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The Weight of the World Transcript
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Written by: Douglas Petrie
Directed by: David Solomon
Airdate: May 15, 2001


GILES VOICEOVER: Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer...

Glory talking to her minions.

GLORY: So it's her. Under our noses all this time.

Slook the minion in the magic shop.

SLOOK: Glorificus will find the witch.

ANYA: Witch?


Glory and Tara on the park bench.

GLORY: You're not the key, you're nothing!


Willow trying to get to Tara through crowds of people.

Glory putting her fingers in Tara's brain.


Buffy, Willow, and Tara in the hospital.

BUFFY: I'm so sorry.

Buffy hugging Willow.

TARA: (smiling) They kill mice.

Ben in Glory's apartment.

BEN: Not if I get the key first.

GRONX: Could you do it? Take a human life with your own hands?

Glory breaking down the wall to the dorm room.

GLORY: I told you this wasn't over.

TARA: (staring at Dawn) Such pure green energy!

GLORY: The key!

BUFFY: Just pack up whatever supplies we need and that's it, we're gone.

Knights on horseback chasing the Winnebago.

BUFFY: Giles!

GILES: I see them.

The knight's spear impaling Giles.

The Winnebago crashing.

Giles in the gas station.

WILLOW: Buffy!

BUFFY: How is he? Will?

BEN: I think I got him saved, but there's a lot of damage. We need to get him out of here.

Flaming arrows shooting into the gas station.

The knights gathered outside the gas station.

XANDER: We got company!

Gregor pointing his sword at Dawn.

GREGOR: The key.

Buffy hitting Gregor.

GREGOR: Once the key is activated, the walls separating reality will crumble. Dimensions will bleed into each other.

Buffy talking to Dawn.

BUFFY: I won't let anything happen to you.

Ben in the gas station.

BEN: Let me out!

BUFFY: Will, open a door!

BEN: No!

Ben morphing into Glory. Glory grabbing Dawn.

DAWN: Buffy!

BUFFY: Dawn!

WILLOW: Buffy, you have to get up! Buffy, please! Buffy!

Buffy sitting on the ground crying.

Episode opens on a minion in Glory's bathroom, gathering up bottles of cosmetics. He hurries into another room where we see other minions gathering up stuff and packing. Murk walks among them.

MURK: Quickly, quickly! Already we're behind schedule! Someone's bound for a beheading.

Murk goes into a large walk-in closet where Gronx is taking stuff from the shelves and putting it in boxes.

MURK: Let's make sure it's not me.

GRONX: Why do we remain when our moment of triumph lies so close at hand?

MURK: (quietly) The glorious one, having acquired much in this world, doesn't exactly travel light.

They peek around a corner and we see the main room of Glory's apartment. Glory stands on top of a stool wearing an ornate gown, with tailor minions at her feet working on the gown.

GLORY: Hey! Minions, I can hear you. God-like ears don't miss much, you know what I'm sayin'? (glares at them) Come here.

Murk and Gronx hurry out toward her.

GRONX: 'Twas he who blasphemed, your magnificence.

MURK: Spurred on by treacherous urging! (Gronx hits him)

GLORY: Guys! I'm not gonna kill you. (frowns in puzzlement) Not in the mood. What do you think that's about?

GRONX: In mercy does your power lie?

GLORY: No, brainless, in torture, death and chaos does my power lie. (frowning) So tell me, why am I not popping your head like a zit right now?

The minions have no idea.

GLORY: Maybe I'm just hungry.

MURK: Yes, we shall fetch a, a lovely-

GLORY: No, I'm not hungry.

She drops the robe to the floor, revealing a simple black dress underneath. She steps impatiently down from the stool. The tailors continue to work on the robe.

GLORY: Uhh! Just a little tight in the skin is all. I've been waiting an eternity - well, 25 human years - and it all comes down to tonight.

GRONX: The portal shall open.

MURK: And the great Glorificus shall return.

GLORY: To the hell I came from. Where I'm gonna rain down more super-sized portions of slaughter, mayhem and bloodshed than any of you scabs can even dream about. (pacing, sits down on a sofa) So how come I ain't happy? (shot of the minions looking confused) Got everything I ever wanted ... still, something's off.

She twirls her wrist a few times as if it's stiff.

GLORY: I don't know. What do you think?

She looks off to her left. Pan across to Dawn sitting on another sofa, bound and gagged, whimpering with fear.

Cut to the gas station. Willow and Xander stand staring at something. In the background Tara is peeking out the boarded-up windows, and we see Anya standing beside Giles, who still lies on the counter but now appears to be conscious again. Sound of the door opening. Spike enters. His hands are still bandaged.

SPIKE: Better part of a century spent in delinquency just paid off. (nods toward the door) Hotwired Ben's auto. Who's for gettin' the hell out of here?

XANDER: All in favor, let's do it. (to Giles) You good to go?

GILES: Oh, don't worry about me. How's Buffy?

XANDER: The same. (turns back to staring where Willow is staring) Still.

WILLOW: It's been almost a half an hour.

SPIKE: (stares that way too) The Slayer's gonna be all right, won't she?


XANDER: You should try it again, Will.

WILLOW: All right, but ... I'm not even sure she's, you know ... really in there.


Willow sighs, steps forward and kneels on the ground. Focus on her face (Buffy POV).

WILLOW: Can you hear me? Buffy!

We finally see what they're all looking at. Buffy sits there with her hands folded in her lap. She stares straight ahead and doesn't seem to hear or see anything.

Back to focus on Willow's face.

WILLOW: Buffy!

Zoom in on Buffy's unresponsive face.

WILLOW: (OS) Buffy?

Wolf howl. Opening credits.

Guest starring Clare Kramer, Charlie Weber, Dean Butler, Lily Knight, Bob Morrisey, Amber Benson as Tara, special guest star Joel Grey, and Kristine Sutherland as Joyce Summers. Written by Douglas Petrie, directed by David Solomon.


Act I


Open on Buffy still unresponsive, staring at nothing.

SPIKE: (OS) Buffy!

The gang continues staring at Buffy.

SPIKE: She can't just be brain-dead. (paces around behind Xander) I mean ... she's still Buffy, (Willow stands up) somewhere in there, right?

XANDER: Spike, come on, we're not gonna get Dawn back by sittin' around here.

SPIKE: You're not gonna get Dawn back any way you slice it, Harris, it's for Buffy to decide.

XANDER: Good, panic. That oughta help.

WILLOW: We should move her. U-unless we shouldn't. Should we?

ANYA: Couldn't that make it worse? I think I read that somewhere.

XANDER: I am so large with not knowing.

GILES: It's impossible to know for sure. Losing Dawn, after all that Buffy's been through ... I think it's pushed her too far into some sort of catatonia.

SPIKE: You don't need a diploma to see that. (moves forward) Snap her out of it.

Spike grabs Buffy by the shoulders and shakes her.

