Sunnydale After Dark
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Written By: Meredyth Smith
Directed By: Joss Whedon

This episode originally aired on October 17, 2000


Previously on Angel:

From The Ring

Lilah: I'm Lilah Morgan

Angel: Wolfram & Hart

Lilah: I'm an associate here.

From To Shanshu in L.A.

Lilah: We're all very please you're here - Darla.

From First Impressions

Angel: I still can't believe you're here.

Darla: And let Darla take care of you.

Darla: All you have to do is let me.

Lilah sneaks into Lindsey's dark office at Wolfram & Hart and starts to look through the papers on his desk.

Darla: Exciting, isn't it?

Lilah jumps and drops the papers she was holding.

Lilah: Darla. - I didn't see you.

Darla: Going through their things, all the little pieces of themselves locked away, given you a naughty little thrill of control.

Lilah: I just like to keep abreast of his latest project. He's probably in my office right now trying to find out about mine. That's just how it works at our firm.

Darla sits on the edge of Lindsey's desk and pours some dark blue powder into the palm of her left hand.

Darla: Hmm, all you busy little worker bees, plotting your little schemes.

Lilah looks at powder: Calynthia powder? Is that how you keep Angel sleeping - when he's with you?

Darla: There is nothing so lovely as dreams. Everything is in them, everything hidden. Open those chambers and you can truly understand someone - and control them.

Lilah with a slight smile: And what's hidden in Angel's secret chambers?

Darla: Horrors.

Cut to Angel waking up in his bed at night.

Cut to Angel walking down the stairs, buttoning up his shirt. We hear Wesley and Cordy's conversation drifting up from the hotel lobby.

Wesley: That's so typical of your kind.

Cordy: At least I'm not a sheep like you.

Wesley: I am not a sheep!

Cordy: You're such a sheep! You've never had an opinion that you didn't read in a book.

Wesley: At least I've opened a book.

Cordy: Oh, don't even try with the snooty, wooly boy. I was top 10% of my class!

Wesley: What class? Advanced bosoms?

Cordy: Oh!

Angel: Hey! - What the hell is going on here?

Cordy: We were just discussing whether or not we should offer to pay Gunn.

Angel looks at them for a beat. Shakes his head.

Angel: No you weren't.

Wesley: Well, our discussions tend to go about three minutes, then it's strictly name calling and hair pulling.

Cordy: Ebeneezer here doesn't want to share the wealth.

Wesley: I didn't say that. I merely said Gunn might be insulted by the offer. He's a - proud sort of fellow.

Cordy: He's been doing for us. He should pull in a check.

Angel: I'll think about asking him, alright?

Cordy: No think. Pay. That's an order.

Angel: Hey! How about we pretend that you work for me?

Cordy: You are really unpleasant when you…

Angel: Then why don't we pretend that you don't.

Cordy: You can't fire me. I'm vision girl.

Sticks her tongue out at him.

Angel sticks his hands into his pockets and tries not to smile.

Angel: All right. I'll think about asking him, alright? Maybe - on a case by case.

Cordy gives him a big smile: My hero.

Wesley: I was going to suggest that.

Cordy: Ah-huh.

Angel: I-is there coffee?

Cordy: There was - in the morning. It's ten o'clock at night.

Angel: Oh. Huh. Just a little disoriented. I've been sleeping weird.

Wesley: Weird how?

Angel: I don't know.

Wesley: I mean, it's been going on for a bit hasn't it? You sleep more, you're less rested. - Are you dreaming?

Cordelia starts to pant and lifts a hand to her brow. Angel runs and catches her as she sways under the impact of an incoming vision.

Cordy, face scrunched up in pain: Well, boys, I think we have a customer…

She gets thrown back in Angel's grip and we get a blurry shot of a girl screaming.

Cordy: Okay - a girl (blurry vision of girl running from someone) she's in an alley - Hollywood and Wilcox (blurry shot of a guy's face and the girls screaming) Oh, she's so scared!

Wesley to Angel: Go.

Angel runs out as Wesley takes over supporting Cordy.

Cordy: Oh god, he's gonna be too late.

We see a sobbing girl running from two guys. One of them gets a hold of her shoulder and throws her to the ground.

Bearded Guy: What you making us run around for?

Bald guy heads towards the down girl but bearded guy stops him.

Mustache guy: Hey, I get it first. Think I want your seconds? You pig. (To girl) Guy's a pig.

He pulls out a knife.

The girl continues to sob, and suddenly a full dumpster slides across the alley and squashes the two guys against the opposite building. The girl takes a deep breath and cries even harder.


There is an ambulance sitting at the entrance to the alley. Angel walks past it as two people wheel a gurney with a covered body towards it. He ducks under the yellow police tape, picks up a cup of coffee sitting on the hood of a police cruiser and stops a step ahead of a young police officer noting something down on a pad of paper.

