it's own ventilation system...


GWEN (to Manny) You should be safe here.

MANNY (walks into the panic room) Don't worry, I ain't expecting any miracles.

GWEN So, guard duty. What do you think. (to Angel) You and me, first shift?

CORDELIA (to Angel) Uh, wouldn't it make more sense to split up? One super power per shift. (faces Gwen) That way if horn boy shows up, we mere mortals might stand a chance.

GUNN Makes sense to me.

GWEN OK then, I'll take Denzel.

GUNN Uh, actually, it's Gunn. (grins) Not that I mind the freakishly accurate comparison, but you will keep your hands to yourself.

ANGEL Four hours on, four hours off. Bunk down off duty, get as much sleep as we can. We're already tired. We got a long few days ahead of us. (Angel and Cordelia leave the room)

MANNY Hey, Gwen. Don't suppose this joint's got Skinemax?

Gwen smirks at him, then closes the door to the panic room.

Cut to:

27 INT. STUDY AT GWEN'S APARTMENT - NIGHT Later, Gunn's sitting in a chair in the study listening to Gwen, who's walking around the room.

GWEN ...So then after the second gardener and the fourth nanny, I got sent to the academy. (walks up to Gunn who's staring blankly at his feet) Something tells me my origin story isn't enough to fascinate you.

GUNN (looks up at Gwen, nods) Oh, no, it is. I was just—just thinking.

GWEN (rolls her eyes and walks away) Gunn, I already apologized for killing you. What do you want, a wake?

GUNN It isn't that.

GWEN (turns to Gunn) Then it's the English guy, isn't it? I saw the way he looked at your girl. A good thief is a master of body language.

GUNN He starts talking with his body, he's gonna have a serious problem.

GWEN I'm surprised. A few months ago, she was ready to wear sackcloth and ashes for you. (kneels in front of him) When did the landscape change?

GUNN Long story.

Angel and Cordelia walk into the study. Gwen stands, turns to face Angel.

ANGEL How's Manny?

GUNN Gave him some magazines about half hour ago to keep him occupied.

GWEN Swimsuit Edition. (smiles) He's occupied. (to Gunn) Come on. I'll show you where you can crash.

Gwen and Gunn leave the study, leaving Cordelia and Angel. Cordelia, mug in hand, sits in one of the chairs.

CORDELIA So, all this time alone together. Could be good for us. (Angel sits in the chair next to her) Maybe we should talk.

ANGEL (pulls up a table in front of his chair) Maybe we shouldn't. (drinks blood from a glass)

CORDELIA Valid point. (sips from her mug)

Fade to black.

GWEN (standing over Angel) Angel, get up.

GUNN (shaking Cordelia) Cordy. Cordy, come on. Snap out of it.

ANGEL (startled) Please, I'm awake.

GWEN (stands) What the hell are you doing, falling asleep on watch?

ANGEL (groggily) I wasn't...

CORDELIA What's happening?

ANGEL ...asleep. (comes to, stands, panicked) Manny!

Angel goes to the panic room, followed by Gwen, Gunn, and Cordelia. Jaws agape, they stare at the walls and floor that are covered in blood.

ANGEL It got him.

CORDELIA Ugh. You think?

Fade to black.


28 INT. STUDY AT GWEN'S APARTMENT - NIGHT Gwen's pacing in the study while Cordelia and Gunn look in on Angel, who's gone into the panic room to investigate the aftermath of Manny's demise.

GWEN So, was that one of Manny's powers—extra blood and guts? 'Cause I mean that's—that's a lot of blood and guts in there. No way all that Stephen King came out of a normal guy.

ANGEL (comes out of the room with a grim look on his face) It was the Beast. It was looking for something Manny had.

GUNN How do you know?

ANGEL (holds up Manny's hat, which has a huge hole in the top) Oh, it emptied out his head to find it.

GWEN Wait. Manny said he was an orb-keeper, right? Maybe he kept an orb.

CORDELIA In his head?

GWEN Where do you keep yours?

ANGEL Hold on a second. She's right.

CORDELIA Of course.

ANGEL Semkhet—the demon in the cave. You said someone already pulled out the toy surprise.


ANGEL The Beast is pulling something out of these totems.

GUNN (to Gwen) And you knew that.

ANGEL (walks up to Gwen) Something you're not telling me, Gwen?

Cordy walks up beside Angel, arms crossed, glaring at Gwen.

GWEN All right. My client—the Beast grabbed something out of him too. A little, metal boxy thing.

CORDELIA (through gritted teeth) And you neglected to mention this fact.