SPIKE: Buffy!

Close shot on Spike's face (Buffy POV).

SPIKE: Oi, rise and shine, love!

The others look skeptical.

ANYA: Spike...

SPIKE: Come on, people. Girl's endowed with Slayer strength. It's hardly the time to get dainty. Buffy! (shakes her harder)

XANDER: We tried that!

Spike slaps Buffy across the face, hard. No reaction.

SPIKE: Ow! (grabs his head in pain)

ANYA: We didn't try that.

Xander pulls Spike away.

XANDER: Are you insane? We could be dealing with neurological damage here. You want to kill her?

SPIKE: We have to do something. I can't just sit here watching. You waste time with kid gloves. I'm willing to wager, when all is said and done, Buffy likes it rough.

Xander punches Spike in the face. They grapple.

Willow turns to them with a stern expression.

WILLOW: Separate.

An unseen force pushes Spike and Xander apart.

They both stare at Willow in surprise. She gives them a determined glare.

Anya and Giles stare too.

WILLOW: (glaring at them) Buffy's out. Glory has Dawn. Sometime real soon, she's gonna use Dawn to tear down the barrier between every dimension there is. So, if you two wanna fight, do it after the world ends, okay?

Spike glares at Xander. Xander goes over to Anya and Giles, leans against the counter.

WILLOW: (very quietly and with authority) All right. First we head back to Sunnydale. Xander'll take Giles to a hospital. Anya's looking after Tara. And Spike, you find Glory. Check her apartment, see if she's still there. Try anything stupid, like payback, and I will get Very Cranky. (looks around at them) Everyone clear?

Anya cautiously raises her hand.


ANYA: Um ... w-what will you do?

WILLOW: I'll help Buffy.

ANYA: Okay then.

TARA: The world is spinning.

Willow looks concerned, goes over to Tara as Xander and Anya begin helping Giles down.

TARA: Straight to a new day! Big day. Big, big day.

WILLOW: Shh, shh. (Tara whimpers)

Spike moves forward.

SPIKE: Uh ... Will?

Willow looks at him.

SPIKE: Now, uh, don't turn me into a horned toad for asking, but ... what if we come across Ben? (shot of the others listening)

WILLOW: I-I don't think a doctor's what Buffy needs right now.

SPIKE: Well, yeah, especially not one who also happens to be Glory. (Everyone looks confused)

GILES: What do you mean?

SPIKE: You know. Ben is Glory.

WILLOW: (frowns) You mean ... Ben's with Glory?

XANDER: "With" in what sense?

ANYA: They're working together?

SPIKE: No. No. Ben is Glory. Glory's Ben. They're one and the same.

Beat. Everyone looks completely confused (except Tara who still looks blank).

ANYA: When did all this happen?

SPIKE: Not one hour ago! Right here, before your very eyes! Ben came, he turned into Glory, snatched the kid, and pfft! Vanished, remember?

They continue to stare at him.

SPIKE: (uncertainly) You do remember...? (squints at them) Is everyone here very stoned?

They continue to look confused.

SPIKE: (getting annoyed) Ben! Glory! He's a doctor, she's the beast. Two entirely separate entities sharing one body. Like a bloody sitcom. Surely you remember.

XANDER: So you're saying ... Ben and Glory...

ANYA: Have a connection.

GILES: Yes, obviously, but what kind?

SPIKE: (laughs sarcastically) Oh, I get it. That's very crafty. (nods) Glory's worked the kind of mojo where anyone who sees her little presto-change-o instantly forgets. And yours truly, being somewhat other than human ... stands immune.

WILLOW: (frowning) So ... Ben and Glory ... are-are the same person?

XANDER: (slowly, like a revelation) Glory can turn into Ben, and Ben turns back into Glory.

ANYA: And anyone who sees it instantly forgets.

SPIKE: (sighs in relief) Kewpie doll for the lady.

He puts one finger on his nose and points the other hand at Anya.

GILES: Excellent. (looks around at them) Now. Do we suspect there may be some kind of connection between Ben and Glory?

Xander and Anya look enquiringly at Spike.

Spike sighs loudly.

Cut to: a man wielding a blowtorch, wearing a welding mask. He turns off the blowtorch and lifts the mask. It's the crazy guy who accosted Dawn in "The Real Me." We hear rhythmic machinery noises. The guy looks around, then falls to his knees as Glory enters, followed by Dawn and some minions. Glory is again wearing the robe and has Dawn by the arm. We see that we're in some sort of warehouse.

CRAZY GUY: The key. The key.

As Glory walks through the warehouse we see other crazy people doing various things with machinery. They all drop their tasks and kneel on the floor as Glory and Dawn go by. The machinery noises slow and then stop.

CRAZIES: The key. The key. The key.

Glory, Dawn, and the minions go to a door in the back.

Cut to Murk opening the door, peeking in, then nodding and gesturing behind him. He enters, followed by Dawn and Glory and two other minions. We're in what looks like a construction office. Glory pushes Dawn into a chair and turns away, putting a hand to her head. She sits on something as Murk and Gronx hover near her. The third minion stays near Dawn. He's larger than the others and wears more ornate robes. The machinery noises resume.

GLORY: Unbelievable how annoying those groupies can be.

MURK: Uh, they merely sense that tonight at last, the dimensional portal shall open.

We see that the third minion is putting some kind of paste on Dawn's forehead, while chanting in a foreign language. Dawn looks very scared.

GRONX: (OS) Ushering in the long and bloody reign of the great...

Glory looks over, sees the priest minion chanting over Dawn.

GLORY: What's he doing?

PRIEST: I must anoint the key.

GLORY: Really don't. Go.


GLORY: Out! Get out, get out!

Murk hurries forward and ushers the priest out. Dawn continues to look frightened. In the background we can see a window through which the crazy people are visible, going back and forth as they do whatever they're doing with the machinery.

GLORY: You know ... you recapture your godhood and unleash Armageddon... (picks up a rag from a table, uses it to rub the stuff off Dawn's forehead) all of a sudden everybody wants to be a part of the inner circle.

Glory wets the cloth with her tongue and rubs at Dawn's forehead some more. Dawn scrunches up her face in disgust. Glory straightens up, tosses the cloth aside, sighs.

GLORY: You okay?

DAWN: (weakly) I wanna go home.

GLORY: Sweetie ... ohh...

Glory takes another chair, pulls it over in front of Dawn, and sits on the back of the chair with her feet on the chair's seat.

GLORY: You're about to.

Dawn looks up hopefully.

GLORY: Not that fake suburban nightmare the monks cooked up for you. I mean your real home. (Dawn begins to cry) As the key! You fit the lock. Well, it's like a lock. Hey! (pats Dawn's knee) You want a pizza?

DAWN: (softly) No.

GLORY: Pillow? (looks around) I don't know if this thing gets cable. Doubtful.