Angel looking at the crime scene: So, what have we got here?

Officer: Uh - you're not…

Angel looking past the officer: Hey, you wanna get behind the tape? You wanna gawk, go home and watch a high speed chase on Fox. (To the officer) You want to think about keeping the tourists off my crime scene?

Officer: But I-I'm…

Angel walks towards the crime scene: I'm out of vice three weeks, I've seen enough amateur night crap to fill a mini-series. (Turns back towards the officer and gestures with his cup of coffee) You wanna pretend that's not a cub scouts uniform and tell me about dead people?

Officer: Uh, well, detective, what happened is we had to scrape them off the wall. (Angel takes a sip of the coffee and makes a face.) Guys got pinned by a two ton dumpster.

Angel: It fell on them.

Officer: Ah, no. They were actually pinned to the wall. Looks like somebody might have shoved the dumpster from the side.

Angel walks further down the alley, reaching his cup back towards the officer, who hurries to take it from him.

Angel: Have to be somebody pretty strong.

Officer: Yeah. You're telling me. (Points at some blood on the ground) Splashed those guys all the way up here.

Angel crouches down and looks at the blood.

Angel: It's not their blood.

Officer: Excuse me?

Angel stands back up: You seen a girl tonight? - Maybe a little scared - beat-up?

Officer: Huh-uh. Nobody but our Mr. Bills. (Angel looks at him) You know (high pitched voice) 'Oh no, Mr. Bill' - krech!

Angel turns away: Right.

Angel walks further down the alley, looking around as a guy in a suit comes up behind the officer. He opens his jacket to show the shield clipped to his belt.

Detective: So, what have we got here?

Officer looks at him, then back the way Angel went.

Angel finds an unlocked door and enters an empty warehouse. He walks past some sacks of cement and pieces of re-bar, spots the girl form the alley, sitting on some stuff on the far side of the warehouse.

Angel: Hey.

Bethany gets up: What do you want?

Angel slowly steps closer. Lifts a hand to touch his right temple.

Angel: You're bleeding.

Bethany: Just stay away from me.

Angel: I just want to ask you a few questions, that's all.

Bethany: You don't understand. I'm - I'm really uh, upset right now. I think it's best if you just…

Angel: You were in that alley, weren't you?

Bethany: No! - I mean - what alley? (Walks towards the door) I'm going.

Angel moves to intercept her.

Angel: Hold on a second.

Bethany lets out a whimper and suddenly a piece of re-bar jumps into the air and impales Angel through his right shoulder. Angel drops to his knees with a groan. Bethany stares at him in horror.

Bethany: Oh god. I told you. I tried to tell you.

She runs towards the door.

Angel: Please wait.

Bethany spins around and stares as Angel gets up braces himself and pulls the re-bar out.

Bethany: W-what are you?

Angel: I've come to help you. My name is Angel.

Bethany with a hysterical laugh: Great. I've stabbed an angel. Now I'm really never getting into heaven.

Angel: I'm not an angel. It's just a name.

Bethany: But - how did you…

Angel looks down at his pierced shoulder: Well, I'm different from most people - like you are. - Those men in they alley - they tried to hurt you, didn't they? (Bethany nods and looks away) But you stopped them.

Bethany: I didn't mean to. They followed me from the club. It wasn't…

Angel: It's okay.

Bethany: Yeah, it's just great!

Angel: You're not from L.A., are you? (Bethany shakes her head) Got family in town? - Me neither. - Town kind of attracts loners, don't you think?

Bethany: You can't make me go anywhere with you.

Angel looks down at his pierced shoulder again: I think that message got through. (Gives her a smile, then turns serious again) And I would never try. (Bethany turns to leave) Wait. Take this. (Offers her one of his business cards) If you need anything - a place to stay…

Bethany: I'm staying with a friend.

Angel: Someone to talk to. - Think about it. - I won't hurt you - and you can't hurt me. - You may need that.

After a beat, Bethany snatches the card from his hand and hurries out.

Angel grimaces in pain as his knees give out and he falls to the floor clutching at his shoulder.

Angel: Ah. Oh. Okay, maybe she can hurt me a little.

Bethany enters an apartment building, climbs some stairs and fumbles with some keys as the door in front of her is opened to reveal Lilah Morgan standing there.

Lilah: Bethany.

Bethany: Hi! Sorry I'm late.

Lilah: I was starting to get worried.

Bethany gives her a smile and walks past her into the apartment.

Lilah walks over to where Bethany is sitting on the sofa, carrying a laundry basket.

Lilah: So, how was the club? You have any fun?

Bethany: It was okay.

Lilah sits down beside her and begins to fold the laundry.

Lilah: Any cute boys? (Bethany shakes her head) I'm sorry I couldn't make it. But work just got insane, and our new clients are monsters.

