Sunnydale After Dark
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Written By: Shawn Ryan
Directed By: James A. Contner

This episode originally aired on October 10, 2000


Previously on Angel:

Gunn to vampire: You expecting somebody else?

Angel: We're fighting on the same side. Why can't we do this together?

Gunn: I'm always on my own.

Alonna: You won't be happy until you get as close to death as you possibly can.

Gunn: It's not gonna happen little sister.

Alonna morphing into vamp-face and reaching up to bite and turn Gunn.

Gunn saying Good-bye, Alonna as he stakes her.

Vamp.Alonna dusting.

Gunn to Angel: I killed her. She was the reason, man.

Dennis face bulging out the wall in Cordy's apartment.

Angel: It's haunted.

Cordelia: It's rent controlled!

Cordy: I have a roommate, but it's cool. I never see him. (covers the phone) Hey, Hey! Phantom Dennis, put that back!

The light explosion after the vampire dust gets sucked into the box during the raising ritual.

Holland to Lindsey: We'll even the score with him - beginning with what's in that box.

Lilah: We're all very pleased you're here - Darla.

Darla: He's here.

Lindsey: Angel.

Darla: I'd love to see that boy.

Karaoke host to Angel: Uh, 'Send In the Clowns' and 'Tears of a Clown' both in one night. What a treat.

Angel: Well, I was sort of going for a, you know, medley kind of thing.

Host: Yeah, yeah. Well, more of a duo-dley, really, wasn't it?

Angel: I-I couldn't come up with a third.

Host: Still, I've never seen you open up like that. Now, tell the truth. You've been practicing, haven't you?

Angel: A little.

Host: Probably not in front of the mirror.

Angel: In the shower.

Host: And it so shows.

Angel: You think?

Host: Yeah. You really put your heart into it. Question is - what happens to it now?

Angel: It?

Host: Your heart, you big softie. - It may not be beating but it can still break.

Angel: What do you mean?

Host: Just that you've come to a *bend* in your own personal uphill road, bro. Whether or not that slows you down... Well, that's up to you. (The host turns away from Angel as we hear the noises of the bar for the first time and music starts to play) Because (starts singing ) there are hills and mountains between us always something to get over. (Angel wanders away from the side of the stage, preoccupied) If I had my way, surely you would be closer. (Angel looks up and stops as he sees Darla smiling at him from where she stands by the bar) Oh, I need you closer. You can windsurf into my life, (Angel walks over to Darla) take me up on a carpet ride...

Angel puts his hands on Darla's waist and pulls her closer.

Angel: Darla. (slight laugh) I was afraid you weren't coming.

Darla: Mmm, don't be silly, silly! I've been here the whole time.

Angel: You have?

Darla: Ah-mm, just waiting for you. (Angel smiles) Aren't you going to ask me to dance?

After a beat Angel leads her out onto the floor with a smile.

Host singing: I don't care how you get here, just get here if you can.

He continues to sing as Angel and Darla slow dance in the suddenly deserted bar.

Host: I need you, right here, right now, right by my side, ye-ah, ye-ah.

Angel his forehead leaning against Darla's: I still can't believe you're here. I mean - I killed you.

Darla: I'm over that. - You haven't told anyone else about these dates of ours, have you?

Angel pulling back a little: No. I want you all for myself.

Darla: I know how you feel.

Angel: It's so strange.

Darla: But good.

Angel: But good.

They kiss as the song ends.

Host: Somebody get these two love-vamps a room!

And we go from Angel and Darla kissing to Angel asleep in his bed with a dreamy smile on his face. He wakes, blinking his eyes and looking around. Puts a hand to his forehead, and swallows.


The Hyperion.

Cordelia is dusting by the stairs. Wesley is behind the receiving desk.

Cordy: Oh, this place is never gonna get clean.

Wesley: Buck up. It's just a little dust.

Cordy: This isn't mere dust. This is 'son of dust.' This is the kind of dust that spawns countless generations of little baby dust. - I give up.

Wesley: Very well. We'll just move our offices back to your living room.

Cordy: And I'm dusting.

Front door opens.

Gunn: Where's Angel?

Cordy: I believe the word is 'hello?'

Gunn: Yeah? 'cause I thought 'where is Angel' summed it up. We got work to do.

Cordy: He's still sleeping.

Gunn: Sleeping? It's 3:30 in the afternoon. I've been up since dawn!

Cordy coming to stand next to Wesley: Sort of missing the whole 'creature of the night' angle, isn't he?