DAWN: (crying) Please. Stop.

GLORY: You nervous?

DAWN: (crying) Yes.

GLORY: (smiles, gets down to sit on the chair seat) I know how you feel. It is your last night.

Dawn's eyes widen in horror.

GLORY: As, you know ... a human. (picks up Dawn's hand by the wrist and shakes it around) This body ... it's just a rental, Dawnie. Being human? It's like a costume for girls like you and me. Being something else, *that's* what we are.

DAWN: (firmly) Don't.

GLORY: (smiling) What?

DAWN: Don't call me Dawnie.

Glory gives a surprised laugh, lets go of Dawn's hands and sits back.

GLORY: Huh. Wow. You know, that actually hurt my feelings.

DAWN: (whispers) I'm sorry.

GLORY: (lifts a hand) Not the point.

Glory gets up and walks past Dawn, who continues to look very scared.

GLORY: I'm just thinking, here I am trying to make you feel better, when comforting others ... not part of my life. (frowns) And I'm doing it, so I can stop ... feeling so ... (pats her chest) um ...

Angle on Dawn in the foreground with Glory in the background, her back turned. Glory snaps her fingers at Dawn.

GLORY: Help me out.

DAWN: (nervous) Guilty?

GLORY: Guilty. (laughs) That's it! (laughs some more, then stops) But I'm not supposed to feel guilty. I'm not supposed to feel anything. I'm, I'm ... I'm a god. I'm above it. I'm ... (looks over at Dawn) You.

Dawn looks frightened. Glory strides back over to her.

GLORY: You did this to me, didn't you? Some sort of spell, you've been hanging with the wicca, you could've- (pauses) But no. It's not magic. It's something else. (puts her hand to her head, then looks angrily at Dawn) Still, it is you doing this.

DAWN: (shakes her head) I ... I'm not doing anything. I swear.

GLORY: We'll see.

Glory opens the door to reveal the minions waiting outside.

GLORY: (glaring at Dawn) Anoint this thing now!

The priest minion comes in, followed by Murk and Gronk. Dawn still looks scared.

GLORY: Know what they're all chanting for out there, Dawnie? Blood. 'Cause we found out your blood is the key to the key! (The priest begins marking Dawn's forehead again) All I gotta do is bleed you dry, the portal opens up, and I can go home! (priest continues chanting and marking Dawn's forehead) So knock yourself out, girlfriend. Make me feel bad as you can.

Glory moves forward and gets in Dawn's face.

GLORY: (softly) 'Cause tomorrow ... you bleed, little girl.

Cut to: exterior of Xander's apartment building, night.

ANYA VOICEOVER: You sure you know what you're doing?

Cut to inside. Willow is taking candles out of a small leather bag and putting them on the table.

WILLOW: I think so. (pause) I don't know. It's ... not exactly well-explored territory, but ... I gotta try.

ANYA: A spell like this could be really dangerous for Buffy. And you.

TARA: Time ... oh, time is coming.

Willow goes over to Tara, who is sitting cross-legged on a chair beside another table.

WILLOW: Shh. It's okay. I'm here.

Tara whimpers softly. Anya comes over.

WILLOW: You'll look after her while I'm...

ANYA: Sure. What do I do?

WILLOW: Mostly ... just ... be here for her. (Anya nods) And, and there's some pills in my knapsack. Half of one every two hours keeps her ... pretty mellow.

ANYA: Y-you think you'll be gone more than two hours?

WILLOW: (shrugs) Wish me luck.

ANYA: Okay.

Anya reaches over to give Willow a punch on the arm.

ANYA: (with forced enthusiasm) Good luck!

WILLOW: Thanks. (turns to Tara, turns Tara's face to look at her) Okay. Be good now, sweetie. I-I'll be back as soon as I can, okay? We're good?

Tara stares at Willow while she talks, but doesn't reply. Willow kisses her on the forehead, smiles at her, then turns away. Tara whines softly and holds out her hand toward Willow.

Willow gathers up the stuff from the table and walks toward a closed door.

ANYA: (softly) Good luck.

Willow opens the door, goes through it, closes it.

Cut to the bedroom. It's dark. Willow closes the door behind her, puts a candle on the small table beside the bed, and lights the candle. She goes around the bed to the other side. We can see a poster on the world that says, "There's MONEY in arc welding!" with a picture of a person arc-welding. Willow puts two more candles on another small table and lights them. As she turns away, we see Buffy sitting in a chair against the wall, still catatonic.

Willow sits on the corner of the bed, facing Buffy.

Shot of Buffy's unseeing face.

Shot of Willow looking at Buffy.

Flash to Willow in a clean, brightly-lit room. She blinks in confusion, looks around.

Pan across a couple of rooms full of flowers, knick-knacks, furniture, etc. It's all done in bright cheerful colors and very tasteful.

Willow walks slowly forward, looking around. She comes into another room with a fireplace. On the wall we see a picture of a woman with a baby. On a side table are more pictures, and a statue of a man, woman, and child. Willow turns away.

Pan across shelves with more sculptures, records, etc. Behind Willow we can see a sofa. Then a voice comes from behind her.

VOICE: Hi, Willow.

Willow turns to reveal a little girl, about six years old, with blonde hair in two pigtails. She is holding a doll and sitting at a child-sized round table with some toys on it.

Willow smiles.

WILLOW: Hello, Buffy.

Close shot of Young Buffy gazing at Willow.



Act II


Open on a shot of a door. A foot appears and kicks the door open.

Cut out to reveal Spike in the doorway. It's the entrance to Glory's apartment. Spike turns on the light and looks around. The apartment appears empty.

Spike walks in slowly, putting a cigarette in his mouth, lighting it, looking around. His hands are no longer bandaged. On the floor remains a circle of twigs and symbols from Gronx and Murk's rune-casting. Spike continues walking around, pauses, looking off to the left.

Spike walks toward an arched doorway underneath the stairs. He goes slowly through it, finds a door, opens it cautiously.

He walks slowly through the door, reaches up to turn on the light which is just a bare bulb hanging from the ceiling. Underneath the bulb we can see a small sink.

We see a small, dark room with just a bed (unmade) and a small table that holds a lamp and some books. Pan across to some blue clothing hanging against the wall. Zoom in on Ben's hospital ID tag (with photo) attached to one blue shirt.

Spike stares at the room with a small frown.

YOUNG BUFFY VOICEOVER: What are you doing here?

Cut to Young Buffy looking up at Willow.

WILLOW: Actually, I'm, uh...

Shot of Willow and Buffy sitting in Xander's dark bedroom.

WILLOW: ...looking for you.

Cut back to Young Buffy.

YOUNG BUFFY: Do you like dolls? (stroking her doll's hair)

WILLOW: Buffy ... what are you doing here?

YOUNG BUFFY: I like it here.

WILLOW: But ... (kneels by her) You know we need you. You have to come out.