Bethany reaches for the laundry: Here. Let me.

Lilah: Oh, I like folding. It's like a Zen exercise for me. It levels me out after work.

Bethany: You got to let me help. I gotta at least… It's enough you letting me stay here.

Lilah: Didn't we vow you were gonna stop that? Didn't we make a blood oath? (smiles) I *love* having you here.

Bethany: You know, when you came and spoke at our school, I was so… There was someone who got out, who made it by themselves. I-I'm saying it wrong.

Lilah: No. You're not.

Bethany: I couldn't believe you even talked to me.

Lilah smiles at her: See? You have no idea. You're special, Bethany. - In the old, non-retarded sense of the word. You think I tour high schools across America, saying 'look me up' to everyone I meet? (Shakes her head) You have a power about you. (Bethany looks away) Other people are gonna start to know that.

Bethany: I guess I'm getting kind of sleepy.

Lilah: I bet you are. I'm still kind of wired. I might stare at the TV for a while.

Bethany gets up: Good night, Lilah.

Lilah as Bethany walks up the stairs: Sweet dreams.

Cordy and Wesley are taping up Angel's shoulder.

Cordy: I can't get this bandage to… Stop moving!

Angel: I'm not.

Cordy: Well, then stop breathing.

Angel: I don't breathe.

Cordy: Then stop flexing your manly boob-muscles or whatever.

Wesley: That's an ugly looking wound.

Angel: It doesn't feel pretty either.

Wesley: We should definitely approach this girl with caution. - I guess you already figured that out.

Angel: She's very powerful. We got to find out everything we can about her.

Cordy buttoning up Angel's shirt: Like - oh, say, her name?

Angel: I was impaled at the time.

Cordy pats his knee: Of course. Perfectly understandable.

Angel: You know how hard it is to think straight with a re-bar through your torso?

Cordy: Actually, I do. Benefits of a Sunnydale education. No address or anything?

Angel: She said she was staying with a friend.

Cordy: Well, that narrows it down to people with friends. (To Wesley) Where do we keep that list?

Angel: She's not local. Traces of an accent. North-east - maybe Ohio… and everything about her tells me she is on the run, so…

Cordy: So look into runaways from the north-east.

Angel: And cross-reference it with supernatural occurrences. The way she went off tonight, I doubt she's been able to stay low profile.

Wesley: Angel, you're sure this isn't a demon of some kind?

Angel: She's just a girl.

Cordy sitting down at her laptop: Just a girl that can kill your ass by blinking.

Angel: She needs help. She's out of control. She's just - lost. (Goes to stand next to Wesley) What do we know about telekinesis?

Wesley: Ah. Yes. The power of moving things with one's mind. (Takes a deep breath) That's pretty much it. The power of - moving… I-I'm better with demons, really.

Angel: Time to broaden your horizons.

Gunn walks into the lobby.

Gunn: You call, I come. Loaded for bear, ready for battle, and something else that starts with B.

Wesley: What is that?

Gunn holds up an axe which looks like it's blade might at one time have been a hubcap.

Gunn: Ah, isn't that thing? Some of the kids at my camp put it together for me. Thought I might get the chance to stick it in something now.

Cordy: Men are all alike.

Gunn: Fair Cordelia - you still saving my life?

Cordelia without looking up from her screen: Every minute.

Gunn: How's that working out?

Cordy looks at him: You're alive, aren't you?

Gunn: So, what kind of scaly Pus-monster you all want me to slay this time?

Angel: Actually we were hoping you could do some leg-work for us.

Gunn: Leg-work? That kind of leaves me high and dry with my cool new ax.

Angel: I'm trying to find a girl. (Cordy slaps his arm and rubs her fingers together as if she was counting money. Angel pushes her hand down and keeps right on talking) She smashed a couple of would-be rapists with a dumpster.

Gunn: Must have been a hefty kind of girl.

Angel: We think she did it psychically.

Wesley: Telekinesis, the power of moving things with...

Gunn: Yeah, I have heard the word. So, what you all need me to do?

Angel: I'm interested in the guys. The got...

Cordelia: Smushed?

Angel: Not far from your neighborhood, around Hollywood and Wilcox. You think you could find out who they are?

Gunn: You got it. (Starts to leave) But if I come back here on the end of a spatula, I'm expecting some serious workman's comp!

Cordy hits Angel's arm: See? Workman's comp - he wants to get paid!

Angel: Cordelia...

Cordy: The poor man can't even afford a real ax!

Angel: Okay. Okay. I'll bring it up. (Cordy grins at him and Angel walks towards the stairs) I'm going to bed. - It's been a long day.

Cordy: You've been up for three hours.

Angel stops but doesn't turn around.

Angel: Cordelia - find the girl.

Cordy and Wesley watch him leave then look at each other.