Gunn: I knew I said 4 o'clock.

Wesley: You had an appointment?

Gunn: He didn't brief you? - Angel promised to back me up. We're meeting a snitch downtown. This guy has a line on Deevak.

Wesley: Deevak?

Gunn: Demon. He set up camp in my neighborhood. He put to of my men in the hospital last night. So could one of you go in there and knock on his coffin?

Cordy: He doesn't use a coffin. And maybe you've never heard the expression 'let sleeping vampires lie?' - He'll rise on his own. He always does. - Maybe we can help?

Gunn: You two? I find Deevak I'm gonna need more than C3po and 'stick figure Barbie' backing me up. No offence.

Wesley: Very little taken.

Gunn: Deevak is a bad-ass. I'm gonna need the serious muscle.

The door opens and Nabbit steps in, wearing his blue silk cape and swinging a sword.

Nabbit: Demons of the underworld be ware - your time on the surface is drawing nigh!

Cordy smiling: David, hi!

Nabbit runs up to them: I got here as quick as I could.

Cordy: We paged you two days ago.

Nabbit: I was in Kuala Lumpur. Hostile take-over. (Whips his sword up at Gunn) Ah, identify yourself, traveler. Are you also a fellow demon killer?

Gunn bats the sword away: Who is this guy?

Wesley: David Nabbit, meet Charles Gunn. Gunn, Nabbit.

Nabbit: Ha, pleasure's all mine. - So, - where is Angel?

Cordy: Actually, he's still kind of sleeping.

Nabbit: At 3:30? I've been up since dawn!

Angel comes down the stairs: Sorry I'm late.

Nabbit sword back in hand: Ah! I stand ready to fight the good fight, sir! What do you need?

Angel: Financial advice.

Nabbit blinks: Okay. Good.

Angel: We're making this hotel our new base of operations. Right now we're leasing it for six months with an option to buy.

Nabbit: And how much are you willing to put down?

Cordy: 'Nothing' - would be good.

Nabbit shrugs: Oh. That's easy. You could look into seller financing, take over the owner's payments and skip the bank completely, or you could make a play for a preservation grant. Offer to restore the original d├ęcor and get the city and the feds to give you a tax break and a loan at a sweetheart rate. Or you could apply for an FHA and get a PMI in lieu of a down payment.

Cordy: Is anybody else getting warm? (Nabbit looks at her) Do that 'tax breaks,' FHA and PMI part again.

Nabbit looks form Cordy to Angel a couple times.

Gunn to Angel: I-I'll have my money guy run up some numbers for you.

Angel: Thanks.

Nabbit nods then runs up the stairs to the doors. Stops and turns with a big smile on his face.

Nabbit: Is this demon fighting cool or what, huh?


Gunn as Angel goes to pour himself a cup of coffee: What are you doing, man? We need to move on this.

Angel: Relax. We'll make it.

Gunn: Relax? Every time you ask me for a favor I'm right there. First time a need your help, you snoozing the afternoon away. What's up with that?

Angel hands Cordy his car keys: Cordy, you're driving.

Cordy: Me? Drive your car? (Angel nods) So cool.

Angel: Wesley, we're gonna need some bribe money, some cash in the box.

Gunn: Hey, wait a minute.

Angel: I thought you wanna move on this?

Gunn: Which is why we're not taking these two. They'll slow us up.

Angel grabbing his coat: We go up against Deevak we're gonna need the entire team. (to Cordy) Pick me up in the back, in the shade.

Gunn stands there shaking his head as Angel walks out the back and Cordy and Wesley head for the front doors.

Wesley: Shotgun.

Angel's car pulls up in a parking garage and Cordy and Wesley get out, followed by Angel and Gunn.

Gunn looking around: We're too late. He split.

Cordy: Maybe he heard what a pleasant person you were to be around.

Angel looking around: There.

A short black kid slowly peeks out from behind a van.

Jameel: One of you Gunn?

Gunn: That's me. You Jameel?

Jameel come out from behind the van. Angel throws an envelope at him and he catches it.

Angel: Here's the money.

Jameel throws it at Gunn's feet: Keep it. I changed my mind.

Gunn picks up the money: You don't want this - your choice. But you're gonna tell me where to find Deevak.

Jameel: Hey, man, the only reason why I showed is 'cause I know you got a rep, and I aint looking to make no new enemies. But on this Deevak situation I just can't help you. He'll know it was me. Demon's got eyes and ears all over the place, not to mention teeth! There's a good chance that he had some vamps tail me over.