WILLOW: To be with your friends.

YOUNG BUFFY: It's a big day for me.

She looks over at the door. Sound of the front door opening.

WOMAN: (OS) Hello!

YOUNG BUFFY: (big smile) Mommy, Daddy!

Young Buffy gets up and runs toward the door, handing her doll to Willow. Willow stands up to watch.

YOUNG BUFFY: You're back! You're back!

We see Joyce and Buffy's father (Hank) entering. Joyce carries a bundled-up baby.

JOYCE: Hello, Buffy.

HANK: (leans over with hands on his knees) How's my girl?

Young Buffy smiles at him.

JOYCE: Are you ready to meet your new baby sister?

Shot of Willow watching.

Young Buffy looks upset, frowns, backs away and folds her arms across her chest.

HANK: Oh, come on now, Buffy. She's nothing to be afraid of.

YOUNG BUFFY: Who's afraid?

JOYCE: Don't you want to be the big sister?

YOUNG BUFFY: No, I want to be the baby.

HANK: Buffy.

YOUNG BUFFY: You're gonna pay more attention to her and forget all about me!

JOYCE: Ohh...

Joyce kneels down beside Young Buffy. Shot of the baby in her arms. The baby makes baby noises.

Young Buffy turns to address Willow.

YOUNG BUFFY: Doesn't she look funny? Like a wrinkly old grandpa.

Young Buffy turns back to Joyce. Joyce gently puts the baby in Young Buffy's arms.

JOYCE: Like this ... okay, support the head ... there you go! We're calling her Dawn.

WILLOW: (softly) Dawn.

YOUNG BUFFY: (smiling) I ... I could be the one to look after her sometimes ... if you need a helper. (Joyce smiling at the baby) Mom? Can I take care of her?

JOYCE: (smiling, stroking Young Buffy's hair) Yes, Buffy, you can take care of her.

As Willow watches this scene, she hears something and turns to look.

We see (adult) Buffy #1 wearing a sleeveless blouse and pale skirt, with her hair loose, carrying a book. She walks over to a bookshelf, puts the book on it with other books, pauses for a moment, turns and walks away.

Willow watches in some confusion as Buffy #1 walks past her. Willow glances over toward where Young Buffy was.

Cut to Willow standing by an open fire, night. She looks around in confusion.

WILLOW: Ohh...kay.

Cut to: Giles sitting on a hospital bed, putting on his jacket. His left arm is stiff by his side and he can only get his jacket onto the right arm. He gets up, putting his right hand to the place on his stomach where he was speared, and walks forward.

GILES: Uh, can you, uh...

Xander appears and helps Giles put the jacket on as they walk out into the hallway.

XANDER: There. How you doing?

GILES: It only hurts while I answer pointless questions. Where's Buffy?

XANDER: Willow's on it. Or ... in it. She's workin' some spell, trying to reach Buffy psychically.

GILES: Uh, she's gone into Buffy's mind?

XANDER: (nods) Pretty tricky stuff.

GILES: It's extraordinarily advanced. Um, I was thinking we should check on Glory's victims while ... we're here.

As they continue to walk, we see the view in front of them. Around a corner we can see Spike looking at a medical cart. He takes a bag of blood from the cart and puts it in his pocket as he approaches Xander and Giles.

XANDER: Oh, the mental ward? I already been. The vegetable section's closed. Nobody there. It's like they all just got up and walked away.

Xander and Giles reach Spike and they all stop walking. Xander looks pointedly at Spike's purloined bloodbag but says nothing.

SPIKE: Checked out Glory's flat. Looks like the great one has scampered.

GILES: Gone to, uh, perform her ritual with Dawn and leaving us entirely clueless.

SPIKE: Not entirely. (they look at him) I know this bloke. Well, not so much a bloke so much as a demon. But still, bookish. All tuned in to the nastier corners of this our magic world. (looks around, takes out a cigarette) It's a bit of a last resort really, but still, we might persuade him to suss out Glory's game plan.

Spike lights his cigarette as we see a "No Smoking" sign prominently displayed on the wall right behind him.

SPIKE: Sound worthy?

Giles sighs and shrugs.

SPIKE: (nods) Off we go then. Meet back at the shop.

Spike turns to go. Xander pats Giles on the arm and then falls into step with Spike.

SPIKE: Found Ben's room at Glory's. Didn't learn much.

XANDER: Wait, wait, wait. Ben? At Glory's? (Spike rolls his eyes) You're saying all this time he's been subletting from her?

SPIKE: This ... is gonna be worth it.

Spike bitch-slaps Xander upside the head.

Shot of the two of them from the rear as they both grab their heads in pain.


Cut to the front again. They both stumble, use each other to regain their balance, and continue walking.

SPIKE: Last time. From the top.

They walk off together.

Cut to: Glory leaning her arm against the wall of the warehouse, pinching her nose with her fingers. She sighs.

GLORY: I'm hating this, Murk.

GRONX: And this would be what exactly, your holiness?

GLORY: Memories. I'm starting to remember the things Ben did. People he spoke with, stuff he wore... (the minions look alarmed) Hmm! (calling to Dawn) Kid!

The minions part to reveal Dawn still sitting in the chair with the priest minion next to her. Glory walks toward her.

GLORY: I came ... he came to see you, didn't he?

DAWN: Ben?

GLORY: Yeah, Ben. You called him to the desert when you were hiding from me. And he came. And then he was me, you remember?

DAWN: (nervously) Yes.

GLORY: (whirls to face the minions) See? She's not supposed to remember that! Nobody should! (rubs her chest anxiously) The cloak between Ben and me is fading! I almost helped her! He ... (turns back toward Dawn) I wanted to. (groans) I can't do this!

She walks past Dawn and grabs the priest minion by the front of his robe.

GLORY: Get him out of me.


GLORY: (crying) Ben! The human meat-sack who's infecting me. (turns to lean against the wall) Do your mojo, make an incision, or removal, or whatever you've gotta do. (sniffles) Help me! (pacing) I'm ... I'm thinking Ben's thoughts, and ... and I'm feeling his feelings! And ... uh! I...

She morphs into Ben.

BEN: ...can't kill the girl.

Morphs back into Glory.

GLORY: Damn it.

She collapses to the floor. Supporting herself on her arms, she looks up at the priest.

GLORY: Help me!

PRIEST: Th-this I cannot do. You risk terrible magicks in opening the portal. Nothing comes without a price. This ... is yours.

GLORY: (gets up with a scowl) Gods don't pay.

She goes to Dawn, grabs Dawn by the throat and pulls her to her feet. Dawn gasps.

GLORY: We do this *now*!

Cut to Willow still standing by the fireside. She looks to her right. Shot of Buffy sitting on a rock (from episode "Intervention"). Willow looks to her left. Shot of the First Slayer on the other side of the fire opposite Buffy.