GWEN I don't know. I thought the box might be worth something. Look, the apocalypse was coming, there was a giant killer demon. I panicked. And, oh, by the way, I'm still a thief, and as a rule we don't share information.

GUNN OK, what about this cave demon? You think the Big Ugly went treasure hunting inside of him?

ANGEL It's definitely possible.

CORDELIA Yes. (paces) But what's impossible is thinking that somehow, someway, the Beast found where we were hiding, spiked the drinks we made ourselves, snuck through this unreasonably large apartment on the tippie-toes of his cloven feet right up to the vault and killed poor Manny, unseen and unheard. (glares at Gwen)

GUNN Maybe whoever did it didn't have cloven feet. "The answer is among you." I can't be the only one thinking it.

CORDELIA Don't be ridiculous. Connor doesn't even know where we are.

ANGEL You didn't call him?

CORDELIA He doesn't have a phone. I can't believe you'd even consider—

GUNN Even if she didn't call him, last time I checked, that boy could track anybody anywhere.

ANGEL But I'd know if he'd been here. I'd be able to smell him.

GUNN Same way you smelled whatever it was spiking your blood?

GWEN This is impossible.

CORDELIA Yeah, I thought we were pretty clear on the whole impossible issue.

GWEN Unseen and unheard. (sighs) Security cameras.

Cut to:

29 INT. GWEN'S APARTMENT - NIGHT Gwen walks out through the double doors to the ante room where they first entered the apartment. Angel, Gunn and Cordelia follow.

GWEN Got 'em in every room. We just gotta rewind the tapes. (goes into her security room, Cordelia follows)

ANGEL OK. (pauses, to Gunn) In the mean time, call the hotel. Tell 'em about Manny. Tell 'em about the toy surprises too. See if you can find out what they're for, and how we can stop the Beast from using them. (turns to follow Gwen)

GUNN (reaches out to Angel, stopping him) Angel, about Connor.

ANGEL Check it out later, like we do every other lead. Go.

Gunn leaves the apartment. Angel goes to the security room.

Cut to:

30 INT. SECURITY ROOM AT GWEN'S APARTMENT - NIGHT Gwen's looking at some monitors, but they're only showing static.

CORDELIA What's that?

GWEN That's nothing. The tapes just go blank. It's like the electrics got cut. Lemme check the systems log. (presses a button, causing a keyboard to pop out; types on it)

CORDELIA (whispering to Angel) You have to talk to him, Angel.

ANGEL Who? Gunn? I just did.

CORDELIA Connor, you dolt, and you know who I meant. So why push my buttons?

ANGEL Maybe because it's nice to make you crazy for a change.

CORDELIA You can't seriously think he did it, when there are other more liar-like suspects. (glances at Gwen)

ANGEL Yeah, well, so-far, he's the only one's got a connection to the Beast.

GWEN (over her shoulder to Angel and Cordelia) I've got the origin of the blackout. (turns to face them) It kicked off in a small subset of the municipal A-14 grid—that's the one under this block—about ten minutes before your watch.

CORDELIA What does that mean?

GWEN It means that somebody knew when you were gonna take over that watch, and somebody knew who's drinks to spike. You ask me, this is an inside job.

CORDELIA Funny how you were inside at the time. (Gwen rolls her eyes and turns back to the monitors)

ANGEL Look, enough. Let's just focus on the guy trying to blot out the sun and point fingers later.

Cut to:

31 INT. LOBBY OF THE HOTEL/ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS - DAY Angel comes into the hotel lobby, followed by Gwen and Cordy.

GWEN I'm just saying, it never would've happened on my watch.

CORDELIA Gosh, no. 'Cause you're Super Tramp.

ANGEL (to Lorne) What's the latest?

LORNE I checked out the ritual like you asked. (shows Angel a diagram in a book) Looks like there's some assembly required. Turns out these three pieces were inside the totems. The Beast kills the totems, yanks out the pieces, and builds himself a big old light switch.

ANGEL What about the other two? What'd he yank out of them?

LORNE Uh, well, I know he sucked the energy out of the little girl and he ripped the heart out of the shaman, but what's not clear is... how he's gonna use 'em.

GWEN These wings...they're metal, right? Get me close enough, and I can melt them. That'll slow him down.

CORDELIA If we find him in time. Need I remind everyone that he's already got all the pieces, plus we don't even know where he's gonna perform this ritual.

GUNN Sun or no sun, I'm not worried about slowing him down. I'm worried about taking him out.

Wesley and Fred walk up to the group.

WESLEY We may have a solution for that.

FRED We've done a lot of research, and we think we've found a way to get rid of the Beast. A portal.

GUNN Hmph. Figures.

