Sunnydale After Dark
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Written by: David Greenwalt
Directed by: Scott McGinnis
Airdate: Nov 2, 1999

***** Angel’s office at night.*****

Cordelia is holding up a torn white trash bag.

Cordy: I’ve had it with these cheap trash bags! They leak and break and end up costing us more!

She drops bag in front of Doyle who nods at her.

Doyle: I believe it!

Cordy: Yeah, it was a great audition! I was all about things leaking. How could they not pick me?

Doyle: They don’t know what they missed.

Telephone rings.

Cordy: They gave it to a blonde that showed up in a skintight leather cat suit. She is supposed to be a housewife. (Telephone continues to ring) She looked ridiculous. She looked like cat-woman taking out the cat-trash.

Doyle: Are you going to answer the phone?

Angel: Good question.

Cordy: Oh, yeah, right. (Answering machine kick on) Oh, the machine got it.

Machine in Cordy’s voice: Angel Investigations. We help the hopeless. If that’s you leave a message. (Beep)

Aura, leaving a message: Hey, Cordy. It’s Aura. Just wanted to check in, you know (Angel looks up and walks away) see how you were doing. Oh, you would not believe what’s going on in Sunnydale!

Cordy just straightens stuff on her desk, makes no move to pick up the phone.

Doyle: You don’t want to talk to her?

Cordy: No, not just yet. She is just going to ask me where I’m living and how the acting is going, and just not up to leading the parade of pain. I’ll do it when things get better.

Doyle: Well, I don’t know if I can help with the acting, but about the apartment.

Cordy: What?

Doyle: Well, if you ever want to - I don’t know – stay a night away from the place... maybe give me a call.

Cordy: Well, stranger things have happened. No wait, they really haven’t. (Gets up, picks up her jacket and purse and heads for the door) I’ll see you tomorrow. (yells) Bye, Angel, I’m taking off.

Cut to Angel's office.

Angel is sitting behind his desk, reading an old book. Doyle comes in, sits down and puts his feet up on the table. Angel stares at his feet then looks at Doyle but doesn’t say anything.

Doyle: She’s really something, isn’t she? It’s like wrestling a tiger just to get to know her. (Angel keeps reading) Tell me stuff.

Angel: What stuff?

Doyle: About Cordelia.

Angel: Well, I - I know she can’t type or file. Until today I had some hope regarding the phone.

Doyle: Who’s Aura?

Angel: I think... uh... I think she is one of Cordelia’s group. People called them the Cordettes. A bunch of girls from wealthy families. They ruled the high school. Decided what was in, who was popular. It was like the soviet secret police if they cared a lot about shoes.

Doyle: And she was the richest one of all? Because the way she talks it sounds like she had servants made of solid gold or something.

Angel: Pretty much. Until her parents lost it all. Riches to rags.

Doyle: One hell of a come down.

Angel: Yeah, but she’s doing all right.

***** Cordy's apartment. *****

Cordelia opens the door to her apartment. The key sticks and when she finally gets it out, she scratches up her arm in the process.

Cordy: Ouch! Damn it!

She turns on the light. It flickers before it finally stays on. Goes to the sink to get a drink of water. The water is a dingy brown and comes shooting out of the faucet, splattering all over her white shirt.

Cordy: Yeah, well, of course.

She goes to sit down on the couch and turns on the TV. There is a huge cockroach on the screen.

Cordy, picking the phone up with a groan and dialing: Hello? Hi, this is Cordelia Chase from apartment 4B. (There are now three cockroaches crawling over the TV screen.) I thought you were going to have the exterminator in here today?... Well, if he had don’t you think there would be... (putting her foot down and squashing another cockroach, looking down, the carpet is littered with dead bugs) Ah, oh god! Ahh! (slamming the phone down and picking up her address book) Doyle, Doyle...

She finds his number and dials.

***** Doyle’s apartment. *****

The phone rings as he comes in. He hurries in and turns on the light.

Dark brown skinned demon with spines along his jaw and along the sides of his hairless head: Hello, Doyle.


Doyle: I think you have the wrong place.

Demon: You owe money.

Doyle: It’s all about money. What about friendship and family, all those things that are priceless, like they say in those credit card commercials? (Demon looking at him) Oh, yeah right. You’re a demon of focus. I can see that... I have your money right over here.

Doyle walks over to a dresser and reaches into the top drawer. The demon slams the drawer shut on his hand.

Demon: You’re not stupid enough to have a gun in there, right?

Doyle: Who, me? No way, man! Look!

Doyle pulls the drawer out and hits the demon on the chin with it then runs out the door.

***** Angel’s apartment. *****

Beethoven’s ‘Ode to joy’ is playing on a phonograph and you can hear the shower running. Hard knocking on the door. Angel comes out of the bathroom all wet, wrapping a towel around his waist and goes to answer the door. Cordelia steps in pushing a couple of bags into Angel’s hands and walks past him into the apartment.

