Sunnydale After Dark
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Written by: Tim Minear
Directed by: Michael Lange
Airdate: May 2, 2000

Wesley: This is perhaps Faith?

Faith: New Watcher?

Buffy and Giles: New Watcher.

Buffy: You killed a man!

Faith: I don't care!

Angel: You can't imagine the price for true evil. You don't have to disappear into the darkness.

Buffy: It doesn't have to be like this, you know?

Faith: You took my life B. Payback's a bitch!

Giles: The Watchers Council sent a retrieval team to capture Faith. A special operations unit. They handle the Council's trickier jobs.

Collins: They've ordered the kill.

Giles: We have a rogue Slayer on our hands. I can't think of anything more dangerous.

Faith: Who am I supposed to kill?

Lindsey: His name is Angel.

Faith: No problem.

Lee: I don't want you to make me look bad.

Faith smashes his face into the table: How do you look now?

Angel catches the arrow Faith shot at his back.

Faith: This is going to be fun!

Faith: And if you'd been a better Watcher, I might have been a more positive role model!

Angel burst through the door.

Angel and Faith fall through the window.

Faith: I'm bad. I'm bad! I'm evil! Please just do it. Just kill me. Just kill me.

A wet and slightly beaten Faith and Angel ride down the elevator to his apartment.

Angel: Faith. Come on.

Angel leads her over to his bed and Faith sits down, arms wrapped around herself.

Angel: It's okay. Rest here.

Angel wraps a towel around her shoulders. Faith slowly lies down and Angel covers her with a blanket.

Angel: You rest now.

He picks up Faith's backpack and puts it on a chair next to the bed.

Angel: I'll put your stuff here. I'll be close.

He turns and starts to leave.

Faith: Angel.

Angel turns back: Yeah

We flash from Angel's face to a short scene of Faith attacking Angel all out with a butcher knife, cut to a shot of Faith's face, lying on the bed, then back on Angel.

Faith: Nothing.

Angel leaves.


Cordelia is in the office looking through some files when Wesley walks in. Wesley inspects Cordy's huge black eye.

Wesley: Bitch. (Cordy gives him a look.) Not you obviously. (sighs) I can't tell you how sorry I am that I allowed this to happen.

Cordy sighs: I believe it was Faith who allowed her elbow to collide with my face. Not your fault.

Wesley: At least you only got the elbow.

Cordy: Well, if it's any consolation it really does look like you were tortured by a much larger woman.

Wesley smiles a little.

Wesley: She's still here, I assume.

Cordy: He gave her his bed!

Angel walks in: Wesley.

Wesley: Angel.

Angel: I didn't expect to see you in today. How are you feeling?

Wesley: As well as can be expected.

Angel: Good. Good. (To Cordy) Doughnuts?

Cordy points and Angel opens the box.

Wesley: Developed a sweet fang, have you?

Angel to Cordy: You got jelly?

Cordy: Whole selection.

Wesley: Won't she find it difficult? Enjoying delicious, jelly-filled doughnuts, if she is, one assumes, bound and gagged?

Angel: Wesley, we went through all this last night.

Wesley: Yes, you were right. The police would be ill equipped to hold a Slayer against her will. I understand why you chose not to turn her over to them. I do not, however, understand why the woman who brutally tortured me last night - this morning - gets pastries!

Angel: I don't really have anything else downstairs. What do you want to do, Wesley? Let her starve?

Wesley: Certainly not. There are far more humane ways to deal with a rabid animal.

Angel: She is not an animal.

Wesley: No?

Angel: She's a person. In case you've forgotten. We're not in the business of giving up on people.

Wesley: Don't you dare take the moral high ground with me after what she did. I believe in helping people. I do *not* believe in coddling murderers!

Angel: It wasn't too long ago that you were the one making the case for her rehabilitation.

Wesley: It wasn't too long ago I had full feeling in my right arm!

Angel: She wants to change.

Wesley: There is evil in that girl, Angel. It doesn't matter what she wants, or says she wants. You set her free, she’ll kill again.

When Angel doesn't answer, Wesley picks up his jacket and leaves.

Angel: He'll come around.