WESLEY We've tried conventional methods—firearms, the usual weaponry—none of which seem to work.

ANGEL But if we stand against it long enough to find a way to corner it, maneuver it into position—

LORNE Then maybe we can send this thing back to the Hell Sweet Hell it came from.

Gunn has gone to the weapons cabinet. Fred follows him.

FRED I know what you must be thinking—

GUNN That we should've learned our lesson?

FRED Wesley and I have decided that this is our only option.

GUNN I know, but I don't got to like it. (rejoins the group)

ANGEL OK, so we got everything we need to stop the ritual. Let's clear out of here, try to locate the Beast.

Cordelia gasps as another vision comes to her. Again, it's the Beast standing in a field of corpses, growling as the people scream.

CORDELIA Oh, my God.

ANGEL Another vision?

CORDELIA Same one, only there was more of it. A massacre. So many people on the ground, dead, dying. The screaming was so loud.

ANGEL Could you hear the demon?

CORDELIA No. But whoever he was talking to, they felt familiar. Like someone I know.

ANGEL Connor.

CORDELIA I think it's time we bring him into this, Angel. If nothing else, he's our best chance at finding the Beast.

Cut to:

32 INT. CONNOR'S PLACE - DAY Connor's lying on his bed, reading something, when there's a knock at the door. He stands and goes to answer it. He opens it to find the Beast standing outside his place.

BEAST Hello, Connor.

Fade to black.


33 INT. CONNOR'S PLACE - DAY Resume. Connor runs away from the Beast toward a beam, which he runs up, gaining momentum to use against the Beast when he turns his body and kicks it in the face. He lands on his feet in front of the Beast. The Beast growls. Connor leaps into the air to kick it again, but the Beast grabs his foot and proceeds to fling him back and forth against the ground. The Beast lets go of Connor's foot, grabs him by the chest, and throws him across the room and out the window.

Cut to:

34 EXT. STREET BEHIND CONNOR'S PLACE - DAY Connor falls out of his window, landing on the street right as a black car pulls up. It's Angel's car. Gunn was driving, with Angel in shotgun. Cordelia, Wes, and Fred were in the back seat. Everyone gets out when the car stops.

CORDELIA (goes to Connor's side) Oh, my God! Connor! (holds his bloody head in her hands)

Holding his coat over his head as protection from the light, Angel wants to go to Connor's side, but Gunn prevents him by pushing him to the shade of the building instead.

GUNN Angel!

ANGEL What happened?

CONNOR The Beast. It's upstairs.

WESLEY Maybe it need to do the ritual—

GUNN In the place where Connor lives.

ANGEL We'll figure that out later. Everybody gear up. Wes, you got everything you need?


ANGEL Gwen, go for the orb, the wings, whatever you can get your hands on. Can't let him finish the spell. Gunn, you and I'll keep the Beast busy long enough for Fred and Wesley to work the portal mojo. Cordy—keep him safe.

CORDELIA (weakly from the street) Dad...

ANGEL It's OK, Connor. I'm here now. Let's go. (they go inside)

Cut to:

35 INT. CONNOR'S PLACE - DAY Standing, holding the assembled artifact in front of him, the Beast breathes out black smoke into the orb which rests on two metal wings. He sets it down in the circle that he's drawn on the floor. Chanting now, he kneels and holds a bloody heart over it, letting the blood drip on the orb.

BEAST (chanting) Ket sahv Ma'at. Ket sahv Mesektet. Ket sahv Ma'at. Ket sahv Mesektet. Ket sahv Ma'at. Ket sahv Mesektet.

Angel bursts into the room, followed by Gwen, Gunn, Fred and Wesley. The Beast looks up at them, but does not stop the ritual.

FRED He's already started.

Cut to:

36 EXT. STREET BEHIND CONNOR'S PLACE - DAY Standing now, Connor holds his hand to his sore ribs as he talks to Cordelia.

CONNOR I should be up there. I can fight it.

CORDELIA Don't worry, Connor. I'm sure they're doing OK.

They look up at the broken window of Connor's place.

Cut to:

37 INT. CONNOR'S PLACE - DAY Wesley and Fred are standing side-by-side, both holding books, chanting. Angel engages the Beast is a fight, but is easily overpowered. While the Beast is distracted with Angel, Gwen sneaks over to the artifact, but the Beast picks up a chair and knocks her down, causing her to drop the artifact. It breaks into its original pieces.

ANGEL The orb—don't let it—

But his warning is too late, as the orb rolls away from her right to the feet of the Beast. The Beast smirks at Angel.

Cut to:

38 EXT. STREET BEHIND CONNOR'S PLACE - DAY Cordelia is still looking up toward Connor's place as Connor leans against the car. She gasps as another vision comes to her.