Cordy: Oh god, Angel! It’s so terrible! Oh, my gosh. (Turning around and holding up her hands) Don’t even look at me! I am such a mess. I am the lowest of the lowest. (Gesturing towards the open door) and you’re going to want to get my other suitcase out there in the hall.

Angel glances out the open door then back at her, still hunched around the bags in his arms.

Angel: What happened?

Cordy: My apartment. It’s like the barrio... or the projects or whatever, and I live there! I’m the girl from the projects!

Angel, almost dropping one of the bags: What? I don’t know about that.

Cordy: Get this. I tried to call Doyle. I have sunk that low. And there was no answer. So, here I am. Not that you’re the last resort. It’s just that I have nowhere else left to go. (Going to sit down while Angel puts down one of her bags) Roaches. Live one, dead ones. All skinny feet and creepy antlers.

Angel: Antlers?

Cordy: Oh, my god! I wonder how many stowed away in that bag? (Angel looks down at the bag he is holding.) Also, the water is all brown and spurty, and not hot! I am dying for a shower. (Angel puts down the other bag and holds on to his towel with both hands) I... actually smell! Smell me. I never smell. I didn’t know I could... I’m just going to have to stay here until I can find a decent place, however long that takes, and when I do you are completely invited over. Hey, you can just dump my stuff on the couch... or let me have the bed. Whatever you feel good about. Also, my suitcase is still out in the hall. (Picking up one of her bags) Your shower is in here, right? You have mousse? Of course, you do.

Cordelia disappears into the bathroom while Angel stands there scratching his head.

Cut to the next morning.

Doyle unlocks the door to the office. As he checks his watch (it’s 10 am) we see a dark bruise on his right hand.

Cut to...

Cordelia is sitting at the table wearing a white bathrobe and trying to see her reflection in a metal vase. She is combing her wet hair with her fingers.

Doyle, coming out of the elevator: Angel, you around?

Cordy: Hey, Doyle. (Angel comes walking into the kitchen wearing boxers and a short open bathrobe) You ever get that feeling that you just can’t shower enough? Like something’s happened and you’re never going to get clean?

Doyle, staring at her: What?

Angel, coming up behind him, to Cordy holding up one hand: You got peanut butter on the bed.

Cordy: Really? (Angel looks at her) I don’t think so. (Angel shows her his hand) I’ll look.

Doyle: No, no, no, no, no. Angel man, how could you?

Angel: How what?

Doyle: Man, you know I was crazy about her, and I was wearing her down, too. But no, handsome, brooding vampire guy has to swoop in, all sensitive mouth and overhanging forehead (Angel feels his forehead with a frown) How about leaving some scraps for the homely looking fellas who don’t turn evil when they get some?

Angel: Cordelia stayed over because something’s wrong with her place. I was on the sofa.

Doyle, looking over at the sofa: Oh. (Angel raises his eyebrows at him) That’s okay, I suppose.

Cordy, walking back in from the bedroom now dressed: Angel, at some point in recent history *you* got peanut butter on your bed, and it’s gross. I think you’re gonna have to change the sheets.

Angel: I don’t eat.

Cordy: Well then, I don’t even want to know how it got there.

Angel stalks off towards the bedroom. Cordy sits down at the table and begins to brush out her hair.

Doyle: Hey, Cordy, you look great by the way.

Cordy: I wouldn’t know. The man doesn’t even have a mirror. Like it would kill him to not see himself?

Doyle, laughing then asking: Listen, I was wondering if anybody called lately? Maybe asking about me or maybe wanting my address?

Cordy: Oh, yeah. Yesterday your cousin called, with one of those names from your part of England.

Doyle: My part of England?

Cordy: Conner or Fergus... did he find you?

Doyle, sighing: Yeah, he did, all right. But you see, a little ah... warning might have been nice, give a fella a chance to neat the place up, you know?

Cordy, staring at him: Jeez, I just helped the guy as a favor to you. (Doyle just looks at her and she stands up) Maybe next time I won’t bother.

Doyle: Well, it’s not like you even have to pick up the phone. You just let your friend Aura hang there.

Cordy: Ok, here’s an idea: How about you make me a list of people you’re too good to talk to.

Angel, coming back in: What going on?

Doyle: Nothing, just..

Angel: You got a bruise on your hand.

Doyle, looking at it: Badminton.

Angel, picking up a towel from the chair: And the reason there is a wet towel on my leather chair?

Cordelia gives him a big fake smile. Angel drops it back down with a sigh and leaves the room.

Cut to later.

Doyle, seeing Cordy cutting up Angel’s vinyl floor: What are you doing?

Cordy: I just... I just wanted to see if he had hardwood floors under there, you know? I... I might be here a while!