Angel walks over to his bed, a bloodstained bandage half covering his tattoo. He sits down on the edge of it, taking some quick deep breaths and frowning.

Bethany lies in her bed with her eyes open.

Angel lays his head on his pillow, blinking his eyes rapidly.

Bethany looks around, then her eyes slowly drift shut.

We see a little girl standing in an attic, staring towards the bright square of the window at one end of it. A man comes up the ladder into the attic.

Lilah walks into Bethany's room and watches as the tosses her head and whimpers in her sleep. Things on the nightstand begin to rattle around. Lilah smiles.

Man steps closer to the girl in the attic.

Man: Shh, rabbit. (Takes a hold of one of her arms) Let's go downstairs - just you and me.

The things on Bethany's nightstand rattle harder.

The man leads the girl towards the ladder as a jar of pennies in the foreground begins to rattle around.

Man: Don't make a fuss, rabbit.

They climb down the ladder.

The lamp on the nightstand flies into the air and hits Lilah in the head. Bethany sits up in Bed and sees what has happened.

Bethany: No. No. No. (She gets out of bed and grabs a jacket) Oh my god.

Lilah from the floor: Bethany...

Bethany: I'm so sorry! I'm sorry.

Bethany hurries out of the room.

Lilah: Don't - don't go!

Lilah tries to get up but can't.

Bethany runs through the streets.

Darla pushes Angelus down in front of a fireplace. They kiss, then Angel pushes them back up. They smile at each other. Darla arcs backward and comes back wearing her vamp-face. They kiss again and when they break apart Angelus is in vamp-face as well.

Darla is leaning over a sleeping Angel, caressing his shoulder.

Darla: Remember Rumania (?), in front of the fire, with the gypsy girl - all bound and gagged. You took her right there. You sucked her blood until she was dry.

(Close caption here has instead: You've been in a fire... with a gypsy girl - all bound and gagged. You took her right there. You sucked her blood until she was drained.)

Angelus bites Darla's neck. Darla smiles, then after a moment sinks her own teeth into Angelus' neck.

Angel wakes up, touching his neck where the Darla in his dream just bit him. Looks around, disoriented.

Day. Wesley is reading a book. Angel walks into the lobby, rubbing his eyes, and leans on the counter looking at Cordy sitting in front of the laptop.

Angel: Well?

Cordy: Top of the middle of the day to you, too. And no, no leads worth mentioning. Of course we lost a little time during my 45 minutes of sleep. Good thing I left some clothes here, or you would be smelling me even now.

Angel: Gunn check in?

Cordy: Huh-uh.

Angel to Wesley: How about you? How's it coming?

Wesley: Well, most of my reading suggests that telekinesis is a psychic phenomenon that occurrs during periods of extreme emotional stress.

Angel: Well, that tracks. (Rubs at his eyes) We got to find her.

Cordy: Well, I think I may have a lead.

When the guys look at her she motions towards the door, where Bethany stands in her nightgown and jacket.

Angel: Hey. How are you?

Bethany: Bethany. (Takes a deep breath) Bethany Chaulk. - You said I couldn't hurt you. - That if I needed anything...

Angel: You're safe here.

Wesley: We're all - safe people.

Angel: This is uhm - Wesley and Cordelia.

Bethany still standing just inside the door: So, it's a family business, huh?

Angel: Friends. Come on in.

Bethany walks down the stairs with a sigh. Her knees sag and Angel catches her. She immediately pushes free.

Bethany: Sorry. (Cordy looks her up and down) I'm just - so tired.

Angel: Would you like some tea?

Bethany: Yeah. Please.

Angel leaves.

Cordy: You shouldn't worry. Angel does this kind of thing all the time.

Bethany: Makes tea?

Cordy: Helps people. You know, he helps people with problems.

Bethany: So what's wrong with you?

Wesley: Where to begin?

Wolfram and Hart's office complex.

Holland: Wow. That little girl gave you one heck of a shiner, didn't she? You think the alley scenario was too much?

Lilah: I assure you, sir, I have the utmost confidence...

Holland: Oh, don't utmost confidence me. You know, some people might say that you lost control over this girl. If this is how she is now, what happens when you pull the trigger? - She's got the profile, but an assassin's no good if it can't be controlled. (Stands up) But do you know what I say? - Nonsense! I say, Lilah Morgan found this girl, Lilah Morgan recruited this girl for a reason, and Lilah Morgan is gonna bring this girl into the welcoming arms of Wolfram and Hart.

Lilah: I *will* find her.

Her cell phone rings and she answers it.

Lilah: Hello. - Bethany. (She raises her eyebrows at Holland and he smiles in return) No I'm so glad you called. - No, I was worried. - No, I'm fine. - Where are you?

Angel leans against a pillar with his arms crossed. He turns around as Bethany walks out through a glass door, now dressed.