Gunn looks around: I don't see none.

Jameel: Good. I'm just here to pay my respects and be off the streets before sundown like my momma taught me.

Gunn: You want to make it home at all you're gonna start telling me what you know.

Jameel: Look man, I'm sorry. But Deevak scares me a lot more than you do.

Gunn hands the envelope to Angel then whips around and knocks Jameel down.

Cordy: Gunn!

Angel: Hey!

Gunn kicks the fallen Jameel: Are you scared of me now?

Angel steps between them: What are you doing?

Gunn: What I got to do. I got people dying!

Jameel: Man, I didn't do anything!

Gunn pushes past Angel and pulls Jameel up.

Gunn: You think I care? Survival of the fittest, bro. And right now you ain't looking too fit.

Gunn pulls his fist back to hit a cowering Jameel, but Angel catches it.

Angel: Easy.

Gunn: Let go man. This is my case.

Angel: It was. Now it's mine.

They stare at each other, when a door opens and some vamps rush in.

Wesley: Angel!

Jameel: Oh, man. See I told you I was being watched!

Jameel pulls himself free and disappears, the others turn to confront the vampires.

The three guys take one vampire each while Cordy dances around with stake in hand swinging at the backs of the fighting vamps. On her second try she stakes Wesley's vamp just as it is about to jump on a downed Wesley then gives him a hand up. Angel and Gunn continue to fight their vamps, both doing about equally well.

Blend to show the stake lying between three piles of dust and our four heroes sitting with their back leaned against Angel's car.

Cordy: I'm so sick of dust.

Angel: I can't lift my arm all the way.

Gunn: That vamp did a number on my ribs.

Wesley: I'm afraid I threw my back out again. (Pulls a smashed pager out of his back pocket) Ach, lovely! Drops it.

Cordy: Ach! Grease stains! All over my new outfit. (Angel and Gunn look at her) Okay, so maybe my pain isn't physical, but do you have any idea of the dry cleaning bill I'm looking at?

Gunn: We're still no closer to finding Deevak.

Wesley: Probably for the best.

Gunn: How you figure?

Wesley: Well, we're hardly prepared to face a demon of Deevak's caliber in our current condition.

Gunn: You ready to pack it in? Only reason I called you was because you all supposed to be the demon experts.

Angel: Wesley's right. Three vamps, we should have been able to take them all a lot easier and faster than we did. We need to regroup.

Gunn gets up: Maybe the rest of you need a little down time. I'm gonna track down Jameel and make him talk.

Cordy: When you do find him, you may wanna be a little more Guy Pierce in L.A Confidential and less Michael Madsen in Reservoir Dogs?

Gunn: I haven't bothered to see a movie since Denzel was robbed at the Oscars for Malcom X. - Later.

Gunn leaves.

Wesley: That was quite a performance.

Cordy: I know! Talk about being wound up to tight.

Wesley: No. I-I mean Denzel.

Cordy: Oh. Well, he is always great.

Wesley to Angel: What about you?

Angel: Who doesn't love Denzel?

Wesley: No! I mean - what you said before. It's true. I've never seen you have so much trouble with a simple vampire before.

Angel: Off day. Lets go.

Night. The Hyperion. Cordy pulls up with Angel beside her in the convertible (top now down).

Cordy: Home sweet hotel.

Angel: Just bring the car back tomorrow.

Cordy: You sure you gonna be okay?

Angel: Yeah, I'll be fine. I just need to get some sleep.

Cordy as Angel gets out: That seems to be all you've been doing lately. Not that I'm judging!

Angel: Good night.

Cordy calls after him: Sleep tight! (adds quietly) don't let the bed bugs bite.

Cordy walks into her living room carrying a book and a cup.

Cordy: Jeez, Dennis, it's like a meat locker in here. Don't tell me you turned down the thermostat again.

The thermostat moves from 50 to 75.

Cordy curls up in a chair: Thank you. - What is it with ghosts and cold rooms?

She gets hit by a vision.

Cordy: Oh, what... Oh, no!

She gets hit by the second part of it, and this time we see a blurry picture of Gunn fighting something we can't see.

Cordelia drops to the floor holds up one hand.

Cordy: Dennis, phone!

The cordless jumps into her hand.

Angel lies curled up in bed as the phone laying on the nightstand rings.

Angel: What's that ringing?

He and Darla are lying out in the 'moon' in a couple of lawn chairs, wearing bathing suits and sunglasses.

Darla: Nothing, darling. It'll stop.

Angel: Where is it coming from?