Doyle, looking at some trophies on the mantel behind him: Well, the things you learn! I had no idea Angel was Queen of the Winter Ball.

Cordy: Those are mine. (Groaning as she keeps working on the floor) Though stuff!

Doyle, looking at Cordy’s diploma: Hey, your high school diploma is all burned.

Cordy: Yeah, it was a rough ceremony. (Getting up) Yup, there it is. My whole life... pre here. Five trophies with some of the shiny worn off.

Doyle: It’s good though you can look back. I never look back.

Cordy: Look back at what?

Angel, coming down the stairs dressed now: Doyle, you down here? Oh, there you are. There’s a big guy there to see you. I’ll tell him you’ll be right up.

Doyle: Oh, that’s great.

Angel nods and heads back up the stairs. Doyle runs out the back door.

Cut to Doyle coming out another door.

Angel is there, waiting for him.

Doyle: You know it’s not nice to trick people!

Angel: You’re going to tell me what’s going on?

Cut to Angel and Doyle talking in the office.

Angel: You don’t even know who this demon is collecting for.

Doyle: All right, look, here’s how it works: I owe some people... other people owe me. I do a favor for some guy and the debt goes away. It’s a system of checks and balances.

Angel: And some of your checks didn’t balance.

Doyle: Well, it’ll work out. It just takes a little diplomacy... the kind of thing you’re so good at, actually. Say, maybe you wouldn’t mind taking a crack at it?

Angel, with a sigh: We all have problems. It’s a matter of priorities. And at the moment I’ve got a bigger one then you do.

Doyle: Bigger than a Kailiff demon?

Angel: Much. I’m thinking you can help me with mine and maybe I can help you with yours.

Doyle: I don’t know, man. I mean, what’s your problem, exactly? Because you know, vampire business is...

Cordy, clearing her throat: Hi! (Smiling and waving) I was just wondering if you had any linoleum glue... for if it started curling up all over.

Angel: I’ll be there in a minute.

Cordy, turning to go: Ok.

Angel, to Doyle: Find her an apartment and I’ll deal with your demon.

Cut to a guy showing an apartment to Cordy and Doyle.

Doyle: You know, I wish you would just let me call my guy.

Cordy, holding a newspaper: I’m not going to get an apartment through some guy. He probably judges the property value on how far the bus ride is to the track.

Doyle, looking around: Well, it can’t get any worse than this, can it?

Cordy: You can’t tell anything from the hallway.

The apartment is tiny and totally mildewy.

Doyle: Hey, you’re right. You know what I smell in here? Potential.

Cordy: The next one will be better.

Cut to a clean-cut guy leading them down some steps.

He pulls a curtain aside to reveal a toilet and sink.

Guy: It’s like a community, you know? We share all the upkeep and chores.

Cordy, to Doyle: Oh, my urination just hasn’t been public enough lately.

Guy: Oh, we don’t believe in barriers. It’s the first rule of the great leader. Ah, you can come to the meetings if you want. Every morning at 5:00.

Cordy: Okay, that’s just a touch too early for me.

Guy: Oh, you’ll be up. The Chanting starts at 4:00.

Cut to Cordy standing in the doorway of a nice apartment.

There is a big guy with a big gut standing next to her.

Big guy: So, you’re a single gal... going to be living here alone? Because I’m right across the hall and you can sleep easy knowing that I’m the only other soul in the world with a key to that door. (Smiling at her and tossing his keys in the air) You just think about that while you look, okay?

Cordy, looking a Doyle and taking a deep breath: Okay, just out of curiosity, you said you know a guy?

Doyle: Finally. What is it with you and Angel? You got to do everything the hard way.

Cut to Doyle's apartment.

Angel is looking around the apartment. The Kailiff demon wraps an arm around his neck from behind.

Cut to a lady in a suit letting Cordy and Doyle into a furnished apartment.

Cordy: Oh, my gosh. Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?

Doyle, looking at Cordy’s back: No, never.

Cordy, looking around: It’s perfect. Really, really, it’s just... perfect. (Looking in the bedroom) It’s amazing in there. (To Lady) What’s wrong with it?

Lady: There’s nothing wrong with it. The previous tenant just broke their lease last week. I don’t know how you even heard about it. (Cordy smiles at Doyle) It’s quite a bargain, and the furniture comes with. Do you think you want it?

Cordy: I... I used to have this. I... I was...

Lady: I guess it’s your lucky day.

Cordy: I used to have those, too.

Doyle: She’ll take it.’

Lady, leaving: I’ll fill out the rental forms.

Cordy, pointing at a wall: First thing: hire someone to take out that wall.

Doyle: I though you said it was perfect.

Cordy: Yes, and part of being perfect is that there being one tiny flaw for me to fix.

Doyle: Ah, must be why you find me so fascinating.

Cordy, laughing: Oh my gosh, I love my apartment. Your guy found the perfect place. (Hugs Doyle) I love your guy!