Bethany: They're Cordy's. Feel kinda funny.

Angel: You look nice. Did you get a hold of your friend? (Bethany nods) Is she okay?

Bethany: She says she's fine - worried about me. How do you explain... She'd just think I'm crazy.

Angel: Are you?

Bethany: What?

Angel: Well, if you are, you know, crazy, I just think that things will go - smoother if I know up front.

Bethany gives a laugh: I probably am. (Sighs and comes down the steps) I - I don't wanna - I don't wanna talk about me and share, or whatever. We-we can talk about stuff, but... I don't know. You're the expert, right?

Angel: I wouldn't exactly say that. I just - have some experience in dealing with the kind of power - that needs to be controlled.

Bethany: I don't want to control it. I want it gone.

Cordelia is standing behind the counter watching them through the glass doors.

Cordy: What is she doing?

Wesley is sitting behind her, reading.

Wesley: They're talking, yes?

Cordy: There is something. She's got a vibe. I'm getting a vibe. She's viby.

Wesley: I didn't notice a vibe.

Cordy: Well, all evidence to the contrary, Wes, but you're not a woman. Women and sex, it's not like you guys, we see more levels. (Wesley looks up then looks back at the previous page of his book) Are you even listening?

Bethany: It's like - there is a flash - like - something pops in my brain, and then I'm - it's like - uhm, there's an undertow. Like there is no gravity and by body is being pulled in different directions, but inside, you know?

Angel sits down beside her on the garden bench in the shadow of the hotel's veranda.

Angel: Does it hurt?

Bethany: Yes. No - It's just for a second, then I'm back.

Angel: And you only feel it when you make things move.

Bethany: I don't make them move. I go into this and when I come back things aren't where I left them.

Angel: You've never done it on purpose?

Bethany: Of course not.

Angel: You never thought 'man, the remote is too far away and I'd have to get up'

Bethany gets up off the bench.

Bethany: It's not a parlor trick! It's - It's a disease!

Angel: Look. We don't know what it is yet. We're just getting started. I just want to know about you.

Bethany: Well, don’t start asking me a bunch of stupid questions. Like when were you potty trained and name all your pets... - Do you like hide-n-seek.

Angel: None of those were on my list.

Bethany: You don't even know what I'm going through! I shouldn't even be here!

Wesley: I agree. (Bethany spins around as Wesley walks down the steps into the garden court) It's clear this girl doesn't want our help. I don't think we should be wasting our time with her.

Angel: Wesley...

Wesley: I'm sorry, but there are people out there who need us. People with much more serious problems than impulse-control issues.

Angel stands up: Look, that's enough.

Wesley: Why doesn't she go back to her friend's, toss the furniture about. (Steps closer to Bethany) Or maybe we should send you home to your father.

Bethany gasps and Wesley flies back against the wall. Angel steps towards her, she sees it and he goes flying back out into the sun of the courtyard. He quickly scrambles back under the protection of the veranda, smoking ever so slightly and watches Bethany as she looks around at what she just did.

Cordy folds some ice into a napkin and holds it against the back of Wesley's head.

Cordy: You're sure nothing's broken?

Wesley: I'm sure.

Cordy: Nothing at all? Say, your brain? (sighs) What happened to approach her with caution?

Wesley: If I'd given her time to get her defenses up...

Cordy: She wouldn't be crying, you wouldn't be bruised and Angel wouldn't have had a near Melba-toast experience! What did you say to her?

Wesley: I mentioned her father.

Cordy: Well, who's her father?

Wesley: No, it's... The sort of trauma that can produce this level of psychic power usually involves abuse of some kind - very early on. You'd mentioned a sexual vibe, she made that crack about family business. Statistically speaking, the father was the best guess.

Cordy: There's not enough yuck in the world.

Angel walks in.

Cordy: How is she?

Angel: Settling. (To Wesley) You're gone.

Cordy: You can't fire Wesley. I'll quit, too! - Unless you're firm!

Angel: I'm not firing anyone.

Wesley: I understand. My being here wouldn't exactly help *her* to feel trusting. I'll be at my flat. Call me if...

He walks past Angel.

Angel: It helps that we know.

Wesley: I hope so.

He leaves.

Angel to Cordy: You should stay at your own place tonight in case she...

Cordy: Be careful.

Angel: I don't think she'll go off again.

Cordy is about to say something, but then just leaves.

Angel enters the corner room on the top floor of the hotel to find Bethany sitting with her back against a box-spring mattress propped up against a wall. The doors to the balcony next to her are standing open.

Angel: There you are.

Bethany: I came up here. I feel safe up here.

Angel survey's the room: Yeah, and you did pick the one room in the house that may collapse to feel safe in.

Bethany: I'm really embarrassed... And that just makes me - all these horrible things have happened - been done to me, guys have died - and I'm freaking because I'm so embarrassed. - People are pathetic.