Darla: Ignore it.

She takes a piece of ice out of her drink and draws a line with it down the middle of Angel's chest. He starts to laugh.

Angel: Why are you so good to me - after everything I did?'

Darla: Because - you and I are one. (she draws the ice cube across Angel's lips. The phone stops ringing) See? I told you it would stop.

She leans down and they kiss.

Cordy to phone as she paces: Wesley? Where are you? Are you there? Wesley? Ugh! Where are you guys? God. I don't know what I should do. I had a vision. It's Gunn. He's in trouble. I-I think it's bad. Oh, god, where are you guys? I don't know what to... Okay, I'm going over there. When you get this message, get Angel and meet me at Gunn's, okay?

Hangs up the phone and grabs her purse, heads for the door, stops.

Cordy: I need a weapon. (Takes an axe out of the closet and shoves it in her purse) Okay. I'm gonna die. (Heads for the door) I'm gonna die.

Angel's convertible pulls up in front of Gunn's place. Cordy jumps out and runs in. Axe in hand, she heads down a dimly lit corridor.

Cordy: Gunn?

She hears the sound of weapons clashing coming from the laundry room. Sees Gunn fighting someone with quarterstaffs through the window in the door. Runs in and hits the other guy over the head from behind with the axe.

Guy holds his head: Ow!

Gunn rips the axe out of Cordy's hand: Are you crazy? What the hell are you doing?

Cordy: Saving you from a killer demon!

There is the sound of laughter. Cordy turns around and sees the rest of Gunn's gang sitting there watching.

Cordy: Not a demon?

Gunn shakes his head.

Cordy: I didn't just save your life?

Back to Angel sleeping.

He comes up behind Darla and wraps his arms around her.

Angel: What are you thinking about?

We hear a soft knocking in the background.

Darla: You. - Us.

Angel: You seem sad.

Darla: It's just - I have to go.

Angel: Where?

Darla: Away.

Angel: I'll go with you.

Darla: You can't. I'm in danger.

Angel: I'll protect you.

She turns around in his arms as the knocking becomes the sound of hammering.

Darla: You're too busy protecting everyone else.

They almost kiss, but the hammering gets louder and they look over to see Wesley putting a nail into an upright coffin.

Angel: Wesley? - Stop it!

Angel looks around for Darla, but she is gone. He turns back to find himself face to face with Wesley. He grabs him by the throat and throws him backwards on the floor - in reality.

Angel: You made her go away.

Wesley in choked voice: Angel, it's me!

Angel: What are you doing here?

Wesley: Gunn's in trouble. Can't breathe.

Angel: Gunn can't breathe?

Wesley: I can't breathe.

Angel jumps off him: Oh, sorry.

Wesley leans back taking deep breaths: Oh, it's quite alright. (Looks up at Angel) Now about the naked thing...

Angel looks down at himself: I'll get dressed.

Wesley: Much appreciated.

Angel offers his hand to help Wesley up.

Wesley: Uh, no, no.

Gets up without help.

Cut to Cordy bandaging the head of the guy she just attacked.

Cordy: Okay. There you go. Good as new.

Guy: I think you cracked my skull.

Cordy: Well, that's new, right?

Gunn heads towards the door.

Cordy: Hey wait a minute. Where are you going?

Gunn: Walking you to your car. You're going home.

Cordy picks up her axe and purse and hurries after him.

Cordy: You know you can't just dismiss me like that. I know what I'm talking about.

Gunn: Oh, you mean like you knew Joey was a demon?

Cordy: That was an honest mistake. I was just trying to help you.

Gunn: Thanks for the help. Always enhances a guy's rep when some skinny white beauty queen comes to his rescue - in front of his crew!

Cordy: Whether you wanna believe it or not, you are in big time danger. I'm vision girl. I saw you. You were at the end of your world, fighting for your life. You were so scared!

Gunn: See, now I know you're tripping, 'cause I don't get scared.

Cordy: Well, I do! The things I've seen, sometimes they get downright terrifying. And right now, I am scared for *you*!

Gunn: Hey, be scared for me all you want, just do it back at your place.

Cordy: I'm not leaving your side until I know you're safe.

They step out through the door of the building.

Gunn: I'm not in the market for a sidekick, so hightail it back on home.

Cordy: No.

Gunn: Thanks for coming. Buckle up. Drive safe. - So where's your car?

Cut to Wesley and Angel standing outside the hotel.

Wesley: So - where is your car?

Cut to Cordy and Gunn in Gunn's pickup.