Doyle: Yeah, well, it’s a pretty good day’s work for us, I think. I take care of your problem; Angel takes care of mine. All in all, things are pretty sweet.

Cordy, grabbing his arm and leading him out: Yes! And I can move right in.

As they leave a face-like bulge appears on the wall Cordy wants to tear down.

***** Doyle's apartment. *****

The Kailiff demon throws Angel against the wall Angel turns around, grabs the demon and pushes his face in the wall.

Angel in vamp face: My name is Angel, what’s yours?

Demon: Screw you.

Angel, smashing his face in the wall: My name is Angel, what’s yours?

Demon growls and angel smashes his face in the wall again.

Demon: Griff.

Angel: Good start. Who do you work for?

Griff: He never gave me his card. (Angel throws him on the floor) I don’t know his name, he gets his orders to me.

Angel: You can get a message back to him?

Griff: Yeah.

Angel, back in human face, pulls the demon up.

Griff: You’re letting me go?

Angel: No, I’m letting you up... You were sent to collect for Doyle?

Griff: At first. But I’m not seeing any money. So now Doyle gets dead. A message to the others.

Angel: And your boss never gets his money. Pretty expensive message when you add in whatever he is paying you.

Griff: My fees are very competitive.

Angel: I can get Doyle to pay you the money. You have my guarantee.

Griff: I saw what I saw, right?... You’re a vampire... How come you’re helping some little demon half-breed?

Angel: It’s a good offer. You should take it. On the other hand, you’re making me want to fight some more. You get lucky you might last ten minutes. Really lucky and you’re unconscious for the last five.

Griff: You get Doyle to pay, and he’s safe.

Angel: Thanks... Good meeting.

***** Cordy's new apartment. *****

She's sleeping in her bed. The radio on her dresser turns on and switches to 1400 AM.

Radio music: You always hurt the ones you love, the ones you shouldn’t hurt at all.

Some of the drawers on her dresser open and close.

Voice, whispering: What do you think you’re doing here? You never should have come.

Drawer slams shut and Cordy wakes up.

***** Angel’s apartment. *****

Doyle, pacing: I have to pay? Man, I should have just handled this myself. I mean, I don’t have the money. And you can’t get blood out of a stone.

Angel: They can get blood out of you... There’s a price on your head Doyle, they weren’t even looking for money anymore.

Doyle, after a moment: Thanks man... you probably saved my life.

Angel: Can I ask you something?... Why do you live like this?

Doyle: Why not live like this? I mean, what’s wrong with it? (Angel just looks at him and Doyle sighs) Yeah, well, I guess, it’s the kind of life that keeps your expectations from getting too high. Seems like you’d understand that.

Angel: I do.

Doyle: Yeah.

Angel: I just don’t know why that’s important to you... This kind of life... sort of picked me. You don’t have to do it this way. What happened?

Doyle: Don’t worry about it, okay? And things aren’t all gloom in Doyle City... I mean there’s bright spots... like Cordelia... I mean, she loves that new place so much, man. She’s going to be grateful for a long, long time.

***** Cordelia's new apartment. *****

She's sitting up in her bed, scared. She turns off the radio and tries to turn on the lamp beside her bed. It doesn’t work. She reaches for the glass of water on her nightstand and it begins to boil. Her bed is beginning to levitate.

Cordy: I just knew this was too good to be true. I just knew it! I’m from Sunnydale, you’re not scaring me, you know. No. You’re not scaring me. You’re not scaring me. Not one bit.

Cut to morning.

Cordelia is still sitting up in her floating bed rocking back and forth hugging a pillow. Suddenly the bed drops to the floor.

Cut to Cordy dressed looking at herself in the mirror.

Cordy: Bright, shiny morning - nothing bad here.

As she looks to the side the gray specter of an old lady appears in the mirror beside her reflection but Cordy never notices it. Cordy steps into the living room and pulls a chair out from the wall. The Chair slides back. Cordy pulls it out further and this time the chair smashes back into the wall and one of its legs breaks. Cordy backs away from it and the curtain cord wraps itself around her arm. She jumps away with a scream.

Cordy: You know what? I get it. You’re a ghost. You’re dead. Big accomplishment! Move on! - You see a light anywhere? Go towards it, okay? (Wind starts to blow paper scraps in Cordy’s face) Uh, cold wind, scary! What are you going to do? Chap me to death? What else have you got?

There’s a knock on the door and Cordy jumps.

Angel (from outside): Cordelia, are you in there? (Cordy stares at the door) Cordelia!

Cordy goes and hesitantly opens the door. Doyle and Angel are standing outside.

Angel, holding up a small potted cactus: Cactus... housewarming present.

Cordy: Oh, hi... thanks.

Doyle tries to come in and Cordy stops him.

Cordy: Look I’m still getting it just the way I want. Maybe in a day or two, okay?