Cordy: Wesley? Sure! People always get a little funny right after they've been sadistically tortured. Well, you'd know. (Puts a book of business checks on top of the box of doughnuts Angel is holding) I need you to sign these.

Angel with a sigh: You understand why we have to help Faith, don't you?

Cordy: Totally. (Points at the book) And here.

Angel: We can't just arbitrarily decide whose soul is worth saving and whose isn't.

Cordy: Oh, I know! And this one? (Rips out the page of checks) Thanks.

Angel looks at the copies of the checks.

Angel: Wait. Those were all made out to you.

Cordy: Yeah.

Angel checks the book: Paid vacation.

Cordy, putting on her jacket: Like I'm gonna stick around while psycho case is roaming lose downstairs with three tons of medieval weapons? Not! Ohm and I'm thinking sugar high? Maybe not a great idea.


The police are inspecting the damage Angel and Faith did to the cigarette guy's apartment in their fight last night.

Detective: See if the neighbors heard anything.

Officer: Right.

Detective sees Kate next to the overturned chair that Wesley was bound to and sighs.

Detective: Kate. What are you doing here?

Kate: I'm a detective, Kendrick. See? (Holds up a plastic bag with stuff in it) I'm detecting. Heard we have a fugitive.

Kendrick: Yeah. (Kate hands him a piece of paper) Felony arrest warrant from a place up north called Sunnydale. I've seen it.

Kate: So, do we think she is the one who threw the party here?

Kendrick: The guy who lives here identifies her as the woman who mugged him. Put him in the hospital, stole his keys, his wallet. We're lifting prints now. My bet is we get a match.

Kate: Anything else?

Kendrick: That's it. You mind telling me why you're here examining a crime scene that wasn't assigned to you?

Kate: It looked interesting.

Kendrick: Right. You've heard the rumors, haven't you?

Kate: What rumors?

Kendrick: You know what I'm talking about. This girl supposedly has some kind of supernatural powers?

Kate: Really.

Kendrick: Come on, Kate. Everybody knows you've gone all Scully. Anytime one of these weird cases crosses anyone's desk, you're always there. What's going on with you?

Kate: Scully is the skeptic.

Kendrick: Huh?

Kate: Mulder is the believer. Scully is the skeptic.

Kendrick scratches his head: Scully is the chick, right?

Kate: Yes. But she's not the one that wants to believe.

Kendrick: And you wanna believe.

Kate: Oh, I already believe. That's the problem.

Angel comes down with the box of doughnuts to see that his bed is empty and made. Looks around.

Angel: Faith?

Sees her leaning against the wall leading into the kitchen.

Angel: Faith. I have doughnuts.

When Faith doesn't react, he puts the box down on a chair and slowly walks closer.

Angel: I understand what you're going through and I want to help but there are a few things you have to do. First, I need you to give me that knife.

Angel holds out his hand. Faith looks down at her hand. She is holding a big butcher knife. She slowly lifts it, hesitates for a moment, then hands it to Angel hilt first.

Angel: You should be resting.

Faith: I've been asleep for eight months. You rest.

Lilah walks into Lindsay's office.

Lilah: We found her.

Lindsay: Where?

Lilah: She's with him.

Lindsay: Is he dead?

Lilah: Well, he is a vampire so technically, yes, he is dead. But not by her hand. She is his house guest.

Lindsay: What?

Lilah: That's right. The reason our little assassin hasn't made good on her contract is she's roaming with the mark.

Lindsay: We hired her to kill him.

Lilah: I believe I covered that with the assassin part.

Lindsay: And he ends up inviting her to spend the night.

Lilah: I told you he wouldn't be easy. He can't be bought, and apparently, he can't be killed - even by a vampire Slayer. Rumor has it he used to actually date one.

Lindsay: Who else knows about this?

Lilah: No one outside of this room. Not yet anyway.

Lindsay: When word gets back to the senior partners this won't go well. We conspired with her, paid her half up front, and now she makes us look like fools. So, question is, how are we gonna fix it?

Lee, wearing a neck brace and his face swollen and black and blue: I say we kill her.

Faith is sitting on Angel's bed. Buffy's voice echoes: Faith no! (Flash to a picture of Faith staking Finch, then back to Faith's face. Flash on Finch's face, back to Faith. Flash to Finch's blood covered hands, and him staring up at Faith.) You killed a man. (Back to Faith.) I don't care.