Angel: I don't know. - I like 'em. (He crouches down next to her) The time I've lived - I've seen some horrors - scary behavior, and a couple fashion trends I constantly pray to forget, but - I see people try. - I see them try to be better.

Bethany: You sound like an old guy.

Angel smiles: Well, you know, I'm very well preserved.

Bethany sighs: I'd like that - to see people the way you do.

Angelus and Darla, both in vamp-face, are biting each other again in front of the fireplace.

Angel lies sleeping in his bed.

Angelus looks up from Darla's neck, pants, then pulls her off his neck. She smiles at him. They look over at a bound and gagged girl (somewhat resembling Bethany, though she is wearing period dress).

Angel tosses his head on his pillow.

Bethany walks down the hall, rubbing her arms.

Angel wakes up.

Angel: Darla?

Bethany: It's just me.

Angel works himself up higher on his pillow.

Angel: What's up? What... what's - Is there trouble?

Bethany: I just didn't want to sleep. (Sits down on the edge of his bed) I heard a voice in here and thought maybe you were awake.

Angel: No - I was having a nightmare.

Bethany: It looked like a pretty happy dream - or maybe the covers were just rumpled. - I figured I'd come in here. (Looks around) It's nicer than my room.

Angel: Is there something, uh, something you want to talk about?

Bethany: No. - I figured we'd have fun. You can do stuff to me and - you know - we'll have some fun.

Angel: That's not gonna happen Bethany.

Bethany: What, you think I'm some frightened little mouse? I've done stuff. I can make you happy.

Angel: You wouldn't like me when I'm happy.

Bethany slides one of her hands up his leg on top of the covers: Come on. (As Angel looks at her he suddenly sees Darla instead of Bethany there) It doesn't mean anything.

Angel grabs her hand as she slides it under the covers and pulls it off him: I said stop it!

Bethany pulls away screaming Get off me! as the bed rattles around for a moment.

Angel: You wanna make love, but you don't wanna be touched?

Bethany gives a short laugh: Make love? What are you, from the eighteenth century? - I was just... I just wanted...

Angel: What'd you want?

Bethany: Are you shocked I'm a great big slut?

Angel: You find that I'm not easily shocked, Bethany.

Bethany sits down on the chest at the end of Angel's bed.

Bethany: Everyone thinks I'm so fragile and innocent. Men love it.

Angel: Do you?

Bethany: Do I love it? - Who cares. - I'm - I'm - like the chambermaid. I just leave. When a guy's on me, I... I made up the room, I showed him in - and I leave till he's gone. - Come back and - clean up the mess.

Angel: An the men?

Bethany: What, you think they'd notice or care I'm not there? - Would you?

Angel: I don't think everyone's as bad as you'd have them be.

Bethany: Oh, right. You love the people. (Gets up) Love them so much, you got a hundred rooms to be all alone in. - I'm thinking maybe you're not exactly qualified to help me with my problem.

Angel: Maybe I'm the only one who is. - Try to get some sleep.

Bethany: Who's Darla?

Angel: Good night, Bethany.

Bethany sighs and walks out through the open doors of his bedroom. As she passes through the living-room-kitchenette area we see Darla peek out from behind a wall and look towards Angel's bedroom.

Wolfram and Harts offices, day.

Holland: He's not sleeping. You understand how this puts a crimp in Lindsey's project.

Lilah: Yes, sir, but...

Holland: You know, Lindsey's a guy who understands the big picture. All his efforts go towards realizing that picture - and your little girl is currently finger-painting all over his efforts.

Lilah: I understand, sir.

Holland: I know you do. - Get her out, Lilah. - And not just for the sake of the big picture - for yours.

Smiles at her.

Bethany: I feel funny. Sweaty-funny, I think.

Angel: Just try it. You can stop at any time.

Bethany: What if it blows up or something?

Angel holding a silk scarf: I'll buy Cordelia a new one.

Bethany takes a deep breath: Okay. Just - drop it on the floor.

Angel drops the scarf. Bethany's eyes kind of widen. Cordy, on the phone behind the counter watches as one end of the scarf rises to slide up Angel's body.

Angel smiles at her: See? (The scarf drapes itself around Angel's neck) You can control it.

Bethany gives a short laugh.

Cordy hangs up the phone and walks over to them.

Cordy to Angel: Nice look. (Angel pulls the scarf off, and she hands him a piece of paper) That was Gunn. He wants you to meet him at this address.

Angel: Brentwood?

Cordy: I'll look after Bethany. We can hit the Plaza shops.

Bethany: Um, sure. Sounds like fun.

Angel hands Cordy her scarf while looking at Bethany: I'll be back soon.

Cordy holds out the scarf as he leaves: You're not gonna wear this?

The door to a dark apartment breaks open to reveal Angel and Gunn in the hallway outside of it.