Doyle, pushing past her: Place looks great. You worry too much. (Seeing the broken chair) Don’t know what you had against that chair though.

Cordy, looking at Angel still standing outside the door: Oh, that’s right you can’t come in. (Angel steps in) Wait! What about the rule?

Angel: You said when you got a place I was completely invited over.

Cordy: What? I didn’t even have a place then. These rules are getting all screwed up. (Seeing Doyle pull on the curtain cord) Oh my god don’t touch that!

Doyle, pulling the curtain closed: I’m just closing these so our boss doesn’t burst into flames, if that’s all right with you?

Cordy: Yeah, I guess.

Angel, looking around the apartment: This is nice... How about a tour?

Cordy, pointing in different directions: Uh ha, this is the kitchen, living room, I’m going to knock out that wall. And that’s about it. Oh, and thanks for the cactus.

A pair of scissors flies into the air behind Angel’s back and Cordy catches it before anyone else notices.

Angel: I can’t believe you can afford this.

Cordy sets the cactus down on a little table and opens the drawer to drop the scissors in. Suddenly the top of it bulges up in the shape of a face for a moment. Cordy slams the drawer shut.

Cordy, to Angel and Doyle as they turn at the sound: I bet you two want lunch. There is this place down the street. (One of the trophies on the mantel behind the guys flies at Doyle’s neck and angel catches it) That thing’s been doing that all morning. I think the... mantel is uneven.

Doyle: That thing lunged at me!

Angel, looking around: What’s going on?

Cordy: Okay, you’re right. It’s not the mantel. It’s a very, *very* bad trophy.

There is a moaning sound and the word ‘Die’ appears on the wall behind Cordy as if blood was soaking through from the inside.

Doyle: Dear sweet.

Angel, to Cordy to come over to them: Come on.

Cordy: I am not giving up this apartment!

Angel: It’s haunted.

Cordy: It’s rent controlled!

Doyle: Cordy, it says ‘die’!

Cordy: Hey, maybe it’s not done. Maybe it’s ‘diet’. That’s friendly. A little judgmental, sure. (to Angel) I’m not giving it up. It’s perfect and beautiful. It’s so me. I need it!

Angel, trying to lead her out: You don’t need this. It’s just a place. You’re more than that.

Cordy: How? How am I more than that?

Doyle: We can cleanse it... Well, we can try, can we? Put the ghost to rest?

Cordy, to Angel: Can we?

Angel: We can try. But we have to go now. We’ll figure it out at the office.

Cordy: Okay. (As the guys try to push her out the door she turns and yells into the apartment) Listen good, Casper, you haven’t won a thing here! I’ll die before I give up the apartment, you hear me? I’ll die!

Angel and Doyle get her out and the door shuts.

Friendly little old lady voice: All right dear, if that is what you think is best.

***** Cut to Angel’s office. *****

Doyle, on the computer: Lots of stuff here about the building. Construction bids, city inspections.

Angel: Tenants. We need people who lived there.’

Cordy pouring some coffee: And died there. That’s the ingredients for ghosts, right?

Doyle: Yeah, yeah. This isn’t easy, you know?

Angel, going to stand beside Cordy: You know, this really is just a place to live.

Cordy: No, It’s more. It’s beautiful, and if it goes away it’s like..

Angel: Like what?

Cordy, quietly: Like I’m still getting punished.

Angel: Punished. (Cordy nods) For what?

Cordy: I don’t know. For what I was? For everything I said in High School just because I could get away with it? - And then it all ended, and I had to pay... Oh, but this apartment... I could be me again. Punishment over... welcome back to your life! Like, like I couldn’t be that awful if I get to have a place like that? - It’s just like you!

Angel, nodding: Working for redemption.

Cordy, frowning confused: I... I meant because you used to have that mansion.

Doyle: Hey, I found something! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a death. (Angel and Cordy walk over to him) First person to ever live in your place... Mrs. Maude Pearson.

Angel: How did you get that?

Doyle: Name carved over the entrance of the building... Pearson Arms. I checked the obits for Pearson, we got lucky. Turns out Maude Pearson built the place and took a unit there, too. And in 1946 she dropped dead of a heart attack in Cordelia’s living room - at age – 57.

Cordy: That’s it! That’s her.

Angel: I don’t know. It’s not a violent death. I mean, ghosts usually.

Cordy: It’s her, I know it. That place has that weird little old lady smell, like... like violets and aspercreme.

Doyle: No, they didn’t find the body for three weeks. So, it wasn’t violets there at the end I’m thinking.

Cordy: This is easy. Little old lady ghost, probably hanging around because she thinks she left the iron on. Let’s get a nice cleansing spell and do this thing!

Angel: Well, this is not an easy spell. I mean, hawthorn berries and lungwort and bile. We need bile. I don’t know if we can get everything.