Faith gets up and packs her backpack.

Angel comes in: Faith.

Faith just looks at him then goes back to packing.

Angel: You're in no condition to leave here. You walk out that door now and you'll be running for the rest of your life. And my bet is it'll be a pretty short run.

Faith walks past him: You know what? It doesn't matter.

Angel steps between her and the door: It does matter. It matters to me.

Faith: Why are you doing this? Why are you being nice to me? Just stop it. You gonna step aside or do we throw down? I mean, am I your prisoner here?

Angel: No. You're not my prisoner.

Faith: So, I'm free.

Angel: I don't know about that (slides the door behind him open) but the door is open.

Faith walks past him.

Angel: Where are you gonna go? Back out in that darkness? (Faith hesitates then keeps walking) I once told you that you didn't have to go out in that darkness. (Faith slowly comes to a stop, her back to Angel) Remember? That it was your choice. Well, you chose. You thought that you could just touch it. (Walks slowly closer) That you'd be okay. 5x5, right, Faith? But it swallowed you whole. So tell me, (comes to stand behind her) how did you like it?

Faith turns and slugs him hard. He doesn't retaliate, just slowly turns back to look at her.

Faith stares for a moment then looks anywhere but at him.

Faith hesitantly: Help me?

Angel: Yeah.

Night. Wesley is in a pub, drinking a beer and playing darts by himself. As he goes up to get his darts, a dart flies close by his head to hit the bull's eye.

Wesley turns and sees Weatherby sitting in his chair miming throwing the next dart at him. Collins and Smith (the other two members of the retrieval team the Council sent after Faith) come to stand next to his chair and Weatherby picks up Wesley's beer to mime a toast to Wesley.

Collins: Hello Wesley.

Wesley and the Council goons are sitting in a booth as waitress brings them more beer.

Collins: So, Los Angeles.

He gets ready to light a cigarette. Wesley looks at a no-smoking sign on the wall next to Collins. Collins looks at it as well, then at Wesley.

Wesley: California.

Collins lights his cigarette.

Collins: Who would have predicted this is where you'd end up.

Wesley: Well, it seemed as good a place as any to re-evaluate my situation after being asked to resign my position with the Council. And the weather? I find it dry.

Weatherby: Wouldn't cough up the dosh for the airfare home, would they?

Wesley: No, they wouldn't.

Smith: All those alchemists on the board of directors and they still make us fly coach. Miserly bastards.

Collins: A frugal lot, to be sure, but not stupid. And I think you'll find, willing to admit when they've made a mistake.

Wesley: Made a mistake?

Collins: How would you like to come home, Wesley? Back to England with us.

Wesley: Home.

Collins: The Council is willing to reinstate you - return you to your rightful position as Watcher. That was a nasty business back in Sunnydale, but nobody blames you.

Wesley: Really. Because I rather got the impression they did when they sacked me.

Collins: As I said, mistake. (Nods at Smith, who hands Wesley an envelope) One that can now be corrected with your help.

Wesley opens the envelope and pulls out a picture of Faith.

Collins: We know where she is and we know you have access to her.

Wesley closes the envelope back up and lays it down.

Wesley: No. I couldn't possibly.

Weatherby: Loyalty to a vampire now, is it?

Collins gives Weatherby a look.

Collins: It's alright. That's not why we're here. A rogue Slayer, Wesley. Far more dangerous than any single vampire. Surely *you* understand that.

Wesley: All too well.

Collins: Then you'll help us?

Wesley: Why come to me? You know where she is, why not take her yourselves? (The three goons refuse to look at Wesley) You three are the best, the Council's elite. She cleaned your clocks, didn't she?

Collins: She's betrayed our calling, Council, you. She has power and the willingness to use that power for evil. She must be stopped.

Faith is leaning on the Microwave in Angel's kitchen. The box of doughnuts is sitting on top of it still closed. Angel comes in.

Faith: So, how does this work?