Gunn walking in: Knock, knock. See, this works great. You break and I enter.

Angel: As long as this guy is still alive I can't enter.

Gunn: The guy is on the critical list. Your girl must be pretty scary. (Looks around the apartment) You see what I'm seeing here?

Angel craning his neck to see as much as he can through the open door: Doesn't exactly fit the thug-in-the-alley profile.

Gunn: No, word on this guy was muscle-for-hire. Not cheap neither.

Angel: So he was *sent* after Bethany.

Gunn: Somebody wanted her hurt.

Angel: Or wanted to know what would happen if somebody tried. (Leans against the invisible barrier) Hey, look for an address book. You know, checks, statements.

Gunn: I'm still dealing with this man's ugly-ass livingroom-set. Some people just shouldn't have money.

Angel: On the subject of money. How would you feel, maybe, you know, on a - case by case basis?

Gunn: Are you offering to pay me for helping you?

Angel: Yeah.

Gunn: Cool.

Angel blinks, still leaning against the barrier. Suddenly the barrier vanishes and Angel's lands full length on the floor of the apartment.

Gunn smiling: You're a very graceful man, have I ever mentioned that?

Angel getting up: I guess someone is off the critical list.

Gunn: Rapist-for-hire, see me crying?

Angel looks through some papers on the desk. Hits the redial button on the speakerphone.

After the second ring it's picked up.

Wolfram and Hart - how may I direct your call?

Angel and Gunn look at each other.

Night. We see and old fashioned carousel, Cordy and Bethany holding drinks.

Bethany: You're right. This is great!

Cordy: It's the vanilla that makes the mocha less latte-y.

Bethany: Yeah. Where I'm from, you know, they still just have coffee. Everything else is that L.A. stuff.

Cordy: Yeah. Don't bone my boss.

Bethany: What?

Cordy: Angel. He's strictly a no-bone.

Bethany: I wasn't... (Cordy raises her eyebrows at her) Cordelia, I don't wanna sleep with Angel.

Cordy: The thing about Angel, he's old-fashioned - *old* fashioned - like the age of chivalry. He sees you as, pretty much, the damsel in distress. - I think it's a little more complicated than that.

Bethany: W-why are you... I never...

Cordy: I think you're kind of dangerous. - I'm not being mean. I like you. I do. But - you come on all helpless and... I mean, people that have thought that you were helpless before - have died.

Bethany: Those men in the alley - that was the only... They were gonna hurt me.

Cordy: You could have floated them away - or-or spun them until they puked. I don't know. You squashed them.

Bethany sits down on a little wall.

Bethany: You don't know how scary it was.

Cordy sits down beside her: Yes, I do. - I had a vision of you. That's how Angel found you. I felt everything. And those guys are better off squashed, I truly think, but - somewhere in that moment of panic a decision got made and I *don't* want something like that to happen to my friends - or, and I can't stress this enough, me. - No matter what, sex complicates the equation - even more than you think.

Bethany: I get it. You don't have to worry.

Cordy: Good.

They get up and start walking again.

Bethany: So, are you and Angel...?

Cordy: Oh, no! I like my men less broody and more spendy.

Bethany: He is kind of earnest. He always seems to...

A man pushes between them, injecting something into Bethany's neck as he passes.

Cordy: Hey! - What a jerk! (Bethany is swaying and Cordy rescues her cup of coffee) You're about to drop your...

Two men grab Bethany's arms and pull her along between them.

Cordy: Hey! Stop! *Police*!

As they guys torn back towards her she throws a cup of coffee into each of their faces. They let go of Bethany, blinded by the hot coffee and Cordy catches her around the waist and leads her away.

Cordy: Stay with me. Stay with me. Oh god. (They almost get hit by a van as they cross the street) Bethany. Come on!

The back doors of the van pop open and men dressed all in white jumps out, push Cordy aside and drag Bethany into the van.

Cordy: No! Bethany! You can squash *those* guys!

The back doors of the van get pulled closed and the van speeds away - just as Angel and Gunn pull up beside Cordelia in his convertible.

Angel: Cordelia.

Cordelia points: Tan van. Fetch!

Angel speeds off in pursuit with Cordy looking after them.

Angel tires to cut the van off, but there are too many cars coming the other direction.

Angel to Gunn: Take the wheel.

Gunn slides over into the driver's seat while Angel jumps over the windshield onto the hood of his car.

Angel: Closer!

Angel jumps onto the back of the van grabbing a hold of its top rack. He pulls one of the back doors open and reaches in.

Bethany tries to sit up to see what is happening as we hear some hits and screams. Then we see two white-clad men being tossed out of the back of the van. Gunn swerves to avoid running them over.