WILLOW: Hey ... I know you. You're, you're the first original Slayer who tried kill us all in our dreams.

The First Slayer gazes at Buffy.

WILLOW: (shrugs) How've you been?

FIRST SLAYER: Death is your gift.

Willow looks over at Buffy.

BUFFY: Death is my gift?

WILLOW: Wait, death is her what?

FIRST SLAYER: Death is your gift.

Willow turns her head to look at Buffy again. As she does so, flash-cut back to the previous scene.

Buffy #1 again walks past Willow, over to the bookcase, puts the book on the bookcase, pauses.

Willow watches in confusion.

Closer shot of Buffy #1 standing by the bookcase, staring at it but not really seeing it, lost in thought.

Willow watches this with a small frown. Then she turns to her right and we see the back of (adult) Buffy #2. This Buffy wears jeans and a black tank top, has her hair pulled back into a ponytail, and is walking away from Willow down a hallway. At the end of the hall we see a door that is slightly ajar with sunlight coming from behind it.

Willow begins to follow Buffy #2.

WILLOW: Where are you going?

Cut to the warehouse. Dawn is still gasping and choking as Glory holds her by the throat. The three minions gather around.

MURK: Glorificus, wait! Kill the key now and all will be lost!

GRONX: We'll be stuck on this mortal plane forever!

GLORY: All right, you're right. (releases Dawn) It's cool. (Dawn staggers back, clutching her throat) I'm just a little emotional right now... (small laugh) which, if you're into irony, funny.

Shot of Dawn grabbing a pillar for support, gasping.

GLORY: (OS) Leave. We need a little girl time.

The minions begin bowing and Glory makes an impatient gesture.

GLORY: Goodbye!

They hurry out. Dawn glares angrily at Glory. Glory puts her hands to her face, then rubs the sides of her neck.

GLORY: How do they do it?

DAWN: (hoarsely) Do what?

GLORY: People! (walking toward Dawn) How do they function here like this in the world with all this bile running through them? Every day it's whoo-oo (wiggles her hand at Dawn) You have no control. They're not even animals, they're just these meatbaggy slaves to, to hormones and pheromones and their, and their feelings. Hate 'em!

Dawn stops rubbing her neck, stares at Glory. Glory goes behind a drafting table and leans her arms against it.

GLORY: I mean really. Is this what the poets go on about, this? (thumps her chest, shakes her head, sighs) Call me crazy, but as hard-core drugs go, human emotion is just useless! People are puppets! Everyone getting jerked around by what they're feelin'. Am I wrong? (looks at Dawn) Really, I want to know.

Shot of Dawn leaning against the pillar, looking at the floor.

GLORY: Gonna bleed you either way.

DAWN: (opens her eyes, looks at Glory) Depends on the person.

GLORY: So you're saying some people like this.

DAWN: (defensively) Some.

GLORY: Funny. 'Cause I look around at this world you're so eager to be a part of ... and all I see is six billion lunatics looking for the fastest ride out. (smiles) Who's not crazy? Look around. Everyone's drinking, smoking, shooting up ... shooting each other, or just plain screwing their brains out 'cause they don't want 'em anymore. (looks at Dawn) *I'm* crazy? Honey, I'm the original one-eyed chicklet in the kingdom of the blind. (sighs) 'Cause at least I admit the world makes me nuts.

Glory comes out from behind the drafter's table, walks toward Dawn.

GLORY: Name one person who can take it here. That's all I'm asking. (in Dawn's face) Name one.

DAWN: (firmly) Buffy.

Cut to Buffy sitting unresponsive in the chair in Xander's bedroom.

Cut to Willow sitting on Xander's bed staring at Buffy.

WILLOW VOICEOVER: I can't keep following you around like this, Buffy. We have to go.

Cut to the dream-hallway. Willow is still following Buffy #2 down the hallway. Adult Buffy pushes through the door and continues walking.

WILLOW: You have to talk to...

Willow enters the room, sees something on the floor.


Willow walks slowly into the room as we see what she's looking at. It is Joyce's graveyard plot complete with a mound of fresh dirt, sprinkled with fallen leaves, and a fringe of grass. The headstone reads "Joyce Summers 1958-2001."

Buffy #2 stands staring at the grave with her arms folded. Willow walks up next to her, also looking at the grave.

Overhead shot of the two of them and the grave. The room appears to be Joyce's bedroom; the grave is where the bed should be, and the entire room is carpeted in grass. The other furniture (bedside table, chair, etc.) is as it should be.

WILLOW: I'm sorry.

BUFFY #2: (shakes her head, doesn't look at Willow) Don't be. Death is my gift.

WILLOW: Yeah, I keep hearing that, but... (Buffy #2 begins to walk off; Willow follows) I'm not exactly sure what it means.

BUFFY #2: (over her shoulder) It's really not that complicated.

They go through a door into Dawn's bedroom. Dawn is lying on the bed.

WILLOW: Not for you maybe.

Buffy sits on the bed beside Dawn, looks at her, then up at Willow.

BUFFY #2: It's what I do.

Shot of Dawn lying on the bed. She breathes slowly and seems to be crying.

BUFFY #2: I mean, come on, you've known me ... for how long? It's what I'm here for. It's all I am.

Buffy turns to look at Dawn again. Then she picks up a pillow from beside Dawn and puts it over Dawn's face. Dawn begins to struggle, with muffled noises of protest.

WILLOW: Buffy, stop! No!

Buffy looks very calm as she holds the pillow in place. Dawn's arms and legs wave in the air ineffectively.

WILLOW: God, no!

BUFFY #2: (turns to Willow, still holding the pillow down) What? (Dawn's struggling slows) I keep telling you, Will. I-I figured it out. Death is my gift.

Dawn stops struggling. Her arms and legs fall limply onto the bed.

Willow stares in horror.




Open on the warehouse. Glory (still wearing the black dress and ceremonial gown) walks forward shaking her head.

GLORY: Oh, Ben. This is really not a good time.

She morphs into Ben, who continues walking forward.

BEN: Dawn. Has Glory hurt you?

DAWN: Uh ... no. Not yet.

Ben turns away, looking shaky. He sits carefully on the chair.

DAWN: But I have to get out of here. (nervously) Ben? You okay?

She walks toward him. Ben is staring at his hands, which are trembling. In the background we can still see the occasional person walking by outside.

BEN: Where is it?

DAWN: W-where's what?

BEN: (staring at his hands) All the blood. I can feel it ... still warm and ... wet. Glory. Oh, god. (Dawn looks anxious) She slaughtered hundreds of men. But I can feel them ... breaking.

DAWN: Ben, something is happening to both you and Glory.

BEN: I'm remembering her, aren't I? The things she's done ... things she's going to do.

DAWN: I know. She told me. I think ... whatever the magic is that keeps you guys apart, it's starting to break down. (he continues looking upset) Ben, Glory could come back any minute.