Cordy: Angel is not gonna be happy. Do you know what he's gonna do to me when he finds out I let his car get stolen? What are the chances that a vampire has full insurance with a low deductible?

Gunn: I'll find the car.

Cordy: And how exactly are you gonna do that?

Gunn: I know a couple of guys in this part of town that jack vintage cars. We'll run down the list until we find Angel's ride.

Cordy: And then what? You're just gonna ask them to give it back?

Gunn: I'll say please.

Cordy: Ooh! I forgot. You'll use your famous charm. Like you did this afternoon with that pigeon stool.

Gunn: It's stool pigeon. - And you don't have clue why I do the things I do!

Cordy: Paging Mr. Rationalization!

Gunn: Paging Ms. About-to-be-thrown-out-of-a-moving-vehicle.

Cordy: Be as rude as you want. I'm not going anywhere until I know you're safe!

Gunn: Me rude? You're the one that showed up at my place, attacked my boy, then decided to highjack my life. The way I figure it, I find your car for you, you give me my freedom back.

Cordy: That's not the way it works! You need protection!

Gunn: And how exactly do you plan on protecting me? With some weak-ass lady-smith battle axe?

Cordy: Ask Joey and his cracked skull just how weak-ass it is. (Gunn mouths something silently. Cordy digs in her purse) Besides - I've also got this! (holds up a red bottle) Mace!

Gunn: Mace?

Cordy: Little squirt, squirt, right in the eye?

Gunn: You're expecting me to be jumped by a couple of purse-snatching demons?

Cordy: Well, it'll just have to so because - I'm your protector whether you like it or not.

Gunn: Well, something better attack me soon 'cause I know I can't take much more of this.

Wesley get on his motorcycle, looks over at Angel.

Wesley: Come on. What are you waiting for?

Angel holds up a pink motorcycle helmet.

Angel: I-I-I really don't think it's gonna fit.

Wesley: Of course it will. Put it on.

Angel: You know, I-I don't need a helmet for protection.

Wesley: Angel. It's the law in California. You want us to get pulled over?

Angel: No.

Wesley: Then what's the problem?

Angel: Well, it-it's just, you know - the whole - visibility issue, not to mention the whole hat-head thing and if you really think about it, how come I have to wear the ladies helmet?

Wesley: Stop being such a wanker and put it on!

Angel looks like he wants to protest some more but Wesley just looks at him. Angel puts the helmet on and looks at Wesley.

Wesley suppresses a smile while he puts his own (black) helmet on: Good. Hop on board, gorgeous.

Angel: You'll pay for this.

Gets on behind Wesley.

Gunn and Cordy walk into a car yard.

Cordy: It isn't here.

Gunn: They wouldn't keep it here on the lot. New acquisitions are in the garage.

Cordy: Getting the full make-over I bet.

A door opens behind them and a guy comes out.

Henry: What are you looking for?

Gunn: '67 Plymouth convertible.

Henry: Give me a few days. I'll see what I can do.

Gunn: Cordelia, meet Henry.

Henry: New to the neighborhood?

Cordy: Someone stole my friends car tonight.

Gunn: '67 Plymouth?

Henry: Wasn't me. Convertible you said?

Gunn: Yeah.

Henry: Desmond's your man. He can't pass up old convertibles. You should talk to him.

Gunn to Cordy: Come on.

Henry: You won't find him at his shop. Tito's having a party. Everyone's invited. Desmond'll be there.

Gunn: Where'd you jack these cars from?

Henry: Around.

Gunn: They look like neighborhood cars to me.

Henry: Oh, I help you out and now you want to start something.

Gunn: Look, I told you, you wanna jack beemers in Brentwood, be my guest. But leave the neighborhood cars alone.

Henry: Yeah, well business is business. You should think about minding your own.

Gunn: Things don't change I might have to put you out of business. - Lets go.

He and Cordy leave.

Once they're gone a big ugly demon comes up behind Henry.

Deevak: I'm surprised you didn't wet yourself.

Henry: Him? He's nothing, Deevak. Name's Gunn. He's under the false impression that he runs this town.

Deevak: I know who he is - the trouble he's caused. Tonight - it ends.

Angel and Wesley riding on the motorcycle.

Three guys walkout of a house with rap playing in the background.

Middle guy: Gunn. What are you doing here?

Gunn: I was about to ask you the same thing.

Guy to his buds: I-I'll catch up with you guys later.

They leave.

Gunn: You're supposed to be cruising the garment district.

Guy: Things were dead down there, man.