Lilah into her cell phone: Shut up! Just shut up! One more excuse from you and I'm gonna bury you alive next to my house so I can hear you screaming. (Sighs) He took her to the hotel? Great. He wants to play with little Miss Time-bomb, I say we let him. Pull the trigger.

Bethany bursts into the ruined upstairs corner room of the hotel, followed by Angel.

Angel: Bethany!

Bethany: It's not true! It's someone else.

Angel: Bethany, I'm sorry. I know Lilah, she's not what she pretends to be.

Bethany: She's my friend!

The open balcony doors slam shut.

Cordy: Angel....

Bethany: It's not her! You're making it up. You're playing with me! Why does everyone wanna play with me? (Huddles down) I don't wanna play!

Angel crouches down in front of her: Bethany, you have to control yourself.

Bethany: Don't touch me!

The door behind Cordy slams shut.

Cordy: Maybe she just needs a time-out.

Angel: Bethany...

Bethany: I don't have to listen.

Angel: Bethany, stop. You *can* control this.

Bethany: NO!

Angel: Listen to me! Nobody is controlling you. (He absently bats a can of paint flying at him away) You have the power here. You're gonna kill us, you're gonna die?! Then they win. Don't let them. - Don't let them touch you.

Bethany slowly stands up and walks past Angel and Cordy towards the door.

Just as she reaches it, it opens - revealing her father standing there.

Father: Hello, rabbit.

And in an outside shot we see all the windows of the corner suite blow out as the whole building shakes for a moment.

The camera pans from an unconscious Angel up to show Bethany standing in front of her father.

Bethany: Daddy.

Father: God, Bethany, I've been so worried. (Angel stirs a bit) I wouldn't have known were to find you except... You're friend Lilah and I only wanna help you, sweetheart.

Plaster begins to rain from the ceiling and walls and a nail works itself out of some wood trim and flies to pierce Cordy's arm. Cordy winces, but doesn't scream.

Father: I know what you can do, Bethany.

Cordy pulls the nail out of her arm.

Father walking around Bethany into the room: And I know you don't mean to hurt anyone. (Angel opens his eyes and looks around) You're a good girl. I know that. (Bethany stares at him, eyes wide) No more worries, all right? You're coming back with me, we're gonna be a family again. (More plaster shakes lose, but the father stands untouched) Wouldn't you like that? To stop running all the time? To come back to where people know you, love you? (The walls shake harder) I promise it'll be just like it was before. - I've missed you so much. (Bethany looks like she might start to cry) Shh, rabbit.

Bethany's eyes roll back in her head for a moment and everything goes quiet.

Angel gets up: Bethany...

He gets pinned against the wall, silenced.

Father: There you go. (Reaches a hand towards her) Now why don't we go downstairs? Just you and me.

Bethany's face hardens and her father slides back from her. Angel comes free from the wall. Her father starts to float up off the floor.

Father: Bethany, what are you doing? Stop it. Put me down.

He reaches for his throat as if he is trying to pull a noose free from around it.

Father: I can't - breathe. (To Angel) Help me. Please. Stop her.

Angel: Bethany. You got the power. Use it. Finish it.

Father still clutching at his throat: Hurts. Make it stop.

Bethany: Good-bye.

The father flies backwards out of the window with a scream. Angel looks towards Bethany's calm face. The father plummets, slows, and stops to hang a few feet above the sidewalk. Angel watches Bethany. The father drops the rest of the way and Bethany blinks, shakes herself and looks from Angel over at Cordy.

Lilah: You-you think that's it? Poof, you're cured and all you're nightmares are gone?

Bethany is in Lilah's apartment packing her things.

Bethany: I'm not an idiot, Lilah, and I'm not a child.

Lilah: Yes you are, and you need us. Sooner or later your powers are gonna get out of control, and you're gonna need a friend.

Bethany: My friends don't hire men to rape or kidnap me - at least not my close one's anyway.

Lilah: I was trying to make you stronger.

Bethany looks Lilah in the eye then stretches a hand out behind her. Lilah stares as the suit case on the bed closes itself and flies into Bethany's hand.

Bethany: Good job.

Bethany walks past Lilah.

Lilah: Look, Bethany. Bethany, wait! You could have been someone important!

Angel standing outside the open door of Lilah's apartment: You got to learn to lose, sweetie.

Lilah: Did I mention you're not invited in?

Bethany standing next to Angel: Don't try to find me Lilah. I mean it.

Lilah: Our-our firm doesn't want to lose a... you're not... (Points at Angel) He is a vampire, you know.

Bethany looks at Angel: Weird.

She leaves.

Angel: Looks like you're gonna have to find someone else's brain to play with.

Lilah smiles: Yeah, we have someone in mind.

Angel: Good night, Lilah.

Lilah steps out into the hall to watch Angel open the outside door at the bottom to the steps for Bethany.

Lilah: Sweet dreams.

She goes back in slamming the door shut behind her.


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