Angel: There is no real simple answer to that. I won't lie to you and tell you that it'll be easy because it won't be. Just because you've decided to change doesn't mean that the world is ready for you to. The truth is, no matter how much you suffer, no matter how many good deeds you do to try to make up for the past, you may never balance out the cosmic scale. The only thing I can promise you is that you'll probably be haunted and may be for the rest of your life.

Faith indicates the Microwave: So how does *this* work?

Angel blinks a couple times, then walks over to program it: Uh, power level, time, start. Sure that popcorn is gonna be enough for you?

Faith: Yeah. I can live off the stuff. Tell Cordelia I'll pay her back.

Angel: Actually, I think it belonged to Wesley.

Faith: Oh, maybe we just don't mention it then.

Angel: Maybe we do.

Faith: Are you saying I got to apologize?

Angel: Think you can?

Faith: I don’t' know. How do you say 'Gee, I'm really sorry tortured you I nearly to death?'

Angel: Well, first off, I think I'd leave off the 'Gee.' And secondly, I think you have to ask yourself: are you?

Faith: What?

Angel: Sorry.

Faith: And what if I *can't* say it? There are some things you can't just take back, no matter how sorry you *are*, right?

Angel: Yeah, there are. I've got some experience in that area.

Faith: Right. And you've been doing this for a hundred years! I'm not gonna make it through the next ten minutes.

Angel: So, make it through the next five, the next minute.

Faith: I don't think I can.

Angel: Yes, you can.

Faith walks away: God, it hurts. I hate that it hurts like this.

Angel follows her: Oh well, it's supposed to hurt. All that pain, all that suffering you caused is coming back on you. Feel it! Deal with it! Then maybe you've got a shot at being free.

Faith lets out something between a laugh and a sob: I've got to be the first Slayer in history sponsored by a vampire.

Angel: Yeah, well, I've got some experience in that area, too.

Faith: Oh god. B. How am I ever going to make things right with her?

Angel: Faith, this isn't about Buffy.

Faith: All my life there was only one person that tried to be my friend, went out of her way when I had no right or reason to expect her to, and I screwed her. Not to mention her boyfriend, only … him literally.

Angel: Faith, you and I never actually...

Faith: No, not you. The new one. (Angel stares for a moment then looks down) Oh, my god. Angel, I'm so sorry I...

Angel: No, there. You *can* say it. That's good. (Turns away to leave, his face shows he is shattered about Buffy having a new beau.) Good.

Lilah is pouring coffee in Lindsay's office.

Lindsay: We'd like to thank you for coming down on such short notice.

Lilah: We trust we can rely on your professionalism.

Lee: We’ve had some trouble with freelancers in the past.

Lilah: Do you take cream? No? All right.

Lindsay holds out a picture of Faith: Here is the target.

Lee: Don't let the picture fool you. She is tougher than she looks.

Lindsay: We're not talking about anything elaborate. No slow or painful death.

Lee: Well, some pain would be good.

Lindsay: The point is … do we want her dead?

Lee: Yes. Dead. A lot.

Lilah brings the tray she's been fixing over to the table.

Lilah: Just so we're clear, we won't be putting any of this down on paper. This is strictly a handshake deal.

She sets a round silver bowl filled with gruel on the table.

Lindsay: Not that it is necessary for you to have hands for us to do business with you.

Lilah: That was species-ist of me. I apologize if I - (The creature sticks its head into the gruel and starts slurping it up with a growl) have offended you in any way.

The creature looks up. It has scraggily black hair, blue skin, a mouthful of fangs and four eyes.

Collins pushes a folded napkin across the table to Wesley. Opens it to show a syringe laying on it. Wesley reaches to inspect it.

Collins: Careful now. The sedative contained in that syringe is powerful enough to bring down a man twice your size. Or a Slayer.

Wesley: How's it work?

Weatherby: How do you think? You *jab* her with it, don't you?

Collins sighs and takes the cap of the syringe: Just a little pressure on the flesh. In moments she'll feel the effects.

Wesley: So, you intend to take her alive then.

Collins: Of course. She'll be out long enough for us to secure her for transport back to England. There she'll begin her rehabilitation.

Wesley: Does the Council *really* believe she can be rehabilitated?

Collins: We have every confidence. You'll signal us as soon as it's done and we come in and take care of the rest.

Waitress sets more beer on the table and Wesley covers the syringe with his hands.