Gunn: Oh, so you figured you earned yourself a little party?

Guy: Come on -It's just a little fun.

Gunn: No, it's *you* not obeying orders. We got two men down, you want to make it a third? Get the hell back home. I've got a few things to take care of in here, then you and I are gonna have a little chat. Go!

He goes.

Cordy: Jeez, short enough leash or do you just go all warm and tingly on the whole power-trip thing?

Gunn: Some people need discipline to survive. Now when we get inside, shut up and stick close to me.

Cordy: Hold on there, generalissimo. I'm not one of your toy soldiers you can just boss around!

Gunn: I don't even want you here.

Cordy: Too bad! I am here. And I don't take orders. Well, except from Angel, and at least he usually asks nicely. And besides I don't need you to tell me how to behave at a party. Trust me, I know how to blend!

Cut to the party in the house.

Cordy: Okay, not exactly blending. Maybe I just shut up and stick close to you.

A girl spots Gunn.

Veronica: Hey, stranger!

Gunn: Hey, girl. You're looking good, Veronica.

Veronica: I've missed you down at the store lately. Works so boring when you don't stop by.

Gunn: I've just been kind of busy, you know?

Veronica: Who's your friend?

Cordy: Who me? I'm no friend. I mean I'm just here on business. I'm a working girl. - That came out wrong. I mean, obviously I'm not a working girl. Not that I couldn't be if I wanted to, of course I could. - God that sounded stuck up, didn't it? I didn't mean to imply that I could be a working girl and you couldn't. Far from it. You'd make a great... Could you just point me to the hor d'oeuvers?

Gunn: This is Cordelia. We're looking for Desmond. You seen him?

Veronica: Oh. He's around here somewhere.

Gunn: Cool. Thanks. I'll catch you later.

Veronica: You better. I don't want you forgetting about us down here.

Gunn: Never.

Cordy follows Gunn deeper into the house. Gunn greets some guys on the way.

Cordy: Are you friends with like every criminal in town?

Gunn: See, there you go assuming those brothers are criminals.

Cordy: Aren't they?

Gunn: You mean like your friend David Nabbit? You think he became a billionaire by being a good citizen?

Cordy: Actually he did. He made his first millions developing software that lets blind people surf the web. Plus, he set up a foundation that donates 20 billion a year to countless charitable causes.

Gunn: Well, you let me know when some of that coin trickles down to these parts. - There he is.

Cordy: Who? Car-thief guy?

Gunn: One and the same. Desmond!

Desmond: G-man. Can I get you a brew?

Gunn: You can give me the '67 Plymouth you stole from my place tonight.

Desmond: What makes you think I'm the guy?

Gunn: Don't play with me and I won't play with you.

Desmond: Hey, I had no idea...

Gunn turns at the sound of glass breaking and girls screaming.

Some vampires have crashed the party, hitting their way through the crowd towards Gunn. Cordy tries to hit one with her axe, but the other just bats her aside. Two vamps are holding Gunn while the other punches him in the ribs. Cordy smashes a popcorn bowl on the hitter's head, but again just gets batted out of the way. Veronica rushes to help Gunn, but a vampire throws her into some glass shelves. She lands on the floor and pulls a piece of glass out of the side of her neck.

The other guys at the party start in on the vamps while Cordelia tries to help Veronica.

Veronica: What's happening?

Cordy: Uhm - you're bleeding. I'm gonna take care of you. Just try to relax, okay?

Cordy goes to get a towel and presses it against the neck wound.

Cordy: Okay. Try to sit up, okay? Come on. Easy.

Cordy helps Veronica to sit up leaning against the sofa behind her, ignoring the fight still going on.

Cordy: Here we go. Okay. You're gonna be okay, okay? (looks at the bloody towel) You're gonna be okay.

The last vampire finally jumps headfirst out the window and we hear a car squealing away. Gunn turns and sees Cordy and Veronica.

Cordy to Gunn: She needs a doctor (mouthes silently) now!

Gunn kicks the door to the emergency room open, carrying Veronica, with Cordy still pressing the towel against her neck.

Gunn: She needs a doctor! Where is a doctor?

Nurse: This way. - Dr. Thomas!

Dr. Thomas: What happened?

They put Veronica on a gurney.

Cordy: A piece of broken glass went into her neck. She pulled it out before I could stop her. It looked like it may have clipped her artery. I applied pressure to the wound, slowed the bleeding. Her pulse has been weakening. She passed out on the way over here.

Gunn: She gonna be alright?