Doyle: I can. I know this guy in Korea-town, he does these spells all the time. I can get the stuff form him.

Cordy: Oh, goody! Another one of Doyle’s guys. Tell me, is this the same guy that help me find my poltergeist-delicious apartment?

Angel: Doyle, go! Get what you need. (Doyle leaves. To Cordy) I’m gonna try and get some more information. Maybe Kate can find something. You wait here.

Cordy, with a sigh: Little old lady ghost. How come Patrick Swayze is never dead when you need him?

Cut to later.

The phone rings in Angel’s office.

Answering machine in Cordy’s voice: Angel investigations, we help the hopeless, if that’s you, leave a message.

Angel voice: Cordelia, are you there? Look, I think we can end this whole thing.

Cordy, picking up the phone: I’m here. About time you called. You got something?

Angel: Meet me at the apartment and we’ll figure out what to do.

Cordy: Okay.

She hangs up the phone and leaves.

Cut to Cordelia unlocking the door to her apartment.

She looks around the dark and empty apartment.

Angel’s voice: Cordelia, I’m in the bedroom.

Cordy, stepping into the bedroom: Angel?

She turns around and jumps back from the specter of Maude Pearson.

Maude, in Angel’s voice: You got my call.

Cordelia runs out of the bedroom. The apartment door won’t open. She flies backwards through the air. As she picks herself up Maude is standing there.

Maude, in her own voice: Poor thing. You just don’t fit in around here, do you? - Too bad you wouldn’t leave my son alone.

Cordy: Your... your son?

***** Police station. *****

Kate, sipping a cup of coffee in front of the computer: I wish I could be more help.

Angel, pacing: It’s okay. Just knowing the kind of things that didn’t happen is a help. You know, eliminating the possibilities.

Kate: Now you’re talking like a detective.

Angel: I am a detective.

Kate: Well, you see the thing about detectives is that they have resumes and business licenses and last names. - Pop stars and popes, those are the one-name guys.

Angel: You got me. I’m a pope.

Kate laughs then gets up as a guy comes in to hand her a folder.

Guy: Here you go.

Kate, looking at the folder: Davis you are beautiful! Thank you. (Guy leaves and she sits back down) Let’s take a look.

Angel: Jeez, I wasn’t sure you had records that old.

Kate: Neither was I. Let’s see. Maude Pearson. There was an investigation into the death... Okay, this guy, Detective Randall, he thought the death was suspicious. The M.E. called it a heart attack, but it seems there were problems with the son. He was... Dennis Pearson. He lived with her. They argued a lot.

Angel: What about?

Kate: A girl... His fiancé. His mom didn’t like her. And Dennis skips town with her the day that mom drops dead... what a coincidence. The cops never caught him.

Angel: Unavenged murder.

Kate: Sounds like.

Angel: There haven’t been any deaths in the same apartment since then.

Kate: You saw me check. No murders, not even domestic dispute calls.

Angel: Not murders... suicides. (Kate stares at him) There’s a kind of... the kind of killer that does that.

Kate: Makes it look like a su1c1de (After a moment she turns back to her computer and starts to type) You know there are always signs.

Angel, leaning over her shoulder and pointing at the screen: There.

Kate: Margo Dressner... 1959... and Jenny Kim 1965... Natalie Davis five years ago. All in the same apartment. This doesn’t make sense.

Angel: I got to make a call.

Cut to Angel dialing on the payphone out in the hall.

Cut to Angel’s office.

The phone rings as Doyle walks in carrying a box full of stuff.

Doyle, picking up the phone: Ah... Angel Investigations. We hope you’re hopeless... No, wait, that’s...

Angel: It’s me. Put Cordelia on.’

Doyle: She’s not here. Hang on a sec, there’s a message.

He pushes the button on the machine...

[(Angel voice): Cordelia, are you there? Look, I think we can end this whole thing. (Cordy voice): I’m here. About time you called. You got something?

(Angel voice): Meet me at the apartment and we’ll figure out what to do.

Angel: That’s not me.

***** Cordelia's apartment. *****

She's standing in front of Maude.

Cordy: Whoever you think you’re talking to, it’s not me. My name is Cordelia.

Maude: Oh, that’s the name of a cheap small-town tramp trying to sound better than she is... You’re not good enough for my boy... This will never be your home.

Cordy: This is my home. My friends will come here.

Maude: You don’t have any friends. Why would anybody care about you? Nobody really cares. You don’t *deserve* to live here. You don’t deserve *anything*.

Cut to Angel and Doyle driving down the road in his convertible.

Angel: You were right about the ghost. It’s the old woman, Mrs. Pearson. But she didn’t die of a heart attack, her son killed her.

Doyle: Murder victim?

Angel: Right. Filled with rage and confusion. That’s why she’s been killing people, she can’t rest until the truth comes out.