Collins to waitress: Thanks.

Wesley: I have some conditions of my own. Just one actually. No harm must come to the vampire.

Weatherby: Oh, don't be a ponce!

Wesley pushes the syringe away: That's it. Unless you agree to that you won't get any help from me.

Collins looks at Weatherby as he pushes the syringe back: We have no quarrel with the vampire.

Weatherby: Unless you count the fact that he *is* a vampire!

Wesley: He's a special case. He is reformed. He has a soul. (The three goons look away from Wesley) In point of fact I've confronted more evil, slayed more demons, (notices the waitress coming by and lowers his voice) slayed more demons … in short, done more good while working with Angel than I *ever* did while in the *Council's* employ.

Collins: We'll make every effort.

Wesley: No. Not every effort. No harm. I must have your word.

Collins holds out his hand after a moment's hesitation: Done.

They shake.

Faith is eating popcorn while flicking through the channels on Angel's TV. Something scampers by behind her unnoticed. A wet and steaming Angel sticks his head out of the bathroom.

Angel: Is everything okay in there?

Faith: It was touch and go for the four minutes you left me alone, but somehow, I got through it.

Angel goes into his bedroom to finish dressing while the thing skitters along the ceiling above Faith. She changes the channel to a police report.

Announcer: Los Angeles police in conjunction with Federal authorities are looking for this woman tonight, (Picture of Faith on the TV) a felony suspect from the California town of Sunnydale. (Faith reaches for her drink and spills it) The young woman...

Angel hears the glass fall as he is putting on his shirt.

Angel: Faith?

Announcer: ...has fled to Los Angeles in recent days.

Angel coming into the living room: Faith.

Announcer: Eyewitnesses identified her...

Angel: What is it?

Announcer: being involved in several recent assaults. Police want your help in finding her.

Angel sees Faith's picture on the TV and crouches down beside her chair.

Angel: Faith, it's ok, alright? We knew about this.

Announcer: A press conference was held earlier.

Angel: Nothing's changed, alright? Nothing's...

Kate on the TV: Anyone with any information about the whereabouts of this subject should get in touch with law enforcement immediately. (Angel looks over at the TV) Do not approach her. She is violent and unpredictable. I'll take a few questions.

Angel hits the power button on the remote.

Angel: Listen to me Faith. You're safe here. You hear me? You're safe.

The thing hanging on the ceiling picks that moment to drop down on top of them. It throws Angel off Faith, then tosses Faith onto the sofa, over turning it, when Angel comes right back at it. The thing tosses Angel towards Faith and he pushes her into the kitchen to get her out of harm’s way then takes a hold of an overhead beam and swings both feet into the thing’s face.

In the kitchen Faith grabs hold of the big butcher knife and hurries back to the fight. Angel comes sliding past the opening to the kitchen. The thing is charging a slightly dazed Angel as Faith comes up behind it and stabs it with the butcher knife.

A few blows later the thing lies dying on the floor.

Faith is staring at the bloody knife in her hand as Angel picks himself up.

Faith: No.

She drops the knife and stares at her hands, gasping and shaking her head.

Angel: Hey. Hey. Hey. Shh. Hey. (Leads her over to the day bed) Sit down. Shh. It's- it's okay. (Faith wraps her arms around Angel's neck, careful not to touch him with her bloody hands) Hey. It's gonna be okay. Okay? (Angel holds her) Shh. Alright.

Angel looks over as he hears someone come down the stairs. It's Buffy.

Angel gets up: Buffy. (Buttoning his shirt) I didn't know you...

Buffy: What...

Buffy looks from him to Faith still sitting on the day bed staring at her bloody hands, then back to Angel.

Buffy: How... What are you doing?

Angel: She - we were attacked.

Buffy: We? You and...

Angel: Faith.

Buffy: You and Faith.

Angel: Oh, it's not what you think.

Buffy: You actually think that I can form a thought right now? Giles heard that - that she tried to kill you.

Angel: That's true.

Buffy: So, you decided to punish her with a severe cuddling.

Angel: Is that why you're here? To punish her?

Buffy: I was worried about you.

Faith: Buffy. (Buffy looks at her) Oh, god.