Dr. Thomas: Please step outside and let us take care of her.

Gunn: Is she gonna be alright!

Dr. Thomas: You're friend probably saved her life (Gunn looks down at Cordy's hand still pressed over the wound), but we still got some work to do, so let us do it please.

The doctor puts her hand on the towel and Cordy takes hers away, takes a hold of Gunn's arm.

Cordy: Come on, Gun, she's in good hands. Gunn.

He lets her lead him out, never taking his eyes for Veronica's bloody neck.

Cordelia is rolling up her bloodstained sleeves and walks down a hospital corridor looking for Gunn. Sees him standing alone in a waiting room with his head resting against the wall.

He hits the wall and begins to pace, sees Cordy.

Gunn: She almost died.

Cordy: But she didn't.

Gunn: No thanks to me.

Cordy: It's not your fault.

Gunn: I let my guard down and she's the one - (hits the wall hard) the vamps was coming after me not her!

Cordy: Take it easy.

Gunn: I can't take it easy. I can never take it easy. Not for one second, alright? The minute I forget that someone like Alonna pays the price.

Cordy: Alonna?

Gunn looks at her, then shakes his head and continues to pace: Veronica. - I can't stop. I can't ever stop.

Cordy looks at him as Desmond tries to sneak into the elevator in the corridor behind her.

Cordy points a finger at him without turning around: Don't you move a muscle! (Goes to confront him) Where - is *my* car?

Wesley and Angel pull up between two police cars sitting in front of Tito's house. Wesley and Angel look at each other as Angel puts the pink helmet on the back of the bike then runs a hand through his hair.

Wesley stops a black girls coming down the steps from the house.

Wesley: Excuse me Miss, do you by any chance know a Charles Gunn? One of his associates suggested that we might be able to find him here.

Girl still headed away from the house: Huh? No. I don't know. Maybe he was one of the ones that got hurt.

Wesley turns to look around for someone else, but Angel stays close to the girl keeping one hand on her back.

Angel: Looks like you're hurt.

Girl: Huh? No. I-I'm fine.

Angel: What happened here?

Girl: I'm not sure. It just all happened so fast. We were partying. I don't know who they were looking for, but they were strong. It was like they were on something.

By now all three of them are behind an ambulance.

Girl: I just - I just need to lie down.

Wesley: Ah, if you've suffered some sort of head injury..

Girl: No. I'm okay. Really. I was lucky compared to some of the others.

She turns to go, but Angel takes a hold of her shoulders.

Angel: Are you sure you're okay?

Girl: Yeah. Thanks.

Angel: Good.

Head-buts her hard in the face, and she reveals her vamp face.

Angel: Now start talking, huh?

Cordy and Gunn walk into a garage. Angel's car is there.

Cordy: There is a god! Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Gunn: Great. You drive it out of here I follow you home.

Cordy: Just as soon as I find the keys.

Gunn: You don't have the keys?

Cordy: Well, I-I kind of left them in the car when I went in to save you. I thought you were in danger. Every second counted.

Gunn: You know, I got to tell you, you are one high-maintenance chick.

Cordy: The keys are here. (Starts looking through the car) Somewhere.

Gunn: You are killing me!

Cordy: Can't you - you know - hot wire it?

Gunn: Just because I know some car thieves don't mean I am one.

Cordy: Hey instead of being high-moral-ground boy, why don't you help me find them?

Deevak rattling some keys: Looking for these?

Gunn to Cordy: Go.

Cordy: Not a chance.

Gunn: Go!

Cordy: I'm not leaving you!

Deevak: How touching. A woman willing to die with her man.

Cordy: Oh, no. He's not my man. He-he's just a friend. And - about the 'willing to die' part...

Gunn: You must be Deevak. They told me you was ugly but - damn.

Deevak: And you're the big bad Gunn.

Gunn stretches his hand back towards Cordy, but she only bats it away.

Deevak: Heard you were looking for me.

Deevak grabs Gunn by the throat and lifts him up.

Cordy: Hey!

Deevak: You found me.

Cordy pulls out her axe and hits Deevak, but he catches her wrist in his other hand.

Deevak: How does it feel to finally meet up with someone even nastier than you? Uh, not good by the sound of it.

Cordy: Stop it! You're killing him!

Deevak morphs into Jameel.

Jameel: Survival of the fittest, bro, and right now you're not looking too fit.

Cordelia digs the mace out of her purse and sprays it in Jameel's eyes. Jameel lets got of them.

Cordy: Gunn.

Jameel morphs back into Deevak.