BEN: (not seeming to hear her) How could she do this?

DAWN: I don't know. But we have to get out of her and, and find Buffy-

BEN: No! (turns to her) I mean, I have a job. I have a life! And Glory? She never once thinks about me in all this!

Dawn stares at him. Sound of a knock on the door. They both look anxiously at it.

DAWN: Help me.

BEN: How?


PRIEST: (OS) Highness!

Ben gets up.

DAWN: Please.

PRIEST: (OS) Is everything all right?

Ben strides over to the door, opens it.

PRIEST: You're not-

Ben grabs the priest and pulls him inside, head-butts him. The priest staggers back against the wall and falls down. Ben punches him and he falls unconscious.

BEN: (to Dawn) I'll take you as far as I can, ditch you before she comes back.

He and Dawn run out the door.

WILLOW VOICEOVER: Okay ... now this is weird.

Cut back to the old Summers home. Willow stands looking down at Young Buffy, who is again sitting at her table holding her doll.

YOUNG BUFFY: Hi, Willow. What are you doing here?

WILLOW: Actually, I'm, uh ... looking for you. Here. Again.

YOUNG BUFFY: (strokes her doll's hair) Do you like dolls?

WILLOW: No ... (kneels) and I think we already deja'd this vu.

YOUNG BUFFY: (giggles) You talk funny.

WILLOW: Yes ... as you'll tell me again when we're older and in chem class. (frowns) Buffy ... what are we doing here?

YOUNG BUFFY: Don't you like it here?

WILLOW: We don't have time.

Sound of the door opening. Young Buffy smiles, gets up, gives her doll to Willow.

YOUNG BUFFY: Mommy, Daddy!

HANK: (OS) We're home!

Willow stands to watch.

YOUNG BUFFY: (OS) You're back, you're back!

Joyce and Hank enter with baby Dawn again.

JOYCE: (smiling) Hi, Buffy.

Shot of Willow watching.

Cut to Joyce kneeling while Young Buffy holds the baby.

JOYCE: We're calling her Dawn.

Willow turns her head and again sees Adult Buffy #1 putting the book on the bookshelf.

Shot of Willow still holding Young Buffy's doll. Sound of the baby making baby noises. Willow turns back toward the front door.

Angle on Young Buffy holding the baby, with Joyce kneeling and Hank standing with his hands on his knees.

YOUNG BUFFY: I could be the one to look after her sometimes.

Willow watches with a small smile.

Cut to: a fire burning in a fireplace. Pan across a desk covered with books, papers, and an old manual typewriter. Doc (see episode "Forever") sits at the desk holding a mug, flipping pages of a book. Sound of knocking on the door. He doesn't get up.

DOC: It's always open!

The door opens, Spike and Xander enter.

DOC: (OS) What can I do for you boys? Want some cocoa?

They walk over to him. He continues looking at the book.

SPIKE: No. We need information. We need-

XANDER: (suddenly) Ben's Glory!

DOC: (looks up) Who's what?

SPIKE: (surprised) Look at this. Special Ed remembers.

XANDER: Yeah. I do. Ben's Glory and Glory's Ben. It's like this... (gestures around his head) fog's lifting.

SPIKE: (nodding) Wonderful. But not why we're here. (turns back to Doc) Hell-god type. (Doc returns to his book) Name of Glory-


SPIKE: -has gone missing. She's brewing up some major-league bad, and she's nicked the Slayer's kid sister in the bargain.

DOC: (looking at him, nodding) Hmm. That girl you brought here. Sweet little thing. How'd things work out with her mom? Changed her mind, didn't she?

SPIKE: Yeah. You got any idea where Glory would take her?

DOC: (closes his book, thoughtfully) Glory ... Glory. Oh! (gets up, carrying the book) You don't mean Glorificus. (walks closer to them) Gosh. What do you wanna get mixed up with her for? That's a sure way to get yourselves killed. I hear she's awfully unpleasant. (turns away, goes toward a side table) When it comes to hellgods, my best advice ... is get out of the way ... and stay there. (puts the book down)

SPIKE: Love to. Can't.

DOC: Well, uh, other than that ... (turns to a chest of drawers, closes a drawer) I'd like to help ... but I-I'm a small-town guy.

Shot of Xander listening.

DOC: This Glorificus, if it is her ... whoo, she's big city.

SPIKE: She's got Dawn.

DOC: Right. (thinks) Well, I may know a fella ... you know, who knows a fella in... (thinks) in China. He might-

SPIKE: How the hell are we supposed to get to China? Teleport?

DOC: I guess.

Shot of Spike looking suspicious. He looks downward.

Close angle on Doc from about mid-chest to mid-thigh. His hands are clasped in front of him. Behind him on the table we see something that looks like a wooden box.

DOC: You know, if you're in that much of a hurry.

Cut to Doc's face.

DOC: Wish you luck.

SPIKE: You're lying.

Xander looks at Spike in surprise. Doc removes his glasses.

SPIKE: And what's more ... I believe you're standing right in front of the very thing we need.

Another shot of the box half-hidden behind Doc's body.

Doc smiles and suddenly leaps to his left. Suddenly he's behind Spike, who turns in surprise as Doc grabs a sword that's leaning against the wall. He puts the sword tip to Spike's throat.

DOC: (whispers) Idiot.

Doc lunges forward but Spike smacks the sword blade aside and falls to the floor, knocking over a pile of books onto himself.

Doc opens his mouth and a super-long tongue comes out, smacks Xander in the chest and slams him back against a wall, then retreats.

The tongue coils back into Doc's mouth.

Xander falls to the floor with a grunt.

Doc walks over to where Spike is lying on the floor stunned.

DOC: You think only underworld bottom-feeders worship the beast?

Doc kicks Spike in the face, then turns, grabs the box off the table and throws it into the fire. He turns away from the fireplace, walks back toward Spike.

DOC: Her day is coming, boys! (grabs Spike by the front of his shirt) And when she returns, then you're gonna see something.

Xander jumps up and knees Doc in the chest, knocking him away from Spike. Xander falls on top of Doc. As they grapple, Spike hurries over to the fire and pulls the box out.


Xander and Doc continue grappling. Xander reaches out and grabs the sword, gets up on his knees and plunges the sword downward. Blue blood spurts up at him.

Shot of Spike kneeling by the fireplace, panting and looking over at Xander.

Xander gets up, wipes blue blood from his face, looks at Spike.

Spike gets up holding the box in both arms, walks over to Xander. The box is smoking slightly but appears undamaged.

XANDER: What do we got?

SPIKE: (looking down at Doc) Something worth dying for.

Xander opens the door and they leave. Pan over to Doc lying there with the sword sticking out of his chest, blue blood staining his shirt.

Suddenly Doc's eyes pop open.

Cut to Buffy and Willow facing each other in the dark bedroom.