Buffy walks closer to Faith who is cringing away from her.

Buffy: You didn't think I was going to find you, did you?

Angel: Buffy, let's talk.

Buffy: Oh, I don't think talk is in order right now.

Angel: She needs help.

Buffy whips around to face Angel: Help? Do you have any idea what she did to me?

Angel: Yes.

Buffy: Do you care?

Angel: She wants to change. She has a chance to...

Buffy: No. No chance. Jail.

Faith slowly gets up.

Angel: You think that'll help?

Faith: Buffy... (Buffy whips around to face her) I'm sor...

Buffy: Apologize to me and I will beat you to death.

Faith quietly: Go ahead.

Angel steps in front of Faith: This is not gonna happen.

Buffy: You're gonna stop me? Because you're gonna have to.

Faith shakes her head: Don't do this.

Angel: Faith, go upstairs now.

Buffy: You think I'm gonna let her out of my sight?

Angel: Buffy, just back off.

Buffy: There is no way I'm letting her out of my sight.

Angel: Faith, go!

Faith goes up the stairs and Buffy moves to stop her.

Buffy: Don't you move a...

Angel catches her arm and she turns to punch him full in the face. She hauls back to hit him again, but Angel blocks her fist and hits her across the face in return.

Angel steps back as Buffy stares at him with a hand over her injured mouth.

Angel: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Faith opens the upstairs door and steps into Angel's office. Wesley comes in from the outer office as Faith stares down the stairs.

Wesley: Faith? (Faith turns to look at him) Going somewhere?

Faith turns to stare back down the stairs: No. Just wanted to be alone.

Wesley comes closer: Angel downstairs?

Faith: Yeah.

Wesley: Right.

Lindsay is pacing in an office at Wolfram and Harts with Lee sitting at the table. Lilah comes in.

Lee gets up: Well?

Lilah: Strike two.

Lee: This is getting ridiculous. The first assassin killed the second assassin sent to kill the first assassin, who didn't assassinate anyone until we hired the second assassin to assassinate the first assassin.

Lindsay: Alright. This obviously isn't working.

Lilah: You think?

Lindsay: We've gone about this all wrong.

Lee: Meaning?

Lindsay: We're lawyers. It's a mistake for us to try to work outside the law.

Lilah: He's being ironic.

Lindsay: Not at all. It's time we moved this fight to our own turf. I know what to do. I'll take care of it.

Angel: She's not gonna run, Buffy.

Buffy: Well, why would she? When she has her brave knight to protect her? Got you. Does she cry? Pouty lips? Heaving bosom? I thought you needed help.

Angel: You think I wanted this to happen?

Buffy: You hit me.

Angel: Not to go all schoolyard on you, but you hit me first. In case you've forgotten, you're a little bit stronger than I am.

Buffy: You did it for *her*.

Angel: You were about three seconds from making her run. You know that. She's at a crucial stage.

Buffy: She's playing you. She tried to kill you!

Angel: That was just - that was just a cry for help.

Buffy: A cry for help is when you say 'help' in a loud voice.

Angel: I know Faith did some bad things to you.

Buffy: You can't possibly know.

Angel: And you can't possibly know what she's going through.

Buffy: And of course, you do? I'm sorry. I can't be in your club. I never murdered anybody.

Footsteps coming down the stairs.

Angel: Faith, I told you...

Wesley pushing Faith down the stairs in front of him: Slight change of plan. (To Faith) Get your coat.

Angel: Wesley, what's going on?

Wesley: In about twenty minutes the Council's operations team is coming in here. They'll expect to find you gone (holds up the syringe) and her drugged.

Angel: How many?

Wesley: Three. Hello, Buffy. I'm afraid you've come at a bad time.

Buffy: I'm feeling that.

Angel: Why did you bring them here?

Wesley: Couldn't shake them. Had to pretend I was helping them.

Angel: Why aren't you?

Buffy: I know these guys. They're killers.

Wesley: They've surrounded the building.

Angel: I'll check the sewers, if they're clear we all head out. Faith?

They turn to look for her but she is gone.

Wesley: She must have slipped out.

Angel: She'd head for the roof. (Buffy turns to go, Angel moves to go after her) They may have it covered.