Cordy: Oh my god.

Cordy and Gunn get up and back away as Angel and Wesley on their motorcycle come sliding in sideways under the garage door, knocking one of the vampires down. The vamp picks himself back up and grins as he sees Angel take off the pink helmet. Angel looks at the helmet in his hands, back at the vamp. Grins and smashes the helmet in its face.

Angel and Wes are fighting the vamps, Gunn is trying to fight Deevak, but Deevak blocks every punch he throws.

Cordy tries to hit one of the vamps with her ax, but gets pinned up against the side of a car by it. Wesley comes in to stake the vampire holding her, then pulls her out of the way of another vamp trying to bash her head in with a crowbar.

Deevak is now attacking Gunn, and Gunn barely manages to avoid the demon's wild swings. One of Deevak's hands connects, knocking Gunn down. Angel seeing this yells Cordy, Axe! She throws him the axe and he catches it as he jumps off a car's hood into a summersault, burying the axe in Deevak's forehead on the way down.

Deevak drops like a tree trunk next to Gunn.

Angel reaches out a hand and pulls Gunn to his feet.

Angel is pushing the car out of the garage, then jumps into it trying to start it by poping the clutch when Wesley runs out after him.

Wesley: Angel! Angel look. I found your keys. (holds up the gunked up keys) Unfortunately this substances doesn't appear to be coming off.

Angel looks at it: What's that?

Wesley: Demon blood, or demon puss, or possibly both.

Tries to get Angel to take the keys of the pen that he is holding them up with but Angel backs away.

Angel: Easy. Anyone know hot to hot wire a car?

Gunn walks up past Cordy rubbing his throat.

Gunn: Hey.

Cordy: Hey.

Gunn: Well, you finally saved my life. I guess I should say thanks.

Cordy: Yes, you should, and no - I didn't.

Gunn: What?

Cordy: Deevak wasn't the danger my vision was warning me about.

Gunn: He wasn't?

Cordy: No.

Gunn: Then what was?

Cordy: I'm looking at it. It's you, Charles. You're the danger.

Gunn: Excuse me?

Cordy: It's how you life your life. You don't just face danger, you create it. You're on a self destruct mission - unless you get some help.

Gunn laughs: I ain't buying none of this Dionne Warwick crap.

Cordy: You know it's true. You need some serious saving. Looks like I've got my work cut out for me.

Gunn: Oh, is that right?

Cordy: Well, yeah. Better just plan on having me I your life for a while. At least until you find some peace.

Gunn: Could be a while.

Cordy: That's okay. Helping people that's what me and my friends do.

Gunn opens the door to his pickup: Well, lucky me.

Cordy: Hey. How about that thank you?

Gunn looks at her, Cordy raises her eyebrows at him, Gunn gives her a slightly sheepish smile and Cordy smiles back. He closes the door and drives off.

Angel and Wesley come to stand next to Cordy.

Angel walks into the hotel lobby looking beat.

Darla: Honey, you're home.

Angel: Hi.

Darla: You look beat. What's wrong?

Angel: Nothing.

Darla walking over to him: Save any lives today?

Angel drops his coat: A few. Yeah.

Darla: Did any of your friends say thank you?

Angel: Not exactly.

Darla: Hmm, typical. You know, next time you see them I'm really going to say something to them.

Angel: It's okay.

Darla: No. It isn't. (Puts her hands on his arms) You give and you give and you give.

Angel: I'm used to it.

Darla: Always the protector, never the protected.

Angel: I have so many things to make up for.

Darla: And you have. You take care of so many people. - But who takes care of you?

Angel looks down at her and starts to smile: You do.

Darla coos: That's right. I do. (Pulls him towards a red couch by the front of his sweater) Come on. (Pushes him and he drops bonelessly into one corner of it) Lean back. (Crawls on top of him) Now, you just relax and let Darla take care of you.

She kisses him and we blend over into Angel's smiling face as he lies sleeping.

In his dream Darla is pulling Angel's sweater off.

Darla: How's that?

Angel: Good.

Darla: I'm just getting started, baby. (She starts kissing her way down his bare chest.) I know how to please you.

Back to Angel laying on his back in bed, fast asleep. A hand crawls up his bare chest, followed by a just as bare Darla.

Darla: All you have to do is let me.

Darla kisses his chest, his neck, his mouth, mirroring the dream action in real life without Angel showing any sign of waking.

Darla looks down at his sleeping face: Mmm, I could just eat you up.

Darla leans down and kisses the side of his neck.


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