WILLOW VOICEOVER: Buffy, will you just stop a second and listen to me?

Cut to the dream-hallway. Buffy #2 is walking down the hallway with Willow following.

WILLOW: Buffy!

Willow hurries around in front of Buffy, stops her with a hand on her arm.

WILLOW: You have to stop doing this.

BUFFY #2: Doing what?

WILLOW: Killing Dawn.

BUFFY #2: Why?

WILLOW: Because this never happened. You never killed your sister.

BUFFY #2: Will, I did this.

WILLOW: In your imagination! None of this is real! Y-you're stuck in some kind of loop!

BUFFY #2: I don't know what you're talking about. 'Scuse me.

She resumes walking. Willow follows.

WILLOW: Buffy, why are you doing this?

Buffy pushes through the door.

Cut to Dawn and Ben walking down the main street of Sunnydale. Ben still wears the ceremonial robe and has Dawn by the wrist. Dawn looks nervously over her shoulder.

DAWN: I think they see us.

BEN: Just stay close to me. Don't look back.

Suddenly he pushes Dawn into an alley. They press up against a brick wall.

BEN: Shh! Stay very still.

Ben goes to peer around the corner. When he turns back, Dawn hits him over the head with a large pile of chain. He goes down. Dawn drops the chain next to him.

DAWN: I'm sorry.

Dawn steps over him and starts off.

GLORY: (OS) Sorry?!

Dawn looks horrified, turns back.

Glory stands up holding the chain.

GLORY: That actually hurt, you prepubescent puke.

Dawn looks very scared.



Act IV


Open on the alley.

GLORY: Okay, first thought, just totally spontaneous, unfiltered, off the top of my head ... ow!

She shakes the chain in Dawn's face, then tosses it aside.

GLORY: You hit Ben in his soft human head, and I remember the pain.

Glory pins one of Dawn's arms behind her and forces her farther into the alley. Dawn grunts in pain. Glory lets go.

GLORY: You probably think I won't waste any precious blood of yours till tonight. You're right. But I know a thousand ways to hurt you that won't spill a drop.

Glory shoves Dawn in the chest. Dawn stumbles backward with a yelp. She backs up toward some stairs leading up to a door. Dawn ends up sitting on a stair clutching the metal hand-rail. Glory advances on her.

GLORY: You know all those pesky feelings Ben's been having like guilt, empathy? I'm gonna take 'em and mash 'em back down where they belong, okay? Now ... (strokes the side of Dawn's face) let's have big-girl fun. (grabs Dawn's chin) Just you and...

Suddenly Glory lets go of Dawn and speaks in a different tone.

GLORY: Leave her alone.

She rolls her eyes and turns away, morphs into Ben.

BEN: I said, leave her alone.

Morph. (Note: from this point on the morphing happens so fast I won't note it each time. Just assume that they change each time there's a change in speaker.)

GLORY: No, no. Little late in the game to start growing a backbone, Benjamin. (Dawn watches fearfully) Now be good and stay quiet. No you don't! Get over yourself, Ben! This is the way things are! I'm strong, you're weak. (laughs) This is reality. Stop trying to infect me with your... (whirls around)

BEN: Do you ever stop talking? I don't know which is worse, waking up in a dress not knowing where I've been, or having to hear all your self-involved ranting!

GLORY: Animal.

BEN: Wrong, Glory. I'm no animal. This is humanity you're feeling. Welcome to the world.

In the background, Dawn slowly gets up and starts edging away. Ben turns to her.

GLORY: No, no, no!

Glory grabs Dawn and throws her across the alley. Dawn slams into a dumpster and falls to the ground.

GLORY: Stick around, chica.

BEN: I won't let you hurt her, Glory.

GLORY: Ooh, shut your hole, you sanctimonious little meatworm. (advances on the frightened Dawn) I'm going home no matter what you do.

Glory looks to the side, reaches down to grab something, morphs into Ben as she picks it up. It's an empty beer bottle. Ben slams it against the side of the dumpster, breaking it. He holds the broken edge up to Dawn's face. Dawn cringes away in terror.

BEN: You really think I'll just let that happen?

GLORY: Benjamin, what are you doing?

BEN: You need her blood? When I'm through there won't be enough left to fill a bottle cap. Then you, hellbitch, have nowhere left-

GLORY: -to go. Huh!

Glory pulls Dawn away from the dumpster, throws her across the alley, then throws the bottle against the wall. We hear it shatter. Dawn crouches on the ground staring at Glory in fear.

GLORY: You can't hurt her and you know it, Ben. (sits down on a pile of bricks) I know it 'cause I feel what you're feeling. Scared. Shh! Shh! It's okay! You don't wanna die. Who would? I don't.

BEN: You can't, you're immortal.

GLORY: Nobody has to die here, Ben. Just let me bleed the girl and go home. Everything will work out fine.

BEN: Do you really believe with all I know that you can trick me?

GLORY: Stop ... and think, baby. We bleed the kid, return me to my seat of power, I become a god again...

BEN: And I disappear.

GLORY: Ooh, unless somebody up there likes you. Give up the girl ... I could like you a lot.

Dawn watches this wide-eyed.

BEN: I won't make a deal with you, Glory.

GLORY: (angry) When exactly did you get stupid? I'm offering immortality here.

BEN: I believe you. That's not the problem. You make me immortal, then what? (walks over to Dawn, grabs her arm and pulls her to her feet) I'd have to kill her to do it and I won't be able to live with that, not even for a day, forget about eternity!

He whirls Dawn around in a circle and morphs in mid-whirl.

GLORY: Baby, baby, baby Ben. (lets go of Dawn who falls to the ground again) Why do you worry so much? When you're immortal, all this crap you've been carrying around inside ... (leans against the wall) the guilt, the anger, the crazy-making pain ... (smiles) Ooh, it all just melts away like ice cream. Trust me. When all this is over I can set you up real nice. I'm making it easy. It's you ... or the girl.

She slides down the wall and morphs halfway down.

BEN: (panting) I can't accept that.

GLORY: Accept it. (chuckles) I'm a god, stupid.

She morphs into Ben again. He stares at Dawn, who stares back fearfully.

Ben gets up, goes over to Dawn, holds out his hand.

BEN: I'm sorry.

Dawn sighs in relief, lifts her hand to take his. Ben grabs her wrist instead.


Ben pulls her to her feet and leads her out of the alley.

BEN: Don't make this harder than it already is.

Overhead shot of them from the back. They come out onto the street.

BEN: I'm sorry, I got no choice. It's you or me.

Three minions appear and walk up to them.

Cut to: Joyce's bedroom/grave. Lingering shot of the headstone.

Cut to Willow and Buffy #2 staring at it. Buffy turns to go.

WILLOW: No. Buffy! Leave Dawn alone, what is this?

BUFFY #2: (opening the door) My gift. This is what I do.