Wesley stops him: We need a plan. Buffy can protect Faith.

Angel turns towards the sewer entrance: I'm not sure that's her agenda.

Wesley follows him: The sewers are still our best route.

Angel: If they don't know about our access.

Wesley: Angel, it wasn't for her.

Angel: I know.

Wesley: It's because I trust you. (Angel drops down into the sewers, Wesley follows) Well, more than three gun-toting maniacs at any rate.

Cut to the police department.

Kate: Why should I listen to anything you have to say? I despise you. You and everything you represent. And when I say 'represent' and 'thing', I *do* mean your clients.

Lindsay: Well, be that as it may, I believe that I have some information that will be of interest to you. Because while it is true that we differ on a great many issues, we do have one thing in common.

Kate: Ah, our bodies are both 80% water?

Lindsay lays a picture of Angel onto the table: An enemy.

Kate: I don't know what you're talking about.

Lindsay: No, of course you don't. And we can't be completely clear because the law isn't clear on these matters, is it? I mean, take for example, those creatures that murdered your father. They could never have been brought to any kind of traditional justice, even if the *had* survived. And, personally, I feel that you were totally justified in taking whatever extra legal measures you found necessary.

Kate: What do you want?

Lindsay: There are beings, detective. Beings that aren't governed by the laws and strictures that we as humans have devised. (Points at Angel's picture) This man is such a being. He feels he is above the law which is why he gives aid and comfort to a known murderer. (Gets ready to leave) The woman you're looking for? She's with him.

Buffy comes out on the roof to see Faith standing there. We can hear a helicopter flying in the background.

Buffy: You're not gonna run, Faith.

Faith: What do you wanna do? You're gonna throw me off the roof again?

Buffy: Any reason why I shouldn't?

Faith turns to look at Buffy: There is nothing I can do for you, B. I can't ever make it right.

Buffy: So, you're just going to take off again. Leave us to clean up yet another one of your messes.

Faith: It would make things easier for you.

Buffy: Till you got bored with the whole guilt thing, decided to come back to shake things up?

Faith: That's not gonna happen.

Buffy: You're right. It's not.

Faith: Angel said there was no way you were gonna give me a chance.

Buffy: I gave you every chance! I tried so hard to help you, and you spat on me. My life was just something for you to play with. Angel - Riley - anything that you could take from me, you took. I've lost battles before, but nobody else has ever made me a victim.

Faith: And you can't stand that. You're all about control. You have no idea what it's like on the other side! Where nothing's in control, nothing makes sense! There is just pain and hate and nothing you do means anything. You can't even ...

Buffy: Shut up!

Faith: Just tell me how to make it better.

The door to the roof bursts open and Collins steps through, gun in hand. Buffy tackles Faith to safety as Collins opens fire.

Angel and Wesley, standing next to the sewer entrance in his apartment, hear the shots.

Angel: That's coming from the roof.

Just then Weatherby comes in shooting at them with his machine gun. Angel and Wesley take cover.

Wesley: I didn't give you the signal.

Weatherby: Shut it. (Smiles at Angel as he lifts a loaded crossbow) Vampire.

Buffy: I think we can make it to the other building.

Faith: Go.

Buffy: Now.

They run but before they reach the edge a black helicopter comes to hover in front of them. Smith is in the open door, gun in hand.

Buffy and Faith run to hide behind a skylight. Collins has to reload and Buffy and Faith change skylights.

Wesley: Weatherby, listen to reason.

Weatherby: Reason. A Watcher working for a vampire. It's perversion.

Buffy: I have to take this guy out. The guy with the gun up there will go for me. You stay here.

Faith: Okay.

Buffy lunges over the skylight and tackles Collins. They fight with Smith unable to shoot without hitting Collins.

Smith to pilot: Try and keep her steady.

Wesley: Weatherby...

Weatherby: Do the sacred oaths you swore as a Watcher mean nothing to you now?

Wesley: As a matter of fact, they do. I swore to protect the innocent. (To Angel) Get to the roof. Help them.

Angel: What?

Wesley: Now!

Angel runs for the stairs while Weatherby drops the crossbow and shoots at Wesley as he runs for the cover of another pillar.

Wealtherby: Bastard!

