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It's officially summer! I always hated this time of year when Buffy was airing because it meant the season was over and I'd be waiting way too long for new episodes. I miss looking forward to weekly television like Buffy! Streaming is great, but I do miss it. :)

Anyway! We're so stoked to bring you our June Scooby Interviews! First up we have our Author of the Month: Geliot99

Tell us how you got into Buffy the show and Buffy fanfic.

I watched it when it first aired on the BBC when I was 8, so I'm one of the old school fans who couldn’t take a toilet break without missing something. I only got into fanfic a couple of years ago, and weirdly (no one judge) started off with Frasier fanfiction, of all things??? And at the time, I was mid re-watch of Buffy, so that just sealed my fate. 

First author I read was Sweetprincipale on and I was hooked. Started writing shortly after (about a year and a half ago). 

 Where do you find inspiration for your stories?

I usually start with slight episode tweaking and see what spirals, but I’m currently Claire’s pet writer on a leash. I’ll write whatever she wants if there's a promise of a manip or a banner. 

I also take on requests frequently which is really rewarding, especially if I can create something that will fill a void for the reader.

Who is your favorite character to write and why?

Being a Brit I find Spike and Giles the easiest to write. I feel like I can achieve fairly canon dialogue for them effortlessly whereas others I have to work for. 

However, I finished a drabble-fic centered around Halfrek last year and that was *so* fun. I’d say she might be my favourite side character I’ve taken on. I’ve also dabbled with Dru, and she is so chaotic and weird, I do love her. 

Which story of yours are you most proud of and which was the hardest to write?

I’m really proud of Under The Rubble. It was my first ever fic, and I only intended it to be a one shot scene rewrite but it spiraled into a whole massive epic and is my highest rated on Ef and Ff. 

I’m super proud of In The Dark With You, it’s been really rewarding to write.

Hardest to write was You Drive Me Out Of My Mind. I very nearly abandoned it and got a major case of writer’s block five chapters from the end, but I’m so glad I finished it. 

As a writer, what would you have changed on the show and why? 

Ugh, season 7. The whole of it from start to finish. I won’t rant. 

I think they should have given Dawn her own scoobies in high-school; mystery teens solving paranormal crimes. It seemed like they wanted to, before veering hard in the other direction. 

 I would’ve had more of a found family focus on Tara/Dawn/Spike, and a Tara/Willow wedding. Tara’s exit was a needless shock factor and I still loathe it, especially the “whoops we killed our gay couple” backtrack they took into Kennedy. Forever mad. (Okay so *mini* rant).

Thank you so much, Geliot99! I could get behind a Dawn led Scooby Gang! :)


Next up is our Commenter of the Month: Desicat

Tell us how you got into Buffy the show and Buffy fanfic.

I was way too young of a child when the premiere happened, but my father and his best friend were into it so I ended up watching with them. I got into fanfiction because child me thought romance was icky and I wanted everyone to be friends. 

What motivates you to leave comments?

I think art is made to be commented on. There are book, ballet, gallery reviews. So yeah gonna comment on work that has taken a lot of effort. 

Do you also write or are you strictly a reader?

I both write and read. My father encouraged both because it got me to practice my English (not a native speaker)

Were you a lurker before you started leaving comments or did you comment right away?

I commented immediately. No lurking for me ;). One of the best parts about SAD is that it is easy to sort comment count on the most recent page so I can give a little looksie on some less commented gems. 

How important is it to receive a reply from the writer when you leave a comment?

I do enjoy getting a thanks or getting some extra behind the scenes. We all love this fandom so it's always nice to interact little. But I don't expect it. 


Thank you BOTH so much for being a part of SAD! We appreciate you all more than you know! Wear sublock and stay hydrated. ;)

Chelle, Dusty, GetItDone, and GriefCounseling

--Chelle on 06/02/24 05:48 pm 7 Comments


These interviews are wonderful because it's always nice to know a little more about the members of this magic SAD community. I'm an avid reader and I was immediately impressed by Geliot99's writing talent. I hope she decides to crosspost the three stories she mentioned here to SAD. If not (sigh), I will have to go seek them out on EF, I guess :).

Desicat is a very familiar name to me, not only as an author but as a commenter. I also love to read others' comments, and hers are always enthusiastic and delightful. 

Congratulations to you both! 

-- marinaeulalia on 06/03/24 11:31 am

Geliot, I love Frasier SO MUCH. I love that you were reading Frasier fic I have never ventured into that world. And I am completely with Marina! Get that fic over to SAD so I can devour it please!! I've loved everything I've read so far.

Desi, you might be the first person I've seen who never lurked!! Good on you! I'm so grateful to the avid commenters and love your philosophy that art requires commentary! It makes so much sense. No one is doing this for money after all.

-- Dusty on 06/06/24 09:55 am

"Claire’s pet writer on a leash." Lol, Geliot I so understand. 

So glad you are here on SAD!

-- Desicat on 06/06/24 10:55 am

"Claire’s pet writer on a leash." Lol, Geliot I so understand. 

So glad you are here on SAD!

-- Desicat on 06/06/24 11:31 am

Ahh you peeps are fantastic!! Thank you for the interviews and most importantly for everything you both do for this fandom 😍 

-- MaggieLaFey on 06/06/24 06:58 pm

I love how young you both were when you came into fandom.  I’m sure things have really changed for you on rewatches.  They did for me and I was in my teens when I first saw Buffy.  Great interviews, thanks so much for sharing!

-- honeygirl51885 on 06/07/24 09:08 pm

@Desicat wrote, One of the best parts about SAD is that it is easy to sort comment count on the most recent page so I can give a little looksie on some less commented gems. What a kind and generous thought and action! That never occurred to me.  Thanks for suggesting it!

-- Swonderful on 06/21/24 11:31 pm