WILLOW: I'm not talking about this, I'm talking about...

Willow follows Buffy through the door, but instead of Dawn's bedroom, they come out into the magic shop. Buffy #1 walks over to the bookshelves again. In the foreground we can see the back of Buffy #2's head. Buffy #1 puts the book on the shelf.

WILLOW: ...this.

Willow and Buffy #2 watch as Buffy #1 puts the book on the shelf.

Shot of Buffy #1 looking pensive. shot of her hand putting the book on the shelf.

WILLOW: Right here, it happened. I know it's something small, but... (shot of Buffy #1 putting the book on the shelf again) it's something. What?

BUFFY #2: (staring at Buffy #1) Don't go there, Will.

WILLOW: I'm not! You're the one who keeps dragging me back here! A-and you wouldn't be doing that if you weren't trying to show me something.

BUFFY #2: (looks at her) Do I?

WILLOW: Buffy, come on. I-it's your brain. Just tell me.

They both look back over at the bookshelf. Shot of Buffy #1 putting the book on the shelf yet again.

WILLOW: What happened here?

Shot of Buffy #2 watching.

BUFFY #1: (not turning) This was when I quit, Will.

Shot of Willow standing beside Buffy #2, both staring at Buffy #1.

WILLOW: You did?

BUFFY #2: Just for a second.

Shot of Willow and Buffy sitting in the darkened bedroom.


Cut back to the magic shop.

BUFFY #1: (facing Willow) I was in the magic shop.

BUFFY #2: I put a book back for Giles.

BUFFY #1: Nothing special about it. And then it hit me.

WILLOW: What hit you?

BUFFY #2: I can't beat Glory.

BUFFY #1: Glory's going to win.

WILLOW: (turns to Buffy #2) You can't know that.

BUFFY #2: (turns to Willow) I didn't just know it.

BUFFY #1: (staring at nothing) I felt it. Glory will beat me.

BUFFY #2: (looks away) And in that second of knowing it, Will...

BUFFY #1: I wanted it to happen.


BUFFY #1: I wanted it over. This is ... all of this ... it's too much for me.

BUFFY #2: (staring at nothing) I just wanted it over.

BUFFY #1: If Glory wins ... then Dawn dies.

BUFFY #2: And I would grieve. People would feel sorry for me. (looks at Willow) But it would be over. (looks away) And I imagined what a relief it would be.

Willow looks over at the bookcase. Buffy #1 yet again puts the book on the shelf.

BUFFY #2: I killed Dawn.

Willow frowns, looks at Buffy #2.

WILLOW: Is that what you think?

Shot of the "real" Buffy sitting blankly in the bedroom.

BUFFY VOICEOVER: My thinking it made it happen.

Cut back to the magic shop.

BUFFY #1: Some part of me wanted it. And in the moment Glory took Dawn...

BUFFY #2: I know I could have done something better. But I didn't. I was off by some fraction of a second.

BUFFY #1: And this is why...

BUFFY #2: ...I killed my sister.

Willow frowns, looks from one Buffy to the other. Buffy #1 puts the book on the shelf again.

WILLOW: I think Spike was right back at the gas station. (loudly) Snap out of it!

Buffy #2 looks at Willow in surprise. Buffy #1 whirls away from the bookcase.

BUFFY #1: What?

BUFFY #2: What?

WILLOW: All this ... it has a name. It's called guilt. (the two Buffys exchange a look) It's a feeling, and it's important. (to Buffy #2) But it's not more than that, Buffy. (glances at Buffy #1) Buffys.

The Buffys both look pensive.

WILLOW: You've carried the weight of the world on your shoulders since high school. And I, I know you didn't ask for this, but ... you do it every day. And so, you wanted out for one second. So what?

BUFFY #2: (pensive) I got Dawn killed.

WILLOW: Hello! Your sister, not dead yet! But she will be if you stay locked inside here and never come back to us.

BUFFY #2: (looking at Buffy #1) But what if I can't?

WILLOW: Then I guess you're right. And you did kill your sister.

Willow turns and starts walking toward the magic shop entrance. Buffy #2 turns to her in alarm.

BUFFY #2: Wait!

Shot of Willow and Buffy sitting in the bedroom.

BUFFY VOICEOVER: Where are you going?

Cut back to magic shop. Willow turns back.

WILLOW: Where you're needed. Are you coming?

Shot of Buffy #2 staring at Willow. Behind Buffy #2, Buffy #1 walks up to the bookcase and puts the book on the shelf. Pauses.

Closer shot of Buffy #1 as she turns toward the others.

Cut to the real Buffy in the chair in the bedroom. Suddenly with a start she comes to, sits up straighter, looks around, breathing heavily. Longer shot of her and Willow sitting there. Willow stares at Buffy.

Buffy turns to face Willow again. Suddenly she bursts into tears.

Willow gets up off the bed and kneels beside Buffy's chair, puts her arms around Buffy and holds her as she cries.

Cut to the real magic shop. Giles stands in the back making tea. Sound of the door opening. Giles looks through the bookcase toward the door.

GILES: Buffy? (aside) She's back.

We see Spike and Xander sitting at the table beside Giles.

XANDER: You're okay?

BUFFY: Yeah. I'm okay.

Buffy enters, comes toward the table. Behind her we see Willow leading Tara in, and Anya closing the door behind them.

BUFFY: Hear you found the ritual text.

GILES: Uh, something like that, yes.

XANDER: Did you know that ... Ben is Glory?

BUFFY: So I'm told. What do we know?

GILES: Um ... well, uh ... (Willow, Anya, and Tara sit around the table) ...according to these scrolls, uh, it's possible for Glory to be stopped.

Giles pauses. Buffy gives him a raised-eyebrow look to say, "go on."

GILES: I-I'm afraid it's, um ... well, Buffy, I've read these things very carefully and there's not much ... margin for error. You understand what I'm saying?

BUFFY: Might help if you actually said it.

Giles gives a small smile, nods, puts his mug on the table and sits, removes his glasses.

GILES: Um ... Glory ... plans to open a ... dimensional portal ... by way of a ritual bloodletting.

BUFFY: Dawn's blood.

GILES: Yes. (pause) Once the blood is shed at a certain time and place ... the fabric which separates all realities will ... be ripped apart.

Shot of Willow listening while holding Tara's hand; Tara staring vaguely at the ceiling, and Spike staring at the table.

GILES: Dimensions will ... pour into one another, uh, with no barriers to stop them. (shot of Xander and Anya listening) Reality as we know it will be destroyed, and ... chaos will reign on earth.

BUFFY: So how do we stop it?

GILES: The portal will only close once the blood is stopped ... and the only way for that to happen is, um ...

Zoom in on Giles's face as he first avoids Buffy's eyes, finally looks up at her.

GILES: Buffy, the only way is to kill Dawn.

Buffy reacts with dismay.


Executive Producer: Joss Whedon.

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