Sunnydale After Dark
At Peace by sandy_s [PG-13]
Summary: Written for Which Willow 2019/2020. My prompt was what if Willow went back to save Fred? And I added, what if Buffy went with her and discovered that Spike was still alive? Willow POV.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Joss owns all. 
Categories: Challenge Response, Post-Series, Crossover (AtS)
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Charles Gunn, Fred, Illyria, Spike, Wesley, Willow
Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Fighting, Friendship, POV, Romance
Warnings: (Click Here To Reveal) Violence
Completed: Yes Chapters: 1
Word count: 10,273 Hit Count: 1,802 ePub Downloads: 2
Published: 06/30/22 Updated: 06/30/22

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1. Chapter 1 by sandy_s - Likes: 1 Comments: 1 Word Count: 10,273 Hit Count: 1,802 Published: 06/30/22

Author’s Note: This is unbelievably late, but I didn’t know the toll that moving around the same time as the due date would take on my mental and physical energy. It gets a little weird in here with some stuff I don’t really know about astral planes that I totally made up as I went and had the characters make commentary on the lack of clear rules. Haha. Super huge apologies for both being late and this probably odd take on how other planes of existence work!

Also, I just love writing Willow post-series, figuring herself out. And I’ve never written Willow POV so there’s that, too.

Completely unbetaed so sorry for any errors.

Written for Gabrielle/velvetwhip. Miss you, lady!