Cut to:

38a VISION Standing in the field of bodies, the Beast speaks:

BEAST You're a worthy adversary.

Cut to:


Cut to:

39 INT. CONNOR'S PLACE - DAY The Beast is back in the circle he drew for the ritual, and begins chanting again.

BEAST ...Ahmun Semkhet. Vesh Ra'at Manjet.

WESLEY Angel...

Wesley gets Angel's attention as the space in front of the Beast starts to shimmer.

ANGEL Yeah, I got it. Everybody get ready.

Cut to:

40 EXT. STREET BEHIND CONNOR'S PLACE - DAY Still holding his wounded ribs, Connor tries weakly to walk toward Cordelia, leaning on the car hood as support.

CONNOR What's it like when you pass out?


CONNOR Things get dimmer, right?

CORDELIA I guess. Wh—?

They both look up toward the sun as it starts to be blocked out by blackness.

Cut to:

41 INT. CONNOR'S PLACE - DAY The Beast is chanting, while the shimmering portal forms in front of him.

BEAST Ket Mesektet.

ANGEL Now or never.

Angel, Gunn and Gwen rush the Beast, forcing it backwards through the portal. As he goes into it and disappears, the portal closes.

GWEN We did it. Didn't we?

Cut to:

42 EXT. STREET BEHIND CONNOR'S PLACE - DAY The sun grows steadily darker as blackness consumes it in the sky. Connor and Cordelia are outside, staring at it in horrified wonder. Cordelia gasps as another vision comes to her.

Cut to:

42a VISION Standing in the field of bodies, the Beast speaks:

BEAST Our strength is useless, divided.

Cut to:

43 INT. CONNOR'S PLACE - DAY Angel and gang walk forward to where the Beast disappeared.

FRED Um, why is it still getting dark?

BEAST (O.S.) I told you once...

Everyone turns to see the Beast standing in the doorway behind them.

BEAST (walks toward them) You need not be my enemy...

Cut to:

43a MEMORY Angel has a memory of the Beast speaking to him. It's the same scene as in Cordelia's vision, but this time he's talking to a long-haired Angel from yester-year.

BEAST Join with me.

Cut to:

BEAST Angelus.

Cut to:

44 EXT. STREET BEHIND CONNOR'S PLACE - DAY In the newly darkened daylight, Cordelia receives visions of the Beast talking to Angelus.

CORDELIA The answer is among you.

Cut to:

45 INT. CONNOR'S PLACE - DAY Angel and gang are at a loss for words. The Beast walks closer to them, then swallows the darkened orb.

BEAST We'll meet again. Soon.

The Beast leaps out of the room through the window.

WESLEY (looking skyward) My God. The sun. It's gone. Completely obliterated.

Cut to:

46 EXT. STREET BEHIND CONNOR'S PLACE - DAY Cordelia and Connor are waiting anxiously by the car. Angel and crew come out of the building, and Cordelia runs to them.

CORDELIA Angel, we have to talk.

FRED I can't believe we lost the sun.

CORDELIA Angel, I think I figured it out.

ANGEL So have I. The Beast knows me.

CORDELIA No, it doesn't. It knows Angelus. Am I right? While you were upstairs, it came to me. I wasn't having a vision of the demon, I was having a memory of it.

GWEN How's that again?

CORDELIA I told you, when I was a higher being, I'd experienced everything you'd ever done as Angelus. But since I've been back, my memory's been fading until the Powers decided to jog it, I guess. Angel, I saw you, long ago, standing in a field of bodies with the Beast.

CONNOR You knew this thing, and you didn't tell us?

ANGEL No, I couldn't come up against something like that and not remember.

GUNN The answer is among you. It's what the little girl meant, isn't it? This was never about Connor, it's about—

FRED Angelus.

ANGEL I'm telling ya. I don't know this beast. I'd remember.

CORDELIA Like you remember falling asleep before Manny got killed?


GWEN And inside job.

ANGEL What's that supposed to mean?

WESLEY It means you're a suspect. If Cordelia's right, we should admit the possibility that this Beast may have some sort of power over you to make you do things, to make you forget.

CORDELIA And he has a plan. The rain of fire, taking down Wolfram and Hart, even blotting out the sun. I think I think now, those were only the first steps to something bigger.

ANGEL I don't know what to tell any of you, 'cause I don't know what the plan is.

WESLEY No, but Angelus might. There's only one way we're gonna defeat this Beast. We need Angelus.

Fade to black.

In Loving Memory Of Glenn Quinn

Fade to black.

Closing credits.

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