Sunnydale After Dark
Return by Chelle [PG-13]
Past Featured StorySummary: This was written when news first broke that James Marsters would be joining the cast of Buffy as a regular. There was all kinds of theories about how they'd accomplish this. Everyone wondered how it could believable. So, a challenge went out to write how Spike returned. And this little fic was born. This is how, in my head, Spike returned to Sunnydale for good.

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Categories: Sunnydale After Dark Exclusive, Season 4
Characters: Buffy, Spike
Genres: Dramedy
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Completed: Yes Chapters: 1
Word count: 1,369 Hit Count: 1,766 ePub Downloads: 1
Published: 06/20/22 Updated: 06/20/22

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1. Chapter 1 by Chelle - Likes: 7 Comments: 10 Word Count: 1,369 Hit Count: 1,766 Published: 06/20/22