Doyle: Pretty strong ghost. (Checking the stuff in the cardboard box on the back seat) Bile, we should have gotten more bile.

Cut to Cordy’s apartment.

Cordy: I will leave. Please.

Maude: Oh, I don’t think so. (Chandelier crashes to the floor behind Cordy) You’re worthless. (Pushes Cordy back) You’ve never been kind. (A cable snakes out from where the chandelier used to hang and snakes around Cordy’s neck) You’ve never been smart. You’re a user. (The cord goes back up into the ceiling pulling Cordy up with it.) You’re nothing. Everyone would be glad if you were dead.

Cordy, trying to keep the cord from choking her: No.

Maude: Oh, come on. If anyone really cared about you, would you be here? People let you end up here because they were happy to see you fail.

Cordy goes limp and Maude disappears. The door breaks open and Angel and Doyle charge in. Angel lifts her up and Doyle gets the noose off her neck. Angel lays her on the sofa as she begins to cough.

Cordy, panting: The furniture and... and the wall and the blood, she’s doing it... she is doing it all... She’ll be back. She’s stronger than us. She knows me.

Angel: We can stop her.

Cordy, crying: No, no, we can’t stop her.

Angel: She’s made a connection with you, right? She thinks you’re someone, someone she blames for her murder. Cordelia, answer me.

Cordy: I... I’m... I’m taking her son away. She thinks I’m taking her son.

Angel: That’s good. Her son was the one that killed her. All right, you’re playing a role in her delusion, that gives you power. You’re the one that can stop her. (to Doyle) Start the binding circle, I’ll find the spell.

Cordy keeps crying while Doyle lays out a circle with the stuff from the box. There is paper and stuff flying around as Angel flips through an old book.

Angel: Bring the truth into the light. Let the villain be reveal that a soul can take its rightful place for eternity.

Doyle, as bigger stuff starts to fly around: Here she comes. She knows what we’re doing.

Angel: We need Cordelia now.

Doyle: Cordy, get up!

Angel: Adduce veritatum in lucem. Accipitat laura suam requiatam reposcant anima suum regnum... Cordelia, stand in the circle and strike at its center.

Cordy, sobbing: What?

Angel, grabbing her by the shoulder: Damn it. Do you know what it means? The ghost is in contact with you, she’s given you that.

Maude, whispering to Cordy: They don’t care about you. They want you to fail. They know you’re a tarted up little whore.

Angel hands the book to Doyle without looking away from Cordy

Angel: Doyle, chant.

Doyle, taking the book: Oh, man, Latin. One of those dead languages you always mean to learn.

Angel, to Doyle: V sounds like W say each vowel separately.

Maude is still whispering to Cordy.

Angel, grabbing Cordy and shaking her: You *do* know what to do. You can stop all this. Do it.

Cordy, pushing him away and crying: I can’t.

Angel: Look at you. Are you gonna let her *do* this to you? (Grabbing her again) Damn it. You’re Cordelia Chase. Are you just going to lie there like a weakling? Get off your ass and be tough!

Cordy, sobbing: I can’t... I can’t!

Angel: You’re the biggest pain I have ever seen. Do it now!

Cordy keeps crying.

Angel, looking around: This isn’t going to work.

Doyle, interrupting his chanting: And it's getting dodgy in here.

Angel, as stuff keeps smashing into the walls: We’ve got to get her out of here. This isn’t safe. Now. (He and Doyle grab Cordy and head for the door) Lets go.

The door opens and there is a human and two Kailiff demons pointing guns at them.

Griff: No one’s going anywhere.

The three move into the apartment.

The human looking at the destruction: What’s going on?

Angel: You were going to let him pay.

Griff: I lied.

Maude, appearing behind the three thugs: No more people!

Human: What is this?

Griff, never taking his eyes off Angel: Ignore her. It’s just a ghost.

Maude, from behind Cordy: Get out!

Light bulbs are blowing up everywhere, stuff is flying through the air. Doyle pulls Cordy out of the way as the human shoots at Maude. The bullet goes through her and breaks a tile surrounding the fireplace.

Maude: You broke it!

Angel starts to fight Griff as the human turns and runs. The other demon pulls Doyle up and threatens him with his gun.

Doyle: Look I’ll pay. Really! I’ve got a fin in my wallet right here.

Maude: This is my house!

The kitchen drawer opens and the butcher knives are starting to hover. Angel punches Griff and he goes down, he looks over and sees the knives.

Angel: Knives!

Doyle ducks and the knives bury themselves in the other demon’s front. Cordy is cowering against a wall. Griff gets back up and throws Angel over the sofa. Cordy goes flying backwards into the bedroom. The door slams shut on her. Doyle jumps on Griff’s back.

Cut to the bedroom.

Cordy, crying: I’ll leave. I’m sorry your son killed you. You can have the apartment. Just let me go.

Maude: It’s too late for that.

Cordy: No.