Buffy is fighting Collins.

Wesley takes the cap from the syringe and throws it like a dart. It hits Weatherby in the side of the neck and he drops his gun.

Wesley with a smile: 180.

Weatherby pulls the needle out. While he stands there swaying Wesley walks up to him and knocks him out with a right cross.

Wesley: That's for calling me a ponce.

Angel is running up the stairs to the roof.

Buffy and Collins are still fighting.

Angel sees the helicopters spotlight through the milky skylight above the top landing.

Buffy knocks Collins down and turns to face the helicopter just as Angel comes shooting through the skylight, catching the copter’s left rung with his arms.

He reaches up and pulls Smith out of the door. Smith lands at Buffy's feet, while Angel climbs up to stand on the rung.

Angel, in vamp face to the pilot: Down! Take it down.

Buffy watches the helicopter leave then turns around.

Buffy: Faith.'

But Faith is nowhere to be seen.

A bunch of police cars drive up with lights and sirens as the helicopter sets down.

Kate: Where is she? You got one shot here Angel, where is she?

Angel just looks at her.

Kate: Arrest him. Start with aiding and abetting a wanted felon.

The cops cuff Angel and lead him away.

Wesley and Buffy arrive at the police station in Angel's car.

Kate: I think you're gonna like the cell we have for you, Angel. It faces east. It'll give you a great view of the sunrise in about four hours.

Buffy walking behind them: What?

Angel: It's okay.

Buffy: You know what he is.

Kate: Who are you?

Angel: She is nobody.

Buffy steps between Angel and Kate as they reach her desk.

Buffy: Wait. This is murder.

Angel: Buffy, it's alright.

Buffy: It is *not* alright.

Kate: Get her out of here!

Buffy pushes the cop off her: You are not taking the fall for her, Angel.

Kate: OUT!

Angel looks over and sees Faith sitting at another desk with her back to them.

Angel: Buffy.

Everyone in their group turns to look. A cop tries to pull Angel away and Buffy pushes his arm away. Faith looks over her shoulder at them and slowly stands up as Kate walks over to her.

Faith: I'd like to make a confession.

Buffy and Angel are standing alone in the hallway of the police station.

Buffy: You should have told me what was going on.

Angel: I didn't - I didn't think it was your business.

Buffy: Not my business?

Angel: I needed more time with Faith. I'm not sure ...

Buffy: You needed? Do you have any idea what it was like for me to see you with her? That you went behind my back...

Angel: Buffy, this wasn't about you! This was about saving somebody's soul. That's what I do here, and you're not a part of it. That was your idea, remember? We stay away from each other.

Buffy: I came here because you were in danger.

Angel: I'm in danger every day. You came because of Faith. You were looking for vengeance.

Buffy: I have a right to it.

Angel: Not in my city.

Buffy turns away for a moment then turns back.

Buffy: I have someone in my life now. (Angel looks away from her but otherwise doesn't move) That I love. (Angel swallows hard) It's not what you and I had. It's very new. (She steps closer) You know what makes it new? I trust him. I know him.

Angel lets out a sharp breath: That's great. It's nice you moved on. I can't. You found someone new. I'm not allowed to, remember? I see you again it cuts me up inside and the person I share that with is me! You don't know me anymore. So don't come down here with your great new life and *expect* me to do things your way. Go home!

Buffy looks at him for a moment then goes to pick up her jacket, while Angel walks over to the wall and braces his hands against it.

Buffy: See? Faith wins again.

Angel without looking at her: Go.

Buffy goes. After a moment Angel slams his hands against the wall and sighs.

Wesley: You alright?'

Angel: For a taciturn, shadowy guy I've got a big mouth.

Wesley: Did you want to go after her?

Angel: Yes.

Wesley: I don't know how much my opinion counts for, but I think you did the right thing.

Angel: Yelling at Buffy?

Wesley: No. The other thing.

Angel shakes his head: I didn't do it. Faith did.

We see Faith sitting alone in a jail cell, leaning back against the wall.

Wesley voice over: I hope she is strong enough to make it. Peace is not an easy thing to find.

Blend into a close-up of Faith's face.

Angel v.o.: She has a chance.

Faith closes her eyes.


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