Maude: You know what happens next. Your friends are dirty. They ruined my nice home.

Cut to Angel kicking Griff’s butt.

Cut to the bedroom.

Maude: I knew you were trouble right from the start. (Cordy drops to the floor and sobs) I’m surprised that my son didn’t smell the stench of poverty and failure on you... *I* can.

Cordy: I’m sorry.

Maude: You better be sorry, you stupid little bitch.

Cordy, stopping crying and looking slowly up at Maude: I’m a bitch.

Maude: Take off the bed sheets, make a noose. Go on. It’ll all be over soon.

Cordy, getting slowly up and looking Maude in the eye: I’m not a sniveling whiny little Cry-Buffy. I’m the nastiest girl in Sunnydale history. - I take crap from no one.

Maude: You are going to make yourself a noose and put it around.

Cordy: Back off! Polygrip... You think *you’re* bad? Being all mean and haunty? Picking on poor pathetic Cordy? Well, get ready to haul your wrinkly translucent ass out of this place, because lady, the bitch is back.

Cut to Angel and Griff fighting.

Cut to the bedroom.

Maude: Do you think that I’m going to take that from trash like you?

Cordy: I tell you what I think. I think that you’re going to pack your little ghost bags and get the HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE!

There is a flash and Maude gets thrown backwards through the wall.

Cut to Angel dropping Griff for the count.

All the stuff flying through the air suddenly falls down. In the resulting quiet Cordy comes out of the bedroom.

Doyle: What happened? You did it!

Cordy: Yeah, well, she pissed me off.

Angel: Or maybe you found her center.

Cordy looks up her eyes a glazed over all white.

Doyle: Cordy? What wrong?

Cordy picks up a metal lamp stand and begins to demolish the wall she has been wanting to take out all along.

Angel: Cordelia!

Cordy keeps hitting at it and finally manages to make a hole that reveals a skeleton bound around with ropes. Maude screams.

Flash to the past.

Maude is bricking up her son Dennis in the wall. The radio is playing you always hurt the one’s you love.

Maude: Look what you’re making me do, Dennis.

Dennis: Mom, stop it.

Maude: How are you going to leave now, huh? How are you going to marry that streetwalker now. You are a nothing without me.

Dennis: Mom, don’t do this. Please. This is crazy.

Cut to Maude putting the plaster finish on.

Dennis muffled: Oh, God. Mom, I can’t breathe. Please. Mom, let me out. Please mom. I’ll be good. I promise. I won’t leave. Mom, please let me out. I can’t breathe. Let me out!

Maude hangs a picture on the finished wall: This hurts me then it hurts you. Good bye, Dennis.

Maude gasps and collapses with a heart attack.

Cut back to Maude's ghost staring at the skeleton of her son.

A white light oozes out of the skeleton.

Doyle: Dennis, I presume and probably not too happy with his mom.

Maude: Dennis, it was for your own good. I had to do it. She would have made your life miserable. I'm sorry! (The white light coalesces and heads for mom) Please!... Please!

There is a great gust of wind and the white light obliterates Maude's specter.

Cordy: I knew I didn't like that wall!

***** Doyle's apartment. *****

Angel is watching him adding an extra lock to his door.

Doyle: There. Safe as houses.

Angel: You're going to live like this?

Doyle: I don't see adding a deadbolt having a huge effect on my lifestyle.

Angel: You know what I mean.

Doyle: Yeah, there might be... misunderstandings. That sort of thing.

Angel: You know I'll help you out.

Doyle: For which I'm grateful.

Angel: But... sooner or later I'm going to need to hear it.

Doyle: Hear what?

Angel: The story of your life.

Doyle, sighing: And quite a tale it is, too. Full of ribald adventures and beautiful damsels with loose morals...

Angel: Doyle.

Doyle: I will... Just... give me time. (sighs) The past, she don't let go, does she?

Angel: Hmm, she never does.

***** Cordelia's apartment. *****

She's ensconced on the sofa in her new apartment.

Cordy on the phone: God, Aura. I can't believe I missed your calls! It’s that incompetent girl at work. But things are going great... Well, my new apartment for one thing. Celebrities are practically on top of me. Oh, Steve Paymer, that's Dave Paymer's brother who lives right down the hall. Oh, you'd know him if you saw him. And my view, it’s amazing!... Yeah, I have a roommate, but it's cool. I never see him. (Her can of diet root beer slides away from her on the sofa table and she puts her hand over the receiver) Hey, hey... Phantom Dennis, put that back. (Can slides back. To Aura) All in all, it's working out great. (The TV turns on and Cordy covers up the receiver again) Dennis, when I'm on the phone, that's quiet time. (TV turns off) Thanks. (To Aura) Sorry. So where were we? Tell me who's wearing what in Sunnydale... No! Well, she never did have any taste. (Laughing) She is so nasty.


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